Couple Fuck in Forest Asia Not Khmer

Couple Fuck in Forest Asia Not Khmer
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This is part three of cocky boy Scott and I have a new editor so they are a lot better with grammar email me at [email protected] for pics of the characters but tell me who u want to see first thx and enjoy I sat on the bed watching them play video games. After awhile Scott paused the game and said "this is boring how bout we spice this up" then he and micheal laughed.

"Come here and get on your knees" he said. So I got up and walked over to them by the time I go their they both had their dicks out. "Wow so I get to suck both of your dicks" I said in a surprised tone. "Yep baby but don't just concentrate on one try to make it even" Scott said. "Scott said that your good at sucking some dick" micheal said.

"I guess I've never sucked one before" I replied. They both smiled. First I went for micheal's dick it was around 6 inches and was kinda hairy. I stuck it in my mouth and started sucking, while I was sucking his dick I was stroking Scott's. "got damn you are good" he said. Then I switched over to Scott's dick.

The first thing I did was play with his big balls, then I starred to suck. Scott moaned and it was so hot that I Instantly got wet. "You know who would like this" Michael said "Daniel we should get him over here." "Sure" Scott replied.

And Micheal got on his phone and told him to come over.

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I was sucking for what seemed like ages before they stood up and put there pants back on. "What's the matter" I said.

"I'm going to go eat you stay in here with Micheal". So Scott got up and left for the kitchen. "Baby your so good at sucking dick" Micheal said, then he started to kiss me.

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He was such a good kisser even though he didn't look it. Then we heard a knock on the door and seconds later sounds of Scott talking to someone. A few moments later Scott walked into the bedroom followed by this handsome boy. "Hey Micheal let's leave them too alone for awhile so they can get to know each other.

They left and Daniel sat next to me. He was a skinny but muscular boy how looked to be about 16, he had short brown hair and a hairless but sexy face. "Hi I'm Daniel" he said. "Im alexis" I replied. We sat their talking "Your very cute, and you have nice boobs" "thanks your actually very hot".

He smiled and said "you know I do body building contests." "Wow really that's hot u must be strong" I replied. "Yeah I am" then he took of his shirt.

He had alot of muscle for a skinny person with really great abs. With out saying anything I reached in and starting felling his abs. As soon as I touched then he started to flex.


His abs where rock hard and so hot. "Like them sexy" he said. And I just smiled and keep felling.

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A few moments later and he leaned in and we started to kiss. He really knew how to use his tongue. Then we heard Scott yell "hey Daniel pizzas here" and he smiled and left. I crawled up to the pillows and got underneath the covers. I laid their thinking at what just happened and how hot all this was. I thought about all this till I fell asleep I don't know what woke me up, but when I awoke I found the three of them standing around me with their pants to their ankles and their dicks hanging in front of my face.

"I guess the bitch fell asleep" said Micheal. I sat up and look saw Daniels dick for the first time, it was around 7-8 and had almost no hair. Scott pushed me on the ground and when I got up I was greeted with all their dicks in my face.

I was slapped in the face my so many dicks it was so hot, then finally Scott grabbed me by the hair and shoved his dick in my mouth. I chocked for a sec and then I got used to it. They passed me around and was shoving their dick down my throat.

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Then both Scott and Daniel shoved their dicks in my mouth. I chocked then it was to much for me. "Fuck yes baby Your are fuck doll now" Scott said. Then I was forced on my hands and Scott got behind me, and ripped my panties off. Moments later I felt his dick enter my wet pussy.

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While he was fucking my pussy Daniel was fucking my mouth, and Micheal was just slapping my ass and boobs. Then Scott and Daniel switched places. Daniel was a much better fucker cause he knew how to move his hips.


I moaned the best I could, as he worked them hips to fuck me, cause my mouth was full of big dick. Then I felt something warm go in my mouth it tasted so good.

"Swallow daddy's cum" he said to me. So I did, then I felt a great pleasure that spread through out my body. "Damn she's a squirter" Daniel yelled then he moved over to my mouth and started to fuck me their. It wasn't long before he cummed down my throat. He cummed more than Scott did the first time it was so much that it was running down my chin.

Then Micheal moved in front off my face and came all over my face. Daniel picked me up and slapped me in the ass and said "you where tight as fuck" then he put me on the bed and before long I was asleep. Hope you liked it vote positive or don't vote at all and if you want to edit my story's than email me i can't have enough editors thx.