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American mom n son rape sex com
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My name is Tiffany and I'm a 20 year old college student in south west Virginia. I have a petite frame at just over five feet tall with firm "C" cup tits. I have always worn my blonde hair long, well past the center of my back. I have to tell you about my spring break experience for a couple of months ago. Sandy, my best friend in the whole world, invited me to join her and her boyfriend Rick on their spring break trip to Miami.

Rick and a bunch of his fraternity buddies had pooled their resources to rent a van for the week. The guys planned look for a cheep hotel once we arrived in Miami since all we would be doing there was sleeping and showering. Well, the day before we planned to leave we all got together mostly so Rick could introduce me to the rest of the group.

I already knew one of the guys, a football jock named Kevin. He was in my English Literature class (and always looked over my shoulder during exams). I had seen a couple of the other guys around campus but had never met them. The guys were all really nice and mostly good looking except for Max who was scrawny and seemed to be a little bit of a geek. Eric and Phil were athletic looking while Anthony was a little bit overweight.

A well muscled black man named Thomas offered up some weed and we all smoked a little as we got acquainted. As we talked I noticed that the guys were constantly gazing at my slender body. I got a thrill from this and started thinking that this could be a very fun trip. That night I went through my clothes, packing all my shortest skirts and sexiest tops.

I was sure to bring my hottest bikini, a little white thong with a top so small my tits popped out of it just about every time I moved. And it had no inside liner so when it got wet you could see everything through the thin material.

I also packed a couple bikinis that were sexy but not quite so revealing. In the morning I dressed for the warm weather I knew I would be enjoying on the road, a pink spaghetti strap halter that showed just a hint of my perky nipples through the flimsy fabric and left my midriff bare, and a pair of skin tight denim shorts that an ex-boyfriend had cut off so short that a good inch of my ass showed in the back and there was just a thin strip of cloth at the crotch that parted my puffy lower lips.

I completed my outfit with a pair of flip-flops and covered up with a knee length coat to keep warm in the chilly Virginia morning. Sandy called me that morning with bad news. Rick's mom had fallen ill so they were going his parents house to help take care of his little sister. She was very apologetic and said that she would tell the guys for me if I wanted to back out of the trip.

I thought about it for a minute. I had planned on teasing the guys mercilessly with Sandy there to help make sure things never got out of hand. After all I didn't really know any of them very well, but I was really looking forward to the beach and some warm weather for a change.

And I wasn't about to spend spring break sitting around at my parents house with nothing to do, so I ignored my better judgment and told Sandy that I was still going. Sandy came by and drove me to the frat house where the guys were loading up the van. It was more like a small bus than a van, with four rows of bench seats, the rear seat filling the full width of the van, and two 'captains' seats in front.

It had windows along the sides equipped with curtains. The guys were packing the space behind the back seat with bags and coolers. When I arrived the guys all looked surprised.

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When Rick and Sandy pulled out of the trip the men had assumed that I would also back out so three of Thomas's friends were added to the group at the last minute. There were two black guys, James, who had kind of a gangster look to him and Rowan, who was really tall at least 6'6" and well built. Last was a really hot looking guy with shoulder length blonde hair named Billy.

There was a brief argument with the guys trying to decide out who would have to stay until someone suggested that we finish loading the van to see if everything and everybody fit before we start leaving anyone behind. With a few bags stuffed under the seats we were all in and ready to go. After a brief introduction we hit the road and headed south. Though it was cold outside Max, who was driving, had the heat turned way up and we hadn't even made it to the Tennessee border before I felt the need to take off my coat.

The response from the guys was what you would expect.


Kevin was sitting next to me and his jaw dropped open when he saw how I was dressed. Thomas let out an audible, "Damn that shit looks hot!" and the other guys expressed their agreement.

Max swerved across two lanes trying to see what the fuss was about. I smiled and said, "If you think this looks good wait 'till we get to the beach." Thomas lit a pipe full of weed and passed it around the van.

Max declined when it went his way since he was going to be driving until the first fuel stop.(The guys had even written out a driving schedule.) The weed had me feeling good in no time though my mouth was getting a little dry. "Can't have that happening," James said from just behind me when I mentioned my dry mouth. I heard the sound of a can opening and in just a few seconds I had a cold soda in hand. Suddenly realizing just how thirsty I had been I took a long drink, finishing almost half of the can.

I thought it had a funny aftertaste but I figured it had to be because of the weed I had smoked. We talked as the miles went by. I don't know why but I found myself getting more excited by the minute. James reached over the back of the seat and took one of my tits in his hand.

I moaned softly with pleasure as his fingers brushed across my nipple. "You like having you titties played with, don't you girl?" I heard from behind me. I closed my eyes, "Mmm Hmm!" Another hand came over the seat I think it was James again, cupping my other tit and giving it a firm squeeze.

"That feels so good," I heard myself moaning softly. A hand touched the inside of my thigh and I spread my legs slightly with out even looking to see who's hand it was.

Fingers traveled up to brush across my shaved pussy lips. I could feel the wetness between my legs soaking into the narrow crotch of my shorts. I hears Thomas's voice next to me saying, "Take her top off, dude.

I want to see them titties." With out a thought I leaned forward just a little and raised my arms as my top was lifted over my head. I opened my eyes then and saw that every eye in the van was on me. Even Max was taking quick glances back as he drove. Thomas had his hand between my legs rubbing my parted lips gently with slippery fingers.

I remember feeling a little disoriented but incredibly horny at the same time. Thomas unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick black cock. "Why don't you have a taste of this, sweet thing," he said as he put his hand behind my head and guided me down toward his lap.

It seemed so natural to take the tip of his cock between my lips and suck him as deep as I could into my mouth. As he began to swell someone went to work on my shorts, unbuttoning them and working them down over my hips.

In a sexual daze, I did my best to help with out taking Thomas's ever growing cock out of my mouth. The position I was in was awkward so I moved onto the floor between the seats.

There I knelt between Thomas's legs and bobbed my head up and down on his thick eight inch pole trying desperately to coax a load of hot come from his heavy balls.

After what seemed like a long time his cock spasmed and I was rewarded with a jet of hot semen shooting into the back of my throat.

Both of his hands grasped my head and he pushed his cock deeper. "That's it, baby," he half growled. "Swallow that shit. Drink it down like honey." Eager to please, I did as he instructed sucking every last drop of semen from his cock as it softened in my mouth.

Finally, I took his shaft from my mouth and brushed my lips across the tip gently. "That tastes so good!" I purred. "There's plenty more to be had darling," Thomas said.

"The rest of them boys'll be glad to give you a taste whenever you want." Looking up from my position kneeling on the floor I saw that the guys were all watching me.

My eyes met Billy's and it was like someone turned on a switch. I had to have him right now. I stood up and walked to the next row of seats in the van, giving all the guys their first unobstructed view of my body. Standing directly in front of Billy I reached for his zipper. Billy helped me to release his cock from its confines and it sprang to full staff in an instant.

He wasn't as long or as thick as Thomas but it was still a solid seven inches and sticking straight up!

I took up my position, kneeling in front of him (I like that position when I'm sucking a guys cock. It makes me feel vulnerable and submissive.) I took his shaft deep into my throat on the first stroke and held it there for a long time before releasing all but the tip which I sucked thirstily.

I ran my tongue around the end then flicked it across the under side of his hard shaft before swallowing as much as I could again. After several minutes of this I released Billy's cock from my hungry mouth. "Will you fuck me now Billy, please?" I begged him.

Billy got up and had me lean over the bench where he had been sitting. My face wound up in Andrews lap and I proceeded to open his fly as Billy worked his cock into my wet pussy from behind. Soon I had Andrew's fat cock in my mouth while Billy pumped his cock into juicy cunt. As Billy pounded my pussy to a powerful orgasm I lifted my head from Andrews lap and cried out, "That feels so good!

Fuck me harder!" Billy responded by shoving his cock into me with a powerful thrust that pushed my hips up against the bench seat. He drew back slowly then thrust into me again. Andrew put a hand behind my head and guided my mouth back down over his cock and I resumed sucking his throbbing tool. Soon Billy quickened his pace so that he was pounding into my pussy like a jackhammer.

The force of his hips hitting my ass jarred my body enough that it pushed Andrew's cock deep into my throat with every thrust. Suddenly I felt Billy's cock swell inside me and he sprayed the inside of my cunt with a powerful jet of hot come. My pussy muscles spasmed and I moaned in pleasure around Andrew's meaty cock as an orgasm washed over me. Billy slowly withdrew from my pussy and I felt his come oozing out of my pussy and running down my thighs. I released Andrew's cock from my mouth and turned toward Billy.

His cock was still stiff and shiny with our mingled juices. I smiled up at Billy.

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"That was wonderful!" I said then ran my tongue up the side of his cock to the tip. I took him into my mouth and sucked hard, milking the last drops of semen from his cock and licked him clean of our juices before returning to Andrew's hard meat.

I worked my tongue around his tip as I sucked him and soon I was rewarded with another mouth full of hot tasty come. Next, I went to Kevin who was sitting in the front passenger seat. There wasn't room to get in front of him like I would have liked but I still had room to kneel between him and Max. Kevin took his cock out for me and I immediately began to suck him. His cock was the smallest so far at about six inches and I had no trouble taking his entire shaft into my throat.

I held his heavy balls in one hand and squeezed them gently as I worked my mouth slowly up and down his shaft. Kevin took my hair in his hands and took control, guiding my mouth down until my lips were seated around the base of his cock, the head throbbing deep in my throat.

After several seconds he let me come up for air then pushed my head down again, this time holding me in place a little longer. He did this several times, each time holding his cock in my throat longer than the time before until I finally had to stop, gasping for breath.

Once I had recovered I resumed sucking Kevin's cock, using my tongue and bobbing my head up and down his shaft until he flooded my mouth with another load of hot fresh cream. I gulped it down quickly then looked back to where Phil and Eric were patiently waiting for me. Phil was literally on the edge of his seat, watching me as I went to him and knelt between his feet. He tool his cock out for me and I lowered my mouth over his smooth shaft, coating it with saliva.

I looked up into his eyes and sucked the tip hard, flicking my tongue across it. I looked at Eric and stroked his cock through his pants. "I want yours next," I purred before taking Phil's cock deep into my throat. I sucked him like a five dollar whore until he filled my mouth with hot come. I swallowed every drop then moved to Eric and serviced him with my mouth as well. After swallowing yet another helping of creamy man sauce I raised my head and looked around.

I didn't recognize the terrain we were driving through.

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It was green and hilly but I had no idea where we were. The guys still had their attention focused on me. Rowan was sitting with James all the way in the back of the van with the curtains nearest him pulled shut.

He had his pants pulled down to his ankles and was waving his long black cock at me. I was amazed by its length.

I had never seen anything so big before. (I have since measured it and it's over 11 and a half inches long.) "Come here and put your pretty mouth on this," he said in a commanding tone that I felt compelled to obey.

I licked his shaft up one side and down the other before sucking the head into my mouth. "That's right. Suck my dick, girl!" Rowan told me. "Get it all slicked up so I can get it in that tight little pussy." I sucked him like a pro trying my best to swallow his shaft but I could only get about two thirds of it in my throat. After several minutes Rowan said, "I gotta get some of that pussy." He had me lay on my back on the rear bench seat with my head on James's lap, my legs spread wide.

James' hands went to my tit, squeezing my firm breasts and pinching my sensitive nipples while Rowan rubbed the tip of his giant cock up and down my wet slit then pushed it in.

I let out a soft cry of pleasure as I felt him sliding deeper and deeper into my pussy. Then he started a slow sawing motion, his cock going a little deeper with every stroke until I could feel the end of his cock pushing against my cervix.

He still had a good two inches of cock remaining when he hit bottom inside me. "Fuck me with that big black cock," I told him as he started working his full length in and out of my pussy with long slow strokes. Suddenly he slammed his full length into me with a powerful thrust. His groin slammed into my swollen pussy lips, smashing them between our pelvic bones.

I cried out in surprise, pleasure and a little pain as his cock head slammed into my cervix. He pulled his cock out until just the tip was inside me and slammed it home again. "You like that don't you baby?" he asked, grinding his pubic bone into my clit.

I could feel my pussy clenching tight around his cock in orgasm. I could barely draw breath but I managed to respond with a silent nod.

Rowan slammed his giant sized fuck stick into me again and again drawing a series of gasps and cries from me as I continued to orgasm. "You like it a little rough, don't you girl?" James asked, pinching one of my nipples really hard. I gasped as the sensation shot through my body, my orgasm becoming even stronger. "Oh, god," I moaned. "don't stop!" Rowan repeatedly slammed his cock into my pussy while James pinched and twisted both of my nipples mercilessly for what seemed like an eternity of continuous orgasm after orgasm.

Then Rowan stopped, holding his cock deep inside me. James's ministrations on my tits slowed to more of a gentle caressing as well then I noticed that the van was slowing. Max announced that we were making a gas and food stop. I moaned again, this time in disappointment. "We'll pick up here when we get back on the road" Rowan promised.

He gave my pussy one last thrust then pulled his cock out of me. I felt empty after having my pussy stuffed with Rowan's big cock for so long. Someone tossed me my clothes and I dressed quickly, getting my top on just as we pulled to the gas pump at one of those big travel centers that caters to truckers and mainstream travelers. We all piled out of the van and I made my way on shaky legs to the ladies room.

I looked a mess. My hair was disheveled and my makeup looked like someone had rubbed a wet cock all over my face. I did my best to clean up and looked myself over in the mirror. I looked like such a slut in my tiny cut-offs and with my swollen nipples showing through my top.

When I went back out to met with the guys I noticed that I was getting a lot of looks in the crowded gas station, both appreciative and disgusted depending on who was doing the looking. There was a burger place connected to the gas station and we all ordered our food to go. While we waited for our orders the guys had their hands all over my body and I did nothing to discourage them.

You should have seen the looks I was getting when I had James kissing me with one hand between my legs while Thomas tweaked my nipples through my top and Kevin played with my ass where it was sticking out the bottom of my shorts. We finally got our food and got back on the road. It was Kevin's turn to drive with Phil riding shotgun until the next stop.

Max came to the back of the van hoping to get his shot at some of the fun we had been having for the past few hours. James was also ready to play, insisting that I strip again before he would give me my lunch.

He filled his pipe again while I undressed and passed it around and I'm sure I saw him putting something in my drink while I was taking a hit but he denied it and the other guys said that I was imagining things. Before long I had a good buzz going and the matter dropped from my mind. It didn't take me long to finish eating, mostly because Rowan had started fingering my pussy as soon as I started and I couldn't believe how horny I was getting.

If I hadn't been so hungry I would have tossed my burger in favor of Rowan's huge cock. But a girls got to keep her strength up, right? The guys closed the curtains in the rear half of the van since traffic was getting fairly heavy and the last thing any of us wanted was to get stopped by the police.

And true to his word, after having me suck his cock for a few minutes to get it slick with spit Rowan had me lay back on the seat and went right back to stuffing that oversized pole deep in my aching cunt. James pinched my nipples a bit but not like he had been earlier.

Then, after showing him what I was really enjoying earlier James had Max take over the pinch and twist on my nipples while he 'took a siesta'. Rowan paused while the two of them switched seats and with my head now in Max's lap Rowan went back to the business of pounding his monster cock into my juicy pussy. Max proved to be a natural where my tits were concerned. I loved the way he pulled my nipples while twisting them at the same time, stretching the sensitive flesh to its limits.

Sometimes he would squeeze one of my tits with one hand while pinching the nipple with the other. He also slapped my tits one at a time while working on the nipple of the other. All the while I could feel his cock swelling under my head. It felt huge! I couldn't tell how long it was but it I knew it was thick, like he had a coke bottle in his pants or something.

Between Rowan's cock pounding away in the depths of my pussy and Max absolutely abusing my tits I was in heaven! I was in a constant state of orgasm until Rowan quickened his pace and flooded my womb with his hot seed.

My body convulsed and my pussy squeezed tight around his rod milking him of his semen. He withdrew slowly holding just the tip inside me while he caught his breath. Then he let his fading tool slip out of me. I could feel his come running out of me and onto the seat. Rowan moved up my body until his cock was hanging just inches above my face.

"You got cleaning to do, baby," he told me as he lowered his come slicked cock toward my mouth. With out a thought I opened wide and sucked the juices from his manhood, licking every inch of him clean. As Rowan tucked his cock away in his pants James, who had recovered his energy after a short nap, gestured to the area of the seat between my still open thighs.


"You got some more down there, slut. Lick that shit up!" I don't know why but I really liked it when he started talking to me like that. I quickly got to my knees on the floor and licked the puddle of semen off the seat. Once I had finished with my task I looked at James. "Now what?" I asked him. James was opening his pants as he spoke.

"Max's been waitin' a long time to show you how he got his name. And while you suck his dick I'm gonna fuck that pretty little ass." I looked over and saw that Max had his cock out and it made the monster that had just been inside me look like a tootsie roll.

I never would have thought it possible but it was even longer than Rowan's. His shaft was thicker than my wrist, hell it was thicker than Max's wrist and it was topped by a head the size of a plumb. I got on my hands and knees on the seat with my head over Max's lap and started running my tongue over that massive cock head. I stroked his shaft with one hand wondering at its girth.

I knew there was no way I was going to get his cock in my mouth and I was having serious doubts about trying to plug it into my pussy. All thoughts ceased however as James grasped my hips and stuffed his cock into me with a single stroke.

He pumped in and out for a few minutes as he worked his thumb slowly in and out of my ass. Then he pulled both cock and thumb out and pressed his cock head against my asshole. I leaned back as he pressed forward and the head of his cock slid into my tight ass.

I moaned in pain as he forced his thick member deeper inside me saying, "That's it, bitch! Take my dick in your ass!" He kept pushing until he had the whole thing inside me then James wasted no time before pumping my tight ass with hard fast strokes. He withdrew completely, gripping my ass with both hands then shoved his cock back inside me and hammered away again. I kept moaning in pain as he pounded me and he began slapping my ass hard, three or four times on one side then he would switch to the other.

He pulled out again and slapped my ass once on each side then three stinging slaps right on my pussy before stuffing his cock back in my ass. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the sensations of pain and pleasure I was feeling. I was coming uncontrollably the whole time. After several minutes he did it again, this time ignoring my ass but slapping my pussy over and over before plugging his cock back into my yielding ass.

Through all of this I did my best to service Max, licking his cock all over and sucking on the tip but it was just too big to fit more than just the tip in my mouth. James started pumping into my ass at a rapid pace and told me, "Get ready bitch, I'm 'bout to bust a nut and it's all going down your pretty throat." His cock twitched inside me and I felt a jet of come spraying in my ass then he pulled his cock out of me and I turned to face him.

A jet of come splattered across my face before he got his cock in my mouth and three more spurts of semen flooded my mouth while I sucked, working my lips down toward the base of his shaft. James has an average size cock and I had no trouble taking him all the way down my throat.

"That's right," he said as I ran my tongue against his pole. "lick my dick clean and suck it dry." Then to the guys he said, "All week long! We gonna have this slut trained like a pro!" I heard enthusiastic responses from most of the guys. Rowan said, "Hell yea, we gonna wear that pussy out!" Max was the last to respond saying, "Let's see if she's really got what it takes." James pulled his softening cock from my mouth and took out a small bottle.

He unscrewed the cap and pulled out what looked like an eye dropper. "Open up, baby. This'll do you good." "What is it?" I asked, all doubt gone about him putting something in my drink earlier. "Nothin' you ain't had already today," he said. "Now open up." I was a little apprehensive but at the same time I was feeling incredible. I had just enjoyed several hours of the best sex in my life and I was still ready for more. And what ever he was offering me had been a part of it. I opened my mouth and James put a few drops of bitter tasting liquid on my tongue.

In minutes I was on fire all over again.

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My pussy was awash in my own juices mingling with Rowan's seed and all I could think of was getting more cock inside me. Max was right there with the most out of proportioned monstrosity I could ever imagine and I was desperate for him split me open with it. He had me lay back on the seat and spread my legs wide. Then he stuffed four fingers into me, working them in until they were well past the knuckles. The base of his thumb pushed against my clit as he worked his fingers back and forth, twisting his hand around inside me.

The he pulled his fingers out and stroked his shaft with his slippery fingers before pressing the head against my pussy. He pushed steadily and I felt my self stretch to accept him. Then he started working it deeper, pumping in and out forcefully now that he had his massive weapon inside me.

The feeling was unbelievable. I was stretched beyond belief and Max wasn't done yet. All I could do was lie there and gasp for breath as he shoved that monster deeper and deeper into my pussy.

I was coming like never before and my sensations intensified even more when Max took hold of my tits. He took one in each hand and squeezed, not gently by any stretch of the imagination. He was holding on to my tits like a bull rider at the rodeo. Max pulled on my tits turned handles every time he thrust his hips forward, forcing his cock deeper into my stretched out cunt. I felt the end of his cock slamming into my cervix as he forced the whole thing inside me.

Our pelvic bones ground together as he held himself as deep inside me as anyone had ever been. He stayed there for several minutes relaxing his grip on my tits and letting me catch my breath. He lowered his head to my breasts and took one of my nipples between his teeth, flicking his tongue across it gently before biting down on my sensitive little nub. Then, with my nipple held firmly between his teeth, he began fucking me in earnest. He pulled about half of his cock out with every stroke only to shove it back in with all the strength he could muster.

I came again and again until he fired off, filling my pussy with yet another load of hot come. He kept his cock deep inside me until his spasms subsided then withdrew, leaving my pussy feeling vacant and sore. He released my savaged nipple from his mouth and moved up to let his cock hang over my face. It was James who ordered me, "He made you come, slut.

Suck that mans dick clean." As his cock shrank I was able to take most of him in my mouth and I sucked greedily cleaning every trace of our passion from his incredible piece of meat. I don't know what James gave me but it made me so hot that I couldn't get enough cock.

Even though my pussy and nipples were almost unbearably sore from the abuse they'd received I wanted more. The guys took turns hammering their hard cocks into my pussy squeezing my tits and viciously pinching nipples all most all the way to Miami.

We made two more gas stops along the way and both times I put my top and shorts on and went to use the rest room and tried my best to clean myself up.

At the last stop I had a huge amount of come running down my thighs when I got to the restroom. And my nipples were so swollen they looked like dark red marshmallows through my top. I eventually passed out in the back of the van. It was well past noon the following day before I stirred. I found myself still naked in the van. The guys were nowhere to be seen and all the bags were gone. There was nothing in the van but my cut-offs and halter top. I was sweating and my whole body was sore.

Both of my nipples were swollen and much darker than usual and my pussy was so sore it hurt every time I moved my legs. Not knowing what else to do I got dressed and took a look outside. The van was in a motel parking lot and I eventually found Kevin sitting by the pool. He explained that they hadn't been able to wake me the night before and figured that I needed the rest after the day I'd had.

He took me to our room, where most of the guys were still sleeping. The floor was covered with sleeping bags and bodies. Empty beer bottles were scattered all over the room. I felt much better after a long hot bath and the guys were coming back to life by the time I emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist. Some of the guys had apparently gone through my bag and had laid out the clothes they wanted me to wear, a tiny denim mini skirt, white tank top and sandals.

No underwear of any kind was left out and after I commented on the fact James told me, "We figured panties would just be getting in the way," He loosened the towel I was wearing and let it fall to the floor. He put a hand between my legs and caressed my freshly shaved pussy. "You know you want us to have easy access." "Okay," I said "since you put it that way." I moaned as he pushed two fingers into my sore pussy.

"But what am I going to do when we get to the beach?" James guided me onto one of the beds and eased me onto my back. I opened my legs for him as he worked two more fingers into me. "We got everything covered, girl." James said. He knelt with his crotch near my face and fished out his cock which I took between my lips. "All your beach stuff is in the van. You can change when we get there." I sucked his hardening penis deeper into my throat.

"Only thing you got to worry about is keeping that pussy wet and willing." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and positioned himself between my wide spread legs. He sank into me easily and began pumping his rod in and out with a steady rhythm. Every time he pushed his hard cock into my yielding cunt was a reminder of what a slut I had been the day before.

The mixed feelings of pain and pleasure had me coming in no time and when James gave each of my nipples a rough pinch I cried out in ecstasy.

My body trembled underneath him as a powerful orgasm consumed me. James stepped up his pace, fucking me hard and fast until he was ready to come himself. Then he pulled his cock out of me and quickly moved up my body to fill my mouth with his hot seed.

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Kevin was quick to take his place as James headed for the shower. One after another the guys took turns hammering their cocks into my aching cunt. Some of them came inside me, their hot seed soothing the walls of my sore pussy. Others came in my mouth and I happily swallowed all the fresh hot cream they had to give me. By the time they were done with me I needed another shower. After I finished cleaning up we got some lunch then headed for the beach. The guys talked dirty to me and let their hands roam freely over my body the whole time we were eating and during the drive.

When we got to the beach the guys insisted that I strip and give them my clothes before they would give me my bathing suit. Once they had me completely naked Rowan put my bikini bottom (they had picked out my white suit) under the drivers side windshield wiper blade and told me he would give me the top once I put the bottom on. The streets were crowded and there were all kinds of whistles and cat calls as I stepped out of the van naked. I felt my face flush in embarrassment and felt a bit of a thrill as I pulled the tiny thong over my hips.

In the meantime, Rowan had crossed the street and was sitting on the low wall between the sidewalk and the beach, my bikini top hanging from his outstretched finger.

My tits bounced wildly as I hurried across the street, to the delight of the guys and several dozen other men who had stopped to enjoy the view. I snatched my top away from Rowan and tried to cover myself, fumbling with the strings. I pretended to be angry but I think I enjoyed the opportunity to show my body as much as the men on the street enjoyed the scene.

It definitely had my pussy getting wet all over again. The beach was crowded with other people on spring break. I had never seen so many people in one place before. It took us a while to find a large enough space to spread our blanket on the sand.

My top kept slipping the whole time, flashing one or both of my tits at the crowds. We finally found a spot and I stretched out to work on my tan. I had no shortage of offers to apply tanning oil to my body. Eric and Thomas both worked plenty of oil into my stomach and tits, completely ignoring the fact that I was wearing a bikini, while Phil worked his way up my legs, eventually soaking my thong with oil as he stuffed four slippery fingers into my pussy.

We spent the better part of the afternoon sunning at the beach. The guys replenished my sun screen as often as I would let them. Every time I went to the water to cool off I had plenty of eyes glued to my body. My oil soaked suit remained practically transparent so I was giving a great show to anyone who cared to look. That night we went clubbing. I let the guys pick out my clothes again and it didn't surprise me that they made me look like a total slut, and panties were not a part of my short skirted outfit.

After some drinks in our room and a little smoke, I was ready for anything the guys wanted to send my way. I danced with all the guys, who had their hands on my tits or up my skirt constantly. Most of the guys went off to try to hook up with other girls. Who can blame them. It was spring bread and there were plenty of hot college girls at the club.

Max, James and Rowan kept their attention focused mostly on me though. James even introduced me to a group of four black men in their late twenties or early thirties. I don't know if it was because of the men's accents or because I was so drunk by that time but I was having a lot of trouble understanding anything that the men said.

(I later found out that they were from Haiti.) We shared a couple of drinks and I danced with each of them and we all seemed to be having a great time. The new guys quickly discovered that I wasn't wearing any panties and I made no move to stop them when they started fingering my wet pussy on the dance floor. I guess things were getting a little out of hand when two bouncers came over and told us that if we didn't tone it down we would have to leave. One of the guys had a friend who lived near the club and suggested that we take the party there.

James consented to the idea and began to usher me toward the door saying, "Girl, you're gonna get fucked tonight!" It was a short walk to the house and the men were rubbing my bare bottom and playing with my tits the whole way there.

I took a few minutes for their friend to come to the door. When he finally did he was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and seemed to be pretty angry about being dragged out of bed.

The men seemed to argue briefly but the I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the whole situation but before I could voice my concerns the discussion ended and we were let into the house.

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Before the door was even closed someone ripped the front of my t-shirt open, exposing my braless tits. My skirt was pushed up over my hips and I felt several hands pawing at my ass and between my legs. There was a lot of talking but almost none of it was in English.

The first thing I really understood was when Rowan pointed out the man who owned the house sitting on the sofa and told me, "You need to suck that mans dick baby. Make him glad he let all these people in his house." The other men stopped groping my body as I knelt in front of this total stranger. I fished his cock out of the opening in the front of his shorts and took him into my mouth.

I licked the head and sucked him deep, swallowing most of his seven inches. I worked my mouth up and down his pole until he spewed forth a huge load of tangy sperm. I kept my lips wrapped tightly around his shaft and milked out every last drop, gulping his seed down thirstily. As soon as I released his cock form my mouth I felt hands lifting me to my feet.

Max and Rowan unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

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Then they positioned me on my back on some cushions piled in the middle of the floor, where Max got between my legs. I looked around and saw that all the men were watching intently as Max worked his monster cock all the way into my dripping pussy.

Then Max was fucking me hard, his long thick rod my stretching cunt. He put his hands on my tits and squeezed tight. I squealed in pleasure as and orgasm rocked my body. "Fuck me harder," I cried. "Pinch my nipples hard. Show them how I like it!" Max started shoving his cock into me violently. Then, with his cock buried all the way inside my pussy he took one of my nipples and gave it a vicious twist making me moan in pain.

At the same time my pussy convulsed in orgasm around his meat.

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He pinched my other nipple hard, pulling on it until the tender flesh of my tit was stretched to its limit. I gasped when my nipple slipped out of his grip, my squishy boob bouncing back into shape. Max spent a few minutes man handling my nipples and slapping tits then went back to slamming his cock into my pussy again and again until he was ready to come.

He pulled out and sprayed my face with his first jet of come. I managed to get my mouth over the end of his big purple knob and he flooded my mouth with the rest of his hot seed.

Max moved away and James took his place, fucking my pussy hard and fast until he too came in my mouth. The Rowan took a turn pounding his long cock into my depths and flooded my now sore pussy with his hot soothing come. When he finished there was a break in the action. Looking around, I noticed that there were more people there than those who had come from the club with us. I saw several of the men talking with James then one of them was shouting in Haitian loud enough to get every ones attention.

Max and Rowan sat next to me each of them pinching and pulling at one of my nipples as the men all talked back and forth for a few minutes. The they all seemed to come to some kind of agreement as the conversation stopped and someone collected money from each of the men in the room and handed it to James. My pussy gushed with juice at the sudden realization that I was being pimped to this room full of strangers.

I watched as James counted the money then tucked it away in his pocket. Then James came to where I was on the floor. He handed me a beer and told me, "You stay here and keep things happening.

We're going back to the club to check on the rest of them guys. We'll be back in a little bit." Then he left with Max and Rowan. I was incredibly turned on at the thought of being made into a whore for the night but I was scarred as well. I mean, there had to be at least fifteen men crowded into the room and none of them seemed to speak very good, if any, English. The only people I knew within 800 miles had just left me naked and alone at the mercy of a group of strangers I could barely understand.

I felt so vulnerable, like they had complete control over me. And it was so exciting I couldn't believe it. As soon as the door closed behind James there were three men standing over me unzipping their pants. I took a long drink from my beer and set it aside. The I got on my knees and let the men guide my actions. One of them pushed my head toward his cock and I opened my mouth letting him slide between my lips.

His shaft glided across my tongue as he pumped his hips back and forth slowly. He pushed deeper with each stroke until my nose was pressed into his curly black pubes. Then he pulled his cock out and turned my head to face one of the other men. He pushed his cock all the way into my throat with one stroke, holding the swollen knob at the back of my throat until I thought I would gag before pulling back and turning me toward the third man.

He also stuffed his cock down my throat and held it there so long that I pushed him back to take a breath. Some one pulled my arms behind my back and used my torn shirt to bind my wrists together.

Then they continued, one after another pushing their cocks all the way into my throat until I was gasping for breath between each of them. This continued for what seemed like a very long time. Then someone put a couple of cushions in front of me. They pushed me forward so that the cushions supported my upper body while my ass was sticking up in the air, my knees open wide.

I felt someone entering my gaping cunt from behind and he hammered away at my well used hole. He only lasted a few minutes before filling my pussy with come and when he pulled out I turned around to take his slimy penis into my mouth, sucking him clean. While I couldn't understand what they were saying I could tell that the men liked what I was doing.

One by one the men all fucked me, using my body any way they saw fit. Several of them played with my tits, painfully pinching and twisting my nipples. One of them even bit down on my tender breast while he fucked my aching cunt to orgasm. A few of them fucked my ass as well and I sucked each mans penis clean after he came inside me.

The party seemed to be winding down and several of the men had left when the man who owned the place untied my wrists and handed me an empty beer bottle. He said something pointing between my legs. I worked the mouth of the bottle around my pussy lips then slid it into my hole. The man spoke again, sounding angry. He took the bottle from me and turned it over. He handed it back to me and tapped the bottom of the bottle then pointed at my pussy, all the while speaking to me.

I slid the big end of the bottle up and down my slit and pressed it inward lightly. I felt my pussy opening and to my surprise there was only a little pain as the bottle entered my abused pussy easily.

I felt strangely proud at the ease with which my body accepted something so thick and a tiny orgasm shot through me. I started working the bottle in and out, fucking my sore cunt with it while the few remaining men looked on. Then the man who had given my the bottle took over.

Gripping the bottle by the neck he pushed it roughly, forcing it deeper until my pussy closed around the tapered end before pulling it most of the way back out. One of the other men pressed his cock against my lips and I sucked him while the homes owner violently fucked my pussy with the beer bottle. The pain was almost unbearable as the bottle was thrust in and out repeatedly.

I couldn't believe it when I started coming with the bottle pumping in and out of my ravaged pussy. I came at least three times before the cock in my mouth pulsed and fed me another load of hot come. The two men then switched places and I sucked the home owner off while the other man continued abusing my pussy with the beer bottle. I don't remember anything after that until I woke up to find myself lying naked on the couch, the beer bottle still lodged deep inside my aching cunt.

I heard a knock at the door and realized that that was what had disturbed my sleep. Exhausted, I tried to ignore everything and go back to sleep but the knocking didn't stop. There was nobody else in the room so I reluctantly eased the bottle out of my throbbing pussy and went to the door. I checked the peep hole and there was James, finally coming to pick me up.

He had my skirt and shoes with him and we found my t-shirt tossed in a corner. James tied the front of my shirt for me and I dressed in silence. I was in kind of a daze, kind of like when you have a really bad hangover but my head was probably the only part of my body that didn't hurt. It was near noon by the time we made it back to the hotel.

I showered then crawled into one of the beds. I fell asleep quickly and didn't wake again until late the next morning.