Straight college guys turned gay porn Staring at the camera with a

Straight college guys turned gay porn Staring at the camera  with a
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Fbailey story number 705 NOTE: This is a stand-alone story. Don't feel that you need to read "Laura And Ross" unless of course, you want too.

Laura And Ross And Their Children Laura and Ross had been so excited after that week of train flashing that neither one of them wanted to stop. Their biggest concern was keeping their newfound hobby from their children.

Terri and Gus were your average sexually inquisitive teenagers.


Terri was thirteen and Gus was fourteen but actually they were about the same mental age. After all girls do mature faster than boys do.

When Ross told Laura to get into a loose fitting dress without her bra and panties she knew what was up. They had checked out that overpass with six lanes of commuter traffic flowing underneath it. They had followed all of the roads in the area and had a pretty detailed map just incase they needed a quick getaway.

They also knew that the busiest time was at five forty-five. That would get them the traffic of people coming home from the big city about thirty-five minutes away. Laura was even pleased that their two children had gone to friend's houses after school and that her very picky daughter would not be questioning her attire. The yellow wrap around dress was not something that her daughter would approve of. It was a Halloween costume once and it was way too short and only had one big button on her right hip holding it together.

She was very nervous as she rode in the car.

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It was a nervousness that she had had every single time that Ross took her out to flash herself to the world. They crested the hill looking down on the bridge when Ross hit the breaks and stopped.

Ahead of them on the bridge were four kids on their bikes. The kids had stopped right above the center lane of the three lanes coming into town. There was no way that Ross would make Laura strip naked with children there. They waited and watched. Ross got out his camera with the long zoom lens on it. He zoomed in on the group.

Ross choked and said, "That's Terri and Gus. They are with Debbie and George." Debbie was the friend that Terri was supposed to be with at her house. George was Gus' friend that he was supposed to be with. Ross said, "Something isn't right." Laura could see them but they were too far away to see them in detail. A moment later Ross said, "The boys have their cameras out…the girls are pulling their shirts off…they are both topless…now they are waving at the cars." Laura could just make out the topless girls waving their arms around and trying to get the driver's attentions.

Horns were honking and truckers were sounding their air horns. Ross said, "Terri just took off her miniskirt…she took off her panties…now she is waving them at the cars." The sounds of the traffic below was getting louder and louder.

Ross said, "They need to get out of there and fast. I can see traffic coming up the hill behind us." Laura said, "Do something." Ross started honking his horn and driving toward the bridge slowly.

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Cars came up behind him. He put on his turn signal and as slowly as possible started a left hand turn effectively blocking the road.

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Then he turned off his ignition. The cars behind him started honking their horns at him.


The kids were peddling their bikes across the bridge. Apparently the girls managed to get dressed. Ross started his car and made his turn. Several of the other drives flipped up their middle finger as they passed him. They returned home before the kids got there. All four kids came into the house laughing. Ross asked, "Did you have a good time?" Terri said, "I sure did." Debbie said, "We were out bike riding." Ross said, "We know.

We were watching you on the Bakers Road Bridge. We were the car that blocked traffic for your getaway." George laughed and said, "I told you that looked like your Dad's car but you said that it couldn't be." Laura asked, "How long have you girls been flashing your tits?" Terri said, "Today was the first time but it was so exciting." Debbie said, "I should have worn a skirt.


I couldn't get my pants down in time. Then you scared us so we took off." Gus said, "I've got some great pictures." George asked, "Do you want to see them?" Of course Laura and Ross wanted to see them. Gus was right, the pictures were very good. He got both girls topless with lots of cars and trucks in the background.

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He got some excellent pictures of his sister nude waving her panties around. Terri asked, "Are you going to punish us?" Ross smiled, laughed a little, and then told them about Laura flashing the commuter train for a week. Debbie's mouth dropped open and she said, "That was you! Oh my God! That really was you!" Laura said, "Yes, it really was me." Terri asked, "Does this mean that Debbie and I can do it again?" Debbie added, "Maybe with you the next time?" Gus said, "I can help Dad take pictures." George asked, "What can I do?" Terri replied, "You can talk your mother and your two sisters into joining us next time." +++++ Well George did talk his mother and two sisters into joining our little group.

It took them a while to come around but it was Laura that really did the trick. She told them about her train adventure and how exciting it had been. A few days later Laura found herself back on her concrete block near the train tracks where it all began. Terri and Debbie were standing with her and they were also naked. Not too far away was George's mother and sisters. Helen was fully naked and her oldest daughter Karen was too but she made little Paula keep her panties on because of her age.

The two boys were hiding with Ross behind a bush. They all had a camera in their hands. Ross was going to take still pictures while the boys took video. At the last moment Ross sent Gus behind the girls to another partially hidden place.

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That way none of the guys got in any of the pictures, just the girls and of course the train. We could hear the train coming, the girls were all quite nervous. The train engineer saw them, his horn blasted and blasted, everyone flocked to the windows.

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The girls waved and smiled as they shook their tits at the commuter train. The adrenaline was flowing in all of them.

The girls were so excited that they forgot that they were naked. They hugged, they kissed, and they danced around for several minutes as we continued to record them.

I had the six girls line up for a group picture. Helen let Paula remove her panties for that. First there was Laura age thirty-five, Terri age thirteen, Debbie age fourteen, Helen age thirty-four, Karen age thirteen, and little Paula age twelve. Helen whispered, "I've got to get fucked. I'm so fucking horny right now." The problem was that everyone heard her remark. Terri asked, "Can George fuck Debbie and me?" Karen asked, "Can Gus fuck Paula and me?" Helen said, "I don't care who fucks who right now as long as Ross fucks me." Laura was smiling but said, "I think we need to get out of here before someone accidentally strolls by.

We can get to our house in about fifteen minutes if we get dressed and get out of here quickly." Well the girls got dressed, everyone walked back to Ross' car, and he drove to his house where they all rushed inside.

Laura took Debbie and George into her bedroom. Gus took Karen and Paula into his bedroom. Ross took Laura and Helen with him. Debbie and George had been having sex for a few weeks so she let Terri go first and loose her virginity to George.

George had been around as his sister Karen already knew so he was gentle with Terri and she enjoyed the orgasm that he gave her. Gus on the other hand was a virgin himself so it was Karen that took his virginity before he took Paula's virginity. Gus enjoyed sex with a real girl a lot more than jerking off. Paula had been watching her brother and sister do it a few times so she was happy to let Gus fuck her. Ross was the most surprised when Laura went down on Helen. Helen just moaned and groaned as she experienced one orgasm after another.

Ross had never seen his wife with another woman before and he liked it. She had told him about some of her teenage experimenting but, seeing was believing. Helen begged her to stop but she didn't.

When Ross couldn't take it anymore he pushed his wife out of the way and jammed his cock into Helen's abused pussy. She thrashed around under him and cried out. In the background he heard, "Way to go, Mom." +++++ The six girls and three guys were flying high and having sex as much as they could for the next week or so.

Finally it was Helen that said, "What would happen if the six of us all lost our tops going down a waterslide at Six Flags?" Terri said, "That would be awesome." Debbie said, "If it was an accident they couldn't do anything to us." Karen asked, "Could all six of us have the same wardrobe malfunction?" Paula said, "We don't have to do it at the same time." Laura said, "She's right.

We could take turns loosing our tops throughout the day, at different times, on different rides. If the strings were loose enough we could really loose it then have to search around for our top. That could take a while." Ross said, "You girls would be amazing. Hundreds of people could see you, admire your tits, and even take your pictures." Gus said, "You might even make it to U-Tube." George said, "That would be awesome." The End Laura and Ross 705

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