Frisky chick was taken in anal assylum for harsh therapy

Frisky chick was taken in anal assylum for harsh therapy
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I don't know about you, but I absolutely love exhibitionism. Actually, I prefer that my girlfriend is the exhibitionist, while I serve loyally as her voyeur. My new girlfriend, Cathy, is 26 years old and has one of those "fuck me" bodies.


You know what I'm talking about: about 5'8'' tall, thin and shapely, green eyes and shoulder length auburn hair. Her long, shapely legs seem to go on forever. Her tits are like grapefruit, perfectly ripe for the pickin' and nibblin'. However, her most beautiful bodily feature is her ass. OH MY GOD her ass is nice! Trim, tanned, muscular, and very shapely (and she likes to tease me often with it when we're out in public places).

I suppose that's what years on the tennis court will do to a beautiful young lady's ass. In fact, even Stefi Graf would be so lucky to have an ass as nice as Cathy's.

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Playfully, she likes to "moon" me a lot; she knows I like that kind of stuff, especially from her. Owning a grass court of my very own, Cathy and I play lots of tennis on my estate. She looks absolutely gorgeous in her high-cut tennis skirts. After playing a few games, the sweat on her legs make them glisten in the sun.

One day, I told her that I would like to play "strip tennis," which is similar to strip poker, I suppose, but more. well, active. Whomever would lose a game would need to remove a piece of clothing chosen by the victor of that game. Of course, she agreed; anytime there's a chance that someone will get naked, she's all for it! Although our styles of play are very different (I'm the agressor, while Cathy prefers to finesse her opponent), our level of play is quite equal.

We're also quite competitive, which has often led to some very fiery exchanges during play and after. What Cathy didn't know was that when SEX is on the line, I--and probably most men--play to win.

My adrenaline flows, my eyes become sharper, my reflexes are more cat-like, and my legs move swifter. Yes indeed, she would have no chance to win this little sexy game of ours. Since I had won the traditional spin of the racquet prior to the match, it was I that would serve first!

No mercy. Immediately, and without hardly breaking a sweat, Cathy won the first game after a love-40 start. "Lucky break," I said as she smiled coyly at me. "Take off them shorts, big boy," she demanded. Cathy likes to call me "big boy" not only because I am 6'1'' tall, but because I have a rather large penis. My football teammates in high school years ago called me a "show'er" rather than a "grow'er" because my dick remained approximately the same length erect as it was flacid. Although my erect cock is 8'' flacid, it grows only another inch longer when erect.

The thickness, however, is a whole new story altogether. Needless-to-say, my cock has stretched a few pussies in its day, much to my past girlfriends' delight. Cathy was no different. The first time she saw my cock she said, "My GOD, what a beautiful and big penis!" After her pussy had become acclimated to its size after our first lovemaking session, she became obsessed with it since it would make her cum multiply both vaginally as well as clitorally. She loved to see me walk around naked while in her apartment.

Being slim, muscular, and hung there was certainly nothing about my body of which I was ashamed. As I did meaningless tasks while naked, such as put in a DVD in her player, she would admire my backside--broad shoulders, thin waist, shapely ass--and comment on my large penis and balls that hung quite visibly between my legs.

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At times while I was standing, Cathy would sneak up under me between my legs unnoticed and would try to grab the head of my cock--often successfully--with her wide-open mouth as if she were bobbing for apples in reverse. Her favorite view, however, was to lie on her back on the couch with her lovely ass hanging off the edge and both her legs around her head (my god she was flexible!) while I rammed my thick and long dick inside her--slowly af first--like a engine piston.

She loved the sight and feel of my slick monster cock shown in full view one minute, then being buried in her cunt the next. I digress. I took off my tennis shorts slowly and methodically a few feet away from my darling girlfriend. Her eyes widened as the shorts dropped on the court. She had never before seen me wear a jock strap. The bulging jock strap gave her a whole new perspective on my massive meat and its two cousins.

It looked like a over-sized yam was stuffed in my jock which caused Cathy's eyes and mouth to open wide with awe. Knowing Cathy, I thought that she'd probably demand that I wear nothing buy jock straps instead of briefs from now on.

"Damn, James. It still amazes me how you can even walk, let alone play tennis, with that sausage hanging between your legs like that," she said. I just walked up to her, tossed her two balls, and simply said, "Serve 'em up, babe.

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It's my turn." Okay, maybe it WASN'T my turn at that moment. She won the next two games rather handily. Only my socks and shoes remained on my body, save the bandana that was wrapped around my sweaty head. You know, no matter how one tries, it's real difficult to move gracefully around the court when there's nothing to support 8'' of cock and a sack of big balls.

Cathy, the finessed tactician, certainly took advantage of my peculiar predicament: She'd serve wide to my forehand, which made me reach desperately from outside the court, once the ball was hit weakly back to her side of the court, she would lightly make a drop shot, which would make me run up fast toward the net uncontrollably, only to lob it over my head once a hit it back to her forehand tiredly.

All the while, Cathy was laughing up a storm watching my naked ass run all over the place while my large endowments painfully were slapping loudly my thighs and stomach at each motion. Indeed, Cathy definitely had the upper hand, if you will, and she was loving it. "Don't get a hernia, James. I might have plans for that thing later." Doubled over in exhaustion and panting heavily to catch my breath, I can only muster a "yes-dear" look.

During the next game, she must have felt sorry for me by making errors she normally doesn't make in succession. A double fault, two missed volleys, and a wide groundstroke cost her the 4th game. Maybe she wanted to play this silly little game of ours a little longer. Whatever the reason: Heh, heh, heh.

It was MY turn. "Remove thy panties," I said rather curtly. While standing close to the net, she turned her back to me, lifted her short skirt, and slithered out of her panties.

While she bent over to pull her panties past her knees, I was given a great view of her gorgeous slit and several dozen strands of long, chestnut-colored pubic hairs that cascaded beautifully and randomly behind her cunt. The late morning sunlight bounced off those hairs that caught my attention right away. Grabbing her ankles, she looked back at me and said, "Hmm, it looks like the tennis balls aren't the only things fuzzy around here," as she winked.

My mouth dropped, while my cock began to rise. My cock was thickening while Cathy teasingly shook her bare ass for me to admire.

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She too was getting excited, because I was able to see her lucious pussy lips part and noticed a drop off pussy foam glisten in the sun as it dripped onto her clit and dropped lazily onto the court. "Oops! I seem to be making a bit of a mess. You might have to scrub the court after we're all done with it, James." Cathy finally stood up and walked toward the bench to pick up a ball from underneath it. Once she reached it, she lifted one foot on the bench and wiped generous amounts of her pussy juices with the smooth felt of the tennis ball.

She then walked over to me sensually and said softly, "Your serve, big boy." As she walked back to her side of the court, I sniffed deeply into the soaked ball and was able to locate rather easily the musky scent of her aroma'ed sex.

By now, my penis was fully erect and standing straight out. Noticing the obvious protrusion jutting out from my mid-section, Cathy yelled playfully, "Hey, since your racquet doesn't seem to be playing too well today, maybe you should use that big penis of yours.

You won't be missing too many balls with that thing!" I just snickered back with that you're-so-damn-funny look. Right before I began to serve for the 5th game, we heard a commotion coming from the mansion about 50 yards away. It must be my buddies who tend to make it a habit of coming over unannounced. Cathy and I both ran toward the bench to quickly put on our clothes.

I swiftly put on my jock strap, shorts, and tennis shirt. When finished clothing myself, I noticed that rather than putting her panties back on, Cathy had stuffed them in her tennis bag. She looked back up at me and gave me a rather devious smile. That slutty exhibitionist! I knew exactly what she was doing and it was turning me on to no end. Cathy and I continued to play tennis knowing that my friends would discover us sooner or later. It turned out sooner rather than later.

"James, is that you out there?!," yelled Garrett from the deck of the mansion. "Yeah, Cathy and I are abusing a few tennis balls. Come join us and don't forget to bring some beers!," I yelled back. Garrett, Geoff, and Steve walked across the veranda toward the grassy meadow that linked the mansion to the tennis court.

They waved rather awkwardly while carrying a heavy load of beer in their arms. "Hi Cathy," Steve said.

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"Long time no see," as he picked up a tennis ball that had strayed outside the fence. I wondered if that was the ball that was smeared with Cathy's love juices from moments before.

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"Good to see you, Steve. You're looking as handsome as ever," she replied. "What have you boys been up to?" "Just gelin' like Magellen," said Geoff stupidly. Garrett and Steve shook their heads at Geoff, who tends to embarrass the other guys often with statements such as that. "Here's your ball back," as Steve tossed it to Cathy. "You might want to dry it off before you play, it's pretty wet." I replied, "Thanks, Steve.

It's good to know you care so much about the welfare of our balls." Cathy just winked at me. Garrett announced, "Don't let us interrupt you two, go ahead and play. We'll just sit and watch you guys sweat it out while we hang out in the shade drinking some cold brewskies." I walked over to the baseline to begin my serve, but Cathy was slow to get ready. With the boys sitting only several feet outside the court in the shade of the covered tennis veranda, Cathy decided not to waste any time in giving them a little show.

With her back facing the boys, she squatted near her tennis bag shuffling through her things for a towel. She casually hiked her skirt up so that the roundness of her ass clearly could be seen by her admirers. Her swollen labia hanging a half-inch from her pubic mound, the boys whispered to each other as they stared at my girlfriend's bare ass. Without actually hearing them, I knew exactly what they were saying, "Dude, check out her ass and pussy lips.

Do you think she's giving us a show on purpose?" She then pulled out her towel, lifted one leg on the bench and pretended to dry off her lifted leg with broad slow strokes all the while she was giving my buddies a great view of her patch of well-trimmed brown bush and an engorged clit that was pushing out from under its hood.

Her cunt lips had opened once again. The guys obviously knew what she was doing and looked at me with bewilderment. I just looked at them with that "go-figure" look and shrugged my shoulders. Strangely, instead of feeling jealous I felt horny. The guys noticed the very apparent bulge inside my tennis shorts and knew that things were about to get a little interesting.

Geoff, who is about as subtle as a tornado, pulled down the zipper of his khaki shorts and released his erect penis through the hole. "Cathy, nice pussy but would you get a load of this?" as Geoff displayed his unimpressive cock proudly. "Sorry, Geoff, I'm only interested in well-endowed guys and I'm afraid yours simply doesn't measure up." In an instant, Geoff's 5'' dick became limp. Garrett stood up, pulled down his shorts and displayed a rather thick, but short cock.

"I may not be long, but I sure know how to stretch a pussy." Cathy shot back, "Garrett, get that stump outta here. I need a man, like James, who can fill the depths of my pussy as well as stretch it to its limit. "What do you think of this, Cathy?," muttered Steve quietly and cooly. Steve pulled out a beautiful un-cut cock over the elastic band of his running shorts that easily could have measured a foot long.

The head of his cock had poked halfway through his foreskin and several big veins were smattered all over it like a road map. The thickness was perfect--about the girth of a large cucumber. Steve's penis could have been modeled--rather FEATURED-- in a penis magazine, if ever one had existed.

It wasn't curved to the left or right, nor did it bend upwards like a banana. It was perfectly straight and stood out proudly in all its glory. The head was neither too big and "mushroomy," nor too small and "peanutty." It looked like a WW-II german helmet, proud and engorged.

The color was perfect too; not too pale, but light brown with no weird spots, moles, or discolorations. The color was evenly spread throughout.

The skin that covered his cock was supple and looked very healthy, not dried out or too oily.


Steve's balls were big and couched nicely in a smooth sack of smooth, hairless skin. Tiny wisps of carefully trimmed public hair covered the base of his cock up to his belly button.

Cathy noticed a pleasant and clean scent of soap emanating from this man's big dick and balls. Indeed, Steve's giant member was the ideal cock for a man of men and it was begging to be licked or fucked or both. Cathy was mesmerized as she stared motionless at Steve's perfect penis.

"Cathy, hello. are you okay?, as Steve snapped his finger. He then went on, '"I said, 'what do you think of this?'" as he held his cock proudly in his hand. Cathy snapped back to consciousness. She got down on her hands and knees and waved her ass in front of Steve and said, "It's okay, but I prefer James'. James, will you show the gentlemen what a REAL man can do to my pussy?" With my tennis shorts already at my ankles and my hard cock poised for action, a "Yes dear" was all I could muster.