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Busty blonde stepsis Daisy Lynne screwed by fat hard dick
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I can't believe those jerks threw cattle dung at me. No good, dirty rotten, a-holes. They got that shit all over me. That's not even the worse part… Well, that's up for debate. But to top it off we're out of hot water! I had to wash the bull shit off with freezing cold water.

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I hope to god Steph gets back soon. I wish I could tell her what those jerks did, but I know we're in desperate need of help. I don't know how much longer I can take their crap. Always calling me all sorts of derogatory, crude, insults. The owner's daughter or princess are their favorites, knowing full well that I'm a boy.

Pillow bitter or mattress muncher are some other terms I've heard them call me, especially Bruce! Honestly I don't even know what they mean. Stepping out of the shower, I'm shivering from head to toe. I see this skinny, short kid with bright blue eyes, messy raven black hair only on his head and not a lick anywhere else staring back at me in the mirror.

It's easy to see how some people can confuse me with a girl when I don't have an ounce of muscle on me. My legs are slender and smooth. My butt is plush and soft. How am I ever going to get anyone to take me seriously when I look this? Life just isn't fair.


That's besides the fact that you wouldn't think I was eighteen by just looking at me. Might as well get dress. Steph should be home any minute soon. I should get dinner ready. Searching through my closet I grab a pair of underwear, jeans and a t-shirt like always. Tonight's going to be spaghetti again. If those jerks thing they deserve better, they can fix it themselves. Once I get the noodles in a pot of hot water and the burger in a frying pan, I start setting the table. Just as I set the last plate down, bright lights flash outside.

I can make out Steph's truck in the distance. Oh thank god. About time she's home. I pour the sauce on the meat and drain the noodles. Then I grab the bug juice out of the fridge and start filling up cups when Steph walks in and she's not alone.

As I look up, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen walks in behind Steph. She's got long, dark brown hair with blonde tips under a cowboy hat. Her jeans are so tight on her thick thighs, but you can tell they're lean as the fabric strained to wrap around her muscular curves. Under her unzipped leather jacket you can see a white tank top that clings to her noticable abs. Juice splashes all over as it overflows the cup causing me to jump back. The sight of her made me forget I was pouring everyone drinks.

I quickly set the pitcher down and wipe up the spill with some paper towel as my cheeks reddened, flushed with heat. Full of embarrassment, I try hide my face from her. "Hey hun, this is Amanda. She's going to be working on the ranch for a while." Steph explains as she then turns to face her. "This is my son Kyle I was telling you about, the best dang cook around." Once again I can feel the heat of my blushing cheeks.

I look up as Amanda tips her hat in acknowledgement. "If your cookin's as good as Steph brags it up to be than we're going to get along just fine." Of all the dinners, Steph decided to bring home a woman like that on spaghetti night. So much for good impressions… I look up to Amanda's dark brown eyes and I'm completely paralyzed.

"Hmm is that spaghetti I'm smellin?" she asks. I look at her wide eyed as she looks into my eyes expectantly. I tense up at her stare. "Hmm not much of a talker are you?" "Spaghetti again!?" Steph sighed. "Didn't we have spaghetti last night? Not that I'm complaining, your spaghetti is the best." "Hey, I love me some spaghetti," Amanda remarks as she licks her chops sending a shiver down my spine.

"Well you're not going to be disappointed," Steph remarks. "Looks like you've got it all ready, I'll go ring the horn to let those knuckleheads know supper's ready." I grab one more glass now that there is an additional mouth to feed and finish pouring the juice.

Then I mix in the meaty sauce with the noodles just as the timer goes off on the garlic bread. I see Amanda take off her leather jacket revealing two very toned, dark brown arms, one covered in tats. She then takes a seat and watches me intently.

Feeling her heavy gaze sends my stomach in a tisy and sets my nerves on fire. I bring her a glass of bug juice and set it in front of her. She grabs my arm as I go to turn away. "So darlin, besides cookin, what else can ya do?" I choke up with an uneasiness, something about her makes my head spin.

"Ah… Excuse me?" "Surely cookin ain't the only thing you're good for," she said with a smirk as her eyes traveled down to my backside. "You clean too?" "I ahhh… yeah." I sputtered nervously, shamefully looking away. What should I say? I'm pretty much the house servant of the ranch… I can tell that's how she sees me. How humiliating. Finally a woman as beautiful as her shows up and it's already clear that I should be the one in a skirt. She practically flat out said I'm the chambermaid.

Could it get any worse? Just as I finished my thought, Bruce, Dylan and Justin walk in, the three farm hands Steph hired. "God damn, spaghetti again!?" Dylan remarked. Of course it could always get worse. Why did I even ask? "Well, look what we have here," Bruce observed, "And who might you be?" "The names Amanda," she said bluntly as she takes a sip of her juice eyeing the three biggest assholes on the face of the planet that just walked in.

"You must be the knuckleheads I have to work with." The three of them look at each other in complete shock. Did she just insult them? Wow… "Heh, looks like we got ourselves a wild one," Bruce smirks, as he sits on the other side of her. "One thing's for sure, you're more manly than the pillow bitter over there." Not only does he get a chuckle from the other two, but even Amanda smirks at his comment.

She looks over at me and her grin widens. I quickly turn around, trying to hide the shame on my face. Why can't they just leave me alone? "Why would ya say somethin like that? You know from experience or just fantasizing?" Wait, what did she just say? I can't tell if she is defending me or implying something.

But when I turn around and see the look on Bruce's face, he is definitely pissed. "I'm no faggot, come spend the night in my bed and I'll prove it." "Ha, you couldn't handle a night with me. I would make you my bitch," She says as she looks at me and smirks. She shoots me a wink.

"Besides I prefer a hussy that can cook." "She's a carpet muncher, just look at her." Justin spoke up. "She's got dyke written all over." "Bet I can change her mind," Dylan said. "I highly doubt that," she responded. "You don't come off as the experienced type. It's clear I've had more pussy than you could ever dream of. I bet you've never been with a woman before. I know a virgin when I see one." Dylan went silent as his cheeks went red causing another smirk to show up on Amanda's mouth.

"I figured as much with an ugly mug like yours, you probably even scare the pigs away." I couldn't help but laugh at her insult. Someone is finally putting those jabronies in their place.

"What are you laughing at princess?" Dylan guffs. "At least I'm not a little sissy looking fagboy. The only thing you're good for is being a horses cocksleeve." The three of them erupt in laughter.

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Why do they always pick on me? What did I do? I try to hide the disgrace displayed on my face, especially from Amanda. "And yet out of the four of ya, he's the only one that's useful," Amanda quickly responded.

"I'll take a princess that can cook and clean over three shit birds that lack manners." Even though she called me a princess I can't help but smile. She is one hell of a woman! Steph finally walks into the room. "Got some great news! Just got off the phone with a packer. They want to buy almost half our herd! And at a decent price I might add." "That's great!" I chirp out.

That's amazing news. Now we can breathe a little, especially with the market auction coming up. "Now what are we waiting for, I'm starving!" She adds. I quickly bring over the pot of spaghetti and place it in the center of the table on a hot pad.

I also grab the garlic bread and set it on the table. The boys fight to dish up their plates as Steph takes a seat at the end of the table, next to Amanda where I usually sit, but I'll gladly let her have it. I take the chair next to her. She turns and gives me a smile after just loading up her plate.

Justin is sitting at the other end, next to me just scarfing down his food, making a mess. Dylan's sitting across from me and gives me a dirty look. I fix up my plate as I feel Amanda's hand grab my thigh just above the knee causing me to jump. Her grip is like iron.

I look over at her and she's acting like nothing's going on. We're sitting close enough that no one else notices. Besides they're all too busy stuffing their faces. Her hand starts to move up my thigh. I can't help but stir in my seat. My mind is racing and my heart is pounding. Her touch sets me on fire. "You got any more bug juice?" Steph asks causing me to jump. Amanda quickly removes her hand. "Yes!" I yelp immediately jumping to my feet, bumping into the table nearly knocking over my drink, but Amanda catches it just before it tips over.

Unfortunately it still manages to splash all over my pants. "Watch it!" Justin shouts. "Holy shit," Dylan reacts. "Damn girl, you got some quick hands," Steph observes. "Heh, just luck I guess," Amanda quickly brushes it off.

"Awe you got juice all over your pants, here let me get that for ya." Before I could say something, she was patting down my crotch with her napkin. I could feel my penis twitch as she started rubbing the towel over it, soaking up the juice. "You're going to need to change out of them jeans." I glance up at Steph as she has that embarrassed motherly look on her face.

She rubs her forehead and a sigh escapes her lips. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. Well, that's not true. I have a habit of looking foolish. But even still, all I want to do is crawl into a hole and disappear.

I can feel the tears water up. I didn't want anyone to see me cry, especially Amanda so I walk out of the room without a word. Once in my room, tears fall like rain. I pull off my pants and see my white underwear has a big red stain in the crotch. I pull them down as the door opens up and Steph walks in. "Ma!" I shout as I turn to cover my pecker.

"Oh don't act like I've never seen ya naked before. I use to clean your bottom before you could even walk." She walks over not even the least bit coy about it. "I just wanted to see if you were alright." She pulls me into a hug as more tears fall from my eyes.

I'm still trying to keep my crotch covered as she brings her hands to the side of my face and brings it close to hers looking into my eyes. "Don't worry about it baby, a little spilt juice has never hurt anyone." It's not just the juice. Being humiliated in front of Amanda like that just makes me want to bury my face in the ground.

Let's not forget the three farm hands harassing me all day long. She wipes away my tears and gives me a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Now why don't you put some pants on and I'll help you clean up the kitchen." "Yes ma, I'll be down in a sec." "That's my boy. I hate seeing that pretty face of yours full of tears," she says and then walks out. I quickly put on a fresh pair of undies and some shorts and make my way back down stairs.

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Steph has already started putting away the leftovers. Amanda stacked up all the plates in the sink. "You weren't kidding Steph, that boy sure can cook. I do enjoy spaghetti, but his takes the cake." "I told ya!" I can feel my cheeks flush with color hearing her say that. She gives me a look as I walk in making my knees quiver. I quickly go to work on the dishes avoiding her glances. She probably thinks I'm such a pansy.

We finish getting the kitchen clean as Steph opens up the fridge. "Amanda want a beer?" "If you're offering." Steph grabs two beers and cracks them open. She hands one to Amanda then collapses in her chair as she flips on the TV.

"We need to come together as a community," spoke a beautiful woman on the TV. "Ms. Sanderson what do you think of these evolves?" asked some reporter. "Evolves should be treated like everyone else. We need to break down the walls that divide this country." She paused for a moment as a stern expression took over her face.

"That being said anyone who breaks the law, regardless whether their an evolve or not will be punished. Evolves who choose to use their abilities to hurt people will be brought to Justice." "Uuuuh, politics… I can't wait until the elections is over.

Although that woman running for senator sure is fine though," Steph remarks. "I sure wouldn't mind hitting that ass!" Hearing Amanda's comment makes me a little jealous. I don't understand… Is she into women or men?

Maybe she's bi… I'm too tired to think about it, besides it's not like I have a shot with her. "You got that right! I wouldn't mind a night with her," Steph remarked. "Although, I'm not so sure on her stance about those evolves…" I honestly don't understand all the hate evolves get, I mean who hasn't dreamed of having superpowers. "I don't see anything wrong with them!" "Honey, I know you have this obsession with superheroes, but not everyone who has superpowers wants to save people." She took another sip of her beer before continuing.

"I'm not saying we should segregate them or discriminate because I know what that's like, experiencing a lot of it myself, but someone needs to keep tabs on them." "If they aren't doing anything wrong, why should they be under surveillance?" I asked. "I'm just saying when someone is has the ability to bend steel with their bare hands, who's to stop them from hurtin someone?" she rebuked. "Just because they have the ability to hurt someone doesn't mean they're going to," I argue.

"Look at Titan, the one who saved all those people from the LA incident. If it weren't for him a lot of people would of died." "Titan is one of the few exceptions. Look at all the bad evolves he fought. Let's just agree to disagree hun, I know you mean well but not everyone is like him. I just want what's best for us. What do you think Amanda?" "I got to say I agree with Kyle!" I looked up at her with surprise, honestly I thought by the way she carried herself, she was going to be one of those anti-evolve types.

She definitely seemed to have a domineering personality. "Just because some folks are a little different, doesn't mean they're bad people. Most folks just want to be left alone to live their life." "I suppose you make a good point," Steph agreed. "I just want to keep my family safe." "There's nothing wrong with that, I'm sure that's what most of them evolves want too. Just to feel safe." Amanda's words surprised me, I wouldn't of pinned her as a supporter of evolves let alone so open minded and thoughtful.

"I think I'm going to hit the sheets," I say as I rub my eyes. "Okay hun, you get some rest, busy week ahead of us," Steph says. "It was nice meeting ya Kyle, I enjoyed your cookin!" Amanda nods, as her eyes slowly fall to my legs, making me quiver.

A nod was the only thing I could manage. Ever since we hired Amanda as a farmhand, she made quick work of every chore Steph gave her. There wasn't much known about her and she didn't share very often. However, from the minute I first saw her, I knew she was special. She would often glance at me with a strange look in her eye. Like I was the gold waiting at the end of the rainbow.

It made me feel so vulnerable. However there's something about her I just couldn't shake. I couldn't get her off my mind. It was like when a song gets stuck in your head and no matter how many times you listen to it or sing it, it's still there. She's only been here a little over a week and now she's all I can think about, she's the song stuck in my head. A song called Amanda. The funny thing is I actually haven't said word to her since the day she arrived.

I get really nervous when I'm around her. My palms get sweaty and my heart starts beating faster. I just turn into mush. No one else has that effect on me. The three farm hands illicite a totally different response, mainly fear and disgust. I try to avoid them unlike Amanda. I really want to be around her, it's just every time I am around her my brain turns into applesauce.

Even when I have something to say my, mouth feels like it's been taped shut. I got a feeling today is going to be different. I got up this morning with a purpose.

I was determined to talk to her. I meticulously planned out my day, giving me every opportunity to actually say something to Amanda. I was going to cook the best breakfast ever. I was going to bring her out some freshly squeezed lemonade. Make the fattest sandwiches she's ever ate. I'll even offer to do her laundry if I have to! Strangely I actually really want to do her laundry. Maybe I could even give her a message!

I quickly made breakfast, blueberry pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

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After I finished cooking, I set the table and rang the horn signalling breakfast. I quickly went back to the kitchen and cleaned up. Steph walked in with bacon and some scrambled eggs wrapped up in a blueberry pancake.

"Hey hun, I'm going to be in town all day. I got a meeting with the banker about our debt which is going to take forever. Then I need to do some grocery shopping and get a pallet of horse feed. So I'll be gone most of the day. Here is a list of chores for the farmhands." "Okay sounds good.

By the way I've been looking at our property and I think I have found some great opportunities to expand our revenue without increasing our costs, I can show you after dinner if you like." I was pretty excited about this.

If Steph went along with my idea to lease out some of our excess land we could potentially make quite a bit of money. "Sure hun, I can't wait. I've got to go. I love you, baby. See you when I get back." She said as she came up and gave me a kiss on the cheek on her way out the door. I was rather nervous confronting the farm hands as they ate breakfast. When I walked into the room Amanda looked up at me as she sipped her coffee.

Justin and Dylan were busy scarfing down their pancakes I made, while Bruce was ranting on and on about evolves. "I think they should lock them all up and throw away the key. They're freaks!" "How are they any different from everyone else?" Amanda asked. "Well for one they're dangerous. Didn't you see the video of that ghost thing?

It's been murdering people left and right! LA is practically a war zone because of them. They all need to be hunted down and taken out before they rise up and kill us all." "That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, doesn't surprise me it came from your mouth," she retorted as she glanced over at me once more.

I finally took a deep breath and spoke up, "Steph went into town and she left some chores she would like you to all to do." I showed everyone the list of chores in my hand. Justin, Dylan and Bruce looked at each other and started laughing. "Listen princess," Justin had that mean look on his face as he spoke. "Why don't you get your little delicate hands dirty for once and do the chores yourself while we supervise.

God knows you could use a little hard work. You're more of a girl than Amanda." "Ha, yeah while you're at it one of the bulls is getting a little restless and could use a good cock sleeve like yourself to unload on.

We all know that's the only thing you're good for." Bruce chimed in as they all shared a laugh. Even Amanda had a smirk on her face. Of course they have to humiliate me in front of Amanda . "Well get to it you little slut before we shove that pretty little face of yours into another cow pie." Dylan ordered.

I just wanted to disappear and cry. "Ha that's rich comin from you three." Amanda finally spoke up. "I'm surprised Steph still keeps ya worthless shits around. God knows she's overpaying yall. If it were up to me, you three would quickly learn the hard way what real hard work feels like. Now the sooner we get these chores done, the sooner I can get away from you three dipshits." Amanda sent a glance my way that made me quak as she put those jackasses in their place.

she walked up to me and swiped the chore list form my hand and glanced over it. "Why don't you lazy shits sweep out the stables and I'll do the rest like always." With that being said left the three of them speechless.

I quickly followed her out the door. Now was my chance to talk to her. I caught up to her outside. My hands started to clam up and my heart was pounding 50 million beats per second. She turned to look at me when she heard me coming. It's either now or never. "Thanks for that." She turned and gave me a smirk. "You need to stop letting them push you around." "I've tried, but they're stronger than me.

Last time I stood up to them they shoved my face in poo." I felt so vulnerable telling Amanda this. I shamely looked down to the ground. I could feel my face turning red. "What a bunch of dick weeds.

I'll tell ya what, next time they give ya shit, you come get me. Is that clear? You cute little thing you," As she spoke she gently slapped my cheek. "You really mean that?" Did she really just touch my face!?!?

"Of course, I'll protect ya." She said. Her hand was still on my cheek, she gently gave it a nuzzle before sliding it down to the back of my neck. She pulled me close as she brought her lips to my ear.

Goosebumps showed up on my skin. "I'll take good care of ya, although I'm going to be wantin something in return." Her free hand slipped down my pants giving my ass a good squeeze causing me to thrust my hips into her. I definitely didn't expect that. I had no idea what to do. She tightened her grip on my neck. "Once I get these chores done I'm going to take you outback and teach you how to satisfy a real cock. Understand?" She pulled on my neck as she gave my ass another squeeze.

Did she just say she's going to teach me how to satisfy a cock? What did she mean by that? I'm so confused by her words, not to mention how uncomfortable this all is. This wasn't what I had in mind. "Ye. Yess ma'am," I stuttered out, my heart pounding in my chest. Not knowing what else to say. "Good boy!" She released my neck and took her hand out of my pants. She gave my ass a hard slap before she went off to start those chores.

---- The day only got hotter as the sun made its way through the sky. Steph still wasn't back from town. After finishing up my school work, which was no easy task since I couldn't get Amanda off my mind and what she said, I decided to bring the farm hands some lemonade I freshly squeezed up, well mainly just Amanda. I was still a little confused about what she said earlier.

Did she really mean all those things? About teaching me how to satisfy a cock? I wonder whose cock is she referring to? None of this makes any sense. I brought out the pitcher of Ice cold lemonade and a stack of glasses.

I found Amanda finishing up the last bit of fence for the new pasture. She was slick with sweat, just a-glistening. Her shirt was tied up revealing her tight, sweat covered abs. Her cowboy hat shielding her beautiful face from the sun. She had on a pair of cut off jeans that barely managed to hold her sculpted butt. Her legs were toned and muscular yet had a beautiful curve to them.

She simply glowed. She saw me coming and quickly finished putting in the last post. "I thought you could use something to drink with this heat baring down." I said to her as she lifted her hat up and wiped the sweat from her brow.

"Well isn't that awfully thoughtful of you." I set the extra cups down on a flat tree stump we often used as a table as I poured her a drink. She gladly took it and slammed it down. "Where's Justin, Dylan and Bruce? I brought them out some as well." "Even after they treat you like shit, you still do these nice things for them.

Honestly, I have no idea where those shitbirds are, probably off fucking around somewhere. I doubt they've even set foot in the stables." She set the empty glass down on the stump and gave me a wicked glance.

"I've only got a few chores left," she said as she stepped closer to me.


She grabbed the pitcher from me and set it on the stump. She brushed her hand through my hair. "Once I finish, you and I have some unfinished business outback. You didn't forget, did ya?" I knew I was blushing as I looked away.

I wasn't quite sure what she had planned for me, but I knew darn well it wasn't related to business. She had that insatiable look in her eyes whenever she glanced at me. I slowly shook my head no in response.

Once again her hand slipped down to the back of my neck and she leaned in close to my ear. "That's a good boy!" She whispered in my ear. My knees get weak after hearing what she calls me.

She let go of my neck and gave my butt a soft slap. Her hand stayed on my ass cheek, grabbing it with her sturdy grip. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you." Finally she let go. "Now I need to get to work or these chores will never get done.

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You go on inside and wait for me to finish. Once I'm done I'll come get ya. Understood?" "Yes ma'am," was all I could muster. "That's a good boy!" My heart did a somersault. I quickly refilled her cup and left it for her. I then grabbed the rest of the cups and the pitcher and headed back inside. What kind of "business" did she have planned for me? For some reason I don't quite like the sound of it.

The way she has been looking at me really makes me feel a little on edge. I mean don't get me wrong, she is one fine woman, but I all of a sudden feel a little anxious around her. Like how a bunny would feel being in the same room as a wolf. Not saying I'm a bunny or anything, but she definitely seems like a wolf. I spent the last few hours balancing the books. It was well into the afternoon, so I decided to fix everyone some lunch.

I made them all fat sandwiches and grabbed a big bag of chips. I took the food to the farm hand's lunch area. Once I neatly set the table, I rang the horn signalling lunch was ready. It didn't take long for the three no good jerks to get here. "Finally making yourself useful?" Bruce commented. The other two smirked. "The only thing she's good for." Justin remarked. His implication wasn't lost on me. "Besides taking dick," Dylan added.

The three of them all laughed. I tried to ignore them. "Yeah I bet she is a good little cock sucker." Bruce said "Maybe after lunch we can find out, eh boys?" Dylan suggested. I felt a tinge of fear creep in as I looked at them nervously. "No way in hell I'm letting that little sissy near my cock. It's reserved for his mother." Justin joked. "Ha, no I wasn't talking about letting him touch our cocks, I was referring to one of the horses." Dylan smirked.

"That slut doesn't deserve our cocks." "Shit, I would actually love to see that, I bet a nice horse cock would put her in her place." Bruce said. There is no way they're going to take things that far. Still, I was freaking out. I darted towards the door. Dylan leaped up and blocked it. "Where do you think you're going princess?" Justin came up behind me, "yeah mommy's not here to protect you, you little queer." I was in full panic mode.

Fear took over me like a flood of ice cold water. I tried to push past Dylan, but he grabbed my arm. I squirmed to break free, but Justin grabbed my other arm. "Let go of me!" I yelled. Bruce jumped in as they wrestled me to the ground. "Time to suck horse dick bitch." They grabbed my arms and legs, carrying me out of the farm house while I writhed and fought to escape.

"Please don't do this!" I cried. Oh god, this can't be happening. "Please!" I begged once more. "Shut up fagboy!" Justin yelled as they dragged me into the stables tearing my clothes as I struggled. This can't be happening! Bruce ripped the remaining rags of my shirt off, while Dylan tore my pants and underwear down pass my ankles. Justin opened the door to Nessy's stall, a giant black shire horse. Definitely the largest horse on the ranch. They threw me in as I begged and pleaded.

"You're not getting out until you're covered in that horses cum." Dylan told me as I fell to the feet of Nessy. "What in the fuck is going on here?" Amanda's voice roared behind them, catching them off guard.

"Look bitch, stay out of this if you know what's good for ya." Bruce glared at her. "Yeah, that little slut's not leaving that stall until she is sticky with that horses load," Dylan stated. "You dumbasses know Nessy is a female right?" Amanda pointed out.

I got up and peered out the bars as the three of them looked at each other dumbfounded. "Now you three good for nothing dipshits are going to put in your resignation and steer clear from Steph, Kyle and this ranch. Is that understood?" "And you're going to make us?" Justin stepped up with a cocky smile. "Damn straight," Amanda said with a smirk. "Ha you're asking for it, you know I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck you." Bruce said, "what do you say boys, want to find out how loose this bitch is?" "Oh I've been waitin a long time to try her out," Justin said with a long grin on his face.

"After we finish with her, let's find a horse with a fat cock for that little fucking faggot to suck on." Dylan added. "Sounds like a good idea to me," Bruce replied. Before they had a chance to move, Amanda's boot slammed so hard into Bruce's crouch it lifted his feet off the ground.

Justin and Dylan were so shocked that they didn't have a chance to react before her fist slammed into Dylan's throat causing him to drop to the ground gasping for air. Justin went to throw a punch, but Amanda was already one step ahead of him. She ducked below Justin's feeble attempt and landed a blow straight to the kidney.

He screamed as he fell to his knees. "You fucktards better get before I castrate you all." She commanded as they all scrambled to their feet and ran for it. She unhitched the stall letting me out. Then she followed them out and watched them get into their truck and take off.

--- I was still completely nude. I locked Nessy's stall up as Amanda came back. She looked at me and her eyes journeyed down my body. "From now on, no one will lay a hand on ya besides me. Is that clear?" I felt so embarrassed and humiliated. I couldn't even look her in the eyes.

I looked away with shame as tears rolled down my cheeks. She came up to me and pulled my chin up. "You look me in the eyes when I'm speaking to ya. Understand?" I hesitantly looked into her dark brown, piercing eyes as they roamed down my naked body making me feel completely exposed and vulnerable. I nodded as I closed my eyes. Her hand slid down to my throat tightening her grip as she pulled me closer.

"Open your eyes I want you to look at me." I obeyed her and looked at her as our faces were only a breath apart. She stared into my eyes as her free hand grazed my shoulder blade slowly traveling down my back until it arrived on my bottom. She gave it a squeeze. "You're mine, you hear me?" I'm speechless as I stared back into those dark possessive eyes.

She gives my throat a squeeze waiting for my response impatiently. She can't possibly mean that. Why would she want me? What does she want to do with me? The thought sends a shiver down my spine. Do I even have a choice?

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Without warning her hand releases my neck and slides down to my shoulder as she exerts just enough strength to force me down on my knees. "Let me make myself clear! From now on, you're my fuckboy! I want to see those pretty lips around my fat cock before I lose my patience.

I want my dick nice and wet before I fill that fine ass of yours with it!" My mind is swimming in confusion and fear. Amanda has a cock!? Is she really going to make me suck it? This can't be happening! She pulled down her jean shorts revealing the biggest cock I've ever seen. It slapped me in the face as it swung wildly, finally free from those shorts. "Well what are you waiting for? Put that mouth of yours to work!" I desperately looked into those hungry eyes, "I've never done this before&hellip." "What, sucked cock?" I could feel my face turn red, "I've never been with anyone before." "I figured as much.

There is always a first time for everything. Now either you're going to suck my cock with that pretty little mouth of yours or I'm going to fuck it." I can't believe this is happening. Oh my god I can't do this. "Please don't make me do this!" I begged. "Please!" "I guess I'm just going to have to fuck it!" She grabbed my hair and pulled up causing me to scream. Just as I parted my lips, my mouth was immediately filled with the massive tip of her girl cock.

She kept forcing it in until it touched my throat. I started gagging. She slapped my face with her free hand.

My eyes began to tear up. She grasped my head with both hands as she gyrated her hips back in forth bringing her cock in and out of my throat. Finally she pulled out as a string of spit followed. She grabbed her cock with one hand as the other still gripped my hair. Her cock smacked so hard against my cheek it made a loud smack. She then rubbed her cock across my face, smearing my own spit everywhere. I could barely hold two thoughts together as she slammed her cock back in my mouth all the way down my throat and held it there.

I couldn't breath! I was panicking, grasping her thighs trying to push away. More tears falling from my eyes. Finally she pulled out again. "We're going to have to work on your gag reflex.

Once I'm done with ya, you'll be able to take all my shaft like a good little cocksucker." I was desperately trying to catch my breath. "Don't worry darlin, you'll soon come to enjoy worshipping my cock. God you're the cutest thing I ever did see." I searched those lustful eyes, still panting for air.

Lovely asian likes mushroom tipped intrusion in pov

"Please… Hhhhuhhh. No more…" She bent down and as she pulled my hair bringing me closer. "I decide when we're done." "Why are you doing this to me?" She looked down at me with this wicked grin. "I've wanted you ever since I laid eyes on ya. I can't resist that cute innocent face with those blue adorable eyes. I gotta have ya!" She stood back up and forced her dick back in my mouth. Grabbing my head with both hands once more as she started thrusting fast and hard, getting into a rhythm.

I reached up to her hips and tried to break free, but she is just too strong. She grabbed my hands and tossed them aside and slapped my face. "Quit struggling!" She pulled out and gave me a shove sending me to the ground.

"Time to fuck that pretty little ass of yours." "Please no!" I tried to escape, but she pounced on me like a lioness taking down a gazelle. Fear flooded through me like a breaking dam. "Please don't do this, Please! Ahhh, you're hurting me!" "Oh shut up you little cock tease!" She grabbed both arms and constrained them behind my back as she grabbed some rope and tied them up. "The more you struggle, the more it's going to hurt. As hard as it is to believe, I don't really want to hurt ya, I just want to fuck ya." I cried as I laid there with my face in the dirt helpless.

"Oh you haven't even began to feel pain," she growled. "Wait till I start pulverizing that gorgeous ass of yours with my womanhood. I bet you're real tight. Ummm I love me some virgin ass." She grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them as I writhed and squirmed. SMACK! My ass stung like hell as she slapped it. "Just relax and take it like a good little whore." There was nothing I could do as I felt a liquid substance drip down on the crack of my ass and seep into my little pucker hole.

I had to do something! What could I do? She is much stronger than I am and my hands are tied behind my back. I'm completely helpless to her. I have to at least try.

I started bucking, kicking and squirming. Anything to prevent her from sticking that monster in my ass. I could feel the back of my foot make contact with something. "Oh you little shit! I'm going to make you pay for that." She leaned over and grabbed my throat and squeezed with her vice grip preventing me from breathing. I felt something press against my butthole. "AHHHHHHH!!!" Pain overtook me. Excruciating pain. I felt the pressure mount as her cock forced its way into my backdoor, stretching out my tight little asshole to make room for her massive shaft.

I couldn't breathe, my mind was starting to go fuzzy until she released my throat. I gasped for air as her cock penetrated my ass going in deeper. I screamed from the pain until my mouth was clamped shut by her hand. "Shut the fuck up and take my cock." She slowly brought her cock back out to the tip, but before I could finally catch my breath she began to force it back in causing me to groan in pain.

It hurt so bad. I tried to yell, but her iron grip clasped my mouth shut. "Fuck you're so tight. I can't even get my dick halfway in." I tried to pry her hand off my mouth, but her hold was too firm. She continued to feed her long massive shaft in my tush, the pain seemed to intensify.

It felt like her cock was rearranging my insides. I groaned loudly into her hand. She now rested her full weight on me. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck as she pulled her long shaft out to the tip and slammed it back in, holding it there.

The air was forced out of my lungs as her pole completely filled my ass. She leaned in closer. "UUuuhh you're the tightest pussy I've ever been in," she moaned in my ear as she tightened her grip on my mouth.

"I'm going to need to fuck you a few times before I break that ass in." Once again she pulled her cock out leaving just the tip in my ass, only this time she didn't hesitate before slamming it back in. She started to get into a rhythm pulling her butter churner out and forcing it back in without stopping.

Fucking my ass with as steady beat. I don't how much more I can take… Each thrust causing me to grunt loader and loader into her hand. "Fucking take my cock, I'm going to fill that ass up with my seed, you little cumdumpster. You're my bitch." Just when I couldn't take anymore, I felt it. The pain was still there, but something else was quickly overcoming it.

A pleasure rapidly started to overtake me. I've never felt anything like this. She was all too eager to conquer my ass, slamming her cock to my very core, sending ripples of pain and pleasure through me. I couldn't help but moan. "That's it, I can tell you're startin to enjoy this." She finally let go of my mouth. I gasped as I tried to breath, each thrust leaving me heaving for oxygen. All of a sudden she pulled out and swiftly flipped me on my back pinning my bound hands beneath me.

Lifting my legs above my head, she locked her arms behind my knees as she forced her cock back into my rear causing me to cry out, "AAaaahhhh!" The pain quickly returned as her pole stretched out my ass once more. The pleasure soon followed as my body began quivering. "Take my fat cock, you little skank!

I know you like it." she growled, as she slammed into me with all her might. "AAAAaaaaahhhhhh!" I screamed, as my dick started to pulse spraying my own cum all over myself.

A giant load landed on my face. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body causing me to shake as more sperm spewed out. Amanda took her hand and smeared my cum all over my mouth before she shoved her fingers between my lips making me taste its saltiness. "Ha I knew you were enjoying this, cumming like a little slut from getting that ass fucked." Once more feeding that massive member in my ass as she took her fingers out and gave my cheek a slap.

She held her cock there as she grabbed my hair and looked me in the eyes. "You're mine! You hear me! From now on your ass belongs to me! Got that!?" She demanded, as she pulled back and gave me another thrust.

"YYYYyyessss!" I yelled, feeling all sorts of mixed emotions as I laid there with my ass in the air getting filled with Amanda's anaconda. I was starting to ache from having legs pinned over my head causing my back to bend, bringing my ass up for Amanda. This put a lot of pressure on my shoulders and neck. This position gave Amanda exactly what she wanted… Easy access to my rear as she crouched over me feeding her massive member down my tight little butthole. Once more she pulled out to the tip.

"Who do you belong to?" "Yooouuu!" I moaned as she slammed back into me. I was drenched in sweat, my own cum and all dirty from the ground. My eyes were wet as tears leaked out. At this point I was helpless and at her mercy. I had no choice but to do what she wanted. I just wanted this to be over with. But I couldn't deny, even though I felt so humiliated and ashamed, there was a part of me deep down that yearned for Amanda's affection, but not like this.

The way she degraded me, using my body to pleasure herself all the while making me feel meek and submissive. She grabbed my ass "Tell me who owns this ass?

This time say my name you dirty whore!" She commanded as she continued to pound my ass. "I belongss eh too youuu… Amandaaa! I'mmm yoouurrss. Ahhhh!" I could feel her cock tense up as I cried and moaned out her name. "OOOOhhh fuckkkk! I'm going to cuum!" She screamed.

A second later she slammed her cock as far as she could and unloaded in my ass. "FFUuuuuckkk!" I could feel her seed inside me as more and more came out of her. My ass milked her cock for all it was worth, I could feel it leak out of the tight ring of my butthole and drip down my crack. She pulled out her cum gun as she spread her last load all over my ass. "Holy Shit that might've been the best fuck I've ever had.

I've never had my cock in a fuck hole as tight as yours." I could barely move, I was so exhausted. She rolled me onto my stomach and untied my bindings, giving my ass a slap when she finished.

"Next time don't struggle so much and you might actually enjoy it." "Yes…" I was still breathing heavy, as I struggled to get up. All covered in dirt, cum, sweat, and hay. I've never experienced anything like that before. It hurt like hell at first, but as she fucked me, pleasure took over. I'm so confused. I feel so humiliated and vulnerable.

Not to mention how confused I am. Why did it feel good all of a sudden? Amanda finished putting her clothes on as she turned to me and took a good look at my naked, exposed, dirty body. "What's my name?" "Amanda." I said as I looked into those dark brown eyes. She took a few steps closer to me and pinned me against the stall as I tried to back up. "And who owns you from now on?" she said with a smirk as she gently slapped the side of my cheek.

"You own me from now on Amanda." I said as shamefully looked away. She gently grabbed my chin and pulled me up into a long passionate kiss. A kiss that made me shiver, but at the same time made me feel so hot. She broke the kiss and looked me in my eyes. Just then Steph's truck pulled up and started to make its way down to the stables. "Oh no!

Steph is home," I panicked.