Pendejita tetoncita colorina timida me envia videito pal casting

Pendejita tetoncita colorina timida me envia videito pal casting
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I'm sorry about the weird codes in my last story. I hope this is better Idk why I can't just upload the story. oh well. Hope this works out. Part 1: Male instinct I decided to go home sick from school today. I had a Chemistry test, and I was nowhere near ready for it.

I was able to convince the nurse I had a stomach flu. She seemed so innocent but my desires were met after dropping my books on the ground.


I was able to see her black thong as she bent forward. I decided to use my time to go see Rise of the Planet of Apes with my friend Jamie. I was extra friendly to one of the workers there, she looked gorgeous but the uniform and hear tears were bringing down her beauty. She was average height blond. I would say 34C and a great curvy ass. She looked like she could take a dick.

She was somewhere mid 30's early 40's.

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She smiled at me for being so polite and outgoing to her. I wished her a good day and headed to theatre 8. As I landed a seat in the upper level, back row, I got a txt. It said, "sorry brock, can't make it." I immediately became furious for I knew that she would at least have given me head during the movie.


The Theatre was empty except for one couple sitting in the front row, too busy making out to even notice my presence. I decided to expel my built up lust building in my groin, by whipping out my dick and jacking off.

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I'm a slightly average 7" of thick meat. I was building up to climax, and sweat starting to build up hastily. I noticed a light out of my peripherals, and no sooner did I see the woman from before enter the theatre. She was on the upper level on top of a stair. She seemed to be watching the young couple ferociously suck lip.

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And oddly enough, I was getting even more excited by watching her intently watching them. She seemed to break out of her stance and shined her light up my way. There was no time for me to react, I had been caught. When she realized what I had been doing she gasped and lost balance. She fell and hit her head hard on the railing. I went down to see if she was ok. She was unconscious for a good 3 minutes. My erection had gone down in this time. I was worried that I would get blue balls if I didn't relieve myself soon.

She eventually came through and thanked me for nurturing her and not raping her. I said it was alright and then turned to head for the restroom. She questioned where I was going, and I told her of my intention to relieve myself before blue balls. She apologized for preventing my climax and stared down at my dick. I looked towards the screen and saw how the gorilla asserted dominance on the smaller apes, and began to get aggressive myself. I put my hand, the one i had just jacked off with, on her face and asked if she was feeling better.

She said yes. I asked if she liked the way my hand felt on her head and she nodded yes. She said there must be something she could do to help me not get blue balls. That was it, I snapped. I said out loud that I know how you could repay me. Since she was still kneeling and my hand on her head, I began to take out my cock quick-like.

I brought her head to my dick, mind you that has been sweating up to previously, and said suck it.


Her mouth was the first good thing that happened to me all day. I played with it as if it were a toy.

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I beat my dick on her head. I made her gag on it. I asked her who's mouth was it. She said it was for me to fuck and use.

I said damn right bitch. I used both hands and continued to face fuck her. Her make up was running down her cheeks. I made her smell and suck on my hairy balls. I was in a position where I covered her whole head besides her eyes, that looked pleadingly at me for more.

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I wrestled her up, and than swung her over to the railing. I whispered in her ear that I was going to treat her like the cumbucket she was. She unbuttoned her pants and I smiled when I saw no underwear.

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I told her you really are a whore aren't you. She complied with yes, sir. I rammed my dick into her wet hole. She was waxed, just the way I like em. I grabbed her hair and turned her head over and spat on her cheek. I asked if she liked the way I fucked her. She moaned YES YES YES! I used my free hand to squeeze her tit, I felt her cum right there. I felt mine building up and brought her back to her knees and unloaded a load fit for a champion onto her mouth, face, and uniform shirt.

She swallowed once I drained my balls onto her. She swallowed once I drained my balls onto her. I wiped my dick off on her lips, cheek, and hair.

She kissed my dick and nut sack and thanked me for the best sex she had in weeks.

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I wondered how she could've enjoyed herself, I gave no consideration to how her pleasure felt. All I cared about was that I got my nut, but sluts can be like that. I knew jamie is a freak and likes to be dominated. She pulled her pants up and licked the cum of her lips. I took a seat, exhausted from the assault I just gave her.

She was now freaked out that she had cum spots on her face and shirt.

She wasn't sure that she could make it to the bathroom in time to clean up. Right then, the girl making out earlier came up and asked if she could help not waste any good cum that was left over.