Deep Gagging Fuck Slut Daniella Rose Swallows

Deep Gagging Fuck Slut Daniella Rose Swallows
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The week had worked out very good so far, Kerry was more than keen to try anything I put to her, even the biggest dildo we have she took the other night, so Saturday evening was closing in, she was getting nervous but excited too, she came round early Saturday afternoon to get ready and relax with us before the big night in front of all.

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The internal cleaning done we lay naked, talking about tonight, Kerry still unsure but more than horny to try more guys than before, she told Lyn that sucking and being fucked by unknown guys on Wednesday night was strange but also turned her on, Lyn said wait till you have 3 or 4 guys or more trying to fuck you at the same time, things get really horny then. Just before the guys were due to turn up, they went and got dressed, Lyn wore a really sexy little black dress, heels, her tits nearly hanging out, and her ass on show, Kerry not far behind with a red dress that showed every curve and nipple, her shaved pussy just out of sight, unless she stood near, then it showed out beautifully.

We told John, Lyn's lover, and Frank and a few others to turn up around 7pm, this way they could get comfortable with the girls before the more experienced guys got here, John was very nervous, as he had only ever fucked Lyn 1 on 1 before, here he was with 4 or 5 guys waiting to fuck her too, so Lyn got him going, sucking his cock while her pussy was filled by Frank, things began to move from there as Kerry took on two more guys, I helped her along by sliding my cock in her ass, to give her another full house.

About 30 minutes later Lewis and James turned up, with another couple of young guys, no sooner had they walked in and saw the women getting fucked, they stripped and tired to find a hole to fuck, I sucked Lewis and bent over in front of him to take my first cock for the night, his big cock felt great going in, my orgasm soon followed, it was then I saw John looking at us, not sure of what to do, his cock still in Lyn's ass, as Lewis took to mine.

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Lyn had told him I was bi, but maybe he didn't think he would see bi fucking tonight, but any way, he looked away and carried on fucking her, the guys moved around swapping holes and fucking the girls hard.

I saw John dp Lyn with Franks cock in her ass now, I got another new guy to dp me with Lewis, both got right in me and took me higher than ever.

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The night carried on, I heard guys grunt as they cum in the girls, my ass took several loads before I found Kerry laying on her back, my ass went on her mouth, then pushed the cum out, she ate it all, I saw Lyn drop a load in Franks mouth too, he licked her holes out making her orgasm on his tongue too. Lyn took on both black guys her ass and pussy used by them and their mates, she took 4 together, and they kept her going until they blew their loads in her, it was then I got her to dump all her cum in my mouth, sucking her ass and pussy until she dried up, but more guys soon refilled her holes with their seed.


Kerry was in her element, she had guys hanging off her every part, her face and hair white with cum, and her ass now red and gapping open, as I saw her being fucked by both the black guys and from where I was both in her ass too. her orgasm louder than ever as each tried to outdo the other, her mouth took a few cum loads as guys waited to fuck her, then Lewis lifted her up, and slide her down onto his cock, his in her pussy as James rammed his back up her ass, bouncing her up and down, using her body weight to push onto their cocks.

They both carried her and lay her on the bed, her ass now raw, as both fucked her, then as both thrust once more into her wore ass, they filled her with hot black cum, she screamed in delight as both dropped with exhaustion.

No sooner had they released her, then she was filled by two more cocks as she sucked another, I needed to get my cock back in her ass, and give her a cream pie, so after she took these two guys I moved in, slipping my cock up her ass as she took another in her pussy, then I pulled his cock out and shoved it in her ass with my cock, we gave her a rough time, both fucking her until our balls gave out and filled her once more.

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It was hard to keep a eye on all that was happening as guys fucked us any way they wanted, more had arrived now some 15 or so guys stood naked around us, not to many limp cocks either, as most guys even after they have cum, get horny watching the girls being used, no one is making love, we are all just fucking, and boy we love it, even the girls, I know Lyn goes into what she calls "her slut mode" once the orgies get started, not worried about who does what to her or me, except pain.

I knew some of the guys have been with us many times, and know what we get into, so when Kerry was having a few seconds rest, I took her, and nodded to the guys to follow to our spare bath room, Kerry not sure of what was going on, walked with me, but then as I lowered her down and held my cock in front of her face, a sly smile appeared, as my piss and a few other guys piss flowed over her.

When my bladder was empty I knelt next to her, we both got showered, kissing and rubbing their fluid into one another, when the guys ran dry, we showered and returned to the main room, Lyn was still being used by 3 guys her ass with two cocks in it, and her mouth sticky with her last load, I gave her a kiss and she sucked my cock back to size.

I saw John, he was looking a bit worn, but his cock was still hard, so picking Kerry up, I walked over and sat her on his cock, not knowing what hole it went in, but his face lit up as she bounced up and down on him, I let him fuck her for awhile then slid her off and lay her face down onto me, my cock in her pussy, then told John to fuck her ass, we dp her for some time, while she took several loads in her mouth, most of which she shared by dropping in my mouth too, then John grunted and shot his load in her butt, his eyes lit right up as he pumped what felt like gallons into her wore butt.

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He half fell off Kerry, he was knackered, I told Kerry to sit on my moth, she did and I ate his cum from her butt, John looked shocked, but when she pulled off, I told him I do that to Lyn every time she comes home from playing with you, his face lit up again, as Kerry shoved my cock in her ass, while her pussy was quickly filled, after some time my balls dropped another load in her butt, and she found another to take my place.

Kerry was kept busy all night, the guys loved her slim figure with c cup boobs, which look bigger on her small frame, late in the night she showed me her ass, it was wide open, and so much cum dripping out, so without saying anything, bent her forward, and slid my fist in, she screamed with a huge orgasm, pushing back to get nearly half my arm into her now, when I pulled my arm out, her ass stayed wide open, and boy was it red, with puffy big lips now.

I think they have a name for it when the lips stick out from the anus, but it looked great.

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Lyn was still going strong, her lovers working as a tag team, as soon as one got tired, they swapped, it was a near endless fuck session, as her mouth took load after load too, she was sharing a fair bit of cum with Frank, who's as kinky as us now.

I saw her look at John who was sitting near her, wanking his cock as he watched his lover being used like this, I know she had told him we like group fucks, but this was new to him, she crawled over to him dragging the guys with her, sucking his cock then told him she was going to take him aside in a minute, I saw her working the guys harder, and they soon cum, when they pulled out, she took John into the spare room.

Now Kerry was in trouble some dozen or so guys with her and me to fuck, she was groped by them all, hands everywhere and cocks going of like fireworks in her, I took a fair few cocks too, every now then we both dropped our loads into the others mouth, each time the guys cheered us on. It must have been around 2 am, when the guys slowed, some had left, the rest sat limp dick in hand as we finished off the rest, it was then I saw Lyn come back with John, he was smiling his cock now limp, and covered in his cum, Lyn gave me a smile and joined in with Kerry.

John sat next to me, and thanked me for a great evening, and also for letting Lyn meet him each week, I told him it was good for both, she came home happy, I loved eating his cum from her then fucking her ass or pussy after wards too, I then said, "what did Lyn do with you just now".

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John didn't know if he should tell me or not, but then said, she let me fuck her pussy, then fist her, which I didn't know he hadn't done with her before, then he looked a bit unsure if he should say, he said I fisted both holes, together too, he said it felt great, then she told him to put his cock in her ass with his fist and fuck her, but he cum quickly doing that, that's when I laughed a bit and said yer it is nice doing that.

I asked him how he felt seeing me being fucked too, he said shocked but not disgusted, then after awhile he told me it kind of turned him on too, but looked shy saying that, I told him how I got into bi sex, and once I started it just got better and better with ever thing I did, even when I get fisted, this shocked him, but I told him "no different to you fisting Lyn's ass, which she enjoyed".

He then said that would certainly be different to see, so looking around found one of the guys who has fisted me before, pulled his arm up and slide down to his elbow, John gasped more than me, as cum run down my fister's arm, and I rode him as hard as I could to show John the fun I have.


After I had orgasm a few times I pulled of his fist, and licked his arm clean of cum, he turned me around and fucked my ass, refilling it for me, as John sat watching, I half stood in front of him with cum running out of my ass, before sitting back down. John was quite, but then said, it looks the same as fucking a girls ass, I told him over the years me and Lyn had got guys into bi sex, by them thinking it was Lyn's ass they were fucking, but it was mine, and then after they had cum in me, showed them they had just fucked a guys ass, and most wanted to fuck me again before the night was over too.

I saw the look in his eyes, and moved my hand to wank his semi stiff cock, he didn't move as it grew in my hand, then after he was fully hard, I went down sucking him, again he didn't move his cock stayed hard and responded to my mouth, after 5 minutes or so, he was nearly ready to blow, but not yet, as I turned, lined his cock up, and slowly slid down onto him, if he pushed me away no problem, but he let me dropped fully onto his cock.

I worked up and down on him, then felt him thrust up into my ass, his hands now holding my hips pushing me down onto his hard cock, I knew why Lyn liked his cock too, it felt really hard and seemed to touch the right spots inside me as my first orgasm on his cock shot though my body, he felt that too, and fucked me harder, during my second orgasm he too cum, flooding my ass with a very nice load, no wonder Lyn always has plenty of cum left in her when she came home, I sat letting his cock jerk inside me as John breathed heavy.


Lyn came over and kissed John, he held her firm and thanked her for a great night and how he saw sex in a different light now, and knew his time with her was going to get better still I went down sucking his cock dry, as Lyn kissed and cuddled John, then he told us he had better get home, and he dressed and left, but told Lyn he was looking forward to their next meeting, we both helped finish of the guys still left, then with Kerry and Lyn we took the last ones into the bath room for one last piss session, we all got soaked before a nice relaxing shower, Kerry fell asleep between us a