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Redhead masturbation to webcam and fingering pussy
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I still believe it all to be a dream. After all, things like that really can't happen in the 20th century. It must have been a combination of dehydration and the shock of the cool water.

Even the follow up makes me question if it really happened or not.

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Here is my tale. About 7 years back I went backpacking my way through Europe.

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I was staying near the small town of Ibach in Germany. There are many beautiful mountains and forests around. It was the middle of summer and one of the hottest the locals can remember. I decided to take a day hike up in the mountains to do a little exploring, so I put together my daypack with a little snack and water and headed up the hill.

As I walked up the road through the trees I came across a small stream. It really wasn't much more than a trickle, but my curiosity arose to find out where this stream came from. I left the road and started walking through the thick forest. The water never really seemed to get any stronger as I ascended the mountain in my quest.

Luckily the trees provided much needed protection from the sun, but the steep grade of the mountain made my trek extremely exhausting.

AS I followed the stream I noticed the foliage becoming thicker and harder to maneuver through.

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I was beginning to think my quest about ended when I heard something. Strangely I swore I heard laughter. Not loud roaring bellows, but soft faint giggles. The sounds were pleasant and soft. Peaked by new found curiosity I continued my climb and my crawl along the stream and through the dense brush. Each push I made seemed to find a new branch that caught on my shirt or arm, backpack. Still I pushed on. I struggled against the brush for what seemed like hours and as I was about to give in I saw past the leaves a wondrous sight.

One more push and my head broke through in to a very small, secluded patch of heaven on earth. It appeared the trees and shrubs had formed a little bowl around a perfect pool of water. The sun shined down from the sky and lit the water where a small waterfall came out of the mountain. There was a soft moss that lay before the water and trees and bushes made a thick wall that surrounded this perfect little patch of land. As I pulled myself through I noticed the dirt that clung to my body as I seemed to sweat from every pore.

I sat down for a moment in the warm sunlight and treated myself to long drink of water. As I sat in the sun I felt the heat radiating from the sky and I walked over to the edge of the small pond. I put my hand in and the water was cool. I looked around the small grove and decided a quick dip in the water wouldn't hurt anything. After all, there's nobody here but me. I quickly removed my clothes and walked in to the water. It felt great against my body, cool and refreshing.

The water was only up to my waist so I sat down and dunked my head under water. When I came back up and wiped the water from my face I swore I saw fireflies or something in the tree line, and once again the soft laughter. I tried to focus again and listen. I even called out "Is anyone there?" Of course the only sound I heard was that of the water and a slight rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze. The combination of the climb and the water seemed to be draining the energy out of me.

I left the cool water and went to lie down on the soft moss, using my daypack as a pillow. I figured I could rest a little bit while my body dried before getting dressed.

If you have never been naked in the forest beside a pool of water in the sun, I highly recommend it! As my eyelids grew heavier I felt the winds caress my damp body. It felt great! I am not sure if I actually fell asleep or not but I do remember laying there and hearing things again. I opened my eyes a crack and tried to look about but I didn't see anything.

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I also figured anybody coming here would have a very noisy entrance, just like I did. But that didn't stop me from hearing something, or someone.

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I swore I heard voices. They were talking.

"Is he asleep?" "I think so." "I get to" "No I do" "Why you?" "Because I'm the oldest" My mind was a fog.

There's nobody around but I am hearing things. It must be the heat or something. There was also something very exciting about that place. I felt myself becoming aroused. As I lay there with my eyes closed I felt a soft but electrifying sensation flutter across my body.

Like someone dusted parts of me with something very soft that caused a nice tingling along my skin. I enjoyed feeling the sun and wind on my body and now feeling my erection growing was bringing a nice smile to my face.

Again I heard the voices. "It's getting bigger." "It's supposed to. Now let's hurry before he wakes up". Again I forced my eyelids open. I don't recall ever having such a problem keeping my eyes open before. Through the small slits I was able to open I truly knew I must be dreaming, or lost my mind for sure.

Looking down along my naked body I saw two small figures barely a foot tall, two small beautiful womanly figures with a soft glow that surrounded them. They looked almost like dolls, not quite as built as a Barbie doll, but thin. One had lavender hair down to the small of her back and the other had orange. Other than the hair on their heads they were completely bare.

I could make out small breasts, very firm. Their slender bodies led down to long legs. They flitted about barely touching the ground.


And as one gently walked across my stomach I felt that soft but tingling feeling where her feet landed.

The site of their little naked forms was added to my excitement and I felt myself growing even bigger. My dick twitched with excitement as I watched these two visions slowly caress my member.

Being so small, the orange haired one took my cock in her arms and rubbed up and down as if she were hugging a tree or pole. Well I guess she kind of was. The feeling is something I can't even explain. It was one of the best feelings I can remember, so soft, yet with a vibrancy and so pleasurable.

I felt the sensation trickle throughout my body and I was truly in heaven. While the orange haired one stroked my cock, I noticed the lavender beauty rubbing herself between her legs. She was floating just off of my body, eyes closed, one hand caressing her small but firm breast.

I could feel the pressure building inside of me and I knew it wouldn't be long. It seemed the orange haired one could sense it too. As she continued to slide up and down me I heard her say, "It's time." With that the lavender haired one floated over my erect member and lowered herself on to the head. She positioned herself so she was directly over my opening. As her small pussy made contact a rush of pleasure ravaged my body and I felt my cum erupting. I looked to see my cum shooting out around her body.

She arched her back and moaned in delight. Her body floated up in to the air as my second spurt of cum shot on to my chest.


The little orange haired one slowly let go of my cock as my third and final salvo of cum came oozing out. My body was awash with pleasure. I tried to see the little ones again. I heard the orange one ask "Is it in you?" The lavender one replied "Yes, it's done". With that I watched them flitter away in to the brush around the area and vanish. As soon as they were gone I felt my energy return to me and I sat up.

What had just happened? Was it really just a dream? Did I just impregnate a fairy? Either way I had cum on my chest and stomach. I washed up in the pool of water and got dressed.

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I tried to see if I could find any traces of the little ones but the brush and trees were too thick. I saw the sun was heading down and I didn't want to be caught in unfamiliar woods in the dark, so I gather my things and headed back the way I came. The way down seemed easier than coming up; even the underbrush didn't seem as thick.

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I left the next day to continue my trek and eventually returned home. 2 years ago I returned to Southern Germany in business. I took the weekend off, rented a car and returned to that small town. A wave of memories came over me as I drove up the small road I had walked several years earlier.

I found what appeared to be the streambed where I remembered and decided to see for myself if I was crazy or not. I once again climbed up the mountain to where the trees and brush were thick.

This time it seemed to be even denser than before. I swore each branch I came near hung on my clothes and even felt like it was pushing me back. I struggled to push as far as I could and reached my hand out to move some leaves.

There I saw it again, the pool, the waterfall, the sun shining down and a man lying on the moss. Only this time I saw 3 little glows above the man, laying there naked.

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As I tried to position myself a little better, the wind seemed to shift and the leaves and branches moved to block my view. I lost my footing as a bent branch pushed me back.

I looked back to where I had just been and it seemed there was even less space than seconds earlier. Thinking back to what I had just seen, a smile came across my face. I turned down the hill and headed back to the car. Maybe I did have something to do with the creation of one of those little creatures. Maybe you only get one chance and I had had mine. I let my mind drift back to the pleasure of that time and the visions of their little naked forms.

Am I crazy? Was it just a dream or delusion? It doesn't really matter anymore. Either way the pleasure was truly all mine.