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Italian teen feet and big ass fucks black dildo knock it out like fight night hardcore
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In the future, robotics and advanced A.I. become a ubiquitous part of society, aiding mankind in all facets of everyday life. However, they still retained the cold impersonal look of a machine until a new development rocketed over the uncanny valley. Grown rather than built, this new kind of being was made possible by hacking the human genome and combining biology with nanomachines: cyborgs down to the cellular level, but outwardly perfectly human in appearance. Too perfect, in fact. Over concerns of the new artificial people posing as real humans, world governments quickly acted to require that they all be made to possess a clearly visible non-human trait, which was accomplished in a variety of ways by drawing upon both fanciful fiction and animal DNA.

Now, they live and work among us, programmed to serve. You can even have sex with them. These are some of their stories. These are the CYBORGANIC BIOROID CHRONICLES "The Nyanny, Part 2" by the Perv Otaku Another day over, I settled into bed and watched my wife, Amanda, finish taking her clothes off. Despite having given birth recently, I thought she looked amazingly good. She denied it, of course, and kept talking about the work she'd have to do to get the baby weight back off.

She turned off the lights and climbed into bed beside me. Ogling my sexy wife had made my cock stir, and I figured she might appreciate the self-esteem boost of a desirous husband, so I moved up close against her and let my hand roam across her thigh and over to her pussy.

"Uhhhh, not tonight Mike," she groaned, pushing my hand away. "Go use Meowlissa." Drat. Well, she had just spent a long day at the office, after all. She was only supposed to stop in for a couple of hours in the morning, her maternity leave was actually still in effect. She went all gung ho career woman and stayed the entire day though. She deserved her sleep. However, now my cock was completely hard and needed relief, but she did tell me straight out what to do about that, too.

I turned over to face the bioroid girl sleeping on my other side. We bought her primarily to be a nanny for our infant son Franklin, but as a side benefit she was a sex kitten for both of us whenever we wanted. Quite literally, since she had feline ears and a tail, and I'd left the accompanying vocal tics on as well. I nudged her awake, and she opened her eyes with a "Mrreow?" "How's my pretty kitty tonight?" I whispered while moving on top of her and sliding my cock into her vagina.

We kept her off of extreme slut mode normally, but didn't take her sex drive all the way to off either so that she'd be ready to go if we wanted her. She let out a little moan of "Meeeew" as my hard meat pushed into her, then she smiled and whispered back, "Just purrrfect nyow that you're inside me." I started thrusting into her, and kissed her hard, while also reaching one hand up to her ears to stroke and skritch them. Our tongues and moans went into each other's mouths.

The bell on her collar jingled as I pounded her with my cock, with a steady ring at first, and then faster as I got closer to my orgasm and picked up speed. I grunted as my load spewed deep inside that pussy. Meowlissa pushed me off of her, back into the middle of the bed on my back, and then went straight to my cock to lick and suck off the combination of my cum and her juices. Her tail waved around in the air as her rough tongue moved over my rod. I reached out and took hold of it, stroking my hand along its length, off the tip and then back to her ass to do it again.

She groaned with appreciation as my little soldier down there returned to full attention inside her mouth. She moved on top of me, straddling me with her legs, and slid her cunt down onto my rod. With her forearms on my chest, she rocked her body forward and back, working my tool in and out of her soft, wet hole.

I reached up with one hand to fondle her ears, and back with the other to play with her tail. Her bell was chiming again, accompanied by a soft, rhythmic, "Mew, mew, mew, mew", and finally culminating in a long, satisfied "Meoooooow" as she reached orgasm.

Then she settled down onto my chest, my cock still inside her, and purred while I continued to slowly pet her until I fell asleep.

Franklin's crying woke me mere moments before I felt Meowlissa climb off me. Amanda stirred briefly awake too. Eventually, with Meowlissa's help, Franklin's fuss petered out, and I felt the bed shift as she climbed back in. I moaned with surprise, a little louder than I would have liked, as I felt her lips slide over my cock and her tongue circling my head.

I was hard again in no time, and she got back on top of me, easing herself down onto my manhood. I almost protested that it was too late at night for another fuck, but she laid herself right back where she had been and went back to sleep.

The odd consistency was rather sweet in a way. I returned to slumber myself before I could ponder it further. - - - When I opened my eyes, there was just enough daylight to see the room clearly. I turned my head towards Amanda and saw that she was already awake.

She looked upset, too. More than that, even, she was staring daggers and seething with rage. Shit, what a way to start out the day. Nothing for it though but to dive straight in.

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"Honey? What's wrong?" I asked groggily. "Don't you 'honey' me," she snapped. Uh oh. "And you… you…" Her voice trailed off, and suddenly she lashed out and grabbed a fistful of Meowlissa's hair. "Raaaaeow!" she screamed as Amanda pulled her off me. I got out of the way quickly, off the bed on the other side. Meowlissa cowered with her arms defensively up in front of her face as Amanda pummeled her with her fists in a fairly fierce yet uncontrolled manner.

"Bitch! Cunt! Homewrecker!" Amanda spat out as Meowlissa continued shrieking and even hissed back. Amanda realized her flailing punches weren't very effective. She said, "Oh no you don't, whore!" and grabbed Meowlissa's wrist, forcing it down on the bed. She reached under the mattress and pulled the bondage strap out from underneath.

I'd almost forgotten we had that thing under there, we hadn't used it in a long time. She tightened the cuff around her wrist and then went to do the same with Meowlissa's other arm. Meowlissa struggled against it but Amanda slapped her hard across the face.

I was a little worried about what was going on, but also increasingly aroused. One thing I needed to do was clear though. I fetched Meowlissa's control pad and adjusted her to a full submissive. Whatever Amanda's issues were, that would facilitate things greatly. Meowlissa calmed down immediately as Amanda was finishing up binding her ankles, leaving her tied down spread-eagle in the middle of the bed. "There. Now you can't get away, you little slut!" Amanda said, and then grabbed Meowlissa's tail and yanked.

Meowlissa howled in response. Amanda climbed up on top, straddling her, grabbed a fist full of hair again and started slapping her face. "He's mine, you hear me? Mine!" She slapped her tits, too, and Meowlissa gave off mewling grunts with each strike.

Amanda was building herself into teary-eyed rage. She bent down and clamped her teeth on Meowlissa's nipple, presumably biting as hard as she could. Meowlissa screamed, "Meeaaaahhh!" Amanda did it again to the other nipple, eliciting the same response, and then moved down to her pussy. Meowlissa screamed even louder, she must have chomped down on her clit. Amanda stood up, the tears now streaming down her face, her body starting to shake.

"That's what you get! That's what you get!" She moved to the closet and grabbed one of my belts. I hardly ever wear them, but somehow a man always ends up with a few belts in the closet. She returned to the bed and started whipping Meowlissa with it, concentrating on hitting her tits and pussy, though without that much accuracy.

Meowlissa squirmed in her bonds as the blows landed. After a few minutes of that, she paused to rest her arm, then turned to me as if she just realized I was still there. She pushed the belt into my hand, saying, "Now you do it." "Amanda…" I began, not entirely sure what I was even going to say. "If you love me, then prove it!" she yelled, cutting me off. I took a breath and sighed. Talking wasn't going to calm her down.

Fine then. I walked to the bed and followed her example, laying down lashes on Meowlissa's naked body with the belt. I'm not generally into hurting a woman, even with those that ask for it I think I lack the proper sadistic mind-set to give my all in a beating.

I definitely wasn't into it this morning. Even though I knew Meowlissa was enjoying herself as a matter of programming, I was only striking her halfheartedly.

Amanda noticed too. "No, that's not hard enough. Like this," she said, taking the belt away from me and resuming her angry attack with vigor on the bound kitty girl. This could take a while, I realized. Better to switch tactics and put an end to it quickly. I left the bedroom and went to Amanda's purse.

Digging around inside, I found her stun gun, something she'd held onto from the days when she used to live in an area that wasn't all that safe for a young, single woman.

I took it back with me to the bedroom. Meowlissa was yowling while Amanda pulled on her tail with one hand and continued to whip her using the other. I put my hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her back. I released the safety, pulled the trigger, and pressed the electrodes into Meowlissa's breast, over her nipple.

As the high voltage current poured into her body, she screamed and her bound limbs shook. This wasn't the psuedo-kitty cry I'd been hearing so far. This was a full out human shriek.


After a few seconds I pulled the stun gun away. "Again. Do her again!" Amanda demanded. At this point I was pretty much expecting that. I pressed the stun gun into Meowlissa's other nipple, and she screamed again. This time, she cut off mid-scream, and announced in a calm, monotone voice, "Warning: System damage imminent." Then the scream resumed until I released the gun. I looked to Amanda. She had an absolutely bloodthirsty look on her face.

I looked back down at Meowlissa. She was breathing hard, and her eyes were pleading with me. Pleading for it to stop, or pleading for more, I couldn't tell.

It didn't matter. I pushed the stun gun against her clit. The resulting scream may have been the loudest yet. Once again, it stopped abruptly for a moment as she said, "Warning: Sys-sys-system damage has occurr-urr-urr-urr-urred." I pulled the gun away and took a step back.

Meowlissa whimpered, her breath rasping and wheezing. Suddenly Amanda got onto the bed, wearing her largest strap-on dildo.

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She straddled Meowlissa and jammed it all the way into her pussy in one thrust, then started pounding her with all her might. Meowlissa squealed weakly, but her noises were halted when Amanda wrapped her hands around her neck and squeezed. She grunted out more verbal abuse with each thrust of her hips, "It's… what… you… deserve… you… skank… you… fucking… robo… whore!" She kept it up long after she'd choked the life out of Meowlissa, or took her off-line, or whatever.

I walked around the bed undoing the bondage straps, then I forcibly pulled Amanda off of her. I put one foot up on the bed against Meowlissa's motionless body, said, "Now get out of our bed," and pushed her off. She fell to the floor on the other side in a crumpled heap.

Amanda embraced me tightly and started sobbing. Shit, what a morning. At least it was Saturday. As if on cue, Franklin started crying. Unbelievable. He slept through all that, and wakes up now.

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Amanda gasped in response, and it seems that was all it took to snap her out of it. "Franklin! Oh my dear sweet Meowlissa, what have I done?" "Shhh," I hushed.

"She'll be fine. Her internal repair systems are working already. She'll just need a couple days of down time on her charging mat." I was pretty sure that was true. Probably an extra serving or two of bioroid supplements also. I lowered Amanda into a chair and added, "I'll go get Franklin." Not that I didn't trust her with our baby right now, but, well, okay, I was pretty worried overall.

I left the bedroom and headed for the nursery. - - - Sure enough, Meowlissa was none the worse for wear after a few days. I purchased a psychiatric application for her over the worldnet. Not as sophisticated as a real doctor, but a lot cheaper, and a good enough way to figure out if actual professional help was needed. I activated the app and a chastened Amanda sat down with her for a long talk in our bedroom while I played with Franklin.


I had just put him down for his nap when Meowlissa came to get me. "Mike, could you come join us, please?" she said. The personality change was evident, the tone in her voice was entirely serious and professional, as befitting the role she was currently in, rather than the young, cheerful mode she normally had.

I followed her and we both sat down with Amanda. "Go on, Amanda, tell him," she prodded. Amanda sat there with her eyes downcast.

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She'd been avoiding looking at me in the eyes since it happened. At least that was a sign of genuine regret. "We determined that insecurity and mood swings aren't uncommon for women who have just given birth," she said. "So this was some sort of postpartum thing?" I asked. "I think so.

I hope so," Amanda replied. "I've been putting a lot of stress on myself about work, too. Not a good emotional mix." "Amanda, you have to know that I will never view Meowlissa as a replacement for you. You're my wife, the mother of my child, and I love you." The relief in her eyes from hearing the words was evident. I continued, "If it would help, maybe Meowlissa should sleep on your side of the bed from now on. Or not in our bed at all, we can go to the pet store and get her one of those beds for large dogs.

She'd look cute sleeping in that. It wouldn't even have to be in our room, she could sleep in the nursery." Amanda nodded. "What else, Amanda?" Meowlissa said sternly. "That I," Amanda began, hesitating. "I should be punished. I want her to punish me for I what I did to her." Meowlissa picked up her control pad and handed it to Amanda.

She deactivated the psychiatric app and shifted Meowlissa into dominatrix mode. Meowlissa instantly stood up, grabbed a handful of Amanda's hair, and pulled hard. Amanda yelped as she was pulled out her chair. "On your knees, cunt!" Meowlissa commanded.

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Amanda did as she was told, kneeling before the vengeful cat domme. "Get the fuck out of those clothes!" Meowlissa snapped.

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Amanda undressed as quickly as she could, but Meowlissa still slapped her hard across the face several times while demanding that she hurry up. Once Amanda was naked, Meowlissa handcuffed her hands behind her back, sat down on the corner of the bed, and laid Amanda over her lap.

She raised her hand and brought it down hard on her ass. Amanda cried out in pain. "Count, bitch," Meowlissa said, just before landing another spank. "Ahhhh! Two," Amanda said. Another swat. "Ahhh! Three." By ten she was in tears. When Meowlissa finished at twenty-five, she was outright sobbing. Next, Meowlissa pulled her by the hair again, up onto the bed with her.

Meowlissa removed her skirt and panties, but left her shirt on, and laid down on her back. Keeping her tight grip on Amanda's hair, she pressed her face hard into her crotch. "You want to breath, cunt?

You better do a good job licking me," Meowlissa said, and then moaned as Amanda obeyed. Amanda began struggling, and gasped for air when Meowlissa yanked her head up. It was quickly forced back down and she resumed licking.

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Over and over, Meowlissa suffocating her with her pussy, barely giving her a chance to breathe, moaning in enjoyment from Amanda's skilled tongue. She looked up at me, and said, "Help yourself to a piece of that." It sounded more like an order than an invitation. My cock was so hard I wasn't going to disagree either way. I disrobed, came up behind Amanda, and plunged my dick into her pussy. I could hear Amanda's muffled moans as I fucked her. "Don't you dare stop licking, whore!" Meowlissa reminded.

She forced Amanda to give her two orgasms, then finally let her head up for good. Meowlissa wasn't done with her, though.


She removed the handcuffs and tied her down with the bondage straps. She stuffed a ball gag into her mouth and tightened it behind her head. Then she stuffed vibrating dildos into both her pussy and asshole, and turned them on full. Finally, she placed a third vibrator, also on at full power, against Amanda's clit and secured them all in place with some ropes. Satisfied that the moaning Amanda couldn't wiggle them out of place, she slid off the bed and removed her own shirt and bra. With a hand on my shoulder, she gently guided me into the chair, then crawled into my lap.

She sat sideways against me, pulled her legs fully up into my lap, and rested her head on my shoulder. It wasn't the pose of a cozy kitty, or even the sexy cuddle of a lover. It seemed more like she was claiming me, and taunting Amanda by it. I glanced down at her face and saw a wry smile and cold, steely gaze directed at my wife. I guess Amanda saw it too, her head was tilted up watching us, and then it slammed back against the bed as she screamed through the gag in orgasm.

Nevertheless, I put my arm around Meowlissa and started petting her and stroking her ears. She didn't purr, she didn't respond at all, but I didn't mind. After she came for the fifth time, Amanda was whimpering, begging to be released. We continued to watch as her increasingly sore holes suffered through more orgasms. Eventually Franklin woke up crying. Meowlissa perked up at that, but I said, "I'll get him.

You go ahead and stay here." She nodded, her face instantly hardening back to the cruel dominatrix. She crawled up onto the bed and started chewing on Amanda's nipples while I headed towards the nursery. Amanda had been through hours of forced orgasms by the time Meowlissa finally set her free. We did, in the end, start to vary where Meowlissa slept. Sometimes she was on my side, sometimes on Amanda's side, sometimes between us, and sometimes in Franklin's room.

Amanda never fought with her again. Well, except for during the occasional roleplaying. - - - © the Perv Otaku, 2015 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.