Fat oriental aged sucks gives tit fuck and rides dick wildly

Fat oriental aged sucks gives tit fuck and rides dick wildly
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Pakistani Pussy Dear All, my name is Shahzad and I belong to Islamabad. I am 28, whitish with an athlete body structure.

I've fucked so many girls in my life but I never sucked a "PUSSY". This is how I started sucking the pussies. And even now I prefer sucking instead of fucking a girl provided she is neat & clean.

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That was Nov. 2005 I was going to home from my office (My office is in F-7 and I live in F-10). Right in start of main double road to F-10 a girl (Around early 20s) asks for a lift. I stopped my car and open door for her (As I always try to show courtesy toward girls) she sat there after paying SALAM. I was happy to see her as she was too much pretty.

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Pinkish skin and a smiling face wearing skin tight JEANS she was looking a real Barbie doll. I ask her where to go and I surprised when she spoke, she was drunk.

She told me that she wana go to F-11. I said I am going to F-10/3 she said you'll leave me at my home. I was astonished but I said OK. After reaching in her street (Guidance by herself) I stopped the car. She wasn't able to reach home I gave her support to go to the gate. Her gate was closed she open her bag to find keys but keys fall down from her hands.

I picked up the keys and open the gate for her. That was a very beautiful newly constructed house.

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She went straight to her bed room along with me. After lying on the bed she starts crying and weeping. I asked what happened (Actually I was too much afraid to some mishap) she told that her friend has left her on road just for her boyfriend (Her friend also was a girl) I asked why she said 1st close the doors and give me a glass of water.

I closed all the doors (My heart was asking me to FUCK her as she was out) and I was too much excited when I came back in her bedroom. She was lying there on her chest (Showing her hips) I softly touched her hips from JEANS.

She changed the side and saw in my eyes. Then I asked her what happened. She told me that she and her friend (Layaba) both are LESBIANS and regularly having sex in their homes, streets or in hotels. Last week LAYABA decided to leave LESBIANITY and to start making relations with one of her friend (RELEATIVE).

She (SOFIA) was very much disappointed and wanted to have sex but she can't as LAIBA wasn't having any interest in PUSSY LICKING or using VIBRATORS or FINGERS. And today when she get he agree for having sex for the last time her boyfriend came there and took her (LAIBA) with him by leaving her on the road. I asked her to leave that topic and why don't you find out a boyfriend as well.

She told me that she is very much shy and she don't want to give her body to some one else who is already fucking some more girls.

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I told her that I haven't any girlfriend why don't you make me your boyfriend. She was too much excited and hugs me while asking "Will you be mine for the whole life".

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I told her that I'll remain her boyfriend till she wants. Then she started kissing me on my face. Her mouth was too hot O MY GOD that was FIRE. I started kissing on her lips.

Her lips were having smoothness and her tongue when entered in my mouth, ummmmmmmmmmm that was amazing.


She knew the art of FRENCHI. We continued kissing for more than 10 minutes. Then she lay on bed and I started exploring her BooBs. She was having a D Cup BooBs. I rubbed with my palms then I picked her shirt off, she was wearing a net bra under it. I started kissing her CLIVAGE.

Then she opens her bra and took it off by throwing on floor, ummmmmmmmmmm My Goodness her pinkish nipples were putting a flood of water in my mouth. I instantly started licking her nipples I bitted them I tease them I pinch them all. She was moaning, I started sucking her BooBs really hard.

She was going to be mad she told me that this is the 1st time of her sexual life that some one is really sucking her BooBs. Then she holds my hair and guides me toward her belly. I started licking her button. Then she guides me toward her pussy. I never taste a PUSSY yet and according to my knowledge (Before that) PUSSY licking is injurious to health so I wasn't agree to Lick her PUSSY but she forcefully took my head toward her PUSSY.

When I closed to her Cunt I noticed that the fragrance coming from her hole is not bad. Then softly I kissed on her pussy lips she moaned as ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm please don't stop at all, eat my pussy please. I started kissing on outer lips of her pussy and she was moving her pussy in circles on my lips.


Then I don't' know when I started enjoying it and my COCK already as hard as an iron ROD. I insert my tongue in her PUSSY and she screams a loud.

Then I noticed that PUSSY sucking is a very good thing I was enjoying more than 100 girls fucking. I inserted whole my tongue in to her hole. She came up and told me to pick her Cunt with my tongue's tip.

I tried and amazingly her Cunt was too much hard it shuffle with the tip of my tongue. I started rubbing it through my tongue's tip. SOFIA was screaming loudly as some one is beating her.


please cut my Cunt with your mouth please. Suddenly a flood of white water came in to my mouth that was too salty. I drank all in one. She told me to be in 69 positions now when we were; she started sucking my COCK in to her hottest mouth.

Her lips were feeling great on walls of my LUND. I was in HEAVEN. Then I started licking her libido. She started moaning again harder suck me hard plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz issssssssssssssssssssssss She said she is Cumming again.

Then a flood came into my lips again and this time while she was no my face her juice was all-around my face, lips and nose. That also was too much tasty I drank all again.

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Now it was my turn to scream as she was giving me one of the BEST blow jobs I ever had. It took more than 2 minutes and I discharged in her poise lips.

She swallowed all of my cum and we laid in the same position for more than 5 minutes I was still having my tongue in her hole and she was having my LUND in her mouth. My shaft was again getting hard. That night I sucked her pussy more than 3 hours and she discharged more than 12 times while I discharged more than 5 times without even fucking as she told me very clearly that she is not going to be fucked by me today.

Rest of the story depends upon your interest and votes on this story. I am always available in Islamabad "fuker dot suker at yahoo dot com Comments, praises and critics are welcomed. Next part on next week.