Gay orgy with muscular hunks

Gay orgy with muscular hunks
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I can admit, he was hot. The kind of hot that you see in magazines, hazel eyes, curly hair that was cut short, but still moved in the wind.

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Hard abs and thick muscle on tan olive skin. Voice deep and seductive, and probably best of all, huge buldge in his pants. Driving with him drove me crazy, even though I never even thought of what would happen.


It was a Sunday afternoon, the last driving class I had with him. We were driving down an empty road, minus the few cars that drove past. He was wearing a light blue fitted shirt, sleeves rolled halfway up his arm, hair slightly damp from a shower. I was wearing a white t shirt and denim shorts, barely covering my ass.

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He was looking straight at me while I drove down the street. "You've done good so far, Katie." He gave me a smirking smile that looked like he'd just finished fucking me hard.

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"Thank you, Mr. Carman" I replied, accidentally as a whisper. Then, he gently placed his hand on my leg, well, on my thigh. I breathed heavily, his large hand wrapped themselves around my smooth skin, gently squeezing. "You don't mind me, you know, putting my hand here?" He inquired, a humorous expression sat on his face, as if watching me shiver at his touch was pleasuring. "N-nnno, Mr. Car-" he moved his hand across my thigh, and down to my ass, reaching into my tiny shorts.

I sighed, as his hand began squeezing, until my ass was moulded into the shape of his palm. He smirked, then slid his hand opposite my ass into my underwear, where he stroked my clit and vagina gently. I moaned. "Ohh." I cried, as he moved his fingers gently up and down.

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"Keep driving, Katie" he laughed, and began moving his hand across my clit. I could feel the sore swelling of my clit from his touch, and I shook with pleasure. Driving was getting harder and harder, I couldn't keep my eyes on the road. "Make a right turn here," He whispered, and leaned over to kiss my neck, occasionally biting my ear, whispering tiny moans. I turned right as steady as I could, and parked to the right. He moved his hand faster and faster, and i moaned, hard.

"Do you want it, Katie? Why should I let you cum. Stop shaking baby, we have to teach you how to stop your shaking". I was about to cum, so I screamed "yes, yes, please, Mr Carman I want it, please" as I almost reached climax, his hand relaxed, and pulled out.

I breathed heavy, trying to regain my strength. "'Not yet. You don't know how long I've wanted to taste that pussy of yours, the way I see your nipples harden when you don't wear a bra, the way you moaned when I touched you, rubbed your clit until you almost orgasmed" he wore a sly, anticipating smirk.

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In a second, he unbuckled my seatbelt, and threw me into the back seat, pinning me down and pulling off my shorts and underwear. He gently licked my swollen clit, and I cried, and he began wiggling his tongue hard, back and forth across my clit, holding firmly my hips, forcing me into his mouth. I was being devoured, and I moaned with pleasure, it was so good.


Before I knew it, I orgasmed. I held in a scream as he moved his tongue quickly around my clit.

He suddenly turned me over, and pulled down his pants, revealing a hard, 8 inch cock, ready to explode. I didn't know if it would fit, I was a virgin. I bit my lip, as he traced his cock around my clit and vagina, teasing me. I cried out, "please Mr. Carman" as he glanced at me.

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"Make me cum. Please" I whispered. He kept his eyes on mine, as he slid his hard big cock into my tiny cunt. I moaned. He moved so quickly, his cock slipped out many times. I could feel my aching cunt closing around his dick, tracing his cock, feeling the curve move in and out of me. I moaned, it felt so good, a tickling feeling tracing my crotch, the same feeling I got when he first touched me.

I heard his moan a little, and we breathed heavy into each other's ears. "I.I'm going to make you cum. Cum so hard, you'll be screaming, filled with pleasure, I'm fucking you until you can't walk, and I'll have to drive you home, while rubbing your clit so fast you'll cum all over again.

I'll make you scream in pleasure, you'll be so sore, moaning, just you wait." And with that, I orgasmed, moaning so loudly he covered my mouth with his, as I felt the tickle rise into a giant explosion that ran through every inch of my body, feeling the throbbing thrusting of his hard cock in me, as he moaned himself and pulled me into him, so I could feel his dick deep inside me.

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I cried out, and he began moving so fast, I orgasmed again within seconds. He made me orgasm five times, every one just as good as the other. He enjoyed watching me, the same excited intrigued look that made me shiver, keeping eye contact every time he slid his cock back inside me. I moaned so loudly, it felt so good.

He drove me home, with a satisfied look in his eyes. A mile away from my house, he reached his hand to play with my clit, and for the last time that night, I moaned and I orgasmed. I was only 15.