British savanah Gold isst ass

British savanah Gold isst ass
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I'd like to tell you all about the time my little brother Fucked me. He just did it. Randomly, out of no where, came up behind me and Fucked me. I found out certain details later on, which I'll point out. Hey, I'm Chelsea. I was 19 at the time, and still living in my parents house.

I have to say, I was a pretty girl. 5'8". I had long, wavy red hair. My eyes were and are bright green. My frickles scatter all over my body.

And I have to agree with people when they say that my lips look delicious. Can't really explain it better than I have those lips and complimenting smile that just make you wanna kiss them. Just that erge to kiss as soon as you see them. I've actually kissed most people I know. Guys and girls. My body is nice.

Not like the models in magazines, but my boobs Bs, my Ass a good size to fit with my slight curved sides. My skin, smooth and soft as velvet. So on to the story.

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I was just sitting in my room one night, bored. My friends were off on a field trip to a festival for the weekend, but I couldn't afford it, so I was home. I was just laying in bed, wearing just a robe, and on my laptop. After a while of watching random scare pranks on YouTube, I decided to watch something more interesting.

I turned my volume to whisper loud and went to my favorite porn site. After a good few minutes of scrolling past boring looking videos, I found a good looking one. A real video, not acted, of a couple just caressing eachother in the shower. I watched them kiss passionately, gently grab eachother, and just have fun.


( I didn't know at the time, but my little brother was watching me through the cracked door.) I watched and gently played with myself for over twenty minutes before my laptop complained about battery life, so I shut it down and put it on the charger. I sat back down on the edge of my bed and noticed a large puddle from where I had my wet pussy laying.

I kinda smiled at it, and leaned over on my side. I stuck my face in the puddle and sniffed it hard. I've always loved my smell.

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It has a scent to it, that though I can't describe, I love. I laid there, just breathing in the scent, smiling. I stuck my tongue out and gave the sheet a wide tongued lick. It tasted good, but also like fabric. I sat up and crossed my legs.

I knew I was gonna do what I kept trying to stop doing. The back of my brain was saying stop, but I reached down, and slipped my index finger in my warm, wet pussy. I pulled it back out, covered in my juices, and stuck it in my mouth. I rejoiced at the taste, sucking on my finger for a moment. I then went down for a second helping. Then third. Fourth, five, eighth, twentieth.

I finally controlled myself and stopped. I stood up and laughed at the even bigger puddle I made on the bed. I leaned over, sniffed it good, and then walked over to my laptop to check the battery.

19%, so couldn't use it yet. I decided to go get something to drink to get that nectar taste out my mouth. I figured no harm about walking around the house in my robe.

Parents were out at the movies, Jack is doing Whatever in his room, and grandma had the baby. I walked out of my room and down the hall to the livingroom. I walked through and to the kitchen.

I opened the fridge, which made cold air hit my wet pussy and the wetness going down my leg. I quickly grabbed a water bottle and closed the door.

I walked back toward my room, but stopped behind the couch. I leaned over to pet the cat sleeping on the cushions. ( At this point, I hadn't noticed Jack sneaking up, only wearing a shirt) I got startled by my little brother Jack walking up behind me and leaning next to me over the couch.

He was 16, average everything about him, but a baseball player at school. I looked over and smiled at him, kinda nervous that he could smell me. He smiled back and leaned in for a kiss. Nothing special about that. We kiss all the time. But this seemed different.

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He put his hand on my cheek and made the kiss feel much more passionate and loving. I was not at all complaining.

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Even if I wasn't really turned on, I would still enjoy a good kissing. I leaned my face in closer, eyes closed. We softly madeout for a while, all the while I feel myself getting more turned on and wet. He leaned back from the kiss and shifted himself over me. He hugged me tight from behind, and rested his chin on my shoulder. I didn't say anything, just leaned my head to the side to rest against his.

We were having a real moment. I didn't understand why it was happening, but I honestly felt like we were dating at that moment. I listen to his breathing, and just enjoy the moment. His head gently turns toward me, and I instinctively lean my head to give him access just as his lips kiss my neck.

He starts gently kissing, sucking, and biting my neck, which I am loving. I was so in the moment, I didn't feel the back of my robe get lifted or even that his arm left from under me. I come back to the real world when I feel his hand move my left leg over some, opening my crotch up. I feel a finger glide along my slit.


I about turn around to slap him, but when his pinky slips in and feels around, I realize that I'm too turned on to resist. I brace myself as I feel his hand spread my slit some and a large, soft object presses at my pussy. I knew it was his dick and that there was no stopping at this point. Not that I wanted to stop. He slides his dick in, all the way to his sack, then leaves it there. Fat, but not as long as my ex boyfriend's, who was the only other person I've Fucked.

After a moment of soaking his dick, he stops kissing my neck, lays his chin back on my shoulder, and starts fucking me. He'd pull about half out, and shove it back in hard. He did this in a quick, but steady pace. I have to admit that he had me moaning like a dog in heat.

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I loved the sound of his sack gently smacking against wet skin, his subtle grunts and moans, and the couch creaking. I lost all sense of time. I just got lost in the great pounding I was receiving. After a long, great fucking, Jack pushes in, and holds. He shot his load as deep as he could in me, and I felt him have several good squirts. He filled me up good and it was running out of me by the time he finished cumming.

He pulled out, and moved back over next to me. I smile at him shyly. He leans in, and kisses me softly. When he leaned back from the kiss, he sat up, and calmly and normally said," Goodnight", and walked down the hall and into his room. I sit up and look down at my soaked and cum covered legs and pussy.

I smile, use a finger to scoop up some wetness/ cum mix, and lick it off my finger. I walk down the hall and into Jacks room.

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He's sitting on his bed, looking at his phone. He is still covered in sex mess. He looks up at me, and I just reach out my hand, still shyly smiling. He smiles back and takes my hand, standing up. I lace my fingers between his and lead him to the bathroom. We both take off our single piece of clothing and he leans over, starting up the shower.

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I glance at his sack dangling there, and I gently cup them and play with them. I stop when he leans back up and we get in the shower.

I just sit on the tub floor and start washing off my legs and crotch. Jack washes his area off quite quickly, then steps over me to get behind me.

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He sits down, legs crossed, and pulls me into his lap. I am back to him, and so I lean my head back, pull his head toward me, and kiss him. I feel his again hard dick resting right between my crotch. I reach down, grab hold, and start slowly jacking him off. We sit there, making out passionately until he shoots his load all over me. I clean up again and we get out. After we dry off, we walk into the hallway.

We face eachother, backs to our rooms, and I get on my tip toes to give him one last goodnight kiss before we head to our rooms. End part 1 And yes, we actually did all that with just "goodnight" being said. All that happened, no words ever spoke.