Slutty babe rides on a thick schlong

Slutty babe rides on a thick schlong
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It was Saturday. After a hard week, things seemed to be looking up. All week unseen forces seemed to be trying to end the new relationship Abby and I had forged since I was forced to share my room with her. People had noticed how closed we'd become, and we'd had to distance ourselves from each other, not daring to let anyone know what we'd been doing in room.

Until the night before, we'd barely been able to touch each other all week. The most shattering moment of all had come first on the last Sunday. Abby's new friend Izzy had come over to our house for the day, and had spied on us during a careless moment. Izzy had kept our potentially devastating secret, and had shared one of her with us. Their friendship and taken off since, both seeming excited by having a friend who knew and accepted their deepest secret.

Izzy had even agreed to pretend to date me, giving Abby and I a mutual friend and excuse to spend time with each other. Without the pre-existing bond of friendship, there was weirdness between Izzy and myself after we'd been exposed to one another. We'd only ever spent about two days around each other and hadn't spoken much, but knew more intimate details about each other than just about anyone else. I'd watched as she let my dog lick her pussy, and she'd twice witnessed me and my own sister groping each other, including just the night before when she'd sat in a chair just a few feet away as Abby had rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy and jerked me off until I came across her belly and pubes.

Our short relationship was unlike anything I'd ever known, and I still wasn't sure how I felt about it, or even how I wanted to feel. Mom had taken Abby out shopping to help her replace stuff that had been ruined in her room in the storm that had caused her to move into my room nearly three weeks ago. I sat at home alone, killing time on computer games. In the middle of the afternoon, my phone rang. It was Abby. I leaned back in my chair and answered. "Hi there, stud," she said playfully.

Clearly she wasn't near Mom at the moment. "What's up?" I asked. "Mom's excited about you going out with Izzy. She's thought you needed to date more anyway. She's pushing me to set you up for another date for dinner tonight." "I guess that's ok," I said. The point of pretending to date Izzy was so that Mom and the people at school could see us, after all.

"Mom's going to take me out for pizza, so it'll just be the two of you for dinner. Where do you want to go?" I told her a restaurant by the school, where I knew people we knew from school would be on a Saturday night.

"When I get home, I'll tell Mom I'm going for a walk in the park, then you can swing by and pick me up after you guys eat. I'll call and arrange it with Izzy." Abby hung up. I felt nervous about spending an evening alone with Izzy, but knew it was part of the game we'd set up. As I sat there, I happened to look down on the chair and noticed a white spot near the edge in the middle, part way under my thigh.

It hadn't been there before. I realized it must have come from last night, when Izzy was sitting here while Abby and I went at it on the bed. I had noticed she'd had her hand up her dress at one point. Some of her juices must have leaked onto the chair.

It was more than just a little spot, almost as long as my cell phone. She must have been pretty turned on watching us to leave that much. I was wearing just loose shorts and so the spot had been touching the skin of my thigh the whole time I was in the chair. I thought I should probably clean it off, but instead just left it there and went back to playing my game. That evening I picked up Izzy as we had planned. We drove to the restaurant, barely saying a word to each other on the way.

Inside we saw several people we knew from school, including a couple of my friends. We walked by one of their tables and my friend Teddy pulled me aside. "I didn't know you were going out with her," he said. At school he had once commented that she seemed weird. "Yeah," I told him. "She's really pretty nice." "Kind of hot, too," Teddy added. "Have you gotten to first base yet?" He said talked in a whisper, but loudly enough that everyone could hear anyway, including Izzy.

I pushed him. "Dude, shut up. I'm on a date here." They laughed a bit as Izzy and I went to our table. After we'd ordered our food, I decided to start a conversation.

We were supposed to be on a date, and it wouldn't do to be seen sitting quietly the whole time. Besides, if we were going to be spending time together, we might as well try to be friends, even if she'd seen my dick several times already. "It must be hard moving and starting high school where you don't know anyone. How have you been doing here?" "Okay," Izzy said.


"It was pretty boring until I became friends with Abby." We chatted awhile longer about normal high school stuff, gradually relaxing. "So you just live with your dad?" I asked. "Yeah. And my dog, Sylvia." I was a bit surprised that she'd bring up the subject of dogs now. She must have let Sylvia lick her the way Willow did when she showed us in my room.

"What kind of dog is Sylvia?" "She's a border collie. I'd always wanted a dog, but I couldn't get one until a couple years ago because Mom had been allergic. How long have you had Willow?" "I guess about four years now." "She seems like a sweet dog." I was a bit thrown off; it seemed a strange thing for her to say to someone who'd watched the dog slurp honey off her pussy.

"She thinks you're sweet, too." I don't know why I said it, just trying to break the tension with some humor. I immediately regretted it. Izzy didn't seem stung, as I'd expected.


Instead, she looked down at the table with a tight smile, blushing. She leaned over the table and talked in whispers. "You don't think it's too weird that I, um, like your dog?" She asked. I leaned forward and whispered in response. "I was surprised at first, but I didn't really find it that weird," I answered sincerely. "Because of how I, uh, like Abby, I felt more sympathetic for your shame than anything." In fact, I had found myself somewhat aroused watching her the week before, but I didn't want to tell her that.

"I've always been so worried that people would find out that I, um, liked dogs so much. I know they'd think I was gross. Abby's lucky to have such a cool brother." Our food came and we ate. As we got up to go, we saw my friends across the restaurant. Seeing that we were being watched, I reached over and held Izzy's hand.

They were snickering and making kissy faces at us. I looked over to see how Izzy reacted. Suddenly, she stretched up to plant a kiss right on my lips. She pulled back and shot her eyes briefly at my friends, then slowly came toward my lips again. Overcoming my shock and seeing what she was doing, I kissed her back. "That should impress those boys," Izzy said as we walked outside.

Again, I felt a little awkward as we got in the car. "Abby should be at the park by your house now," she said. We picked up Abby at the park. She got into the seat behind me and hugged me around the car seat. "How'd it go?" We told her about it.

Neither of us mentioned the kiss. "Now where to?" I asked. "We can head to my house for a while," Izzy said. My dad's probably asleep by now, we can hang out in my room. It was silent inside her house, and we upstairs quietly into Izzy's room. It was decorated almost entirely black and white. Given her wardrobe, I wasn't surprised. Izzy showed Abby around her room, and I sat on the bed, Abby sat next to me.

Izzy sat in the chair in front of her computer. It had thickly padded all over and leaned way back. I noticed the drawer of her nightstand was partly open. Inside was a dildo. Next to it was the distinctive bear shape of a honey jar. I imagined Izzy sitting back in her chair with the honey and her dog and smirked. Izzy saw where I was looking and smiled at me.

"Its so cool to have you guys in my room. I never I'd ever want anyone over here. Even at my old house, I was too embarrassed to have anyone over because of what I did in my room." "I know what you mean," Abby said. "I hadn't thought about it before I took you into our room. I was so scared when you were in there the first time." "I'm so glad we're still friends. Its so awesome having someone I can really be myself around," Izzy said. "I know!" Abby and Izzy gave each other an over-excited-teenage-girl hug.

It was cool to see them both be so excited and relaxed. "So what do you have in here that's embarrassing," Abby asked coyly. "Ahem." I nodded at the nightstand. Abby peeked inside and giggled. "What was in your room?" Izzy asked. "I guess the sleeping bag was a bit of a give-away." "Is that how you guessed about us, or was it Abby's description of the 'video' she'd seen?" I asked.

Abby blushed at remembering what she'd said. "Kind of both, I guess. Really, I first thought about it when Abby hugged you and you got, you know." Her voice got a little lower. "Actually, when I saw that I wanted it to be true.

If we were all weirdoes, then I thought maybe we could be friends. That's why I tried to push you guys into doing something." I thought back, and push us she had. She'd talked to Abby about sex until she was obviously turned on, then she had her model her clothes and lingerie for me. "I guess you were right," I said. We smiled. "Was there anything else in your room?" Izzy asked. Abby answered. "On the bed, there were some pretty big spots of my brother's semen.

I tried to cover them up." It was my turn to blush. "You know, you two are pretty hot together," Izzy told us. "You really think so?" Abby asked. "Definitely.

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You're really into each other, its cool." Abby leaned closer to Izzy and spoke just above whispers, as if I weren't there. "What did you like?" "You totally own him. It's like he's your toy. That's so hot." Abby giggled.

"Remember how I told you he'd been my slave that one day?" Izzy giggled. She looked over at me. "Did she really make her kiss her butthole?" "Yep." Both girls giggled again. "You should totally make him do it again," Izzy said to Abby. They giggled more.

Abby turned over face down on the bed and stuck her butt in the air, wiggling it around. "Yeah, bro, you should kiss my butt again." I rolled my eyes. Girls always seem to turn in to giggling idiots when they're together.

"What's the matter, don't you like her butt?" Izzy taunted. "Yeah, don't you like my butt?" Abby unzipped her pants and slid them down her thighs and wiggled her round butt around some more. "You asked for it." I got off the bed and stepped behind her. I grabbed her hips to stop her wiggling, then leaned down and started placing long, wet kisses on the parts of her cheeks not covered by her panties. The skin a pale white, soft and smooth. Both girls were laughing.

"What should I make him do next?" Abby asked. "I still haven't seen him kiss your butthole yet," Izzy said between laughs. "Yeah, bro," Abby said sarcastically. I hooked a finger under her panties and pulled them to the side, exposing her butthole.

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Using my hands to spread her cheeks a little further, I planted my lips on her hole." "That's more like it," Izzy said, and both girls laughed as I kept kissing.

"Lick her whole crack." Pulling her panties more to the side, I started licking up and down the depth of her ass, my cheeks rubbing between hers. Despite their taunting, I had become pretty aroused at this point. Returning to her asshole, I licked soft circles around it, then lapped, flicking my tongue at first but pressing a little harder each time.

The laughing had stopped. Neither girl was making a noise, leaving the room silent except for the wet sound of my tongue. "Take off her panties," Izzy said. If these two wanted a show, I would give it to them. I slid her panties over her round, soft butt and pushed them all the way down to her knees.

I grabbed a butt cheek with each hand and, spreading them a little farther than before, kissed my way across one cheek and down her crack. I could tell from Abby's shallow breaths that she was getting into it as much as I was. I flicked quickly across her hole, then making small circles, I pressed the tip of my tongue ever so slightly into it. "Lick her lower," Izzy said, almost in a whisper. Her voice had changed considerably, from her taunting tone a moment ago to one of almost quiet pleading.

With slow licks I moved downward until I ran my tongue from just above her pussy up to her butthole. The skin there was highly sensitive, with short, soft hairs like the ones on her pussy.

Abby twisted her hips up, pushing her pussy up towards me more. "Touch her pussy with your fingers." Moving my right hand under my chin, I slid my finger into the wetness between her pussy lips. Abby drew in a deep breath. "No, do it gently," Izzy told me. I pulled my finger back licked her slower and more gently. I started running my finger softly around the outside edge of her pussy, running it through her hair, the tip barely touching the skin.

I worked slowly back across her pussy lips and ran my finger again between them. With my finger wet with her juices, I moved it down and started very gently caressing around her clit. Abby was now making shallow breaths through her mouth. "Now eat her out," Izzy instructed me. I brought my tongue lower, diving it deep into Abby. She gasped a little.

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I made long licks up her length, my tongue pressed flat, covering her fuzzy pussy almost all the way across. The tip of my tongue pressed inside her with each lick. "Get under her pussy," Izzy told me. Getting off my knees, I pulled Abby's pants and panties the rest of the way off. I turned over, laying my head and shoulders between Abby's calves on the edge of the bed, my bottom half supported by my feet and bent knees.

Abby I grabbed her ass in my hands and pulled her pussy into my face. Slurping greedily into her pussy, I ran the fingers of my hands along the inside of each cheek, tickling her damp butthole with my finger.

"Finger her." Bringing a hand around under her to her pussy, I took a few long, deep licks. I probed into the soft wetness, my finger finding her vagina easily. I firmly slid it as deeply as it could reach, and pulled it back out, pressing it against the textured front wall. As my finger continued moving in and out, my tongue made slow, firm licks on her clit.

Moaning softly, she pressed her pussy into me more, and started thrusting into my finger with each entry. Despite her motions, I managed to latch my lips around her clit and start sucking gently on it. "Yeah, big brother, make your little sister cum," Izzy said excitedly. Our pace quickened and I held my finger inside, rubbing the inside as fast as my finger could move.

Abby came hard, as she had done every time I'd eaten her out. Her pussy pressed into my face hard, lifting slightly with each pulse as her thighs tightened. With my free hand still clenching her ass. Her vagina rhythmically squeezed my finger, and I made short, light touches inside her, sucking her clit into my mouth and flicking my tongue across it.

When her orgasm eventually petered out, I slowly slid out my finger and released her clit. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pressed them into her lower back, hugging her, and made a few slower, deep licks into her pussy, enjoying the juices that had come out of her.

Abby rose off my face and fell over on the bed. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Izzy was leaned back in her chair, legs spread with her pants unzipped. Her hand was still inside them, rubbing slowly. Abby sat up on the bed next to me. "Your brother is so awesome," Izzy said, her voice not teasing as before, but instead with what sounded like a bit of admiration. "I know," Abby said, running her fingers through my hair. "That was incredible. I think he deserves a reward for that, Abby." "You think so?" Abby stuck her hand into my shirt and ran her fingers across my stomach, then reached down and rubbed her fingertips through my pants on my rock-hard dick.

"Mm Hmm. He looks a little uncomfortable. Maybe you should take his dick out of his pants." "I don't know, he might be embarrassed," Abby said in a teasing, pouty voice. Abby looked at me with a puppy-dog face, eyes big and lips slightly puckered.

She slowly unbuttoned the button on my pants. "Izzy thinks I should take your dick out. Do you want me to take your dick out, or are you too embarrassed?" She slowly pulled my zipper down. Still teasing me with her puppy-dog voice, she said, "I think he does want me to take his dick out. Don't you thinks he wants me to take his dick out, Izzy?" "I think he does, Abby," she said, mimicking. Abby slid her hand into my underwear, reaching my dick quickly as it was already poking under the waistband.

Grasping me in her fingers, she slowly pulled down the waist of my underwear with her other hand to the base of my shaft. Izzy was now leaning forward in her chair watching me. I knew that Izzy had seen my dick a few times already, and each time I'd been deeply embarrassed, especially the night before when she'd seen me lost in orgasm.

It had been one thing to see me pleasuring Abby; I hadn't been exposed and had been in complete control the whole time. It was another to let myself loose in front of her. A day earlier, I'm sure I'd have stopped Abby. But this time, I felt different.

I found that I wanted Izzy to see my dick; I wanted her to tell Abby what to do with it as she had instructed me. Even so, my body was as tensely stiff as my dick and I blushed a little as Abby brought my erection into the light.

Izzy was smiling as she eyed me, her hand still down the front of her pants. "See isn't that much better?" She said. "I bet it is," Abby said. "He does seem a little embarrassed, Abby. Maybe you should help him relax a bit." "Definitely." Holding my dick up with her thumb, she ran her middle finger up the bottom of my shaft several times.

She stopped and tickled at the spot where my shaft stretched and connected to the head. At the same time she took her forefinger and rubbed it in circles around the little hole on the head, spreading the small beads of pre-cum to moisten the whole tip of my dick. "I think his underwear is still pinching his dick," Izzy said. It was indeed, bending my shaft a bit. "I think he'd be more comfortable if you took those off." Abby grabbed the waistbands of my pants and underwear at each hip.

Leaning back against my arms, I raised my butt up enough to let her slip them off. Tossing them aside, Abby sat back next to me and pulled gently on my knee, spreading my legs a little farther apart. My dick stuck out straight, pointing in front of me in a line that went over Izzy's head to the top of the wall behind her. My balls dangled free, my sac taut.

Izzy was still leaned forward in her chair, about five feet in front of me. Her mouth was open slightly as she stared. Abby slid her fingers up my thighs, reaching the base of my dick and sliding up it. Her fingers danced around, playing with me. Grasping with her fingertips, she started stroking gently. Her other hand reached over and started petting on my balls.

She stroked a little faster, and her fingers found a sensitive spot on the underside of my balls. Sinking back more into my arms, I exhaled sharply. "Ooo, he likes that," Izzy said. "Really? I think I heard a sigh. He might be getting bored." "Maybe you should give him something to play with." Standing up, Abby pulled her shirt and bra off, leaving her naked.

She sat back down on my left and scooted her butt back past mine. Then she leaned across my waist, resting her right elbow by my hip. Her right hand wrapped completely around my dick and started stroking again, her left returning to touching my balls. As she played, I sat up a bit and reached my left arm around her and ran my fingers around her breast.

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I cupped her in my palm and let my fingers play with her nipple. I hunched my back and leaned down to her, kissing the soft, white skin of her side under her arm.

Brushing her long, curly red hair from her shoulder, I placed a kiss on each small freckle I could see. Abby stroked a little faster, a steady medium pace. With her left hand she placed her thumb at the base of my dick and her fingertips under my balls and squeezed firmly, as I'd shown her once before. My arousal now no longer satisfied with her breast, I reached my left hand down to her butt, running my fingers gently along her cheeks and crack as she stroked me.

Leaning down to kiss her side near her stomach, I slid my hand to her pussy, finding it still wet from before.

I tickled the short hairs on her pussy and, using her own wetness, glided my finger around, sometimes making it back to her butthole.

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My finger soon its way back between her pussy lips, and I again slid it in and out of her. I leaned back on my free arm, still fingering her, and felt myself slowly start to approach climax. "Yeah, he's definitely relaxing now," Abby said, bringing me a bit out of my fog. "But he's been such a good boy, I want to really treat him with something special. What would you suggest, Izzy?" Abby blocked my view of Izzy. "You know, I've heard that guys really like it when you lick their balls." My dick jumped in Abby's hand.

Without a word, Abby sat back up and slid onto the floor between my legs. On her knees, she placed her hands on my inner thighs. My dick bounced loose in front her with each heartbeat, and she leaned in and started kissing the head of my dick, taking it into her mouth and running her tongue around it.

She then made a series of deep tongue kisses down the side of my shaft to the base. I sat up a bit. Looking over at Izzy, I saw she had taken off her pants while Abby had been in front of me, and, loosing all modesty, was leaning back far in her chair, legs spread, rubbing her clit with one hand while pressing a dildo into herself with the other.

It was different than the one I had seen in her nightstand. She watched us intently. Abby took my dick back into her hand and pointed it straight up. Stroking me lightly, she ran her tongue up my balls along the middle, then again. She used just the tip of her tongue, as if just tasting me, barely pressing the skin with each lick. I placed one hand gently on the top of her head, and stroked my fingers through her red hair. She gradually licked up and down my balls, turning her head to reach each side in turn.

She made her way to the underside of my balls, finding the sensitive spot at the very base. She stopped there and lapped gently with a steady pace, jerking me off more quickly, my balls resting gently on her upper lip and nose.

I again leaned back onto my arms, closing my eyes and breathing shallow breaths. "Suck his dick, Abby," Izzy said forcefully through her own heavy breathing. Abby shifted her head up and guided my dick into her mouth. She started bobbing her mouth onto my dick, at first just taking the head in and out. With each bob, her lips pursed around me, sucking, taking me into her mouth deeper. She slurped her tongue along my dick in her mouth each time, and her hand on my shaft stroked firmly, pulling me into her each time.

I ran my fingers again through her hair, but fell back onto my arms to support myself. "Oh, Abby," I said softly between breaths. "Oh, Abby, I'm going to cum." "Make him cum on your face, Abby. I bet he'd love to cum on your face." Izzy's voice was breathless and excited.

Abby pulled my dick from her mouth and masturbated it furiously. She tilted her head back with her chin under my dick, closed her eyes loosely. Her free hand gripped my thigh and she was smiling, her mouth slightly open.

Izzy seemed to be going wild. "Come one, Abby, make your big brother cum on you, make him shoot his hot cum all over your face." I gasped. The first spurts slammed against Abby's cheeks, bouncing off her onto the floor as she flinched. Relaxing into it, spurts landed in lines across her closed eye, on the side of her nose, on both cheeks and across her lips.

The remainder flowed out with each pulse, running off my dick onto her chin. She held me in her hand as my orgasm ratcheted down. Once the spurts stopped, she opened her eyes a little, cum on one eyelid, and smiled even bigger at me. "Abby, lick his dick clean. Lick off his hot cum." A bit surprised, Abby paused a moment and turned to look toward Izzy, still holding my dick.

Izzy was rubbing herself furiously, sliding the dildo in and out. Abby turned back to my dick, spreading my legs farther apart and approaching from an angle to give Izzy a better view. Globs of cum were spread all over my head and ran down the side.

Abby stuck out her tongue and licked off a tiny bit, tasting it. Looking back at Izzy a moment, she began making small licks on my dick, first up my shaft and then off the head, taking each small bit into her mouth. When the last large piece was gone, she again took the head of my dick in her mouth, slurping off all that remained and sucking gently, pulling out a little more from inside my dick.

Izzy made long moans as she came. She pressed her dildo deep inside her and kept rubbing at her clit, her hips lifting from her chair. Her eyes turned towards Izzy, Abby continued kissing and sucking gently on me while Izzy came. As Izzy relaxed into her chair, she noticed Abby and I looking at her. Closing her legs, she cut short a giggly laugh and, with a tight, coy smile on her face put her dildo in a desk drawer. Abby laughed a bit, too. My cum was oozing down her face, causing her to close one eye, and collect several globs with her finger.

"Uh, Izzy, do you have something I can use for." "Yeah," Izzy said with a laugh. She pulled a hand towel out of the same desk drawer she'd just put the dildo into and handed it to Abby.

Abby wiped her face and hand off, then stood up, her ass inches away from my slackening but still swollen dick. Though I was spent, I still reached out and idly squeezed it with one hand.

"Uh, where should I put this?" Abby asked. She folded the towel over to contain its load. Izzy stood up and pulled her pants back on, looking around as she zipped them.

"Uh, well, I guess.well, just give it here." Izzy pinched the corner of the towel between a finger and thumb, keeping it closed, and after looking around a moment more, draped it over the arm of her chair. "I'll take care of it later." Abby and I got dressed. "Well, what did you think?" Abby asked Izzy shyly. "Oh My God!

That was the best thing ever," Izzy answered. Smiling, I looked away from her toward the wall. Izzy spoke in a low but excited voice. "You guys are awesome. My own custom live porn! It was so hot." Abby was blushing more than I'd ever seen. Trying to suppress my smile, I said, "We'd better get going.

Abby's walk to the park has been pretty long already." Izzy led us out the door. Looking around one more time before I left, I saw that a glob of my cum had fallen from the towel onto the seat of her chair. We walked quietly through the house to the door.

Just as I opened it, Izzy said in a loud whisper, "Wait, Abby. Let me give you something real quick." She tugged Abby back inside and upstairs. I went ahead to the car. A few minutes later, Abby came out alone, not carrying anything I could see, and got it the car. "What did she give you?" I asked. Abby snickered. "Nothing," she said. Not worrying about it, I drove us home.

I stopped a couple houses down to let Abby out first, so I could drive around the block a couple of times before coming home myself. I watched as she started getting out of the car. "Abby, wait a sec," I said. With one leg out of the car she turned back toward me. "You missed some." I pointed. There was one last glob that she had missed sitting in her red hair.

Confused for just a second, she smiled, found where it was and collected it.

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She paused a moment to look at it. Looking back at me and smiling, she licked it off her finger.