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Emo boy gay porn sweet boy and homos shorts sex A Very Talented Cock
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Chapter 1: First gargoyle-Ophelia.


Chapter Text I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN THIS STORY. CHAPTER 1 OPHELIA. Seth carter was having a quiet drink in the local tavern when he heard the news that would change his life.Seth was the youngest in the family at twenty years.His elder brother Richard was heir to his father's estate and he had not hidden the fact that seth would get nothing when their father passed.


Funnily enough,it was his brother's loud,drunken,shouting that set the wheels of fate in motion. 'OI!DEREK.YOU HEAR THE NEWS?THE KING IS BACK FROM HIS CRUSADE TO THE MYSTIC LANDS.' 'OH?AND WHATS HE BROUGHT BACK THIS TIME?ANOTHER PLAGUE FROM A FOREIGN LAND?' 'WOMEN,DEAR DEREK ME LAD.BEAUTIFUL WOMEN BEYOND COMPARE.SOME ARE SAID TO HAVE POWERS BEYOND OUR WITS.CALL THEMSELVES CHILDREN OF OBERON.HE ALSO TOOK PRINCESS KATHARINE,FINELLA AND FOX HOSTAGE AND BROUGHT THEM OVER.AND GARGOYLES!' 'GARGOYLES?NOW YOUR PULLING ME LEG RICHARD.WOMEN I BELIEVE,BUT GARGOYLES?NOOOOO.' The thought of gargoyles on our lands interested him.Seth made a few inquiries.Apparently the female's mates had all been killed by our king and the females taken as slaves.Due to the death of their original mates and the trauma it brought,the females had entered a feral state,their minds returning to a time when gargoyles were mindless beasts who attacked on instict.Now mating with them was hazardous.The handlers had to lock them in chains before anyone could try to fuck them and still it was dangerous.Finally those who had mated them and got away with their lives could not manage to give them eggs.The gargoyles had entered a state where one man they chose would give them children.The same for oberon's children.Though they could not fight back and were fucked by those who could afford it,their bellies remained slim and without child,waiting for the right person.This angered the kind who expected strong magical and gargoyle children for the kingdom's army.

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Richard had tried to test his luck by going to try and fuck them.The gargoyles had reacted badly to his mere scent and one gargoyle known as Demona had swiped his head clean off with her strong,sharp claws.Seth did not mourn much.A good deed had been done and a gargoyle called demona was now in his prayers.

On a monday,seth set out for the keep where the gargoyles and other prisoners from the mystic lands were kept.He would buy one of oberon's children as a wife.It didn't matter if she gave him children or not.He would care for her and love her.That's all that mattered.

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An attendant greeted him and led him down to the keep that housed the magical women.Suddenly,before we could reach the rooms though,a steel door on the floor housing the gargoyles was knocked off it's hinges and out walked the gargoyles,all of them naked.They were all still in their prime years and hadn't aged a bit.They were all staring at seth,their eyes red as if in rage,yet seth could hear some purring among them.Some seemed to begin licking their breasts in his presence,others bending over and showing him their dripping pussy.

Seth was their compatible mate and they had come to mate with him having smelled his pheromones and human scent.He sighed.Well this was unexpected. 3 hours later The attendants had given him a deal.Ten thousand gold coins for any gargoyles he fucked and gave child and an extra thousand for each egg a gargoyle layed.The mated gargoyles could go home with him as long as he sold them their eggs.The would also give him princess Finella and the lady of the lake(A child of oberon)Free of charge to do with as he pleased.He had accepted.

They had taken him to a room where a garggoyle waited on a bed,naked.Upon seeing him,the gargoyle began to finger her wet pussy hard,purring.The attendant closed the door and locked it.Seth was to spend the night fucking the gargoyle. The attendants called her Ophelia.Her skin was turquoise in colour.She had a large crest that covered her head and two long,sharp horns on her brow.She also had long,silky brown hair and dark eyes.Her lips were full,red and pouty.Her teeth white and her fangs sharp.She also seemed to have a long tongue and her wings spread out behind her.They wanted her offspring for war purposes as crested gargoyles were harder to kill and dangerous due to their sharp horns.

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As soon as the the attendant left,Ophelia was upon him,ripping Seth's clothes to shreds and kissing him deeply.Her long tongue explored every inch of his mouth.His gums and teeth were inspected thoroughly before she connected her tongue with his ans Frenched him long and hard.She held him and brought him and her still kissing,down on the soft bed.His 7 inch cock hardened against her leg making Ophelia purr loudly.She broke the kiss,strand of spit still connecting their lips.

He stood up on the bed and brought his cock to her lips.It was dripping precum and the taste of it had the brown haired beauty gushing her juices onto the bed.She took him in her mouth and sucked hungrily on his length.He could not last long with her.Her long tongue wrapped around his cock as she sucked him off,giving him extreme pleasure.Seeing her pouty lips and sharp,fanged teeth on his cock was too much for him and he soon came.


He removed his cock from her mouth and blasted it with his thick seed,filling her up with his precious fertile sperm.She swallowed his cum down and licked her lips in satisfaction.She tasted his fertility and knew he would make her womb grow big with her eggs and their children.

She spread her legs apart and lay on the bed.She spread her wet pussy with her clawed fingers,dipping some into her.He was rock hard in no time and moved into her warm pussy quickly.Ophelia screeched in pleasure,her eyes going red as his cock slipped into her fertile womb,where her eggs laid,waiting for seeding.Seth began kissing her lips as he began to pound her pussy.Ophelia's eyes widened at the pleasure she was being given.Seth left her lips and began sucking gently on her tits.Surprisingly they began to pour out milk for their mate and seth drank deep from the milk as he fucked her.Her pussy was like a warm sheath and clung to his cock relentlessly.Ophelia soon orgasmed and with a final thrust fully into her pussy,seth came.

'YES.YES.BREED.BREED.MAKE MATE'S WOMB SWELL WITH EGGS.SEED GARGOYLE PUSSY WITH HEALTHY THICK SPERM.MATE'S WOMB FERTILE AND READY.' Having become feral,she forgot to speak properly but her words had the desired effect.Kissing her hard,seth came globs of thick,fertile,egg growing seed into her pussy and womb.She gave a female gargoyle roar like a cheetah as shefelt her eggs receiving their creamy nourishment.Her legs wrapped around him and she pulled him close and kissed him hard and long.They had a few more rounds before dawn and Ophelia was determined to use them.

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7 hours later. Ophelia moaned and purred in satisfaction as she spread her well fucked pussy lips and dipped her clawed fingers into the fresh,fertile sperm that flooded out.Her eggs were well fertilized and making a nice warm resting place inside her womb till the time for laying arrived.She collected his rich,leaking sperm in her hand and drank it,not wasting one drop.Seth's cock hardened at this and he was about to go for another round when Ophelia let out a low growl and her eyes turned red.He backed away.Until she layed her eggs no mounting was to be done.Her eyes cleared and she crawled towards him and sucked on his cock submissively and sucked on his aching cock,slurping down his thick creamy jizz when he came and licking and sucking his balls in appreciation and devotion to her mate.

Before the attendant came to open the door,Ophelia's belly was already swelling with her eggs,her womb stretching to accomodate their offspring and her breasts becoming larger,filling with nourishing milk.Her maternal instincts told her it was ten eggs waiting for laying.This was a testimony of Seth's fertile sperm as gargoyles only layed two at the most. She was protected from stonesleep from the sun until she layed her eggs in the nest seth had sent word to be built at his small castle home near the sea.The princess Finella and the lady of the lake had been sent on to his home already as agreed and he received his ten thousand gold coins,with instructions to come back in three months time,when the next gargoyle was fertile and ovulating.

Seth hailed a carriage and climbed into it with his now heavily pregnant and gravid mate,who immediately removed his new trousers and began sucking hard on his cock.She needed something to do till they got home anyway. To be continued Chapter 2 Second mother-Angela.