Muslim gay sex boys Super beauty Zack Randall hops into the shower

Muslim gay sex boys Super beauty Zack Randall hops into the shower
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Laura was 18, she went to college three days a week to study History. Her class was small with just three girls and six boys, James was 18 and had just completed his driving test.

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He had asked Laura to go out with him many times, but Laura always declined, as she like everyone else in her class, felt that he was not what you would referee to as a normal person. During class, Laura could often hear James talking to himself, muttering under his breath about how he wanted her if she wanted him or not.

James's parents were going away for a few days to visit there relatives in Ireland, The thought of been alone for several days made James wonder about what he could do while he was alone, but he quickly got bored as he realised it would be the same old plain, of sitting in front at of the computer, starting at the screen that he would have filled with porn.

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He started to wonder if he could do anything better, and then he realised he could. That night James lay-ed in his bed, rubbing his cock, as he thought about what he was soon going to have, James's parents were leaving on Friday morning, and he had History on Friday afternoon.


James watched him mother and farther drive to the end of the street and turn round the corner, and out of the way for a few days, James smiled to himself as he got dressed and went up to the garage to find some rope, and the duck tape, walking back in the house, he went to the kitchen and picked up a knife. When he got back to his room he placed rope on his bed, and slid of his jeans, he stroked his cock, thinking about what was to come.

Soon James realised he had to leave for college, grabbing the duck tape and the knife on his way out to his car.


He drove to college thinking of only one thing, how Laura was going to change her mind, he parked his car just outside college, where he knew Laura had to walk past to get home. He picked up the knife and placed it in his pocket, then he walked slowly to his lesson. As he entered the class room, James instantly looked at Laura, whom was sit-in at the chair in front of his, he sat down behind her, and stared at the back of her head, her beautiful long golden hair, in a pony tail, James didn't hear a word his teacher was saying, he just stared at the back of Laura for the lesson.

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Then the bell rang, and the lesson was over, James sat there, waiting for Laura to stand up, as she did, he started at her arse, and slowly stood up, as she walked out the room he, followed her, she walked out the college doors and towards the entrance gate, James followed her from a distance, staring at her, she turned left at the gate, as James knew she would he began to walk faster, and he put his hand in his pocket, and clasped the knife he had put there, he walked faster and faster, until Laura walked past his car, and then he pulled out the knife and ran to the back of Laura, and put the knife next to her throat, she scrammed, and he pulled her tight, "No, no, Laura, you must be quite baby, if you don't want to get hurt." James whispered in to her ear, she took in his words and stood quietly, with the knife pressed on her throat.

"good girl" James unlocked his car, with his other hand, and ordered Laura to get in, slowly she got in the car, and James grew impatient and pushed her, she stumbled and hit her head on the door frame, James threw her in and bound her hands with the duck tape to the chair, and placed some over her mouth, James got in the drivers seat and drove her to his home.

Using the remote to open the garage door, he drove in slowly and sat in the car until the garage door was shut completely. James got out the car and walked round opening the passenger door, Then he grabbed Laura by her arm and said "were her baby, out you get, and don't try anything silly" He cut the duck tape around her hands and then he walked Laura to the door, that lead them into the kitchen, and he held the knife to Laura's back, and told her to walk straight, once they were in the living room, James told her to strip off her cloths, Laura stared at him and James hear-ed a muffled "no" threw the duck tape on her mouth, James lent over to her, and placed the knife on her chest, "Baby Laura… why do you have to be so difficult" Suddenly James kicked Laura in the stomach and she bellowed in pain, "See what happens!

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You must be a good girl" James stood over her and bent down and put the knife back to her stomach and cut into her top "Do you not understand baby, it didn't have to be this way, this is your fault" Part 2 coming soon! ! !