Stunning domina pegging her sub until cumshot

Stunning domina pegging her sub until cumshot
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The very naked Sarge had managed to save his regulation boxers, much to his relief. He didn't mind fighting a war with the bare minimum but he had his limits. Over his head he could see the explosions on the outside skin of the shield.

He realized the aliens had their hands full. He'd been tracked as soon as he entered their realm. Why hadn't they just hunted him down again?

The firework display above his head told him why. "They had better things to deal with." He thought." After all he was irrelevant they'd disarmed him hadn't they?" The Sarge smiled to himself as he picked up his discarded C4 pack.

In the saucer the Queen had taken her place back at the flight seat. She had wasted too much time on these earth creatures. As she sat down the chair came alive, reattaching pipes and nodes to her large body. She felt the living beat of the ship, the microscopic bio-fluid running through its pipes. She was invigorated the craft having suckled on the sexual experiments they had performed that night.

One of her drone bugs approached carrying the humming vines and eggs of the fuck plant so recently inside Daisy and Officer Vale. The data had been assimilated into their collective minds. The Earth law woman and the young girl had accepted their fate, they had finally seen reason. The Queen sniffed the blue head her tentacles licking at the glow. In one motion her jaws opened swallowing the twisting living plant.

She gulped it down, the tubes and wires around her hardening, them too beginning to glow blue. It had been so long since she had fed; she was ready to pilot again. Now all that remained was to finish feeding the ship. The cell door slid open and two bugs beckoned for Jackie to follow them. She shied away her red ringlet hair framing her thin shoulder and neck. One creature entered its flailing tentacle gripping her around her tiny waist pulling her with it. She tried to beat on the armored shell, to no avail the bug almost lifting her onto its back.

"Come with uzzzz!" It demanded, through telepathy." You have so much power untapped in your body!" John Vale finally met some resistance to his inexorable approach to the alien dome. A camouflaged recon trooper stood weapon at the ready as another forced him from the car. The base camp was just a few hundred feet away and John caught sight of someone he knew. The Mayor came running as the recon men pinned the intruder to the bonnet of his car.

"It's ok let him through; he's got a right to be here," assured the Mayor. Following close behind was the recently usurped Major; himself and his men now no more than security for the Generals little army. John dusted himself off then was about to speak. The Mayor answered before he could ask the obvious question. "She's inside somewhere. She went in to rescue." The Major butted in." She's a brave woman, but it's not looking good son." They all looked back at the alien shield the helicopters still taking random pot shots at the impenetrable skin.

One of the science team approached them his face looking worried. "It looks like they're going start pumping the gas!" "Gas?" John asked to the Mayor. The old man shook his head. "John, "he said looking to the sky," you really don't want to know." At the Sweetheart's homestead the coverall smocked troops worked quickly but ever so carefully. The engines of the Jolly Duster whined as its underbelly began to pump.

The flexing tube ran to a triple sealed valve; the deadly agent beginning its long journey along the arrow straight alien tunnel. Inside the ship the corridors were full of commuting bugs. They were getting ready for take off. Jackie kicked and screamed as she was almost carried along above then like she was stage diving at a rock concert. There was a open vent in the wall and she was pushed head first down it. The shaft dropped her into another cell.

As she fell into a crumpled heap of legs and arms the other occupant awoke from a self induced trance. Sat in the corner head down was Jed. He was still naked, his muscled torso greased, biceps busting with injected adrenaline. Between his legs Jackie instantly noticed the fat steel latticed cock; limp but intimidating. The hard blue scrotal sphere underneath making his penis thrust up proud even when not erect.

Jed groaned a low insane noise. Spittle was dripping from the side of his mouth his eyes barely open. Along his spine were twelve nodes each with a wire sprouting from them. They connected to a thicker black conduit.

This snaked up to the ceiling where it disappeared rather like one of the ships tentacle arms. His back was bruised from the surgery his limbs now out of his control. The room was filled with the disembodied voice of the Queen. "We have suchzz delights to show you Jed.

Such experiences for you to savor down the long eons of our journey. But firstzzz we need power to leave." Jed looked across at the freckled innocent looking red head. "Uhh no, no it's wrong no I can't not any more." He said in his farm boy drawl. The Queen spoke again the metallic insect voice echoing around the space.

"Do not resist your will. Take the woman! We know itzzz in your nature." Jed began convulsing, his cock bucking to erection as the spine wires flexed, the aliens animating his body. He was part of the ship now; and the ship needed to feed. General Hunter stood motionless binoculars at his eyes. Behind him stretching into the distance was a neatly spaced row of parked helicopters.

His diversionary attack was coming to an end, stage two was about to begin. He glanced at the approaching group; John the Mayor and Major without lowering his field glasses. "What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are you running here Major? He barked continuing to scan the Dome.

"Who's this fucking civilian?" John felt the anger rising, he moved forward; then got the icy cold sideways stare from grey haired officer.

He paused; this man looked like a born killer.

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The Major didn't answer but put forward his own question. "Sir VX? It's too much of a risk surely?" The General continued with his binocular scan and said dismissively. "No risk at all Major. The agent is active for only a few hours. We'll just eradicate everything inside the shield then when it's safe send an assault team through the tunnel." The Mayor held back the enraged John by his arm asking his own question.

"But what of the people inside? Our people!" The General continued to scan the horizon. "They are no doubt dead already." His voice grew sterner. "It's about time you accepted it!" As if to instantly prove otherwise the shield area directly in front of them suddenly opened into a six foot doorway.

The grey fog bellowed out into the clear morning air. As soldiers scrambled into shooting position it closed again. The swirling mist evaporating to show a staggering red NBC suited figure. In the cavern beneath the saucer Candy and Daisy huddled together.

Officer Vale stroked the young woman's head reassuring her. "You did good honey; real good. Now we have a chance." Around them Bugs were beginning to spring into motion, they looked like they were getting ready to leave. Both women had aching heads the constant E.S.P chatter taking its toil.

"ZZZzzprepare the examination room for this one." Was the order from the collective mind; and Daisy screamed as a pincer dragged her away. She called back at Candy for help, the officer pushing back at the shell of a closing alien as she struggled to stand. "The law woman is still required else where." Came the second order. "Oh God don't leave me!" Wailed Daisy, as her kicking legs disappeared through an airlock into the ship. Candy shouted with all her might, two more bugs now restraining her.

"I won't Daisy Cummings, that's a promise, do you hear? A promise!" Inside the saucers cell Jackie had nowhere to run. The deformed half man half wired up robot that was Jed lumbered towards her. The ship now controlled him. Only his mind was left free to witness his deviant behavior. "There's no use." He grunted his cock now fully erect the fat member encased in fine metal lattice his scrotal ball now sloshing to and thro.

Jackie reeled back against the corner her legs hunched up her hands covering her heaving chest. Jed was over her his cock waving his hands grappling with hers. "Stop resisting you little bitch, there's no escape." His massive frame was gripping her waist she tugged at his spine cables but they wouldn't come loose. His fat hand was on her ass pulling her thigh open.

His mind was in delight. "Oh fuck, nearly there, oh fuck, she's gonna split on this fucking monster!" He thought feeling his flagpole cock stiffer than ever. Jackie screamed looking down seeing the bulbous purple head pressing at her pussy. "Oh my! Oh no, no!" She screamed again seeing the finger wide spunk hole and imagining the torrent it would deliver.

"Oh! Ugh! No, n, uuggghh! Aawwwwwwwwwwww!!!" Outside the Sarge was only a few hundred feet from the rail gun. The firing continued a pace the large pile of wriggling cocoons was diminishing by the minute. Two bugs were loading; repeating the process over and over.

Once again the Sarge covered his ears then the crack of a sonic launch, destination some 300 miles above the planet. He felt his C-4 pack strapped to his bare leg. In his other hand he had a long steel pole the end tapered into a spear tip.

He needed to kill the two monsters in front of him. He was well practiced in hand to hand; but seeing the quivering multitude of appendages on both creatures he wondered what he was like hand to fifteen hands.

The first bug never saw him coming. The spear tip thundered down with a two handed strike. The Bug squealed its shell punctured the tip appearing out of its underbelly, guts bubbling onto the ground.

Its legs gave way immediately the whole bulk dropping like a stone. Sarge felt the pole pulled from his hands the bug rolling onto its side. Now he faced the second one unarmed! The limp body of the NBC suited survivor was taken hurriedly to the medical tent.

The military and officials gathered around. Who was it? They'd decided to leave the suit on until they could be close to medical facilities. The Major carefully lifted the heavy mask and the pale sweaty skinned face and long jet black hair of his science officer appeared. "It's Capt Fin!" She was mumbling trying to focus, trying to remember her message. "They. they. they want to surrender!" Her eyes opened fully and she sat up looking like she would scream.

"Major! Major it's all a mistake they.they." General Hunter butted in. "If you've got anything to say Captain you say it to me." Fin looked blankly at the Major then to the older meaner looking General. "Sir I've a message but its top security. Important information for the commander of the earth forces only.

That was there only request." The woman was helped from her suit. She looked dehydrated a little scratched but physically ok. The general looked at her dark pool eyes his throat gulping a little thinking of what she might have seen and experienced. "Very well she doesn't look in need of immediate attention.

Clear the tent." The troops withdrew, John Vale shouting questions about his wife. The Mayor had to pull him away until finally the large medical tent was empty except for two. Fin gave an unexpected smile her dry lips parting so she could lick the cracked skin. She stood up close to the General looking sheepishly up like a school girl. She put her head to one side mockingly. "You're very wrong General. I do need immediate attention." And with that her mouth thrust against his her hands gripping his head as she gave him a passionate smearing kiss.

Jackie was pinned against the wall. Her legs were hooked around Jed's massive waist her painted toes pointing to his ass crack. Her tits rubbed against his hard chest the nipples been roughly massaged by his skin.

She clawed his back and butt her nails scraping the skin but to no effect. He was thrusting up into her as he stood; fucking her mercilessly against the cold metal wall. "Ag, ag, ag, awwwwww!" She was screaming her pussy stretched beyond memory.

"Oh God. Oh God. Nnnnnnn aw, aw, aw, aw!" His cock was impossible! The thing was like a fleshy monster dildo; the fat head rubbing her cervix the meshed casing sending shivers through her wall nerves. His tip had oozed so much precome he'd instantly lubricated her. And now her cunt squelched as the juices fizzed and spat onto the floor.

She spat at his grinning insane face. The thoughts of the fuck monster were echoing in her head. "All mine, all mine, all of them to fuck as I please when I please. That's what the Queen promised. Just ride any bitch they tell me to." He spat back at her freckled face; Jackie yelping between grunts. "Yeah, yeah, oh fuck that's it baby. You dirty red headed bitch. Oh I want your ass. Shit, you're gonna fucking throw up when I come up inside there.

That's it scream, scream!" Jackie didn't want to accommodate him but she just couldn't help it. "Aawwwwwwweieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" As he bounced her against the wall her eyes began to widen in fear. Jed was confused. His cock felt tight inside, then tighter still. As he pulled out to ram in again he gulped her pussy seemed to be closing. He pushed against Jackie's hole the young woman screaming for him to stop. His face was shocked, his cock now bending out of her its path in reduced second by second.

The red head was moaning in despair shaking her head her hands slapping his back in frustration. "Oh God not again no no noooooo!" He looked down between their sweating bodies his enormous member forced clear of her dripping snatched.

Then he saw it. His mind reeled but he couldn't move the ship holding him in place still pinning her against the wall. Her pink penis head was appearing from her pussy hole. His hand involuntarily reached down gripping the tender head tugging the cock out till once again its fat ball appeared sealing her love hole.

"Oh Jesus!" His mind cried, Jackie foaming at the mouth her erection hot and wanton. His body moved back allowing the lithe girl to fall to the floor her legs bents her arms holding her up as she moaned over and over looking down at her glistening rock hard cock. Suddenly the cell door hissed open and the statuses figure of the busty Candy was forced inside.

All three looked at each other opened mouthed as the voice of the Queen vibrated in their heads. "Excellent we are ready to power up!" Candy gave a gulp of fear. Her plan was working, "but heavens, at what cost?" Only now was she realizing what it would mean.

She had to focus, put her feelings to the back of her mind. She felt the Queen and the hive mind flowing into her senses as if water was been poured through her ears. The experiences of the last few hours had helped to detach her from reality.

She was thankful of that. She was a beautiful, sexy, yet loyal woman. Her morals were ideal for her role as custodian of Love Creek's law. But now she needed to forget them.

Her own and poor Daisy's life depended on it. She gave a coy sensuous gasp, touching her lip as she glanced at the two occupants. She dropped to her knees, between the legs of the shocked confused Jackie. "Oh honey," She cooed pink lips pouting, elegant hand closing around the young woman's tender headed cock. "Let me help you with that." Outside the ship in the farmyard, the Sarge backed away from his bulky alien adversary.

He slowly moved himself between the erect metal lattice of the rail gun and the advancing bug. Its pincers snapped, its teeth chattering in anger. It stepped over its dead companion, numerous eyes fixed on the near naked muscle man in front of it. Sarge tensed his thighs, launching himself in a rolling arch over its shell as it in turn lunged forward, its claws smashing against the metal. A swinging tentacle clipped his leg in mid air, the soldier losing his graceful flight, falling in a clump on the ground.

He only had seconds to roll and knell up into a crouched position before the thing had spun and now towered down on him "Oh fuck!" In the private tent at the base camp General Hunter was distracted from his usual stern unyielding manner.

"Ohhh Captain, "he groaned in his southern drawl. On her knees in front of him was the raven haired Fin, her red mouth engorged on the Generals eager rock hard cock. She was taking long deep swallows the general amazed at her gullets dexterity.

"Jezzz how the fuck can you swallow that deep?" He thought as Fins wet mouth sank around the base of his hairy military cock, spittle dripping over her chin. He threw his head back in pleasure. His mind distracted. "He had a mission to complete. Urgently!" But the Science officer was savoring his hot cock with such expertise that he felt his knees almost buckle.

"Oh you dirty bitch don't you stop now, that's a fucking order girl you hear!" Deep underground in the alien tunnel leading from Love Creek a bug limped at a slow rate towards the safety of the energy dome and ship. Half its appendages had been burnt or blown apart by the deadly human weapons and in the confusion it had been left behind by it comrades.

It was still a mile away from safety but the hive mind gave it comfort, urging it on; telling it all the pain would go once it got to its own kind. The creature had sensed something in the tunnel closing towards it from the earth town. Its instincts told it to hurry, whatever it was represented danger. The hissing had grown louder and louder the air within the tunnel moving as if a breeze was blowing deep under ground.

The bug tried to increase its shambling crawl but the pain was too much. In its head the hive mind followed a hundred different paths at once, all inter linked. It saw the fight in the courtyard, the man about to be shredded. It felt the warmth of Daisy's wrist as she was dragged along a saucer corridor struggling; the delight of the Queen as she enjoyed the buxom Candy's performance.

The arousal of that human man plugged into their ship, the sparks from a fuse box as a colleague hastily prepared a small part of the craft for take off.


It felt a hundred significant and in-significant experiences at once. And in turn the hive mind felt its own pain as it struggled to flee an unseen, fast approaching danger. The tunnel bug never saw what killed it. There was a sudden change in air density, a slight odor and a coursing stinging pain. Then death. A hundred different bug experiences stopped and froze, focusing on that single one. "The tunnelzzz!" The Sarge had covered his face the razor claw about to rain down.

The bug halted mid strike as if in thought. The soldier rolled away from it, jumping to his feet about to sprint. But he needn't have worried, the bug had left him.

It was racing to the tunnel entrance, and without pausing it flung itself down the hole, tentacles writhing to push its self along at breakneck speed. The Sarge couldn't believe his eyes. "What the hell would be so important that it couldn't spend a minute finishing him?" In the saucer cell Jackie was moaning in pleasure and embarrassment.

This tall blonde was taking her erect hard member between her lips, licking and sucking like her life depended on it. Her eyes glinted wickedly and Jackie realized what it meant to be given head by a hot dedicated female mouth. "Ohhhhhh! Nnooooo!" She could only groan and shake her head, her half hearted attempt to push the blonde away never having any chance to work. She arched her back tits firming up. What chance was there to resist? She had already given up hope of ever escaping this perverse, horrific dream.

The awful half man, half machine was knelling behind the sucking blonde tart, his hard scrotum clattering against the floor. The man had both his huge hands opening Candy's ass cheeks his tongue already pressing and circling the Sheriffs sensitive tight anus. Candy felt the rough pressing mouth of Jed then shivered as his firm tongue entered her ass hole.

He flicked up against the rim tasting inside her, Candy struggling to concentrate on the soft skinned cock between her lips. Jed's spinal cables were already beginning to glow blue, his arousal being drained for power. The sheriff's fat ass almost smothered his face and he had to feel with his hands like a blind man till they gripped her massive dangling tits. He took both in a strong grip pulling his mouth harder onto her anus his tongue rigid like a stake piercing up inside her.

"Ohhhh what an ass. Oooooohhhh, mmmmmmmmm, that's it Miss let me taste deep inside you." Jed's mind once again was full of filth and desire, his scrotal tank bubbling, his cock painfully stiff. Candy lifted her mouth from the oozing cock of Jackie, jerking it as she felt Jed's hands maul her breasts. A number of metal tentacles had now descended from the roof of the cell.

Candy felt a tip press against her mouth. She sucked on the shinny end like an eager cock head, allowing the tentacle to ease a few inches into her mouth. She began to suck harder the end vibrating, clattering on her teeth. Jackie was more resistant however. She screamed as a tentacle slid under her back curving up to press against her ass. Candy held her in place, gripping her cock tightly, Jackie appalled as the slimy metal tip entered her ass.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!" Candy could sense Jed raising himself behind her and she coughed on the metal tip in her mouth as he pushed his fat, big holed cock into her pussy. The Sarge could have run, but he didn't. He needed to destroy the space cannon; but any second that bug could come back. He decided he had to finish what he started.

He crept to the edge of the pit. The bug was some twenty feet straight down below, at the point where the tunnel ran off horizontal towards the town. It was ripping at the tunnel walls, its claws having little effect against the glass like rim of the construction. It smashed at the sides, not seeming to care that it had already splintered one of its claws.

The Sarge looked back at the dead bug still skewered with his impromptu spear. Standing on the shell he gripped the imprisoned shaft with both his hands and pulled with all his might.

The tunnel entrance hissed with fast moving air. The bug knew why. Its limbs were aching but it only one thing filled its head. "Closezzzz the tunnelzzzzzzz!" The hive mind repeated the order over and over, the bug now having more success. The rocks were beginning to crumble, a few more sec. The metal spear hit straight from above, going all the way through the bugs shell. And once again an alien dropped like a stone, dead; the Sarge quickly becoming an expert with his medieval weapon.

He looked down into the pit, feeling the air rushing up onto his face. The bug had been in such a rush about sealing the tunnel it had not even bothered to look up at him. He began to feel more and more uneasy. "Blow the cannon and then get the hell out of here." He said to himself running back to the launcher. Back in the ship the cables attached to Jed's back shone deep blue, an audible hum in the room as the power surged. He was up inside the sexiest woman in Love Creek.

And not just with his own meager cock, which he had often dreamt. No, but instead with his alien enhanced monster. He almost wept with pleasure and sensation, seeing and feeling her pussy lips struggle to swallow the length. She gave an animal groan as inch after fat inch of latticed cock penetrated her. "Ohhhhhhh Miss Candy, ughhhhhhhh!" He moaned out aloud, seeing the blonde struggling with the mouth tentacle and Jackie's rampant cock at the same time.

Candy felt her insides ache with the fat slug that was Jed's new cock. She spat the tentacle from her mouth, slapping it away. She could hear Jed's aroused thoughts and feel his energy. In fact she could feel her own body responding to the attentions. The red head girl was still wriggling, trying to remove the slowly probing ass tentacle.

Candy thrust her pink lips back around the gripped cock, slurping and sucking as if to draw the life from her. "Awwwwwwww!" Jackie gave a sensuous groan. The ass probe was buzzing inside her sending tingles up to her buried clit.

The blonde woman was swallowing more and more cock, only stopping to gag in discomfort as the man pushed his impossible cock up her. Jackie also felt the pleasure rising and arched her back feeling her own tits. She closed her eyes in sensation, then blinked open in shock as the free tentacle probe, the one spat out by Candy pushed into her mouth, making her gargle in wanton pleasure.

Jed began to pump up inside the sheriff, holding her sweaty hard tits as support, trying to ram up to her throat. The bitch was smacking the floor with her hand in desperation, her mouth bobbing on the redheads cock.

She was in ecstasy, he could tell. She was the bugs slave, his sex toy for the long journey ahead. And most of all, he was doing it! He was giving Officer A, Love Creeks number one babe, the fuck of her life! Around the ship the energy grew and grew. Walls lightened, and then glowed, a humming surge of power ringing through the corridors. His spinal nodes were red hot the conduits smoking slightly.

The tentacles in Jackie's ass and mouth also shimmered with blue power; Candy servicing both human generators with exquisite porn star like charms. The bug Queen felt the warmth as the ship grew in energy. The dials became animated, a 3D holographic view of the outside appearing in front of her flight seat.

Another few minutes and the ship would be ready to leave. On the flight deck the Queen was now in total command of the instruments. The tunnel wasn't sealed but it didn't matter all crew were nearly aboard, just the outer rim guards left.

The aliens began to take up launch positions; most curling into tight shell balls, lining the corridors.

Only the medical room remained active; Daisy tied on her back to the stirrup table, a single Bug, the scientist who first defiled her with tentacles and dog continuing its bizarre studies. "Goodzzz we are about to leavezzzzz." It gloated, angling a new device between Daisy's splayed long legs. "You are suchzzzz a young strong female." He pushed the fat 3 inch diameter clear tube towards her pussy.

Daisy shook her head in refusal and dismay. "No it's about to take off! But she promised. She promised!" The bug ignored her ranting securing the tube entrance around her pussy lips, pulling a leaver making a suction, air tight seal. Daisy looked down at the clear tube, feeling her lips been pried open by pressure.

The bug could see her slit gaping, maybe an inch or more. "That will be enoughzzz" It thought to itself. Then the farm girl saw it and screamed. A writhing maggot like creature, been pushed up the tube by a metal plunger. "It was alive!" Its root vegetable type appearance making her convulse in terror.

It was sniffing towards her teen slit; blind, deaf, but aware. "A bug pupa," The insect explained almost gleefully. "I'm going to impregnate you with one of our young!" The General clawed the back of a chair his veins bulging in his knuckles. Captain Fin was thrusting her head back and forth, swallowing his cock to the limit down her wet hot throat. "Jezzzzzzz, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Outside the room his guards looked at each other in amazement, but both too nervous to disturb their intimidating commander.

One of them looked to the ceiling muttering quietly to himself in jealous admiration. "Go General, go!" The general gripped her head with both hands pumping his hips into her porcelain white face. "If you want it that bad then have it you slut!" He growled. Fin choked and spluttered his cock emptying deep in her gullet.

"Uggg, ugggg, uggggg ugaaaaaawweeeeEEEEE!" His ecstatic cry as he came turned to a scream of agony. "Agggggggggg Jesus! Helpuggggggggggggg!!!!" The guards were reluctant to respond but as he screamed again they burst into the tent.

The far canvas wall was shredded open, the fabric flapping in the downdraft of overhead rotor blades. They were about to dive through when another cry of despair made them turn.

Behind the medical table curled on the floor was the General. The men looked in horror. His groin was soaked in claret red liquid his hands clutching at his recently serviced groin. "Oh Nooo!" He wailed. "I think she's fucking bit my cock off!" In the alien fuck cell the temperature must have been in the humid nineties. Officer Candy was groaning with unashamed pleasure.

Her pussy was struggling to swallow the awful jocks monster cock. Struggling, but not failing. She had taken it all the way to the base each stretching inch feeling like the last humanly possible. Now he was beginning to fuck back and forth, her deep intimate cervix feeling this big holed cock end sniffing at it. "Uuuh, aw, aww, aww ah, ah, ah, ahhh!" The ship was coming alive around her she could feel and smell the electrical power.

Jed's spinal nodes glowed hot, his body failing to flinch from the sizzling cables. He could feel his scrotal sphere foaming to the max, any second now he'd release.

His raw mind wanting to fill her to the brim with his thick wad, but he was torn between that and jacking over her groaning prom Queen face. "Uggggggg!

"He thought, even now time for humor," decisions, decisions!" Science officer Jackie was arching her back thrusting her breast forward her hands clawing at the floor, anal probe and Candy's hair. In turn the blonde bombshell was grunting like a pig, the huge cock slapping into her.

At the same time she licked and bobbed on Jackie own novice erection. "Awwwwwwww, uuuuug, ohhhhhhhhh!" Jackie was about to spurt! Candy took the hint lifting her mouth from the climaxing head jerking hard with her hand looking up at the young redhead. "Ugghhhhh that's it honey, lets me have it! Come on, ugggggh come on baby." The anal probe glowed blue Jackie's muscles tightening, almost shitting it out. She gave a scream of pleasure her cock erupting thick long strands of come up like a fountain.

The white mess sprayed onto Officer A's lips and chin, and over her neck.

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Jed still gripping her hard massive tits pulled; rearing her body up at the second spurt, making Candy scream with the hard womb nudging thrust. But the sheriff kept jerking the cock the come hitting onto her mauled tits, Jed's quickly massaging it into her sweaty flesh. "Eeeeieeeeeeee!!" Jackie screamed her body on fire, the anal probe drawing the last ounce of power from her. Then she crumpled almost unconscious. Outside the Sarge could now feel a morning sweet breeze.

The dense mist was clearing and the sound of a fleet of helicopters could be heard around him. The shield was down! At the base camp half the occupants slowly came to the same conclusion. The Major, Mayor and John could see the grey boil had lost its shape. The mist was billowing out like a ground level nimbus rain cloud.

The other half of the base were still franticly dealing with the tent incident. The General was under sedation, his team spreading out to hunt down, "that fucking psycho bitch!" "We should be doing something!" John shouted over the noise of rising gun ships.

The Mayor had a look of total fear in his eyes. "Oh my God the shields down and any second the fields are going to be full of nerve gas." Candy's husband gripped the Majors arm.

"Do something." He yelled. The Major looked around, his own men and also many of the generals were looking at him for a response. John shook him to his senses. "The Generals had his chance. Follow the chain of command, you're back in charge!" On the alien ship the Queen felt as one with her beautiful craft. With her thoughts she eased the massive silver craft a few inches, then a few feet.

She felt the ground and crumbling homestead scrape against the metal, she felt the ship beginning to radiate external power. It had leveled, now hovering a few feet from the ground. The last of her bug army were scrambling aboard. The human sexual energy was far greater than she had ever hoped, the ship was now fully charged. The earth law woman was an excellent asset; so resistant at first, but now even she was about to come with embarrassed reluctant pleasure.

The metal ceiling tentacle was in her mouth about to drain her; smothering her climaxing grunts.

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"Mmmgg! Mmmmggg! Mgggggggg!" Candy was indeed coming, her pussy flexing as much as it could around the monster girth. The whole experience just couldn't be resisted. It was so raw, so decadent, so liberating! But she needed to keep focused on her plan. "Awwwwwww uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhhh!" She convulsed her pussy oozing juice, Jed banging hard in rhythm with each orgasming grunt; spittle covered mouth probe glowing brilliantly.

Uggg, uggg. Uggggggggggggg!!" The ship tilted slightly forward, the Queen already thinking of a point some 100 miles into the sky. All she had to do was want it so and it would be there in seconds.

Candy's passion had filled the batteries to capacity. "What an incredible vixenzzz." The Queen thought, the ship about to leap into the sky. "We didn't need the power of the earth man after." The Queen and her hive mind suddenly felt a new gut churning sensation.

They'd been tricked! Candy was out of it for only a few seconds. She'd collapsed face down on the hips of the exhausted Jackie, Jed still pumping like a mad man into her wet hole. Jackie slapped at the blondes face pushing her onto the steel floor. "Get the fuck off me you dirty bitch!" Officer Candy shook her head as if to regain her thoughts. "Jed, Jed ugh hurry!" Her mind raced, goading the man on. "We need to finish this now!" Jed still couldn't decide where to come.

He was so close.

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Any second. "Ag, ag, ag. Come in my ass you bastard!" Screamed Candy; looking over her shoulder with smoldering eyes. He couldn't believe it the hot blonde bitch was gripping her own fat peach cheeks pulling them apart her anus winking at him. "Do it ugh, do it, treat me like the bitch I am!" He pulled his enormous length out of her hole, ramming it against her sphincter.

"Oh shit ughhhh.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" She gave a bellowing scream of discomfort his cock head burying into her hot tight anus. The cell door flew open a bug appearing like lighting intent on stopping them. But it was too late. Jed came! He'd only got a few inches into her rubbery shitter, but it was too much. With the scream from Candy and the feeling of gripping flesh trying but failing to resist he couldn't to hold on. "YesssssssssssggggggggguuuuuukkkkkkkKKKKKK!!" Candy felt the come almost like an alien pod bursting into her ass.

Jed felt it too his eye hole agonizingly wide and tender. "Uugggggggggggggggg!!" He felt like throwing up his body jerking like he was on the electric chair. The nodes exploded one by one along his spine and his scream of pleasure turning to one of pain.

"Eeeeeeeeeeiiiiieeeeeeeee!" Flames erupting from the cables his scrotal ball shattering the remaining juices flooding the floor. "Aaaagggggggggggggggg!" The hive had been too late to see it. What Candy had seen and realized so much earlier. Yes humans have sexual energy. Too much energy! The Queen gave a chattering scream of frustration. Her console was overheating. The fuck cell was on fire, batteries overloaded, the ship was sick with an overfilled belly. Candy was to her feet in a flash.

The whole saucer lurched as the corridors pulsed with light. The bug in front of her smashed against the wall, Jed thrashing around, demented, driven crazy.

The cables were sparking and snapping the roof showering the occupants with sparks. Candy grabbed at Jackie's hand, trying to pull her up. "Come on move it," she yelled.

But Jackie could only scream and kick, like Jed her mind also on the brink. The Bug was getting up Candy had no more time to waste, she had to leave her. In the corridor the sheriff staggered past bug after bug. Most were curled into a fetal stance relying on their commander to level the ship. A few were frantically holding back flames and sparks which burst from over head ports. As she staggered past them she began to fear she might not get out.

"Oh shit it looks like its going to blow the fuck up!" The shrouding mist outside had almost cleared completely. The Sarge had finished with his demolishing preparation on the tower gun. The charge was primed all his need to do now was get the fuck away from it. But he had stopped before he had chance to pull the pin.

He'd turned to watch the silver disc rock and tilt as if it was driven by a drunkard. Its rims crashed into the ground then raised then crashed, over and over, the thing moving forward may twenty feet then sliding back. It was glowing blue to silver now the energy pulse visible and evident at great distance. Behind the unstable ship he could see maybe twenty gun ships thundering towards him. Any second now they'd light it up with cannon and missiles.

The Major had made his call. "Your wife is dead, no doubt about it. We have to destroy it now before it gets away." Jack Vale could do nothing to stop him. The troops had sprung into action. It was a full scale assault. The energy pulse was playing havoc with the radios. Maybe the chemical chopper had stopped pumping its deadly load.

He couldn't be sure if they'd heard him give the order to stop. "But what if they hadn't" The Mayor had asked. "Gentlemen," he had said lighting one of his trademark cigars," then it looks like we've had it as well. Either way they're going down." He then turned to look at the crazy rambling woman who was once a close and respected officer. Captain Fin was laughing and howling as two troopers pushed her bound and restrained into the back of a military ambulance.

Her red lips were enhanced with dried blood her eyes wild like a rabid animal. The vehicle sped away and The Major shook his head as he realized that the insane woman unlike most of his men would no doubt live through the day.


Candy knew which way to go. Through this bulk head, to the deck below, nearly there. The hatch was still open a bug struggling to climb in. She froze, but it was in concentration not fear as she tried to remember. "The examination lab! Yes it was this one.

Yes." The doors slid open the room full of smoke. Daisy was screaming. The roof looked like it was about to fall in and Daisy could feel the touch of a slimy maggot tip as it began to burrow into her snatch. She saw Candy at the door like a towering Amazon warrior. "Oh Sheriff, thank heavens, please hurry. Hurry!" The depraved lab bug was dead, a control panel in flames the explosion having hit its delicate underbelly.

Candy picked up a steel rod smashing down on the pupa tube the maggot dropping to the deck. "Daisy," She shouted heaving the teen of the table, "time to get the fuck out of dodge." Back in the corridor the roof showered them with sparks their naked bodies glowing in the illumination. Candy dragged the poor Cummings girl by the wrist keeping her eyes focused on the open hatch.

MOMOLAND 모모랜드 BAAM Luna Officer MMD

The bug was still struggling at the hatch entrance and it saw them too late to react. It reeled back as a metal strut which had snapped off was speared by Candy into its underbelly. The creature went berserk rolling onto its back spinning on its shell in agony, multiple legs flailing. Candy wasted no time, the ground was 20 feet below and the craft was veering over the huge dark pit that it's had carved out under its crash site.

Candy could see the metal hard webbing where she and Daisy had been bug raped that night. If they fell from here onto that, they'd be shredded like a cheese grater. The alien was trying to right itself the ship rising more and more. She took a deep breath and as the craft dipped towards the edge of the pit she jump pulling the hapless girl with her. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thud!" The sarge almost transfixed by the swaying saucer, suddenly saw the bodies dropping to the ground and snapped out of his daze.

"Jezzzz someone's got out!" The pressure wave from beneath the saucer was almost unbearable. The girls screamed holding their ears as the vibration and thunderous hum of resonating power shook the ground. The saucer tilted, and they knew it was banking, pointing towards the approaching gun-ships. A hail of bullets erupted from the attack birds as they closed in, the disc now facing them the rim dipped towards the ground.

As the first shells impacted the ship they created fantastic green firework displays. The ships shield was up again and encasing the silver disc. Inside the craft the Queen felt the unusual sensation of relief. This visit had not been as easy as she had expected. All systems were working the ship was already repairing itself. Power was stable; time to finally go.

The two women, the sarge and the approaching troops all felt the same pulse of power as if the air had been compressed a million times then allowed to spring back in a micro second. Behind the ship the view seemed to distort as if the fabric of time was been deformed, the green glowing saucer shooting forward like out of its own rail cannon. "Booooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm!" The disc created a pressure wave in front of it blowing the gun-ships aside.

Many just collapsed to the ground like birds hitting a window. Others rode over the wave as the disc sped under them. But these too were then buffeted out of control and gyrated to the ground like sycamore buds.

The saucer zoomed low over the camp dragging tents and equipment into the air, behind it a trail of jet black helicopter crumpled into the corn fields. The Queen saw and felt everything at once, the morning air on the ships hull, its coursing bio fluid working the engines, the computed optimum trajectory.

Her mind suddenly focused on a speeding target a couple miles to the west. "One thingzzz more to do." The ship turned and reached the horizon in an instant. Then it was gone.

The sarge was across the courtyard in seconds and had been careful to avoid slipping into the huge pit left by the craft. Around him was chaos. The swirling wind left by the ship, the smell of cordite, the crackle of burning machinery. But in the mist of this he could only look dumbfounded at the two bedraggled goddesses huddled together like frightened animals. Daisy looked at the near naked man streaked with dirt and sweat, bug blood dripping from his biceps. "Who, who are you?" "Miss," he said with a swagger of pride, "I'm your rescue team." Officer Candy looked up with her world weary eyes her stunning features making him gulp.

This was the sheriff he'd heard all about, no doubt. "Trooper," she shouted above the din of fire and howling wind, "it's not over yet." And then pulling herself up looking back at the bug tunnel entrance she added. "We've got to get away from here quick or we're all dead!" In the base camp it was panic.

The tunnel was full of nerve gas the team unable to raise the pumping crew. They'd been given express orders if base camp contact was lost they had to empty the whole damn lot into the bubble. The usurped general groaned in pain and resignation, looking up from his stretcher, almost pleased that the Major and fuck-wit civilians were in as much shit as him. "It's no use," he coughed with a professional pride, "my boys follow their orders to the letter any second now were all going to be sucking on VX." Meanwhile the sarge listened silently to what Candy had to say.

The tunnel, VX, and poor Jackie gone. He nodded not showing his emotions. He looked deep into Candy Vale's eyes not driven by lust but by respect. As she spoke with steel hard resolve he understood this woman was a warrior. She'd told him to get the young girl away; she'd try to stop the gas. "No," he said pulling back, "you've done enough already, now get the hell out of here." The sarge ran back towards the lattice rail gun.

He could hear the hiss of escaping air as the gas surged towards the exit. He ripped the C-4 from the metal work. If he breathed a fraction in it would all be over.

At the tunnel entrance he stared down his face screwed up with the pressure of escaping air. He looked back across at the staggering women, advancing troopers almost at their aid.

He gave a satisfied smile, like always it was a case of mission accomplished. He felt his skin tighten his senses beginning to burn. No time left the gas was here. Through their binoculars the camp team saw the sarge's legs buckle as he fell forward into the hole.

A heart stopping moment latter there was rising of the earth followed by an enormous expulsion of dirt and smoke; the roar of the explosion lagging behind.

Boommmmmmm! The tunnel entrance had collapsed the pit now a huge mound of earth and rock. The VX trapped inside the almost airtight glass lined tunnel. John Vale stood arms across himself in a desperate hug watching the expanding mushroom cloud the explosion feeling like an earthquake. His heart was heavy with grief. "What would he tell the kids?" He could see a line of dark figures moving back towards the camp. As the dust began to clear he could make out the shape of battle clad troopers.

In the middle of the line helped by eager men was the silhouette of two long legged blondes. Each had a camouflage jacket on making a fetching all in one top and ultra short skirt. One was a young cheerleader type definitely looking worse for wear and the other, well he'd recognize her anywhere.

It was the best damn sheriff this town had ever had. It was his wife. That evening Candy stood at her bedroom window her elegant virginal white nightie making her look like marketing mans dream. The sky outside was once again crystal clear the millions of stars like splattered paint on a black roof. The town was in ruins the survivors almost held hostage by the now seemly endless ranks of officials and troops.

Tomorrow she'd have to answer question after probing question; but not tonight. She looked back at her husband as he entered from putting the kids to sleep.

At least it would be classified, she didn't fancy her beloved and the town's folk knowing all the gory details and neither would poor Daisy Cummings no doubt. She thought back to those final moments. The saucer has sped away but not vertically as they might have expected. It had only been an hour later when they realized why. The medical jeep had been found on its side the soldiers and the deranged Captain Fin no where to be found.

The bugs had decided the captain was one of them by then and they had no intentions of leaving anyone behind. The mass of slaughtered bugs were decomposing at an incredible rate. The earth's atmosphere having strange effects on their dead hide's metabolism. With the aliens discarded pod launcher already airlifted to a secret destination Candy wondered if by dawn any evidence of this invasion would even be left.

"Time to turn in honey," John said patting the bed. She turned the moonlight showing her fabulous curves through her light fabric.

"I've being waiting for this for the last 24 hours." She said with a bewitching smile. Her husband's eyes widening in anticipation.

She bent down her cleavage as deep as the sea and tapped a long nail on his nose cheekily. "The sleep honey; I mean the sleep." A million miles or so away, distance and time increasing experientially was the bugs' mother craft.

The huge cylinder hold vibrated with the power of nearly 300 aroused souls. Bugs monitored the row after row of coffin like capsules each one containing an ex resident of earth.

Each human was in a looped orgasmic nightmare. The experiences of the past night had being carefully recorded by the bugs to play back direct into their pitifully weak subconscious. Some experienced the taking of Monica the cheerleader. Her orgasm, the bugs orgasm, even Fins. Others Candy and Daisy in the rape nest. Other's still relived Jed's face covering splatter of officer Vale; or Jackie first forced cock ejaculation.

The humiliation and sensations were still as real and powerful as if they were their own. And with each experience the towns folks bodies pumped gasp after orgasmic gasp of power into the ships hull.

A bug monitored the life signs from the capsule of Love Creeks portly framed store manager. A man in his fifties his mind struggled to accept the impossible. He had breasts, huge perfect domes, and his waist tight and shapely like he'd never known. In his mind he looked down at his flat stunning tummy the sensation of a blue glowing robot cock stretching his pussy beyond imagination. He was coming over and over the orgasmic experience an impossible but heart taxing reality.

The hive mind noted this one wouldn't last another light jump. But many more would. There were old spinsters who now had the bodies and sensations of ripe virginal teens. Weak no hopers transformed into powerful lustful creatures with cocks and girls to die for. Men fucked as women, women fucked as men, women fucking women as bugs. The possibilities seemed endless each one eventually tailored to get the greatest sexual peak out of each individual.

For some this would become a half conscious hell, many others an amoral taboo heaven.

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But for all it was the same climax after climax inducing experiences. The hive mind lingered on the sexy sweaty frame of the Sweetheart cheerleader. Monica laid, her back almost in a permanent arch her lovely lips foaming as she rode her climax again and again.

Monica had found her optimum frenzy inducing dream. It was that goody bitch Daisy Cummings squealing in the bathroom as her beloved 'Butch' hammered away up inside her; Monica experiencing it not as her hated rival but as the confused yet eager dog! In the flight room the queen monitored nothing and everything in an instance. The ship and her crew were safe for years to come. Eventually these humans would weaken the energy force dissipating. They would not take as long to replace them the next time, the mission to earth had nearly cost the bugs dear.

The queen would have like to have that amazingly sexy law woman here. She was a true warrior breed the bug could appreciate that kind of matriarchal opponent. Candy's recorded experiences seemed to be the most potent for nearly all of the men and many of the women too. She would have being ideal for creating new experiences to feed the human batteries. But still the head bug had these other beauties in front of her. They could be enhanced and harvested of experiences for many years to come.

The two entwined naked bodies writhed and heaved in a sweaty mess of limbs and torso. Captain Fin was laughing, an insane resigned giggle. Jackie was sobbing her mind not wanting to accept this was her final fate. Jackie's painfully hard cock was slapping between her thighs Fins hand gripping it tightly. She rolled the hesitant red head onto her back Fin straddling the fat member lowering herself down. Jackie groaned just as much as Fin as the cock buried fully up inside her wet shaft.

Fin leaned forward her hands on Jackie's tits her lips locking onto her assistants gasping mouth. The lust full captain pulled the young woman's wrist to her upturned bouncing ass making Jackie's fingers touch the bitch's anus.

Their eyes widened in unison Fin laughing, nodding her head in delight, Jackie s face one of horror as she slowly helped coax a new pink cock from Fins widening anus. Jackie continued to sob in despair her hand on this new cock as it curled up from her lover's rear like a fat tail. "Yess, yesssss!" Fin moaned, but then suddenly began to cough and tense her neck as if choking.

Her ruby red lips parted, Fin's ash white face one of astounded amusement. Jackie gave a shriek her own reaction also one of dreamlike disbelief. Fins was coughing and retching a tender pig pink cock from her rapidly filling mouth.

The cock snaked out like a creature from a ruby red rimmed den till its girth filled her mouth making her cheeks bulge with the balls. Fin eyes were crossed as she looked over her nose to this unexpected alteration. Jackie only had time to give one giggle of mind snapping insanity before Fin thrust down onto her lips in a French kiss deeper and fuller than the young redhead could ever have imagine possible.

The Bug queen checked the console. The ship was recording everything perfectly. The End * * * * * Bibliography. I hope you enjoyed this tale as much as I did writing it. Thank you for sticking with it and before I finish I'd just like to tip a hat of appreciation to works that helped inspire and influence this tale HG Wells 'War of the Worlds' (Alien invasion, saucers, the full works) 50,s B-Movie 'Them' (Large bugs) 50,s B-Movie 'Invasion of the body snatchers' (pods) Tim Burtons 'Invaders from Mars' (Itself a B-Movie homage) 'Star ship troopers' (bugs etc, who hasn't seen Denise Richards pinned, about to be stuck in the head with a bony proboscis and thought that's not where you stick it, call yourself a brain bug!) 'Cool Devices' Jap cartoon porn ( female cocks) 'Barbarella' (Orgasm machines) There are many more which I have consciously or sub consciously copied.

So I apologize in advance for not including everything. Finally to my knowledge site sentry battalion, alien bugs and the town of Love Creek have never existed. But given what you've just read that's what you would expect them to say. Regards Finc