Indian Wife Forced By Boss and His Friend

Indian Wife Forced By Boss and His Friend
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I met him when I was 16. My Grandparents lived an hour North of me and I'd go visit once a month. I'd get bored and ask them to drive me to the mall.

I would've walked but they lived in the middle of the country. One day I was at the mall in tight blue jeans, a hot pink thong peaking out with a white see through tank top and a hot pink bra. I found my way to my favorite lingerie shop and picked out a few things.

As I was walking out I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous older guy that I thought to be in his late 20's. He walked up to me and I had to remind myself to breathe. "Hey", he said smiling. His smile was amazing. "Hi", was all I could get out.

"What's your name beautiful?". I giggled and said "Emma and yours?" "Mark". We started talking and just as our conversation was getting interesting I had to go. He asked for my number and, of course, I gave it to him.

He texted me later that night. "Hey sexy, what are you wearing?" I smiled and bit my lip. I replied "My white tank top and pink thong." "No bra or jeans?" he asked. "nope :)" I said. I was hoping he was as turned on as I was. "Hmm, I'll tell you what, send me a quick pic to get me through the night and I'll thank you tomorrow" "Hehe ok" I replied as I ran to the bathroom. I stood in the mirror examining my body.

I hooked my thumb into the side of my thong and pulled it down a little, I tilted my head, bit my lip and took the picture. I loved the way my 32 D tits looked without a bra, my hard little nipples pushing at the fabric of my shirt.

My long brown hair was flipped to one side and in my bright green eyes you could see the lust I had for this guy I just met. "Damn girl, you look amazing. I'd love to see that sexy body naked. All in good time I guess ;)" We said our goodnights and I laid in bed excited for the day ahead.

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The next day I woke up and took extra time shaving my long tan legs and my tight pussy. He texted me asking for directions and asked me to wear something sexy for him. I finally settled on an oufit, I was positive he couldn't resist me in. I grabbed my short red summer halter top dress. It buttoned up the front.

I went without a bra and I unbuttoned the top as low as it would go without my tits falling out. I unbuttoned it as high as I could from the bottom. It didn't show my black thong unless I was sitting down. I told my grandma that my uncle was taking me to the mall and I met Mark down the road. He bit his lip when he saw me and when I got in his car he kissed my cheek and rested his hand on my inner thigh.

We drove off and I couldn't believe I was going out with this guy I didn't even know. "So I have a surprise for you" he said. "What is it?" I asked. "You'll see" he said pulling up to the lake.

He parked the car and reached into the back seat. He pulled out a blanket and a picnic basket. Sweet I know but he really didn't need a romantic gesture in order to fuck me.

None the less we found a spot on the beach. We ate and talked for an hour or so. I couldn't believe he still hadn't made a move! Was he more confident through text messaging or was he worried about my age? We left the lake and I was pretty disappointed that we didn't do anything. We were headed back to my grandparents house when he opened his phone and handed it to me.

My picture was his wallpaper. I smiled and looked over. He was gripping a huge bulge in his jeans. That's more like it I thought to myself. "Look at what you do to me" he said rubbing his cock. I handed him back his phone and put my hand on his rock hard dick. I started to rub it. He closed his eyes and took a sharp breath in. "Hey! Eyes on the road." I said laughing. He stared at me as I bit my lip rubbing his cock back and forth.

It felt so big! I needed a better look so I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and his cock sprang out at me. I moaned and slid my hand up and down his shaft. He rested his hand on my inner thigh and rubbed it.

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I told him to drive away from my grandparents house and he turned onto a country road. I unbuckled my seatbelt and leaned over. I kissed the head of his dick and he moaned loud. He looked down at me completely amazed as I swirled my tongue around the head.

Finallhy this is going somewhere. I kneeled on the seat so I could get his cock further down my throat. I surprised him by taking it all into my mouth and bobbing my head up and down on his big dick.

He groaned and reached over grabbing my ass, pulling me even closer. He rubbed my pussy lips through my thong and I moaned on his dick. The guys in the car next to us honked their horn and began hooting. I laughed and sat back in my seat. The road got bumpy and it made it hard for me to keep sucking his dick. I jacked him off with my hand and told him to find somewhere to pull over. "Why?" he asked. I bit his earlobe and whispered "Because I need to feel your dick in my wet pussy".

He groaned loud and unbuttoned my dress at the top. My tits fell out and he massaged them as he drove. He stopped in the middle of a pretty desolate country road. "Play with yourself for me sexy, let me watch" he told me.

I smiled and spread my legs.


I pulled my thong to the side and started to rub my pussy lips. I was so wet it was nice and slippery. My other hand found its way to my tits. I rubbed each one and pinched my nipples. I slid a finger into my pussy lips and found my clit. Marks breathing became faster as he jacked his cock rapidly.

I moaned and threw my head back. My pussy juices were starting to drip onto his seat. I rubbed my swollen clit as he dipped his fingers into some of my wetness.

He brought his fingers to his lips and tasted my juices. I moaned and he started the car back up. A car was coming in the other lane. He started driving again and slipped two fingers into my soaking cunt. I moaned and began to grind against his hand. He pulled off of the road onto a dirt path. The road got very bumpy and lead to a powerplant. He parked the car and got out. He opened my door and got on his knees.

He pulled my face towards his. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue searched for mine. His hands ran up and down my body his fingers began to unbutton my dress completely. He tore it off of my body. He kissed down my neck making me moan. My whole body began to tingle in pleasure. Mark made his way down to my chest and worked his hands on my tits, massaging them, pinching my nipples. I began humping the air. My pussy throbbing and aching.

I need to feel him inside of me. He licks my nipples and steadys my hips. Mark laughs and says "Hold on babe, soon enough". He sucked on my nipple and pulled on the sides of my thong, slipping it off. He kissed down my stomach. I arched my back in anticipation of his mouth reaching my waiting pussy. He kissed around my pussy lips teasing me.

I moaned and pushed my pussy towards his face. He licked up my pussy lips until he hit my clit. I jumped and a loud moan escaped my lips. A jolt of pleasure ran through my body. He smiled and licked my clit up and down making me moan louder and louder.

My body shook like crazy. I was on the verge of orgasm my toes curled under and I lost control. I moaned and screamed. A huge orgasm flowed through me. I tried to calm my breathing after I was done. I sat up and pushed my body hard against his. I took off his shirt and took off his pants and boxers. He pulled the blanket out and layed it on the ground.

He sat against the car and I straddled him lowering myself onto his dick. I put the tip into my wet tight cunt. I loved the feeling of his very thick cock invading my pussy walls. I took it further and further inside of me.

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I tried to control my breathing and his whole dick entered me. He slapped my ass and gripped it with his hands. I moaned as I worked my pussy up and down on his dick. He pushed me down hard on his thick cock. I moved up and down faster moaning loud. My big tits bouncing in his face. I moved my hips back and forth grinding his cock into my pussy. He lifted his hips in the air impaling me on his cock. I moaned grabbing his shoulders to keep steady.

He sat back down and I lifted myself almost all the way off of his cock and slammed back down. We both moaned. I slid myself up and down on him going faster. I was on the brink of another orgasm and he knew it.

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I moved faster and faster, "Yes, yes, yes" was all that escaped my lips. "Ya, cum on that dick baby" he grunted, slapping my ass. I shook and he held onto me as I rode his cock. My orgasm took over my body. My stomach flexed and my body shook. My pussy gripped his dick and my cum gushed onto his dick. I groaned and he did too. He picked me up and set me on the hood of his car. He pushed his dick into my waiting cunt. He slammed it in hard making me scream. He bit his lip and groaned.


He grabs me by the ass and pounds my pussy over and over. I dig my nails into his back leaving scratch marks. I leaned back and put my ankles over his shoulders giing him a deeper shot at my sweet dripping cunt.

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I could feel his cock hitting my back wall. It felt so good having his hot thick cock split my tight young pussy open. He fucked me so hard my pussy juices dripped down my ass onto the hood of the car. He lifted my ass off the hood and got a tight grip on my ass. He pulled me back and forth by my hips. My thighs and ass against his body making a loud clapping sound. My breathing became faster and faster as his cock slammed deeper and deeper into my cunt. I could feel myself on the verge of cumming and I guess he could too.

He dropped my legs and spread them wide. His thumb found my clit and he rubbed it like crazy. I lost it. I made an animalistic moan as my cum gushed out of my quivering pussy. He moaned loud. He brought me down and flipped me onto my stomach. My perky ass facing his dick.

He slowly slid his hard dick into my pussy. I moaned enjoying the amazing sensation of being filled up by a big dick. He gripped my ass tightly as he pushes it further into my swollen cunt.

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Screams escape my lips. He grabs a handful of my long hair, arching my back digging his dick further into my pussy. HE moved it up and down and side to side grinding it in, out and around stretching my pussy walls. He pulled it out to the tip and slammed it back in.

He pulled it out again and slammed it back in. My moaning turned into screaming and he grunted over and over fucking my pussy hard and fast until I could feel my pussy tighten around his dick. My pussy squeezed his dick and let it go squeezed it again and released it as my pussy milks his cock as I cum hard.


He lost it with that he gave me a few hard pumps and unloaded his hot cum deep into my pussy. I laid on his car catching my breath for a few minutes. He drove me back to my grandparents house.

That was the only time I ever saw him but his big dick kept my pussy sore for days.