Three horny girls play dildos

Three horny girls play dildos
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Beep.beep.beep, "What is that?" I think to myself. Beep.beep, "Those are female voices I hear, I know those whispers, that's our girls. My eyes begin to flutter open. Beep, that fucking noise where am I? Fuck! This is a hospital what am I doing here? I look around and see our girls standing around the foot of my hospital bed. "Oh my God, Dads awake" That was Chrissy our 40 year old daughter, she stands about 5'8", with blond hair and a set of D cups that were really something before she allowed herself to get obese.

My eyes begin to focus, standing with Chrissy is Tammy, she is 39, 5'8" also now she has kept herself in good shape, nice large C cups, she might weigh a buck 50.

Then there is Susan, she is 37, works for the same airline as I do, she is just like her sister Tammy as they are built the same except that although they both have long brunette hair, Susan's chest is smaller and she has spent too many lunches at her desk. I say our daughters, but these 3 are actually my step-daughters.

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Now there is my baby girl Brittney, she is 25, and she is built just like Chrissy, funny how that happens when they are step sisters. "What happened?

Why am I here." "Dad, there was a car wreck, don't you remember?" As soon as she said that, it began to come back to me. Megan, my wife of 25 years and I were driving down the road, it was dark, wet, and raining. I remember we were laughing about something I had said as we were looking at each other.

I saw the headlights of the other car as it ran the stoplight, the sound of metal crunching, broken glass, tires screeching. Megan never saw the car, she had no idea what had just happened. "Yeah, I remember it now. How long have I been here? How's Mom?" "Dad, you've been here for a month now, they induced a coma because of swelling on your brain.

The fact that you remember the accident is a positive sign.


Dad, Mom died in the wreck, when the car T boned you she never stood a chance and died immediately." That is our Susan right to the point, she has never sugar coated anything.

"We had to have a service for mom, but we will have another one when you are feeling up to it. I have also hired an attorney, the guy that ran the stoplight was a city official on his way home after being at the bar drinking the entire night." My wife was everything to me, although we were a bit unusual because of our age difference, her begin 56 at her untimely passing, she was 6 yrs older than I was, she was a young mother yet that did not slow her down and she was able to trudge right along through life getting her degrees in education, when we met it was the icing on the cake for all of us the girls included.

I was released from the hospital the following week. Tammy had moved in to take care of the ranch while I was out, and I still needed her help, plus she did help ease the loss of my wife, she behaved SO much like her and even looked like Megan did when we met.

The strange thing is that I could "hear" thoughts in my head, just going to the store or out to dinner could drive a person crazy.

The doctors had told me that there was a lot of activity in my frontal lobe that isn't normally there, more so than when you meditate. I began to understand that if I kept my mind busy then I didn't hear others thoughts.

One day at the store, I was watching this attractive woman while she was shopping at the mall. I was window shopping when I began to hear her thoughts. "I am so horny, with Tim working so much he doesn't have time with me". Then I looked straight at her and thought " I should go buy myself a didldo." Holy shit, she went right into Spencer's and began looking for one, I couldn't help and had to follow just to make sure I had control.

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I would feel like a fool if I was wrong. Sure enough it was my thoughts as I helped her pick out the largest one, then I "thought" "I can't wait too go home, I should go into the restroom, and try this out." I watched as she did just that, she walked across the mall, went into the restroom.

I assumed she did as I had told her, as I "lost" her. So there must be some sort of distance limit I went home, excited to try more experiments to see if this is real. Tammy came in from feeding the horses while I was making dinner, I hadn't been thinking, and sure enough I "hear" Tammy as she thought "Dad has sure managed to keep himself in shape, Mom always used to brag to us about his bedroom skills.


I haven't been fucked long before the accident." Now my mind was racing, "shit! I have wanted to fuck this girl since she was 16, but being a good dad I didn't dare try anything, but now just wait." After I showered, I put on just my pj bottoms only, no shirt so I could show off my abs, which even for an old guy look way better than a lot of 20 yr old men.

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I also left the fly unbuttoned as I went to sit down on the couch I knew the fly would open and allow a pretty good view of my cock. Tammy came in wearing just her robe after her shower, I hear her as she sat down "Oh fuck I can see part of dads cock, I can even see his fat head through the material".

I then sent her a thought "My pussy is getting wet, I should allow my robe too fall open a bit and let him see part of my tit." Sure enough her robe begins to separate as she settles in, giving me a good view of her fat nipple. That's when my cock began to harden, and I hear her, "He is getting hard, I can't take my eyes off of it, I'm so wet." I asked her if she wanted to snuggle against her old man and watch a man and watch a movie, and she said yes and slid over, revealing more of her tit, it was almost completely exposed.

I slid my arm over her shoulder as her head laid on my chest. "Wow dad, I didn't realize your chest was so hard". I decided that all this is real and I took a chance, I let my fingers run down on her upper chest caressing her smooth skin, then since she didn't resist I slid my hand inside her robe tweeting her fat nipple, and fondling her breast.

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She began to moan, reached over, found my cock and began to stroke me. I sent her "I want his cock in my mouth, I must taste his cum". She rose of the couch and knelt between my legs and pulled my bottoms off. Then licking up the shaft and circling the head of my dick, then sliding her mouth down the shaft, one hand cupped my balls. She pulled her mouth off long enough to say how much she liked sucking a hairless cock and balls, then she worked her tongue back down my shaft then flicking and my large balls.

Then she went back and engulfed my cock again, now she was completely fucking me with her mouth. I looked into her large soft hazel eyes, I saw that sweet lightly freckled face I also saw her hand rubbing her pussy, and just before I could cum, I sent her a thought, "I want to taste his cum and feel it on my face".

While I was still there I heard her "What the fuck!, I have never wanted to taste a mans cum, let alone wear it". So she was trying to resist me, I sent her another thought, "but I want this, I want to feel his cum in my mouth, on my skin." Just then my dick swelled and I began to shoot stream after steam of cum, I could feel her throat as she swallowed my load.

The Tammy released my cock from her mouth and pointed the last shot of cum at her mouth. I blew my next shot on her lips and across her nose. As she began to raise up on her knees she leaned forward still milking my cock, when she did her nipple dragged along my cock coating her tit with the remaining cum.

Tammy rose up and we kissed, our tongues dancing like lovers, tasting my cum wasn't new to me, yet I had to probe Tammy's thought just to see if she was like her mom. "He eats his own cum too, oh fuck this is hot".

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Yup just like her momma As we kiss I slide my hands down and untie her robe, we work her arms out and I let it fall into a heap on the floor, I now raise up and start to nibble on the nape of her neck, I work my way down and finish licking up the remaining cum off her tits, then I roll her off and lay her back on the couch.

Licking down her belly, I work my way down to the promised land. Her legs spread even wider as I start to lick her inner thighs, pleased that she was waxed her pubes and her pussy is smooth, unlike her mom. My tongue slides up and down her slit, her lips have parted, and my tongue is freely flicking all over her lips, I work my way in and probe her with my tongue, moving up to circle her clit, I slip two fingers into her dripping wet pussy. I begin fucking her with my fingers as I suck on her clit, it doesn't take long before she starts to cum.

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And cum she did, just like her mom was, she is a squirter, flooding my face with her lady cum I drank as much as I could before pulling back and let it soak my chest, belly and still hard cock. As she calms down and catches her breath I slowly remove my fingers.

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We kiss again and now she is the one tasting cum, this time it's her cum. I lean forward as we kiss, my seven inches of hardness is poking right at her cunt, I lean in and start to slip in her, we both moan as I completely bury myself in her.

Rocking my hips we slowly begin to fuck, it isn't long until she is matching my thrust with her own. I know I won't last long if I think about who I am fucking, 20 some yrs is a long time to wait to fuck a dream girl, and here it is now happening. Damn it, I start cumming, I empty my second load this time into her pussy, she hasn't cum yet, but I'm spent, remember I am old. I wait a bit and slowly withdraw my wilting cock, but I know what she likes, just like her mom. I kneel down between her legs and start lapping up my cum as it leaks from her womb, she doesn't last long and begins to cum.

We lay together on the couch, naked and basking in the after glow of sex, caressing each other. I can't help myself and have to probe her for an answer, I want to know what she thinks of all this.

In my lust I hope I didn't just fuck up my daughter, I love her and hurting her is the last thing I would want to do, yet fucking her was SO good. I tune into her "Oh fuck, I can't believe we just fucked. This is awesome! Dads good, he has a great body, there is only eleven years difference in our ages, I could get used to this. Oh shit! I can't wait until I brag to Susan, I remember when she told me how as a teenager she tried to seduce Dad, she is going to be so envious." I will continue if y'all think it's worthy