Teen girlfriend shares her boyfriends cock with her stepmom

Teen girlfriend shares her boyfriends cock with her stepmom
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Thundergirl was contacted by a local fan clubthey wanted to arrange a meeting for her to speak with them.

Phoebe Thunderman arranged to meet with them and talk on the following Saturday morning. The only request they had was dress as evil Thundergirl for the meeting. Saturday morning came and Phoebe dressed up in her black leather like outfit as evil Thundergirl with red streaks in her hair.

She headed to the address she was given and found it to be an old school building signs indicated where she should go so she followed them.

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She never realized a young boy followed behind her removing the signs and locking the doors behind himself. Thundergirl soon reached the schools large lecture hall that when she entered she saw the seats were filled with young boys and girls about seventy in all split into forty boys and thirty girls.

She also saw some of the kids had dogs on leashes about ten large dogs of mixed breeds. One young man stepped forward greeting herthank you Thundergirl for coming here to speak with usno problem it's my pleasure. Well Thundergirl maybe not yet but hopefully soon. What Phoebe said nothing he handed her a cup of cherry flavored water take this if you get thirsty and led her behind a podium.

Leaving her to go back to sit downPhoebe stepped up to the podium and downed about half of the water. Thundergirl waited behind the podium for everyone to get settled but the longer she waited the stranger she felt until everything went black and she fell to the floor. Young boys rushed up and gathered around her unconscious formone said is she all rightthat worked fast. I didn't expect her to drink almost the whole glass of water in one gulp another boy stated.

A girl saidlet's get her upstrippedand restrained before she returns to consciousness. The group lifted her up as another group moved a king sized bed to the front of the hall and a third group set up the video cameras to catch all of the action and stream it to a web site on the internet.

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They got Phoebe's clothes off and lay her spread eagled on the bed and restrained by padded sex cuffs. When Phoebe finally came around she pulled on the cuffs and realized she was naked screamedwhat the fuck let me up release me now or else.

A young girl laughed and told herthere is no or else we are going to sell your rape and make thousands we already have fifty thousand in subions with more coming in by the minute. Reaching down she viciously twisted one of Thundergirls nipplesokay people let's get this bitch fucked first group your up.

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Two young men with large packages and a young girl stepped up to the bed and took their positions. One young man wriggled beneath Phoebe's body and slid his already lubricated cock up into her anus making Phoebe scream in pain as he took her anal cherry. Then the other boy climbed on top of her and forced his dick into her virginal pussy again making her scream in pain as he took her vaginal cherry.


Phoebe started crying and begged them to stop. The young girl straddled her face and forced her pussy down on Phoebe's mouth and told hershut up bitch and start eating my cunt. Pinching her nose forced Phoebe to open her mouththere now lick me and reached behind herself and pinched Phoebe's nipple. Phoebe started licking and sucking on the young woman's cunt as she felt the two young men start fucking her two holes. They sped up driving into her tight virginal holes causing Phoebe to cry out in pain but they soon turned to moans of pleasure as the three's ministrations brought her to climax.

Phoebe lay there exhausted as the young girl yelled out okay team two your up. Group one rearranged her into a kneeling position on the floor now down on all fours Phoebe started sayingnoNo way, not happening when she heard the clicking of nails on the floor and two young women brought in a large male black and brown German Shepard with a larger male black mastiff.

The young men held her fast in the perfect position for the mastiff to mount her which he did quickly thrusting his large red cock into her pussy driving deep into her womb and machine gunning her cunt. The young woman leading the Shepard brought him to her head and got him to lay down under her mouth with his rear legs spread exposing his cock then forced her mouth down to his stiff cock then pinched Phoebe's nostrils closed and twisted a nipple viciously so she opened her mouth to scream only to have her mouth forced down on the dogs hard cock and then made to move up and down the dogs shaft.

After a few minutes the hands of all of the people holding her in place let her go but she continued getting fucked by one dog and administering a blowjob to the other.

The German Shepard reached his climax spewing his sperm down her throat at the same time the mastiff shoved his knot into her cunt making her scream again in pain as it locked the two together and the mastiff unloaded his sperm into her filling her womb with it. Phoebe now driven down onto her elbows sobbed as she was raped by the two dogs.

The dogs finally released Phoebe and she lay on her back with sperm gushing from her gaping pussy and trying to keep all of the sperm down.

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Her face had turned a bright red in humiliation as she remembered how her body had sustained very noticeable multiple massive orgasms caused by dogs. Thundergirl lay there sobbing as one of the young men came up to her knelt down and said thank you now it's time to get your ass upget dressedand go out on patrol as he released her from her bonds.

Phoebe rose shakily to her feet and looking around saidwhere are my clothes. Laughing the boy handed her a box with a costume inside. Phoebe pulled out a dark blue short silk skirt and pulled them onthen out of the box came thigh high silky dark blue stockings and a pair of black leather knee high boots. Next out of the box came a black thin belt and a sheer silky dark blue sleevelesscollarless short blouse that was skin tight showing off her hard nipples.

It also exposed her tight firm six pack abs as she pulled on her new outfit and askedwhat no bra or panties.


No the young men responded after that show you are a slut and sluts don't get to wear underwear. Sobbing she started to leave but two young girls stepped up to Phoebe and said to herwait your costume is incomplete as they shoved their fists up into her cunt and asshole leaving behind remote controlled spined vibrating shock sex eggs the spines kept them in place within her body.

Thundergirl gasped falling to her knees as the eggs were activated and turned on maximum giving short strong shocks to her most tender body parts. Their a young girl said now your ready to go out in public and put yourself on display like the slut you have become.

Openly crying now Thundergirl started her patrol fully aware what the people seeing her were seeing of her.

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