Hot cowgirl riding a cock

Hot cowgirl riding a cock
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Part 8 - Cindy and Daryl Progress Cindy was almost shaking she was so excited to tell Daryl about her talk with her mother. Shit, she was now on the pill! Her doctor's appointment consisted of a quick peek and feel of her boobs and vagina and she was on the pill! Now she would be safe from pregnancy and Daryl could shoot his stuff anywhere he wanted. He would be soooo happy. Daryl meanwhile was just as excited. Though he had lingering embarrassment from his mom seeing him cum, especially on his own face, he was thrilled to have condoms, and thrilled he knew how to use them properly.

Cindy would be surprised and hopefully happy. He arrived at her house and knocked. She answered the door with a huge smile and hugged him. "I've got so much to tell you." He smiled as she pressed her breasts against his chest.

He also instantly became hard. She noticed, giggled and pushed him to arms length. "Darylll. I just hugged you!

You got hard already?" She wasn't at all offended and made sure he saw that in her face. Daryl wasn't really embarrassed but still felt like he should apologize. "God Cindy I'm sorry. Really, I can't control it much." Cindy used his apology to segue into her news.

"Well you won't need to control it when I tell you about my mom and me." Daryl could tell she was busting to talk so he didn't go into his news. She led him to her bedroom and closed the door. They sat on the bed and kissed deeply and passionately for a bit. When he tried to go further she giggled and pulled away.

"Not until I tell you, you bad boy." With that she related the whole story. She left nothing out including the shaving part. At last she got to the birth control pills. "Holy shit Cindy.

That is sooo cool! Are you on them now? "Yes, but today is my first day and the doctor said they won't work until after 30 days." "That's ok Cindy. I mean we're still just learning about sex. It doesn't mean we have to go all the way yet.

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Heck, we may never want to." Cindy looked at him with a 'Yeah.right' look. Daryl laughed gave her back a look that said 'Boy that was a dumb thing to say. "I love fooling around with you Daryl. I get sooo wet and horny when we do stuff. I don't know whether we'll go all the way really soon, but I think about it a lot." Daryl produced the condoms he had just received.

"I guess I do too." Cindy gasped "Where did you get those?

Are they really what I think they are?" Daryl put one in her hand. She examined the small package alternately looking at him and it. "Can I open it? I've never seen one." "Sure. I never seen one until this morning either." As she tore open the package she asked him again. "Where did you get these Daryl?" Blushing deeply, he looked down so she couldn't see his eyes.

"My mom walked in on me while I was …you know…and she saw me cum. It hit me in the face and she started laughing." Cindy was looking at him wide eyed and laughing even though she knew it must have been terribly embarrassing for him. "Oh God Daryl, I'm sorry for laughing but I can certainly see where it might have been funny.

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I'm sure she knows you do that though." "Yeah, and she tried to make me feel better after. She thought we might go farther than we have so she gave me these." Still giggling, Cindy more closely examined the foreign object she held. It was tightly rolled up except for a small floppy tip that extended like the neck of a balloon, only much thinner.

The ring was hard and she guessed that was what held it in place. She wanted to see it on him, just to see really, not because she wanted him to do anything. They were in her bedroom and no one was home. "Daryl, do you know how to use this?" "Of course." "Do you think you would show me how to put it on you." "I guess.

I mean it's a little strange just pulling out my penis and stuff though. I mean I'm not even hard." Cindy moved close to him still holding the condom. She pressed her body against his and ground her hips to hers as she deeply kissed him. She immediately felt the rise in his pans and broke off the kiss saying in a whisper.

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"Does that help?" "Oh yeah! Could we maybe both take our clothes off?" Cindy blushed lightly. She still got nervous about being naked with him, but yet she did love his body and in particular his penis. "Ok." They both stripped naked and as usual, they just stood in front of each other and visually examined their obvious differences.

She was beautiful to him. A woman in every sense of the word. Her breasts were round and soft looking. They stood out firm and high and were topped with erect little pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and led down to her lightly covered pussy which glistened with her excitement. She was staring at his cock which was at full attention and she just adored how it was so big and hard. She could see it wobble to the beat of his heart and only her strongest will power kept her from wrapping it up in her hand.

She knew she was soaking wet and didn't care one bit. "Wow Cindy! You are so beautiful!" Daryl said softly.

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Cindy remained silent as she moved forward and took his cock in her hand. She ran her hand along his length and felt the skin slide up and down. "You're so hard!" He was so excited that her touching was simply too much. He came with a groan and shot out several huge pulses of semen. She held on, but couldn't help giggling as his cum covered her hand and dribbled down her stomach. "My God!

You are such a horn dog!" She pressed herself against him and they kissed passionately. She felt him begin to soften and wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing her body away from him so she could watch this amazing male function.

Only when he was completely flaccid did she speak. "Oh my. It really does get smaller doesn't it? Well, I guess I'll need to get you hard again if you're gonna show me how to put this thing on." She reached down and picked up her panties and wiped off her hands taking note of the warm and sticky texture of his cum. She then wiped the large dollops off her tummy and to his surprise, she took a dollop on her finger and brought it to her nose. After smelling it, she looked him in the eyes and tentatively touched her tongue to it.

His raised eyebrows prompted her to say "Mmmm, a bit salty, but not bad or anything." After wiping off his penis, she got on her knees and looked up into his eyes.

"I want to take a closer look at you ok?" He just nodded, trusting her.


For her part, Cindy held his only semi-hard penis and examined it a bit. She had not seen it any other way than fully erect and was very interested in this new softer thing. She gently squeezed and waggled it delighted at the texture and flexibility.

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It really was a fascinating piece of anatomy with its smooth loose skin and spongy head. She humorously wondered how boys even walked or sat with things like this sticking out.

And then there were his balls! His balls were hanging down lightly covered in downy hair. They were kind of wrinkled and one was slightly lower than the other. She cupped them gently in her hand and felt the texture. She could feel his testicles rolling in her hand and again thought how very interesting these were. "Does it hurt you when I do this?" she asked looking up at him. He was in heaven and his cock had responded appropriately.

Cindy watched intently as his cock grew right before her eyes. 'My God this is amazing' she thought to herself.


Soon, it was again rock hard. "Fuck that feels really good Cin.

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Don't stop, but rub my cock too." Cindy giggled and looked up at him. "Ohhh no. You'll just squirt again and I want to try to get this thing on you before you get soft again." She picked up the condom and saw that it pretty much was self explanatory. Placing it on the end of his cock, she tried to roll it down, but found that it was so tight it wouldn't roll easily and she was afraid of hurting him. She looked up at him questioningly.

He smiled down at her and covered his hand with hers. "You have to use a lot of pressure to roll it down." He helped her roll it all the way down and released her hand. She rubbed her hand lightly up and down his shaft a few times and then took a step back and just looked. With a little giggle she said "It looks so unhappy all squeezed in like that." "Sure." He took off the condom, which she noticed was a chore in itself, and he tossed it at her face making her shriek.

"Daryl, you pig!" Daryl laughed at her reaction and quickly pulled her into his arms.


Her breasts pressed against him and she moaned with contentment. They began a bout of serious kissing and grinding and at one point he felt the wetness of her pussy against his leg. He reached down with both hands and cupped her ass cheeks in his hands pulling them apart so he could reach deep inside her cleft with his fingers. She was soaked and moaned as he dragged his finger along the lips of her pussy. When his finger would trace her anus area her breath would suck in. He noticed this and more purposely included her anus in his play.

She also noticed his anal attention and on one pass, she felt him push gently on that opening. She gasped and looked up at him pleadingly. "Daryl what are you doing?" " Just tell me to stop and I'll stop." He whispered. She just her nuzzled her nose in his throat and breathed in quick gasps as his middle finger traced a line back and forth from the back of her pussy to her anus.

She could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm and couldn't believe it. "Oh God Daryl! That feels sooo good.

Don't stop! I think I'm gonna cum!" At this, he became brave and reached further so he could slip his finger inside her pussy.

She was now very near. "Don't stop, don't stop&hellip.ahhhh, oh fuck&hellip." "Daryl! Oh fuck, oh fuck!" She literally mashed her face into his shoulder as she orgasmed. Once she relaxed a bit he pulled his finger out and moved his hands back to just rubbing her bum. Cindy was weak from her orgasm. She was also very embarrassed.

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Daryl rubbed her bum hole with his finger. She couldn't believe he would do that and yet in the midst of passion she didn't want him to stop. She moved from him, crouched down in a squat position and hugged her knees. "Cindy…what's wrong? Did I hurt you?" She smiled assuredly up at him and couldn't help but notice that his erection had softened.

It was still more than half hard, and now looked thick and beautiful. "I'm just resting a bit.

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You really went for it this time. God Daryl, you put your finger in me! You even pressed on my bum hole!" "I just did what felt right. I kind of listened to you and felt the way you moved. You did seem to like it." "I did like it.

I'm just a bit embarrassed that I liked your finger on my butt hole. That's just sooo dirty. I feel like a slut." "No way! Remember the book Cin. It said that lots of girls like that place touched. It's got nerves that help you cum. It's normal Cin. You are not a slut! Don't you ever think that."