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I joined the Army out of high school, was going to make a career of it. Two tours in Iraq, herding civilians, wondering whether I should shoot the sonabitch walking up to me with a smile put an end to that. Re-up was a few months away. I wrote my Mother and asked her to find out if I would be pulled back in if I took a discharge. She had worked for lawyers and knew how to get info. She sent back a copy of a letter from a politician saying I was exempt. "Come home." she said. Five days after signing out and three days after getting home Mom started giving me blowjobs.

It was late when I flew in. Mom and dad picked me up at the airport. She went through all kinds of emotions from crying to giddy laughter. And lots of touching. Hugging my arm, holding my hand, fixing my hair and shirt and so on. She wanted to make sure I was real and wasn't going to leave again. My father finally said, "You're going to smother the boy." "My son is home from a war. I'll smother him all I want until I get my fill." she said. Prophetic words. I was tired after 15 hours in airplanes and airports and just wanted to sleep.

I went to my old bedroom, looked at the posters on the walls and shook my head at the dumb ass I used to be. I took off my clothes, got into bed and fell asleep right away. I woke up to the sounds of dad getting ready for work and Mom making breakfast.

I smiled and stretched, happy as I could be. I reached down to scratch my balls and, realizing the door was closed, I was actually alone in a room, threw the sheet off and grabbed my hard cock.

I laid there idly stroking it and we had a conversation. We both agreed that our first priority was to get some American pussy, the best pussy in the world. There was a routine in the house during summer mornings as I was growing up.

Dad would go to work and Mom would go outside to take care of her flowers while it was still cool. I would open my bedroom door to listen if Mom was still in the house.

If I didn't hear anything I would put old clothes in the hamper, get fresh ones and walk naked to the shower I used. Mom and dad had their shower in their bedroom. Mine was down the hall and past the dining room. A creature of habit I am. Stuck my head out the door, no sounds. Got clothes and walked down the bedroom hall. It ended in a smaller hall with the front door on one side and dinning room on the other.

Stuck my head around the corner to make sure the front door was closed. It was. Walked into the small hall, turned to the dinning room and there was Mom sitting on a chair, her eyebrows lifted in surprise, her eyes locked onto my hard cock. "Damn!" I said and jumped back to the bedroom hall. "I'm sorry Mom. I didn't hear anything and thought you were outside." It took her a few seconds to respond.

"That's OK, baby," she said slowly. "I'm not upset. I've washed everything you're going to wash hundreds of times." A pause, a giggle. "Though from the quick glimpse I got there is a lot more to wash now." I had to smile. With one sentence Mom defused the situation. From behind the wall I said, "What I'm sorry about is that.you know." "You have an erection, boner, hard-on?" It was my turn to be surprised. I stuck my head around the corner, and smiling, said, "Mom!" She laughed.

"You didn't think I knew those words, did you? Don't worry, baby, I've seen it before in all it's full, masculine glory." She giggled again and with a mischievous tone in her voice said, "You were 16 the last time." I pulled my head back, put it against the wall and said, "Oh, God! I don't remember you seeing me." "I came back from the grocery store and called you twice to bring the bags in but you didn't answer.

I walked to your room, pushed the door open," she laughed, "and there you were. A pair of headphones on your ears, eyes squeezed shut and furiously abusing what I had spent nine months creating." A moan from me, a laugh from her. "I thought of walking in, pulling your headphones off and telling you to be gentle, it has to last you for the rest of your life." Another laugh from her. "But I knew you would die of embarrassment so I let you enjoy yourself." A few seconds pause.

"Baby, I've always wondered how you could concentrate on a fantasy with loud music in your ears. I could hear it at your door." I had to laugh. This is Mom, that's how she is. Happy and playful. So I just went along with it.

"I used to pretend I was a rock star and was with a groupie who was, you know, doing things." "I see." she said. "And the groupie, she was on her knees while she was doing things?" I stuck my head around the corner and looked at her, wondering how she could read me so well.

"A-ha. I was right. That's every male's fantasy from puberty and on." I shook my head and was going to pick up the clothes I had dropped and put boxers on when Mom started talking again. Even if you didn't know her you could hear the playfulness in her voice.

And again slowly she said, "Baby, is your soldier still at horizontal attention or did I scare it too much?" My cock did start to go limp when I first jumped back into the bedroom hall. But, oddly, when she started to talk about watching me jack off it got hard again. With bravado I said, "Yes, it's still at attention. Like me, nothing scares it." Mom laughed and said, "Come out here and let me take a good look.

I'll probably never get another chance. Satisfy a Mother's curiosity about how her son has turned out," Fuck it, I was willing. I'll be as bold as she was. "Are you sure Mom." "Yes." she said with excitement in her voice. "OK, I'm coming." and picked up my clothes. Mom is quick, another reason to love her. "Oh, baby, not on the hall carpet. It will be a mess to clean up." I laughed loud, walked into the short hall and turned to face her.

"Ta-da." I said with my arms lifted a little. I swiveled my hips from side to side to give her a profile look and then started for the shower. Mom's eyes got serious when she saw me and locked on my cock again. "Oh my," she said and followed it as I walked to the shower, "a Mother's curiosity becomes a Mother's pride." I came out of the shower in socks, jeans and a t-shirt.

Mom and I were awkward with each other, overly polite. Mom later told me her reason was because her panties got wet. My reason was because I jacked off in the shower with the novel combination of my Mother and my hard cock in my thoughts. We made bland, careful conversation while I ate. When I finished we sat there drinking coffee and the talk turned to me finding work. At one point Mom said, "Do you think it will be hard." paused and blushed.

It was my turn to be quick. I jumped into the pause and said, "Yes it will be. Every morning just like this morning." That's all it took, the awkwardness was gone. Mom laughed and laughed and I chuckled. When she caught her breath she said, "Well that's good to know.

I'll make sure I'm sitting here, the best seat in the house." She laughed again and continued. "What I was going to say, my handsome smart-ass son, is do you think it will be hard for you to find work." I pretended to thoughtfully ponder the question. "It will depend on how stiff the competition is." Mom laughed again.

"Trust me," she said, "the competition will not be stiffer." With a glint in her eye she said, "But just in case, you better stick to a very rigid schedule." We both laughed. We went back to being Mother and son but this time there was a tingle between us.

I went to my room and finished getting dressed. Before I left the house I went up to Mom, gave her a kiss and told her I would bring her car back in the afternoon. She kissed me back and as I turned to leave she stopped me. With a bit of nervousness she said, "Baby, if I am lucky enough to get more shows in the mornings lets not tell your father about them. I'm not sure how he would respond to his wife admiring our son's erections." "Or boners or hard-ons." I said.

She smiled and I hugged her tight and she hugged me back. "I'm glad you said that Mom. I was wondering if you were going to tell him about this morning." She hugged me again. "No I wasn't. Lets keep it just for us." I held her head and kissed her on the lips hard. "Mmm-a." I said. "I love you Mom." She beamed and said, "I love you too, baby. Have a good time out there and get used to being back home." That night, with dad home, everything was normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

Woke up next morning to the sound of the garage door opening and closing and dad's car driving off. I laid on the bed wondering how yesterday happened.

I decided that it was lots of joy at me being home in both Mom and me. Me being naked and hard in front of Mom was no big deal compared to being home.

Then I started to wonder if I was really going to do it again, walk out there naked and hard. It wouldn't be an accident this time. I got an answer when Mom called down the hall. "I'm ready for my show baby." I got that solar plexus sensation you get when you are about to do something exiting. So I got fresh clothes and walked on down the hall, yea.

And I came to the dining room. And I turned to face Mom. Mother had her hand up in a fist with her index finger pointing. When she saw me she aimed it at my cock and followed the bounce and sway as I walked. "Boing, boing, swish, swish," she said. I stopped walking in front of her and turned to face her.

Then I started to flex my cock. If you flex and release your boner at the right times you can get it to go a few inches above and below it's "resting" state. I wont say that I got it to slap my belly but it was bobbing up and down nicely.

Mom was delighted. She clapped her hands and said, "Yay! Not only is it handsome but it's talented too." After my shower she was all touchy-feely while I was eating breakfast. When getting something from the kitchen she would kiss the top of my head as she passed by and say she loved me. Or put her arms around me as I sat in the chair, hug me and say she is so happy I was home. After I got dressed I went up to Mom to give her the goodby kiss.

She kissed me back and took my hand. "Inspection time." she said. I had no idea what she was talking about. She went to her chair, sat down, grabbed my hips and looked at my crotch. "OK." she said. "A nice promising bulge." She moved my hips from side to side. "Nothing snaking down your pant-legs." She ran a finger inside the top of the pants and said, "Nothing trying to escape from up here." She held my hips again, squeezed them and said, "Good." She let go, sat back in her chair and folded her arms under her tits.

"You make sure it stays like that. If the women in town get an inkling of what I see in the mornings we would have to put bars on your windows to keep them out at night." Now, a beautiful woman that you love, sitting face level with your cock, talking about it, paying attention to it. What else could it do but what it was intended to do.

Mom and I both watched as it tented my dockers, her smug smile getting bigger. I looked at her from under my eyebrows.

"You did this on purpose, didn't you." I said. She sat up straight in her chair and justified herself. "A woman needs an ego boost every once in a while. She needs to know that she still has it." I chuckled and said, "OK, I can understand that. But you know the rule so get to it." "What are you talking about?

What rule?" "The Rule. The one that says if you make it hard you have to make it soft again." She smiled and said, "Oh really? That's a rule? I've never heard of that one." "Ignorance of the Rule is no excuse. Go ahead." She laughed and said, "So you expect me to masturbate or." I reached for my zipper. "I'll take the "or." She reached for my hands to stop me with a big smile on her face. "Don't you dare take it out or I'll bite it!" "Ooo, as long as they are gentle love bites that's alright." She laughed and while we were having our mock struggle the back of her hand brushed against my hard cock a few times.

Finally she put her palm on it and pushed it against my left hip, the side that the garage was on. "Look, it's pointing to the garage. Even it knows you should leave. Now get!" I gave up the struggle and reached my hand down my pants. "Uncomfortable?" she asked with a mischievous look. "I have to put it in my boxers or there will a wet spot on my pants." She giggled at that.

I finished straitening up my shirt and pants. Everything was neat and tidy but I had a boner in my pants.

"So, I'm supposed to walk into an office and get an application with this?" and pointed to my cock. Mom laughed happily. "You look really good to me, baby. But you better do some pushups in the parking lot." I opened the door to the garage and looked back at her. "I hope you know that you owe me for this morning." Her eyes twinkled and she said, "I'll make you an Apple pie." "That's not what I was thinking of." She smiled big and pointed to the garage, "Get." I grumbled a little and started to go into the garage.

She called out, "I love you baby." I stuck my head back into the house and smiled at her. "I love you too, Mom." I started to leave and stuck my head back in again. "We play good together." She puckered her lips and gave me an air kiss. I spent the morning getting applications and the afternoon visiting old high school friends.

We caught up on each others lives and had a good time but we all realized the directions that our lives had taken were far apart now and it was alright. As I started to drive home I started to get hard. By the time I pulled into the garage I was full mast. With the events of the last two days I decided to walk into the house with it leading the way.

"I'm home Mom." I said going to the hooks where the car keys were kept. Mom was doing dinner things at the kitchen counter. She looked up to greet me then saw my pants.

"Again?" she said. "Please tell me you didn't walk around town like that." "No, I didn't. It started to get hard on the way home." I waved my hands and said, "I think there is a magnetic boner field around the house." She smiled at that. I walked towards her and, remembering the morning, she turned around with her back to the counter and the heels of her palms on it.

"And just what do you think your going to do now." I pretended to be hurt. "I'm going to give you a kiss. Like I always do when I come home." She smiled at me. "I'm sorry baby," she said.

She put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a peck on the lips. I couldn't help it, my cock was only four inches from her belly. Instinct took over and I thrust forward. I think the head went into her belly button. She pushed me away and slapped my hip. "You bad, bad boy. Poking your Mother with that thing." But her smile never left. "I didn't poke Mom. It was pulled. I think your the magnet creating the field." She giggled and said, "Two ego boosts in one day." She looked down at it, looked up at the clock, pulled tissues out of the box that was always on the counter and put them in my hands.

"Here, go to your room and take care of it. Your father will be home in about 15 minutes and you can't have it waving around the house like that." Wow, Mom wanted me to jack-off.

I would be in my room, she in the kitchen and both of us would know what I was doing. Remembering what she said about watching me when I was 16 I said, "I'll do it here." "NO!" she said forcefully.

"It takes me half an hour in the morning to get the image of it out of my head. If you do it here I'll be a wreck and your father will keep asking me what's wrong. Please baby, go to your room." "Alright, Mom," I said and went to my room. I came back less then five minuets later with my cock limp and happy. "That was fast," Mom said. I looked at her eyes intensely and said, "I came up with a very good fantasy." Something flared in her eyes, something I'd never seen before.

She turned away and busily went back to making dinner. I reached out and put a hand on the side of her face. "Your beautiful, Mom.

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I love you." She looked at me and pressed her face against my palm. "I love you too, baby." "That's the hand I used." I told her. It took a few seconds for her to understand what I meant. When she did she pulled her head away and, smiling, said, "Get away from me you trouble maker. Let me finish dinner." I sat down at the dinner table and began to tell her about my day. Common everyday things. Me walking in with a hard cock and she telling me to jack off were washed away.

After a few minutes she realized what I was doing and gave me a soft, loving look. When dad came home we were laughing about something one of my friends had said. The next day. The next amazing morning. I laid on my bed naked with my hands under my head while Mom and dad did their morning thing. I thought about how things kept progressing each morning and wondered what today would bring.

The sound of dad's car had faded away and a few seconds later there was a knock on my door. I heard Mom say, "It's me baby." and the door opened. Mom scanned me for a few seconds, shook her head slightly and I could just barely hear her say "M-m-m." Then she looked at my face and said, "Stay here for a while. Your father forgot to take his briefcase. I'm going to call him before he gets to far away. I'll let you know when he's gone." She took one last look at me and left.

I heard her talking on the phone and then the front screen door opening and closing. She had put the briefcase on the porch steps. A few minutes later dad's car came speeding back.

He said, "Thanks." Mom said, "Your welcome." and then he sped off again. Mom waited till the sound of his car was gone and then closed and locked the front door. "He's gone." she called from the end of the hall.

I got up and got my clothes. My cock was so hard it almost hurt. When I got to the dinning room I stopped dead in my tracks. Every morning Mom wore a robe. A thick one in the winter and a light one in the summer. And now I could understand why. After dad got his briefcase she had taken her robe off and put it on the back of a chair.

She was sitting with her arms crossed under her tits. She had a to-small, threadbare t-shirt on. I could see the color of her nipples, the areolas and the flesh around them. There was no way I was going to leave that view. I put my clothes on the table and got a cup of coffee. I leaned against the counter on the dinning room side, sipping.

We looked at each other, neither of us saying anything. Then I put the cup on the counter and stretched. The head of my cock turned dark red.

"Your just showing off now, aren't you?" she said. I shrugged. Then she stretched. She may as well have been topless. It took willpower not to kneel in front of her and suck on her tits with that t-shirt on, leave two wet spots on the front of it.

"Now who's showing off?" I said. She smiled and leaned back on her chair. And then the look I saw the day before came back into her eyes.

She put her arms on the table, glanced at my cock and looked up. "This may be an unusual request from me but yesterday, when I accidentally pushed your penis against your hip," (we both smiled,) "it felt incredibly hard.

Would you mind if I squeezed it to see if it was as hard as I thought?" Mind!? Hell no I wouldn't mind, I thought. "Sure, Mom." I said and walked it to her outstretched hand.

She put her hand around it and squeezed. "My God, baby!" She put two fingers and a thumb on the sides and tested the hardness "There's no give in it. No mushiness." She put her hand around it again. Neither one of us wanted the contact to end. I started to fuck her hand. "That feels so good, Mom. It's been a long time since a woman has held it." She looked up.

"Do you want me to stroke it a little for you?" A little?! I must have nodded like a village idiot. She smiled and turned sideways in her chair, opening her knees. "Come here, baby." she said and pulled me between them by my cock. She put one arm around me and started to slowly stroke. She pulled me tighter to her, kissed my belly and looked up at me. "I can feel every muscle fiber in it." she said and kissed my belly again.

She watched her hand go up and down. "Your father hasn't been this hard in years. Even when I su.Well, for a long time." There it was. Mom just told how she wanted this morning to go. It wasn't a slip of the tongue, it was an offer. But I had to make sure. I put two finger under her chin and turned her face up.

"You give dad blowjobs?" I asked. She smiled, kissed my belly and looked up again. "Every generation thinks they discovered oral sex." She looked down.

"Of course I give your father blowjobs. If he's been good. It's a wife's duty and," she looked up, "I like doing it." and looked down again. Fuck me! My Mother, this hidden treasure I've lived with all these years likes to suck cock! But I had to be sure she would suck mine. I turned her face up again. "Is it also a Mother's duty when her son has been good?" That look again, this time stronger. She looked down and said, "Baby, what I'm doing now isn't a normal thing for a Mother to do.

But if I were to." she looked up. ".suck you." she looked down, "it would change things between us and I don't know how." When she looked at me and said 'suck you' I knew what that look was.

Lust, it was bone melting lust that was in Mom's eyes. I tried to come up with something to say that would push her over the edge to start blowing me but I didn't have to. On one of her upward strokes of my cock a bead of clear pre-cum ended up on the tip. With a deep groan from some ancient part of her womanhood, Mom dropped her head and took my cock into her mouth. Let me say that again in case you missed it. My Mother.willingly.eagerly.took my hard cock into her mouth.

Those of you who have gotten blowjobs from your Mothers will understand when I say that there are few sexual experiences that can equal it. Those of you who haven't, start asking for one. Or begging if you have to. When Mom had control of my cock with her mouth she let go of the shaft and grabbed my hips. Then she went into a trembling, slow motion, cock-sucking frenzy. She went up and down on it but also from side to side and in circles. She wanted to feel her son's cock in every part of her mouth.

I think I had an out of body experience. I could see the breakfast clutter on the kitchen counters, the dinning room table and me standing naked in front of Mom while her head moved around between my hips.

I came back into my body because I was going to cum. I told her so and she stopped moving her head around. She pulled back with just the head in her mouth, sucked harder and lashed the underneath of it with her tongue. And I came, harder then I've ever had before. I had to put my hand on the wall to keep from falling. Mom swallowed everything I gave her. And when my cock was limp she put her lips at the base, tightened them and pulled up, getting whatever was left in the shaft.

When she was finished she let go of my hips and must have sat back in her chair. I had my head thrown back trying to uncross my eyes. "Do you have tomorrow morning free?" I said. I felt her arms go around me and her chin on my belly. I looked down and two smiling faces came together into one happy woman. With a slight blush she said, "Why, would you like me to suck you again?" I've heard the word 'suck' often but it's very erotic when your Mother says it.

I nodded and she put a side of her face against my belly and hugged tight. She looked up again and said, "Stay in your room tomorrow after your father leaves.

I'll come to you." I must have done something the rest of the day but I don't remember what it was. The next morning it felt like dad took his sweet, fucking time getting out of the house. And it seemed just as long before Mom came, even though it was only a few minutes. I spent the time thinking "Mom is going to suck my cock! I'm gong to watch Mom suck my cock!" Finally there was a knock on the door and Mom opened it. She stood there in her t-shirt and shorts for a bit, looking at me laying on the bed, hard cock on my belly.

"I was going to ask you if you've changed your mind but it looks like the answer would be no." She had a Mona Lisa smile on her face as she crawled over the bed on all fours. Sitting on her heels next to my thighs she rubbed me.

Up one side of hips and belly then down the other. She pushed on a leg so I would open up a little. Then she put fingers under my balls and waved them till my balls were in her palm. She lifted them up and down, weighing them.

"You certainly have outgrown the words testicles and penis, baby. These are heavy, hairy man balls now." She let go of them and grabbed my cock tight.

"And this, mmm, this is a hard, dangerous looking cock that Mommy is going to tame with her mouth." I smiled as she began to stroke it. She gave it about five slow strokes and said, "My son's cock.

I get to play with my son's cock." Five more strokes and she looked up at me. "Do you know that most Mothers, if not all of us, have at least once thought of doing this." She watched her hand, "We don't say to each other that we want to play with our son's cocks. But when they hit puberty we make comments and laugh about constant erections and stained sheets." She looked at me. "And we all recognize what isn't being said." That surprised me. "Did you think about playing with me when I was growing up?" I asked.

She used her other hand to rub my chest. "Oh, baby. There was more then pulling off your headphones that I wanted to do that day." She let go of my cock and straightened up on her knees. "And now I'm going to do it." she said and put a knee between my legs. I spread them and she put her other knee there. Then she took my balls in hand, leaned over and nuzzled them with her face. "Oh, my son's hairy balls." she said. She moved up and rubbed my cock across her face.

She was starting to get into a frenzy again but she caught herself. "Ooo, I'm going to take my time today." She grabbed my cock and kissed up and down on it. She held it straight up and, looking at me, nibbled up and down the shaft saying, "I told you I'd bite it." She rubbed the underside of the head on her lips as she looked up at me. She got a smile on her face and kept rubbing it on her lips as she said, "If you want baby, I'll be your personal cock-sucker till you find a girlfriend." All I could do was groan and nod my head.

She took me in her mouth and bobbed up and down a few times and then looked up at me again. That lust was in her eyes. "I want us to do this a lot, baby." and I was back into her mouth. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply.

Outside the house people were going about their lives, doing important things in their lives. But inside the house Mom and I were alone. The doors were locked, the curtains closed. Mom and I were alone in the quiet, still house and she and I were the only ones that knew what we were doing. I watched her mouth, her lips. They pushed into her mouth when she went down and pulled out when she came up. Sexual need overcame me.

I put my hands on the back of her head and told her to roll on her side. She unfolded herself, we ended up on our side and I started to fuck her mouth. She responded with equal need. She put a leg over mine and rubbed her shorts covered pussy on it. I could feel the heat and moistness. She put her free hand around my hip and grabbed an ass cheek.

I lasted longer then the day before, not by much, and told her I was going to cum. Instead of pulling back with just the head in her mouth, she went down to the root.

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She had her chin on my balls, her mouth full of my cock and her nose buried in my pubic hair. I'm sure my cum went straight down her throat. That's how it started. For the next two months we averaged about three blowjobs a week. More if dad was out of the house on weekends. She made sure she sucked me in every room of the house so she could have "a memory of it." She even gave me a blowjob in her car while it was parked in the garage. She wanted to reminisce on her college years.

They were all memorable but some stand out. About the fifth one Mom had me on her bed. She was kneeling next to it doing the preparatory work of looking, stroking and nuzzling. I had a burst of love for her and said, "Why don't you lay down Mom, let me pleasure you this time." Her smile stayed on her face but she got a sad look in her eyes that I didn't understand. "Are you getting tired of my blowjobs baby?" That floored me. I reached out around her waist and pulled her towards me.

"Hell no! Silly woman. It's just that all I've done is enjoy myself while you do all the work. I'm not giving anything back to you." It was a relief to watch the transformation on her face. She put a hand to my face and said, "You're going to be a very good husband someday." Then she got a big smile and kissed my chest.

"Don't worry about me not getting pleasure baby. For a woman with an oral fixation, being able to satisfy it on her son is the grand prize, the brass ring. Don't worry about me not getting pleasure." Then she blushed. With my cock in her hand, and after giving me about five blowjobs, she blushed. "Plus, I'm comfortable with your penis, I mean cock. I used to wash it, I saw your first erection as a toddler.

I called to your father and told him "Come look at your son." Then she blushed again and got shy. "But if you were to touch me.there.I would be a different woman. I would need a weekend to recover and get used to it. Can you be OK with just blowjobs?" "My beautiful Mother, you just gave me guilt-free permission to enjoy myself. Yes, I'm OK with "just" blowjobs." She smiled and looked at me for a few seconds.

"You know what else I'm comfortable with?" I shook my head and then Mom performed one of the most sensual movements a woman can make. She crossed her arms at the waist, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head. The peek-a-boo game her tits had played with me inside her t-shirts was over. There they were, full and round, two perfect Mom tits. I love tits. I like to hold both of them in my hands with the nipples showing. Then I like to rub them on my face, sometime with just the nipples, other times smashed onto my face.

I like to put the nipples together and suck on both of them at the same time. And I like to have a woman put her hands on either side of my head and have her move them back and forth on my face. We spent about five minutes doing all those things. While she was dragging them across my face I asked her if I liked drinking out of one nipple more then the other.

"The one that had milk in it." she said. Then she took them in her hands and started rubbing them in my face harder.

"Oh, baby, I used to get so horny when I fed you." Her eyes were glowing. "You like Mommy's tits baby?" I groaned as she smashed them on my face and moved her shoulders around. "Oh my sweet baby, Mommy likes rubbing her tits on you." She straightened up and moved down to my hips, still holding her tits.

"Mmm, I want to rub them on my son's cock." She started rubbing them on the shaft. "Oh God!" she said. She covered my cock and my balls, moving her tits around and making whimpering sounds. She finally let go of them, put a choke hold on the base of my cock and impaled her mouth on it, trembling again.

About two minutes of that and I came. Another morning I woke up to the occasional, unmistakeable slapping sound of doggy style fucking. Ten minutes later their bedroom door closed, mine opened and Mom rushed in, robe and nightgown flowing around her. I looked behind her. "He's in the shower. I'm really horny today, baby." she said while throwing my sheet off of me. "I heard you and dad." I told her. "I did that for you to hear. You father kept telling me to stop pushing back, to be quieter." She got my cock and rubbed it on her face saying, "When he leaves I'm going to get on my hands and knees on your bed and your going to fuck my mouth the way your father fucked my pussy." She opened her mouth and shook my cock in it from side to side.

She took a few quick sucks and let go of it. "I want the feel of your cock in my mouth while I make your father's breakfast." she said and left. After dad drove off Mom came back a few minutes later. She stood at the foot of the bed and untied her rob slowly, letting it fall to the floor.

Then she slipped one strap of her nighty off a shoulder then the other and shook her hips as it joined the robe. She stood there just in panties. White, every day panties. But with her flat belly and delicious tits she made every day panties look sexy. Cat-like, she crawled on to the bed, tits swaying. I got on my knees in front of her and told her to lick my cock. She took flat-tongue licks on the bottom of the shaft and then quick flicks under the ridge of the head. She stopped licking and told me to hold her head and "do me." I put both hands on her head and watched my cock spread her lips.

I fucked in and out of her mouth slowly, enjoying the sight of my cock disappearing. After ten seconds of that she pulled off of my cock and shook her head free of my hands. "No, baby.

Nothing gentle. I want to feel your balls banging on my chin and your hair on my lips and nose. Fuck my mouth hard.

I can take it." So I held her head again and this time I fucked. It's liberating not to have to worry about going to deep or being to rough. "I thank every man who helped to train you for this." I told her. I started fucking again, risking bruised balls. "If dad was different I could have come to your room this morning and done this while he fucked you. Oh my sweet Mother, if dad was different we could take turns fucking you Saturday mornings. You can lay on your bed and be gang-banged by your husband and son." I pulled her face into my crotch and shot my load.

Holding my Mother's face against me and spurting cum in her throat. When the last shot was done Mom did her after-ejaculation draining of the shaft. I was going to pull out of her mouth and lay down but she put an arm around me and followed me down, keeping the cock to mouth connection.

We ended up with me on my back and her half on me. She knew where the sensitive parts of the head were and avoided them while she nursed for a while. Just like we nurse on nipples she nursed on my limp cock. When she finished she laid on her back and looked at the ceiling. She had a smile and her eyes darted around. I rolled on to my side with my head on my hand and ran a finger around the nearest nipple. "What are you thinking about, Mom?" She started a few times to say something, "I." "We." then stopped fumbling for words and sat up cross-legged facing me.

"I gave a few blowjobs in high school but got serious about it in college." She rubbed a hand up and down my furthest thigh. "Your Mother was a very bad girl." She blushed a bit. "Every size, shape and color, I didn't discriminate. And yes, they all trained me for what you just did to my tonsils," she smiled wickedly. "But since your father and I got married I've only had his cock in my mouth.

I've had offers and still have fantasies but I thought about mysterious phone calls and unexplained absences and decided it wasn't worth it." She leaned over and across me on an elbow on the other side and kissed cock and balls.

"And then I saw these." She kissed everything again. "I made these. There should be a law that Mothers have lifetime access to to their son's cocks." She collected her thoughts for a few seconds. "What I'm trying to say is that now I get to live those fantasies with you. The excitement of illicit, hidden sex. Cheating on my husband with another man. I get all the pleasure from those things without the risks. The cock I love to suck is in the house every day." She pulled my foreskin down and waved my limp cock.

"And I can suck it without the guilt because I am being affectionate with my son." She laid down with her crotch on my leg again and an arm across my chest, looking up at me. Smiling she said, "I just get carried away with the affection." I laughed and rolled her on her back, my leg between hers.

Sexy wife gets her asshole rammed doggystyle

I put the other one in there and she spread to accommodate it. I started rubbing my hardening cock against her panty protected pussy. "Lets consummate that affection Mom." Emotions waved across her face, lust, confusion and fear.

She pushed me off saying "No! I'm not going to risk what we have," got her clothes and went into her room. She acted preoccupied the rest of the day with me but was down right grouchy with dad. She behaved at the restaurant, (A family tradition on Friday evenings,) but went right back at it when we got home. I kept thinking that she blamed dad for not being able to fuck her son. About 8:30 I saw dad whisper to her and go back to their room. Mom followed him 20 minutes later and they didn't come out again.

I'm sure my poor, suffering Mother let her husband fuck her that night. The next day, Saturday, she let her son fuck her. I woke up, put on a t shirt and shorts and went to the kitchen to get coffee.

I said, "Good morning," but got only mumbled responses from both of them. I thought that Mom was still grouchy from last night and then got a quick jolt of adrenalin thinking dad found out what Mom and I were doing. Fuck it, whatever it was I decided to face it head on. "What's wrong?" I said. "Ask your father." Mom snapped. Good sign, whatever was wrong was dad's fault.

"Oh come on Nancy." he whined. "Every year your father goes to a golf tournament with his stupid insurance friends, (yes, my father is an insurance salesman,) drinks all day and comes home drunk." "It's not that bad." "Oh really? I'm the one that wonders if your are going to kill yourself driving home. I'm the one that has to help you out of your car and put you in bed. I'm the one that has to listen to you groaning all day tomorrow." "It's only one day a year." he said weakly.

Let me tell you about my father and me. The only thing we have in common is last name and Mom. When I told them I'm going to enlist in the Army Mom got scared, held my hand and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it.

The insurance salesman said, "That's a dumb thing to do. There is a war going on." Damn that pissed me off. "That's why I joined, there is a war going on.

But that's something you can't understand." I told him. It wasn't patriotism that made me join. I had no idea why the fuck I was fighting Persians in Iraq when the sonabitches who attacked us were Saudis hiding in Afghanistan.

I just wanted to test myself against something more dangerous then a lineman in a football game. We eventually smoothed things out but there is still a divide between us. When Mom said dad drives home drunk I took my revenge. "That's a stupid thing to do. Especially for an insurance salesman." He had no response to that but the problem was I wanted Mom to myself all day. I took a compromising stance. "Listen Mom. Let dad have his once a year day." I looked at dad and told him, "But I'm going to take your car keys and you will take a taxi there and a taxi back." Both Mom and dad perked up for different reasons.

"I've suggested that he take a taxi before but he said no." "OK, OK. I'll take a taxi." dad said. Me telling him to take taxis must have been more persuasive then his wife saying it. Mom and I had a quick glance at each other and I got up, took his keys and went to my room because my cock was stirring. I heard dad call for a taxi and he and Mom being conciliatory with each other. The taxi came, they said goodby and it drove away. I had that sensation in my belly again.

Mom, all to myself, all day. Of course my cock was hard. I walked out of my room and went to the family room. I passed the kitchen where Mom was finishing up from breakfast. She looked up and saw my condition but we didn't say anything.

I sat down on the couch. My shorts had elastic around the top and I pulled the front out and put it under my balls. "Mommy." I called out. "Yes?" "My thingy got all big and it won't get small again." I could hear the smile on her face. "I'll be there in a minute." She came out drying her hands on a towel. "Goodness, it did get big, didn't it." She threw the towel on the arm of the couch and knelt in front of me.

She took my cock in her hand and squeezed a few times. "I think I know what happened but we have to take your shorts of so I can check something." She pulled them off and weighed my balls in her palm.

"Just as I thought." she said. "You have to much sperm in your testicles. Mommy has to use your penis like a straw and suck some of it out." "Will it hurt?" She stroked my cock.

"No, boys like it when their Mommies suck the sperm out." "How did you learn about what to do?" She got that mischievous look in her eyes. "Grandma taught me when I was 16." "Grandma had a penis?" "No, silly." She positioned herself to take me in her mouth. Before she did she looked up at me and said. "Grandpa did." and dropped her head. Role play went out the window for me. "Is that true Mom?" I asked. She just kept bobbing. I held her head and started fucking.

"I'm going with it being true." I had images of her as a 16 year old teenager on a Sunday afternoon. Father and brother watching football. She walking on her knees from one to the other. Taking out cocks, swallowing cum, and putting them back.

"You sweet woman. All your life you have taken care of family cocks." I pulled her head towards me and fucked harder. "You have been a good daughter, sister, wife and Mother." One last trust and I came.

I laid back on the couch while Mom cleaned up. After I recovered I opened one eye and saw her sitting on her heels smiling at me. "You really liked that story, didn't you?" I nodded. She stroked the top of my thighs. "My, my, my.

What you must think of your Mother." I ran my hand through her hair. "Beautiful, smart, funny, and cock hungry." I sad. She laughed and hugged me. She straightened back up and said, "Now, to business. Your father wont be home till nine o'clock or so. I plan on being mad at him tomorrow and want him to think that I took out today's anger working in the yard all day.

So, I would like you to help me out there for an hour then we can have the rest of the day to ourselves." "Sounds good." I said. "OK." She took my limp cock in her hand. "That will give this beautiful thing a while to recover. Being the cock hungry woman that I am I plan on using it a few more times today." I laughed. "Sounds really good." So we went outside and moved pots, trimmed plants, applied fertilizer, all those gardening things she likes to do.

And I think she went through her clothes to find the tightest, thinnest t shirt and the shortest shorts she had. The house is on five acres with a fence around the back so people seeing us wasn't a problem. She took advantage of that. She was standing next to a sprinkling can filling it up with a hose. "Oh! I'm so clumsy." she said. I looked at her and she had the hose pointed at her chest.

Her sweet tits were visible. And her white shorts also got wet, I could just about see a dark triangle. My Mother is so much fun. She worked around me all wet. When we finished we went in and took showers, she in her's, me in mine. After finishing I walked to my room naked to get clothes. When I passed her room Mom was kneeling in front of her dresser with arms folded on top of it and her tits laying on them.

She saw me in the mirror she said, "Hi." Like we just met on a sidewalk. I walked into her room and stood next to her. I thought she might be naked but she had blue panties on. She used one arm to turn me so that I was facing the mirror then pulled me next to her. The rest of the conversation was with us looking at the mirror.

She had such a happy look on her face. "Did you have a nice shower?" she asked. "Yes I did. It was refreshing." She looked at my hard cock and nodded at it. "That's impressive." "Thank you. I work it out to keep it in shape." She reached across herself with a finger, pushed the head down and let it spring back up. "Yes, I can see that," She looked up at me in the mirror and said, "Would you mind if I kissed it? I like kissing them." "No, not at all.

Be my guest." She put one arm around my leg. held my cock with the other and watched herself out of the corner of her eyes while she kissed the head.

She looked up at me again and said, "I have an overwhelming urge to put it in my mouth." "Please do, mam. That's part of it's work out." She took me in and since she wanted to watch herself, the head was pushing her cheek out. I started chuckling and then laughing. Mom took me out of her mouth and looked at me. "Baby, while a woman is sucking your cock is not the time to start laughing." I laughed again and leaned over to kiss her head. "I'm sorry Mom. It's just that last night at the restaurant, you were such a prim and proper woman.

Knees together, dress barely above them. You were wearing the pearl necklace and you showed just a hint of cleavage. You were a perfect model of a suburban wife and Mother and now." "I'm a perfect slut?" she suggested with a smile on her face. "Well, I wasn't going to use that word." "Baby, I'm on my knees in front of my naked son. Tits hanging out, getting ready to suck his cock and drink his cum. If this isn't being a slut then nothing is." I laughed again. "Yes, yes, you do have a point there." She sat back on her heels.

"A life lesson from your Mother. Every woman on this planet, every single one of us has a slut inside her. From nun to whore, we all have a slut that wants to get out. We control that slut the best we can. Mine has been locked up since the end of collage. This is the first time I've let her out in 25 years and, oh boy! is she having fun." I laughed again. Mom sat up on her knees and put my cock back into her mouth and again tried to watch herself in the mirror. "Mom, my camera takes videos.

You want me to get it so you can really see what a slut you are?" She stopped sucking and looked up at me with glowing eyes. "Ooo, make a porno?" Her eyes opened wider and she wrinkled her nose. "Oooo, make an incest porno!" She let go of my cock and told me to go get the camera. When I came back into her room she was kneeling in front of the dresser with arms folded on top of it again.

Her back was straight and she had the pearl necklace on. I set up the camera on a tall dresser on the other side of the bed. It would record both us and the mirror reflection. "Ready Mom?" "We can delete this after we watch it, right?" "I'll delete it then smash the card and throw it away." She smiled in the mirror.

"Ok, I'm ready." I pushed start and and she started talking into the mirror. "Hello. My name is Susie Sluti. I have been a good Mother and faithful wife for 25 years." She lowered her head, looking at the mirror, and got a wicked smile on her face.

"Faithful till two months ago." Then she slumped a bit and talked fast. "That's when I saw a beautiful man naked and he had a beautiful cock and I tried to fight it but I couldn't.and.I started giving him blowjobs." She straightened up again, "In my defense, I haven't let him fuck me (she winked) so I tell myself that it's not really sex.

But my wet pussy keeps telling me I'm a liar." I had been standing out side what the camera was recoding while she talked. She looked over to me and back to the mirror. "Do you want to see it?" she asked. "He's right here. My husband is gone, playing golf all day, and I was just about to have my treat." She held out her arm. "Come her baby. Let them see why I'm so happy." I walked up to her and she pulled me close.

She put an arm around my leg again and took my cock in her hand. "Look at it!" she said and squeezed. "Doesn't it look delicious?" She rubbed it across her face. Sometimes the tip across her lips, sometimes the shaft on her cheek, talking at the same time.

"I know the women watching who like to suck cock as much as I do are jealous right now." She pulled me even closer and, holding the head like one end of a corn cob, began to lick back and forth, watching herself in the mirror. Then she pulled her lips back to show her teeth and began to gently bite along the shat. "Oh, God!" she said and pushed me back, "No more playing around.

I want your cock in my mouth and your cum in my belly." She turned to face me and sat on her heels. Then she put her hands on her knees and stretched her neck forward. Making a small circle with her mouth she waited for me. Just as I was about to hold her head she turned to the mirror again.

"What's that? My boyfriends name?" Her wicked smile. "No, it's not a boyfriends cock I'm going to suck. It's my son's cock." and turned to face me again. I was horny. I got a handful of her hair on the top of her head and started fucking. I watched us in the mirror and got hornier. "My sweet Mother. My sweet, cock sucking Mother!

Making yourself my personal slut! Whenever I get married I still want your mouth, Mom. I want to fuck it a few times a month." She started trembling and nodded her head, making consensual sounds.

When it came time to cum I again grabbed the back of her head with both hands, pulled her face in my crotch and emptied my balls into her throat. I couldn't wait for her to clean up, I had to lay down. I plopped my self on her bed, on my back with feet on the floor. A minute later Mom got between my legs. I thought she would lick me clean but I felt her put my cock against something and looked up. She was holding a tit and had my cock head against her nipple and squeezed cum on it.

Then she did the other one. She looked up at me and said, "Your Mother has shiny nipples." I laughed and laid my head back on the bed. "You are so much fun." I told her. I felt her kiss my belly then she stood up. "I'm going to make us sandwiches and then we can watch our video." I turned off the camera, put my boxers on and fallowed her to the kitchen.

She walked around it doing things I'd seen her do all my life but this time she was only wearing panties and tits. She smiled at me often and would exaggerate movements just so her son could watch her tits swing. When we finished we left the dishes on the table and went to my room. Mom laid down on the bed while I set up the computer. I pushed play, took off my boxers and laid next to her. She put her head on my shoulder, a thigh on top of my cock and an arm on my chest as we watched.

When it came to the part where she was rubbing my cock on her face she let out a throaty "Oh God!" and moved down my body. She laid on her side with her head on my belly and flipped my limp cock into her mouth. Then.Mommy stuck both of her hands into her panties.

She'd never done that before. As we watched Mom would occasionally move her tongue but her hands were constantly busy. She watched the video intently where I took a handful of her hair and fucked her mouth, talking to her. When the video got to the part where I pulled her face into my crotch you could see her swallowing. Mom stopped breathing and her knees slowly moved up till she was in a fetal position with her hands still in her panties.

After a few seconds she collapsed. That's the only word I can use. She went limp and slowly turned till she was laying on her back. My now hard cock came out of her mouth and laid on her cheek. Her hands were still in her panties and every once in a while they would move and her body twitched. She laid there catching her breath with a contented look on her face. Our incest video got to the part where Mom said she had shiny nipples. She giggled and turned to look at the screen. My cock ended up under her nose like a meat mustache.

She turned to look and me. Pulling a hand out of her panties she brought it up and cupped my cheek. All I could smell was Earth Goddess pussy. And in an act that I thought was cruel she ran her fingers under my nose.

I frowned at her and said, "It's not nice to tease me like that, Mom." In response she moved them under my nose again. "Oh, baby, you know I love you and would never tease you." It took a few seconds for me to understand what she meant.

"You mean I can fuck." I didn't finish because she was nodding. Where Mom had collapsed a few minutes ago, I exploded. I put her head on the bed and got on my knees.

Grabbing her under her arms I almost threw her back on the bed with her head on the pillows. The whole time she was laughing and trying to push me away with her legs. But I was having none of it. I had grabbed the sides of her panties, ready to rip them off, when she took hold of my wrists and said, "Hold it, cowboy! I've waited to long for this to let it be quick and nasty. It's going to happen the way I want it to." I let go of her panties and said, "But it is going to happen, right?" She put both her hands on her pussy, lifted it up and moved her hips from side to side.

"Oh god, oh god! Yes, it is going to happen, baby. But on my bed." She kept her eyes on me but turned her head a little and said, "That's where my husband fucks me and that's where I want my son to fuck me for the first time." I wish for all of you that someday you will here those words from your Mothers, ".I want my son to fuck me." Mom got off the bed and held her hand out.

I took it and followed her to her bed where she had me sit on the edge. She moved back a little and slipped her fingers under the sides of her panties.

In one smooth motion she pushed them down to her ankles and stood up again. What a beautiful sight. For some reason, without her panties Mom's legs looked longer. They met at a triangle of thick, dark curls. Her hips flared on either side and then came in again at a flat belly. And above that two perfect Mommy tits. I had a quick thought that she should pose for a sculpture. She walked towards me and I did what she has done so many times. I turned her sideways to me and put an arm around her waist.


I spent a few minutes playing with her curls, combing my fingers through them. After playing with her hair I used a finger and lightly traced her pussy lips. I pulled one lip just enough to see the erotic color inside.

Licking my finger I put it against the pearl peeking out from it's shelter. Mom's ass cheeks tightened and the hand on my shoulder squeezed me. (I hope women have good reasons for shaving their pussies. Comfort or something. Because I think it doesn't look good on a grown woman. And when you're down there munching and she has a four day stubble, it's just not right.) Kissing the nearest nipple I asked Mom to lay down.

She got on her back, knees apart, feet flat on the bed. I went on my knees in the valley she made and stared for a few seconds. "I cant decide between eating or fucking." I said. Mom rubbed her hands up and down my hips. "It's yours now to do what you want whenever we get the chance." She lifter her pussy up.

"But right now I really want my son's cock in me." "Should I pull out when I'm ready to cum?" "You don't have to, there were complications when you were born and I can't have more children.

But that's alright, your father and I only wanted one child." She reached out and stroked my cock, smiling. "And lucky me, we had a boy." I looked down at her pussy again and decided to at least kiss it. "Let me just introduce myself." I laid down in the valley, with my arms holding her hips. I gave her beautiful pussy a kiss. "Hi, remember me? No,no, don't worry. I'm not her to hurt you this time." Another kiss.

"Only one part of me is coming back inside you. I just wanted to say hello and to thank you for giving birth to me." I kissed a few more times. "We'll get together again later. Right now your mistress needs me." I rubbed my face on Mom's curls before getting up on my knees again.

Mom got on her elbows to watch the first contact between Mother pussy and son cock. When cock head met pussy hole she flopped on the bed and moaned. I started fucking, going deeper with each trust.

She got back up on her elbows to watch again. Halfway in she looked up at me. "It's a perfect fit. I made your cock to fit me." Finally I was all the way in, our hair mixing together. Mom laid down again and whimpered. I watched my cock go in and out of Mom and thought of the mystery of it. Twenty five years ago dad had done the same thing.

He put sperm in there and I spent nine months in there, cells multiplying into arms, legs, a head. Then I came out into the world.

And now I was back, going in this time, drawn by the same force that made me. To put my sperm in there. The circle was complete. I took a deep breath and let it out.

Looking down at our connection again I said, "This is every man's one, true home." Mom looked up at me with misty eyes and said, "Yes, yes." as she pulled me down on top of her.

She put one arm around my back and the other on an ass cheek and we started fucking. "It's your home whenever you want or need it baby." We fucked. It's a good thing Mom gave me a blowjob earlier because I wouldn't have lasted half way in her if she hadn't. We fucked and fucked. I got up on my elbows to take off the full weight of me on her.

We fucked and and kissed, slowly for a while. I growled from deep in my throat and started to thrust hard. She put her legs on top of my thighs to give herself leverage to match my trusts. "Ooo. Ooo. I've never fucked a solder before." she said and tightened her arms around me. "That's it, that's it baby. Give your Mommy that cock." That turned me on.

"I'm fucking my Mother! I'm fucking you Mom!" "Oh, and your doing a good job at it." Mom said and dug her fingernails into me. She pushed her pussy up, held it there to take a few more strokes and went ridged. And for the first, and still only time in my life, I came at the same time as the woman I was fucking. We laid there, limp me on top of limp Mom. It took a few seconds before I was able to roll of of her.

Then we laid there side by side, catching our breath. After a few minuets Mom turned her head to look at me. "Your not getting an apartment." she said. A week before I had mentioned that I might start looking for one, I had enough money saved. She rolled on top of me rubbing her leaking pussy all over my crotch. "You are going to stay here till you find work and get settled.

You can go on dates at night all you want, get all the pussy or blowjobs you want. But in the mornings you will be mine. Until it lasts, you are going to give your Mother her last sexual hurrah. Is that clear?" I laughed, bouncing her up and down on me. "I am your obedient son." She rolled off of me and pulled the sheet over us. She got on her side and pulled me close behind her. We spooned with my arm around her and my hand holding a tit. She snuggled back into me and we took a nap.

I woke up an hour later having to piss. Mom was still sleeping so I eased myself out of the bed. After pissing I washed my cock just in case Mom wanted to suck it when she woke up. As I washed it I wondered why it still looked the same. It was one of the few cocks in the world that had gone back into the pussy it came from. There should be something different about it. It had gotten plump while I washed it, it went full hard when I went back into the bedroom.

Mom was on spread knees with her head on a pillow, hugging it. Her pussy was a pink-petaled wonder among unruly dark hair. I spent to much time admiring it. Mom made an impatient "Nnn" sound and wiggled her ass. I put a hand on a hip and got behind her on my knees.

"Does Mom need something?" I asked. "I feel empty." came a muffled reply from the pillow. I held my cock and rubbed the head on her slit getting it wet. Then I eased it in.

"Ahhh." she said from the pillow. "That's what I needed." I watched myself fuck Mom in the mirror. "We look good Mom." I said. She got up on her hands and watched herself being fucked by her son. She kept her eyes on the mirror and pushed her pussy back and from side to side. "Oh! Being fucked by my son. The stud is servicing the mare." She watched a while and smiled up at me.

"This is why harem stallions chase their sons away." I had to stop fucking to laugh. Mom laid her head down again hugging her pillow I started long, slow strokes into her pussy. Mom took a deep breath and sighed. "Yes baby, just like that." This wasn't going to be a cum fuck. This was a comfort fuck. A happy pussy and a happy cock that liked each other just wanted to be together. My hands massaged her cheeks and ended up with thumbs on either side of her spine.

I massaged the muscles on her lower back while I fucked Mom. "Oh, sweetheart. Oh, my baby. No one has ever done that to me before." I kept it up for a while and then grabbed her hips and pulled her into me. I moved my cock from side to side inside her.

"I love you Mom. I love you so much." I think Mom had a few non-physical climaxes, if there is such a thing. I kept my hard cock in her and we laid down.

We didn't fuck, we just laid there, this time cock to pussy connected. We laid like that for a while talking about this and that. Eventually we got up and took a shower, this time together. When we finished Mom took the sheets off her bed and I opened the windows in the house. She took a trip to the grocery store while I took dumb things off the walls in my room and watered her plants in the back yard.

About 6:00 she made some kind of salad with healthy things in it. We sat next to each other, ate and talked and kissed and touched. By 7:00 things were cleaned up. Mom went into her room and put on sleep clothes, something sheer with titties available.

She came to the family room and put her robe on a chair. Then we spooned on the couch and watched a movie called "White Palace." I massaged tits or pussy at will. At 9:30 the doorbell rang. Mom got up and put her robe on. I was hard so she went to the door while I got dressed. She opened the door and I heard the taxi driver say, "Does he belong here?" "Yes he does." Mom said. There was some noise and then I heard him say, "Let me bring him in." There was an oily, lying tone to his voice.

I'd heard and responded to it before. That's why I'm still alive. I got up and walked to the door with attitude. When I came around the corner and he saw me he almost dropped dad on top of Mom. He backed out on the porch. I crumpled one of the twenties on a table by the door and threw it out on the porch.

He picked it up, ran to his cab and drove away. I took dad off of Mom and she led the way to their bedroom. "This is the worst he's ever been," she said. When we got there she said that he has to piss, that he had ruined mattress when he didn't. I told her to take him but she said, with a smile, that she couldn't hold him up and take his cock out. I had a suspicion that Mom liked what was happening.

"So what should we do?" I asked. She said that I should take him to the bathtub. When we got there she unzipped his pants and took his cock out. She aimed at the tiles on the walls and kissed dad on the cheek. "Go ahead, honey, let it flow." He did and she played with it, aiming from one end of the tub to the other. She looked up at me and smiled. "I'm pretending I'm a boy." she said. I understood why Mom wanted him to take a piss before he fell asleep.

He was at it for a long time. Dad's limp cock was smaller then my limp cock. When he was done Mom shook it to get left over drops out. She looked up at me as she was shaking and said, "Half of you came from here." She shook it again and said, "But this part of you came from my side of the family." I was trying to hold up my drunk father while Mom compared our cocks and said mine came from her side of the family.

Like that morning, she hinted at something but didn't go further. "What do you mean your side of the family?" I asked. "Put him on the bed and I'll tell you." she said. I dragged him out and laid him on the bed and he started snoring in a few minutes. Mom used the hand-held shower head to rinse the tub. When she was finished she came into the room and up to me. She laid her head on my shoulder with her arms against her chest. "Hold me." she said. "That taxi driver scared me." I put my arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

"I love you Mom." She sighed after a few seconds and gave me a peck on the cheek. Then she knelt by the head of the bed, next to dad, and told me to take my clothes off. Done and in front of her in five seconds. She sucked my cock till it was hard and then started stroking, telling me family history. In her second year at collage she came home for spring break. Her parents went out to a function and she and Mark started drinking beer. He was a senior in high school.

She started to tell him about collage life and the more they drank the bolder she got. They started talking about sex and she asked him if he had gotten a blowjob yet. He told her yes but it wasn't as good as he expected. So Mom gave her brother a blowjob and kept giving them whenever they had a chance till Mom got married. "Lucky guy." I said. She looked up at me. "When I saw you come around the corner that morning your cock looked so much like his that I just had to suck it." She smiled happily and kissed my belly then looked at her snoring, sleeping husband.

She stood up and pulled her panties off. "I want you to fuck me one more time today." She looked around the room and ended up looking at her side of the bed. She took my hand and led me around the bed to it. She pulled the cover and sheet off and laid down with her legs spread.

"Fuck me slow and soft baby. And if you cum, pull out and come on my belly so there won't be a wet spot." I nodded and laid on top of her. She reached down this time and guided my cock into her. "Right there. That's where Mommy needs your cock." I started fucking slow and soft like she said. She let out a soft "mmm" and put her arms around me. She slowly rubbed a thigh on me and whispered in my ear. "Your Uncle Mark kept asking me to let him fuck me. Should I have let my brother fuck me baby?" I pushed deep into her.

"Hell, yes. It's not to late Mom." She held me tight and lifter her pussy up. "You are such a bad influence on me." She started to fuck me and whispered in my ear again. "I'm going to get your father to tell me that I should suck you. I want him to watch me suck and fuck you." That idea must have come from the conversation we had. I didn't care where it cam from, I liked it. I started fucking deeper and whispered back. "Do it Mom. Your husband and son should be able to fuck you when we want.

Your pussy has first dibs on our cocks." We fucked each other, both of us thinking about the possibilities. "Do it Mom. I want to fuck you on the couch while all three of us are watching tv." That sent me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of Mom, laid it on her pussy hair and emptied what little I had left in my balls.

When I recovered I got on my elbows. She had been trailing her fingernails up and down my back with a contented look on her face. "Did you say that just to make me cum?" I asked her. She started rubbing my back with her hands.

"Oh no baby. I want it to happen." She smiled up at me. "I wasn't a good daughter, though I thought about it. But I have been a good sister, wife and Mother." She smiled again. "I like the idea of walking on my knees from your father to you, sucking family cocks in the tv room. And I think it can happen. I'll tell you why some other day." She cupped both of my ass cheeks and pushed her pussy up. "Oh, Saturday mornings and my husband and son taking turns fucking me. I would be the happiest woman in the world." She kissed me again and slapped my ass.

"Go to bed now. I have a lot to think about." I left Mom happy and dad still snoring. That was the first day Mom and I fucked. I'll never forget that day. And she was right about dad. He was groggy and apologetic the next day and she didn't have to worry about hiding what we did. Mom seemed to be constantly horny after that. We fucked or she sucked everyday the next week. I didn't look for work and didn't do much of anything else except fuck Mom. We left a one hour buffer time before dad came home so we could air out the house.

A couple of nights she sent dad out on errands so she could give me blowjobs. On Tuesday I heard her and dad at it in the morning. A few minutes after they finished Mom came rushing into my room, took my hand and dragged me back to her room.

Dad was in the shower. She laid on the bed and pulled her panties aside and said, "Fuck me!" I smiled. It wasn't a request or suggestion, it was an order. I jumped on her and she put her arms around me the way she does and the way I like it. One arm around my back, the other hand on my ass cheeks pushing me into her. She pushed her pussy up while I pushed my cock in.

"Your father's cock was in there a few minutes ago." she said in my ear. Incestuous, frantic humping on her marital bed. "Oh, baby! Fuck me! Fuck me like a good son should fuck his Mother." Trembling and high pitched sounds from her. "Oh God! I love being a cheating whore for you!" I shot my load. Her pussy juice, her husbands cum and her son's cum mixed together in that magical place. I didn't have time to enjoy the afterglow because the shower was turned off. Luckily the vent fan was still running.

We gave each other comic book looks of surprise and started laughing silently as we jumped up and left the room. We fucked on the couch a lot a lot that week. She started using a towel to put under her pussy to catch leaking cum.

Sometimes she would lay on the couch with one leg on the back of it and the other on the floor. Other times she would slouch on it with her feet on the floor and her pussy hanging over the edge. We were in that position one day. I was holding her legs up by the back of her knees and pushed my hips in. I missed her pussy and hit her ass instead. "Oh." she said. The next push hit it's mark and I started fucking.

"Have you ever done anal?" Mom asked. I took my eyes off of my glistening cock appearing and disappearing in and out of Mom's pussy and looked at her. "One time." I said, continuing to fuck "I didn't like it but if you want." She happily shook her head from side to side. "No, I don't want. I don't like it either but would do it if you wanted." I kept fucking and said, "I have no idea why a man would want to put his cock in a woman's ass when there is a custom-made place for it just an inch away." Mom laughed.

Do you know that a woman's pussy tightens and relaxes with her laughter? Before dad came home on Thursday Mom told me to act nervous around her.

I said OK and asked her why but she wouldn't tell me. I did a good job of acting nervous that night because I didn't know what the hell was going on. I went into the kitchen Friday morning and Mom and dad were dressed.

There was a suitcase by the front door. Dad was going to a conference till Monday. He was smirking the whole time. When the taxi came he tried to be serious and told me to be good before he left. I was in the kitchen when Mom closed the front door. She walked up to me smiling. "Alright, what the hell was all that?

What's going on?" I said. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. "What's going on is that I have you to myself all weekend and most of Monday." "What was that 'be good' shit?" She told me to sit down, got us coffee and started talking.

"Last night I told him you saw me naked in the morning as I came out of the bathroom after my shower. I told him you had gone someplace and I didn't know you had come back. I told him you looked dazed so I casually put my robe on not to make a big deal of it.

I also told him that I said not to be embarrassed and that it was only an accident." Then her eyes twinkled. "I told him you started to get hard and almost ran into your room." I started laughing. "No wonder he told me to be good." "He's going to call tonight. He's going to be drunk and by the end of the phone call he's going to tell me that I should give you a blowjob." I laughed again.

"I didn't know you can manipulate us like this Mom." She got up and came over to sit in my lap. She started giving me kisses and said, "I'm not that good. It took me three days to get your cock in my mouth." Again, I laughed. I got a handful of tit and kissed her neck."So how long before I can start fucking you whenever I want?" She thought while I found her nipple through her shirt and bra.

"Well, next Friday night I will be on my knees, here in our house, my hands around both of your cocks, kissing and sucking them. Fucking will start the next day." After breakfast I asked Mom if she would drive me around so I could look at cars.

While we both got ready for it I would get hard and soft and hard again thinking of coming around a corner and seeing dad fucking Mom. Or him coming around a corner and seeing me fucking Mom. Mom noticed it and when we got in the car she unzipped my pants and took my cock out. "I don't want you getting boners all day while we walk around car lots." She started sucking and got a mouthful after only a few minutes. She kept my cock in her mouth after it got soft, squeezing the shaft with her lips till she was sure all the cum was out, then put it back in my pants.

"There," she said, "we wont have to worry about it for a few hours." Let me say something about the difference between a girlfriend's blowjob and a Mother's blowjob. After a while with a girlfriend you may sometimes think about what you have to do the next day while she is slurping away. But when your Mother is sucking your cock that's the only thing that's on your mind. Every time your cock is in her mouth, every time you see her lips around it, is like the first time.

No matter how many times she does it it's always like the first time. We were out about five hours and had a normal Mother and son looking-for-cars day. Every once in a while I would remember that Mom had my cum in her belly and there we were, walking around in public. We went to four lots with lunch in between and then went back to the second lot where I bought a decent used F-150.

I had one in high school and loved that thing. As old and raggedy as it was, every time I turned the key it started. Before we started to go home Mom told me to park in the garage. She parked in the driveway and opened the garage door for me with the remote. She walked into the garage and closed the door then got into the passenger seat. We admired what I had bought and then she sat with her back to the door.

"Did you have sex in your old truck." I looked at her. "Mom, high school teenage boys and girls. Yea, I had sex in it. Mostly blowjobs from girls who really wanted to practice." Mom smiled and sat up. "Oh, yes, I remember being one of them. Do you remember who gave you the first blowjob in it?" "No I don't." Mom reached for my zipper. "I think your going to remember your first blowjob in this truck." You can't believe how fucking happy I was.

My first set of wheels in six years, a blowjob from Mom in the morning, another one now and I get to fuck her all weekend. "My sweet Mother. I love you so much!" I laid my head on the back of the seat and focused on the sensations Mom was giving my cock, focused on her tongue and what she did with it. "I love you so much Mom." I pushed my hips up. "Here it comes." I emptied as much into her mouth as I did in the morning.

I had five hours to reload. Mom held her breath and trembled. She didn't lip-squeeze the cum out and didn't put my cock back in my pants. We ended up leaning against the doors on each side of the cab again. We looked at each other and I could tell she was as much in love as I was. She reached for the door handle. "Congratulations on your truck baby. I'm happy I gave you your first blowjob in it, may you have many more. And wear your seat belt every time you get in." That evening I ended up taking care of her plants again while she made dinner.

When I was finished I took a shower. It was warm and I decided to put on just a pair of boxers. When Mom saw me she clasped her hands under her chin and said, "Youth, beautiful youth." While dinner was cooking Mom took her shower and came out wearing a robe. I helped her get things on the table and we sat down to eat.

I didn't recognize most of what was on the plate. I tasted it all and said, "This is good Mom but what is all this stuff?" Mom finished chewing and said, "I looked up 'aphrodisiac, food' on the computer a few weeks ago and bought things Wednesday." I smiled and asked her how long she had this weekend planed. "I told you. When you came around the corner and I saw your cock." I helped Mom clean up then she went to her room while I locked up the house.

When I started to go to her room I saw her robe, slippers and a ribbon she had in her hair making a trail on the hallway floor. I love Mom. I pulled off my boxers and added them to the trail. In the room Mom was finishing putting things in order.

She had lit a candle and was putting the tv remote and phone close to the bed. She told me to turn the light off and sat on the bed. "Come here, baby." she said. She put her hands on my hips then leaned down and took my semi-hard cock in her mouth.

She bobbed on it and in less then a minute it was fully hard. She let it out and smiled up at me. "That's a very responsive organ." she said. Mom laid on the bed, on her side, and told me to get behind her.

Then she lifted her leg, looked back at me and said, "Come home." I slid my hard cock into Mom's pussy. Into Mom's pussy went my hard cock. No matter how you say it, it sounds good. Mom pushed back wiggling her ass. She then reached for the remote and turned the tv on. Corny music started playing and a title came on. 'Taboo.' "How long have you had this," I asked. "About two weeks." She took my hand and put it around a tit.

"Play with my nipple." I did and ground my cock into her. "It's going to be a Mommies fucking sons night." I said. We watched the movie and made comments every now and then.

Sometime I would fuck a few strokes, sometimes Mom would push back on me. The movie came to a part where the Mother was trying to fight temptation in her son's room. He was asleep naked on his bed and his Mother wanted to do things to him. She lost the fight and was rubbing her face on the son's cock. The phone rang. "Shit!" Mom said and got the remote. She pushed pause and there, frozen on the 35" screen was a close up picture of the Mother with a mouthful of her son's cock.

Mom picked up the phone and said "Hello?" She tried to get comfortable and said, "Wait, I don't want to hold this phone on my ear." She pushed a button on the cradle and put the phone down. "Are you there?" "Yea." came dad's voice from the speakerphone. The conversation as best as I can remember. Him, voice slurred. "What are you doing." Mom. "Trying to find a movie to watch." "Is Ron home?" "No, he's on a date.

Friends picked up your son to play basketball this morning and a girl brought him back this afternoon." "Did you meet her?" "Yes, I met the little slut when she came back to pick him up for their date." Dad laughed out loud and I laughed silently. "Why is she a slut?" "Every time she set eyes on him she looked like she was going to eat him." Dad laughing again.

"Well he is his father's son." "Yea, sure, that's it." Silence. Him. "You sound grouchy, Nancy." "I probably am. When was the last time we had sex, Monday, Tuesday? And you'll be tired when you come back so there are another few days. Meanwhile, you're out there drinking with those insurance bimbos with most of there tits showing, my son has his cock buried in some slut's mouth or pussy and I'm here with flower pots and kitchen pans." Dad howled and I had to bury my face in a pillow to keep quiet.

Mom lifted her leg and put it on top of mine. She reached down and rubbed us, balls and pussy. Him after recovering, "Poor Nancy, without a cock for so long." Silence. The sound of ice in a glass and drinking, him sipping courage. Him. "You know, Ron will be back tonight." Silence.

Mom turned her head and winked at me. Mom. "You dirty old man! That's your fantasy. I seriously doubt Ronny has it." "Did you or did you not tell me he started to get hard when he saw you naked." "That's a natural response to seeing a woman naked. It doesn't mean he wants his Mother to give him a blowjob," Him, you could hear the smirk on his face, "I didn't say anything about a blowjob." "OK, that's enough.

Change the subject." Him, thinking he was in control of the conversation. "Do you want to give Ron a blowjob, Nancy?" Mom, pretending to show weakness, "Stop. Your drunk. That's the only reason your talking like this." "No it's not. I'm glad Ron is home.

Especially after you told me about that taxi driver. He can take care of you now when I go on trips." A laugh. "Probably, real good care of you." "Do you hear yourself? You want me to commit incest with Ronny." "Ah, baloney.

Incest would have been a problem when he was growing up, confusing him with what the world said and what you were doing with him. But he's grown up now. Hell, he's been in a war. He can deiced things for himself. Nancy, when you hug him he can feel you tits on his chest. And when he came home you kissed his hand, his shoulder, his cheek.

You even kissed his lips. So what would be wrong with kissing his cock?" Mom laughed. "You and your alcohol philosophy. Listen, Plato, you stay sober tomorrow and tomorrow night and then give me a call again. Let's see if your as wise then as you think you are now." "Deal!" "Make sure you remember I didn't say yes." "I will. And you remember that you didn't say no." Mom made an impatient sound. "Goodnight!" Him, "Goodnight." Mom hung up the phone and turned to me.

"He just talked himself into it." She pulled off my cock and rolled on her back. "I want a taboo fuck!" She pushed play on the tv while I put my cock in again and spread my legs wide to keep her legs up. We fucked each other. Fucked each other good for about 5-7 minutes. I had my full weight on top of Mom with my hands underneath her ass, lifting her pussy up. The sounds on the tv of fake Mother and son fucking matched our sounds of real Mother and son fucking, both sounds softened by the candle light.

Mom put her hands on my ass, pushing me into her, telling me she loved being fucked by her son, telling me she wanted her son's cum in her and I gave it to her. It was an Erotic Experience, not just sex. I woke up the next morning by Mom's expert hand stroking me. She saw my eyes open and said, "Good morning, sweetheart." She was sitting on the bed wearing those dresses women wear in the summer with no sleeves.

"Good morning, Mom." I answered and took a big stretch lifting my hips and cock towards the ceiling. Mom kept stroking. "And we have lift off." she said. I dropped back on the bed and looked at her and smiled. She kept stoking slowly with a happy smile, watching her hand around my cock. Mom had taken a shower and looked fresh in her dress. "Why do you have clothes on?" I asked her. "So butter won't splatter on important parts while I make breakfast. And because we're going for a ride." I reached out and pulled her over me.

I ended up on my side and she on her back with her legs on my hip. The dress fell down and no panties were visible. I pulled her legs apart and saw the pink-petaled flower among her dark curls.

"You have a nice ride planned for us, don't you?" She just smiled. I got up on the bed and arranged pillows with Mom on top of them. Two under her head, one under her sweet ass cheeks.

"Before we start the day I want to keep a promise I made." I told her to lift her hips and I pushed her dress past her waist. Then I went into the valley. I rubbed my lips lightly along the inside of her thighs, (the smoothest part of a woman) leaving kisses here and there.

Then I rubbed my face on her pussy and hair, juices smearing my face. The earth smell of her pussy and the sky smell of soap mixed together in an intoxicating aroma. I licked the hair away from her clit and lips. Putting the tip of my tongue at the bottom of her pussy I moved it from side to side till I was in.

Mom moaned and started to run her fingers through my hair. With tongue replacing cock I tried to get as deep as I could. Then flattening my tongue I licked all the way up and over the little pearl that was out from under it's hood. Mom groaned, got two handfuls of hair and pushed my head down while lifting her pussy up.

She moved it from side to side on my face. I used the tip of my tongue to find how high up her hard clit went then put my lips over all of it and started sucking, flitting my tongue over the pearl. Mom tightened her hold on my hair.

Her hips were gyrating. "Oh, my sweet son! Mommy likes that baby!" I liked it too. Mom kept moving her pussy on my face and I made sure my mouth covered and worshiped her clit. Then she really pulled on my hair and I felt her belly tighten with my forehead. A few seconds later she relaxed.

I took my mouth of her clit and kissed around it for a bit. Then I sat back. Mom was laying there with her wrinkled dress around her waist, the hair on her head messy and the hair on her pussy wet and matted. She had an open mouth smile on her face with her eyes closed. She was beautiful. I showered, we ate breakfast and then drove north for about an hour.

We went to a place that we had a picnic at when I was in grade school. It's about a 20 minute walk off the Pacific Crest Trail.

You had to know which path to take off the Trail to get to it. It's a really nice place. About one acre of flat meadow on the side of a mountain. Trees surrounded it on two sides and behind and in front you have a view of a valley with mountains on the other side.

We spread a blanket and sat on it side by side looking across the valley. Mom held my arm and sometimes put her head on my shoulder. She said the meadow was her's, her mother's and her grandmother's favorite place. "I brought your father up here a few times. This is where he asked me to marry him. And," she looked around, "right here, where we're sitting, is where you were conceived." "Really?" I said as I looked around.

"Yep." she said and kissed me on the cheek. She then took hold of the hem on her dress and rocking from side to side, she pulled it up and off of her. "Make love to me, baby. Right here, on this special spot on the Earth, make love to me." There, with the sounds and smells of the forest, with the blue sky above us, there where I was conceived, I entered my Mother and we made love.

We got back to the house around 5:30. Neither one of us was very hungry so Mom made another salad. She had everything in a bowl and before mixing she reached into a lower cabinet and brought out two cans.

She held them up to me with a big smile on her face. Smoked oysters. She emptied both cans into the salad. After eating and cleaning up we went to the back yard. Mom brought out a bottle of wine for her and I got a six-pack of my favorite beer from the garage refrigerator. We sat there drinking and talking. After two of her glasses and three of my beers we were buzzed. We were sitting next to each other and she told me to unzip my pants. Her hand disappeared inside and played with my balls.

She didn't take anything out, she just sat there with her hand inside my pants, playing with some of her favorite things. "What was that about when you told dad it was his fantasy and not mine last night?" I asked. She stroked my hardening cock with her palm and went back to my balls. "Years ago he mentioned that he came home early from school one day after an event was canceled and saw his mother on her knees with his father's cock in her mouth." She put her hand around my hard cock and kept it there, squeezing occasionally.

"He said that was his masturbating fantasy for a few years. He hasn't mentioned it again but I think it still is his fantasy sometimes when he watches me suck his cock. I think he imagines his mother on her knees doing it to him." I reached out and wiggled my fingers at the top of her shorts. She drew her tummy in to give me room, spread her legs and I put my hand over her pussy. We sat there playing with each other and sipping drinks.

I looked up at the sky and said, "I hope some satellite isn't taking pictures." Mom laughed. "This would be a nice family picture for the living room." I looked at her, completely in love. "How am I going to find a woman like you to marry?" I asked. The alcohol had gotten to us. "Why didn't I meet you before I married your father?" she said. We both burst out laughing at the same time.

I squeezed her pussy and said, "I love you Mom." She squeezed my cock and said, "I love you Ronny." We put our heads back and looked up at the sky full of stars for a while and then we went in. We took a shower together in her bathroom. I played with her wet tits while she washed my cock. She looked up at me smiling and said, "Twenty years later and you still get erections when I wash you." When we were dry and ready for sex Mom said she wanted to teach me a new position. She said it's a good position for women who like to suck cock.

She put pillows against the headboard of the bed and laid down on them. Then she told me to kneel by her head. She got comfortable and low enough so that my cock was next to her mouth. All she had to do was turn her head and I could fuck her mouth. "Now put your middle finger in my pussy and curl it up." When I did I found rough or ribbed skin.

As soon as I touched it Mom said, "Oh, that's the spot." With all the pussies I've explored I never knew that was in there.

Mom then pushed my hand down so that her clit was between those two pads at the back of my palm. "Rub from side to side." she told me. My palm was rubbing her clit and on the other side of it, in her pussy, my finger was rubbing that rough spot. Have you ever seen nature shows where a lion growls while clamping a piece of meat in it's mouth to claim it? That's what Mom did with my cock. If it was physically possible she would also have had my balls in her mouth.

Mom went nuts. Her pussy was off the bed pushing into my hand. Her torso was twisted facing me. She had one arm between my legs with the hand clutching a cheek, the other arm was around my waist holding herself in position, and Damn, she was working my cock! We made love in the meadow earlier that day.

What was happening on that bed was raw sex. The alcohol must have had something to do with it. I know the incest did. And that we were alone in the house with no fear of getting caught. I got a handful of hair with my free hand and said, "Hold your head still! I want to fuck my Mother's mouth! My slutty Mother, offering her son's cock the mouth she kisses her husband with." Mom's arms started to tighten on me.

"Here it comes. Be a complete cheating slut and swallow your son's cum!" Mom swallowed every drop I had and nursed for more. She went ridged. She put both arms around one leg and curled herself around it in the fetal position and climaxed. She still had my cock in her mouth and she kept nursing as she looked at me. She was very happy. When she let it out she kissed my balls a few time and turned on her back.

"That was the best blowjob I've ever had." she said grinning. "I thought I had the blowjob and you gave it.?" "Not that one. We both had that one." She looked like a teenager who had performed well and knew it. She fluffed up her pillows and laid her head on them again, right next to my cock. She gave it a kiss and looked up at me, still grinning. "So, you like it when your Mother offers her mouth to your cock." I started playing with her tits.

"I do. I like it very much. I just wish I knew where she went. All I see is a sixteen year old girl with nice tits." Mom laughed and put her hands on her pussy, then pulled her shoulders together, squishing her tits.

"I'm so happy." she said. She kissed my cock again and told me she wanted it and my balls next to her face when dad called. I went and got my beer and Mom's wine and glass.

When I got back Mom watched me walk in and up to the night stand next to her. "I know what 'every swinging dick' means now." I chuckled as I poured a glass of wine for her and opened a beer for me and then sat on the bed. We talked till she finished her glass. I've never seen Mom drunk but I have seen her.bubbly at times. I got up and filled her glass again. When I handed it to her she said, " Come closer." I got next to her and she lifted up my cock, put her glass against my balls and then my cock in her wine.

We were both laughing. "I've always wanted to do this." she said. She swirled my limp cock in her wine. She lifted it up, moved her wine glass to the side and leaned in putting it in her mouth. I was laughing. When she pulled off she smacked her lips and said, "Mmm, A nice 25 year old with good body." I was going to sit down when the phone rang. She put a finger to her lips and motioned for me to get next to her.

When I was in place she picked up the phone. Mom's part of the conversation: "Hello." "Drinking wine and channel surfing." "I was watching George Carlin on one of the channels." "No, that little slut came by and picked him up again." "I know she did. He was walking around the house happy as can be this morning.

They went out so he can look for a car. He came back with a nice truck." "Yes it was nice of her. I shouldn't be mean. But I know she got a mouthful of reward for helping him. He had that special kind of spot on his pants when he came back." "Because I've left plenty on them on you, dear husband." "Of course not. I wouldn't be talking like this if he was. He showed me the truck, asked me if I needed anything and went out again.

He called a little while ago and said he wont be home tonight." Mom turned to me and listened for a while. She ran fingernails across my balls while she listened. She put her hand down to concentrate. "That was right after collage, you and I were different then. Plus he was a friend of ours, not our son. He didn't live with us and it was only one time.

What if you came home and Ronny had me bent over the the dinning room table?" She listened. "Well then tell me this. Why would he want his 46 year old Mother when he's getting what he wants from girls his own age?" She listened some more and held my growing cock.

"You think it would be that exiting for him?" She slid my cock head across her cheek. "Only because you put it in my head last night." She laughed. "You know me don't you? Yes I took it out. It's on the nightstand." "Only if you don't say it's Ronny's." Then, to my amazement, with the phone still on her ear, Mom took my cock in her mouth. She started bobbing and slurping, making no effort to be quite. She took it out and spoke in her weak voice again.

"No, don't say it's Ronny's." and went right back sucking again. She stopped 30 seconds later and said, "It's wet. Call me back in ten minutes." and hung up the phone. Mom calmly reached for her glass of wine and leaned back on the headboard with a satisfied look on her face. She took a sip and said, "Next Friday. On my knees in front of both of you." "I am in awe of you." I told her. I got my beer and sat on the bed next to her hips.

I started to run my fingers through her pussy hair. "I figured out most of what he was saying from what you told him. That last part about "It's wet," that was about a sex toy?" Mom smiled and lifted her pussy into my hand. "Young man, there are some things that are impolite to ask your Mother." I laughed and ran a finger up and down her wet, puffy slit.

"I should have known better. Some things are just out of bounds for a son." We both smiled. I finished my beer and got on the bed, spreading Mom's legs. Putting my face in there I kissed her pussy a few times. "I'm sure you know what's going on." I told it. "I hope you're in good shape because you're going to be a busy little beaver soon." Mom laughed at that.

I got up on my knees and put a pillow under her and pushed my cock into Mom's pussy. "I want us to be like this when dad calls back." Mom nodded. I fucked her slowly for a while and said, "You know, you wont have the excitement of being a cheating slut when dad and I start fucking you openly." Mom put her wine glass down and held my hips and fucked me back. "That's not going to be a problem, baby, because I'll be the family slut then.

Oh God! You walk in here Saturday morning with a hardon and watch your parents fuck. Your Mother asks you if you want her to give you a blowjob while your father keeps fucking her. I suck our son's cock while my husband fucks me." The image made me horny but it hit Mom harder. She started fucking me back with more enthusiasm. Then the phone rang. "Shit, shit, shit." Mom said and slapped the bed with both hands. "Your father has the worst timing." She reached for the phone.

"Hello." "No, you should be happy you bought it for me. It keeps me in the house when you're gone." Mom was laying there, her spread legs over my thighs, her pussy full of her son's cock that she was quietly humping, talking to her husband. "That's none of your business but I was thinking about another issue for you. Ronny is taller then you are. What if he's bigger then you are. Are you going to be jealous?" She listened, took a deep breath and let it out. "I'm your wife.

You'll have to offer me to him. Oh God! What am I saying! Listen, don't call tomorrow. Leave me alone for a day. Ronny might come home to get fresh clothes, I doubt that little slut knows how to use a washer. He better be using condoms. A-h-h! I need to get focused." A pause.

"Don't you dare laugh!" More composed, interrupting him. "We'll talk about it when you get home. I'm going to have Ronny pick you up. Don't say anything to him! Just think of what you've been talking about while he's there next to you. Goodnight." Mom put the phone on the cradle. She smiled and caressed me then lifted her head to watch her pussy and my cock work together.

"Oh, it's going to be a happy little beaver soon." She laid her head down and sighed. Mom and I were having another comfort fuck. I looked at her tits and started to make my inward thrust a little harder. Mom looked at them too and then up to me. "Your doing that to see my tits jiggle aren't you?" I nodded. She smiled big. "Mommy is your plaything isn't she? I nodded again. She started to move around. "M-m-m. Mommy likes being your toy." she said.

Then.she stretched. She put her hands by her head and had a big stretch. Like Mom not having a man laugh while she sucked him, I've never had a woman stretch while I've fucked her. At the top of her stretch, with her pussy up high, I got deeper in her then ever before.

She dropped to the bed and started giggling. "I've never stretched during sex before." I smiled. "I was just thinking that. I've never had a woman stretch with my cock in her," "But I didn't yawn." I laughed. "And I thank you for that. A yawn would have destroyed my ego." She smiled and held my hips.

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"It seemed appropriate." She pushed her pussy up and then down. "I have a handsome man, with a handsome cock going in and out of me slowly.

No climax expected from either of us. Just a background pleasure during a pleasant conversation." I stopped fucking but kept my cock in. "That was perfect Mom.

I was wondering why this felt so good. Being crude I thought of it as a comfort fuck but what you said was perfect." Before I was finished Mom was crying and I didn't know why. "You weren't crude, baby." she said between sobs. "You were being a solder, few words and to the point." Mom was sobbing, her pillow was getting wet and my hard-on was gone.

I got the tissue box and gave her some then put my arms around her. I held her like that till she wasn't crying anymore. "What's wrong Mom?" She started talking between quick intakes of breath. "When you wrote that you wanted to get out of the Army I started reading about solders and re-adjustment to civilian life. I was going to help you and take care of you and be careful about what I said and did." she sobbed again.

"But I started having sex with you and I don't know what kind of damage I've done." Man, I was relived! I kissed the top of her head till she got quite again. The tissues were blobs so I took them from her and got her fresh ones. I kissed her forehead. "Mom, first of all, you did take care of me and said the right things.

You did what you said you wanted to. That first morning when you saw me naked and hard I started thinking, there it is, my first civilian mistake and it's a big one. But instead of saying I should be more careful or that I wasn't in a barracks anymore you were playful, Mom. And when you gave me that inspection before leaving the house, to make sure I wasn't hard, I laughed about that all day. I was a nicer Vet and saw civilians as better people.

The first time you took me into your mouth all the concepts I had about what should and shouldn't be, they all went out the window. And it's a good thing they did because some of them weren't very nice. What you've done is unconventional but it's worked. And," I kissed her on the lips, "my sweet Mother, every time I cum in your mouth and you swallow I feel loved." She had been paying rapt attention, seeing things in a new light. When I said that last thing she threw her arms around me laughing and crying at the same time.

"Oh baby, it's because I do love you." and gave me kisses all over my face. She got back in my arms in the spooning position and snuggled in again. "With all that I did in collage you and your father are the only men I've swallowed for. Everybody else was spit out, even my brother." "I knew it was special.

I don't remember any other girl or woman doing it for me" Some silence. "So, no more crying?" "Only from happiness." Silence again for a while as we held each other. "I really like comfort fucks." she said as we fell asleep. Woke up the next morning with Mom climbing on top of me. She had on an unbuttoned shirt and some kind of long flowing skirt.

She settled her pussy on my hard cock and wiggled till we were like a bun around a hot dog and adjusted her skirt. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and smiled down at me. "Good morning." "Good morning," I said. Her eyes were happy and intense looking down at me. "Your eyes look like that little slut's who wants to eat me." She giggled. "Next time that little slut comes around I'm going to tell her this, (she pushed her pussy on my cock) is mine. I plan to chew on it sometime today." I looked at her tits.

"Look at you. No bra, no panties. Your like those Hippie girls I've read about." Mom bent her arms just enough to let her nipples touch my chest and moved her tits from side to side "What do you want to do today baby?" "Let's go for a long ride in the truck so I can get to know it.

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Then I want to stop at a cheap motel for a few hours so you can suck and fuck your lover. As a cheating slut you need to log at least one day in a cheap motel acting like a whore." Mom got that lust in her eyes and ground her pussy on my cock. "Oh God, yes, let's do that." I showered and had breakfast then we took a slow, back-roads drive about 60 miles from home.

I registered at an old but clean motel on the outskirts of a small town. As soon as we got into the room Mom got on her knees and started to unbuckle my pants. "My husband is going to be gone all day and I want to suck your cock." When she had me in her mouth I got a handful of hair on the back of her head and started pumping. "Does your husband fuck your mouth like this?" She whimpered and shook her head.

"He should. Then you wont end up in a motel room sucking another man's cock." I fucked some more, getting into it. Then I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed her face on my balls. She took over rubbing her face. "That's it. Do the things your husband won't let you do." Mom got into it, breathing in deep, "You like my balls on your face don't you?" Mom moaned. She reached up and held them and started licking.

After a bit I put my cock back into Mom's mouth and told her to take her shirt off. She tried to pull away but I told her to keep my cock in her mouth.

She unbuttoned her sleeves and started on the front. Half way down she trembled and pushed her mouth to the root of my cock and nibbled gently. When her shirt was off Mom took over. One arm around me, tits pressed against my thighs, a hand holding my cock.

She sucked furiously. She pulled off and while stroking looked up at me. "My mouth should only be for my husband's cock but yours feels so good in there." She went back to sucking and stroking. She looked up again. "Do you like getting blowjobs from another man's wife?" I groaned and that was it for me.

Five seconds after she took it in her mouth again I started coming. She held me tight and trembled with my cock spurting in her mouth. We laid on the bed while I recovered. Mom was kissing me and caressing my balls. I asked her if she wanted to take a walk around the town so I could recover for the next bout of sex. Mom smiled and said yes let's go. We took a leisurely walk around the town. Actually, town was to big a word for it.

It was a two block village on either side of a traffic light. As we walked Mom said, "Let's scandalize the people here." She took my hand and stood straighter. It was obvious that the beautiful 45'sh woman, holding the young man's hand, was not wearing a bra.


We walked up one side and down the other looking in shop windows. The last store before leaving town was a cafe. We went in and sat down. The place had a genuine lunch counter with round seats. We sat at a table. The only waitress came up right away. You could tell she was dying for information. "Welcome. Do you need menus?" "No." I said. "Do you have wine here?" "Just beer." I looked at Mom and asked, "Do you want to have a beer, Sue?" "Sure." Mom said.

I ordered two beers and a glass for 'Sue.' There were three people, two men and a woman, sitting at one end of the counter. The waitress got our drinks and came back.

The poor woman looked like she was going to burst. "We don't get much tourists here. Were you all from?" she asked putting the drinks down. "Up north." I said. That didn't satisfy her. She unnecessarily moved napkin holder and ashtray around.

I took Mom's hand and said, "Were good friends from work out for a weekend drive," The waitress got a big grin on her face and when she turned to go back to the counter she nodded her head at Mom and winked. Mom smiled back at her.

There was an animated conversation at the end of the counter when the waitress went back. Everyone there took turns looking at us. I held Mom's hand up and kissed it.

"Those men are drooling." I said. "And those women wish they were me." Mom answered. When we got back to the motel Mom went back into character. She pushed me to a sitting position on the bed and, standing in front of me, started to pull her skirt up. "Here is something else that only my husband should see." I ran my fingers through her pussy hair and then stuck my middle finger in, touching the spot she showed me.

"No bra, no panties, you just wanted to be a whore today while your husband is working." Mom gyrated her pussy. "You cheating slut, I'm going to put my cock in your married pussy. Your husband can have it tonight but right now your going to let another mam fuck it." "Yes!

Yes! I want you to fuck it now." "Take your shirt off." Mom's hands were shaking a little as she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. "Dam, if your husband doesn't worship your tits he's a fool." "He doesn't let me rub them on his face. Can I rub them on your face/" I turned my face up and Mom mashed them into it. She was standing in one place but she was in motion. Her hips were going in circles on my finger and her shoulders from side to side while one tit and then the other went across my face.

"You have to fuck me. Please say you'll fuck me. I wont let my husband know that you fucked his wife." There was a mirror on a wall with a shabby table and chair in front of it.

"Pull that chair out and put your hands on the seat." While she was doing that I stood up, unzipped and took out my hard cock and balls. I'd never noticed before how obscene they looked sticking out of my pants like that. Mom liked it too, her eyes locked on. I started to walk towards her to tell her to get my cock wet but she had her mouth open already and I put it in.

"I'm not going to cum in your pussy. Your pussy is for fucking, Your mouth is for cum. When I'm ready to pop I'm coming back here and fill your mouth. When your husband kisses you tonight I want you to think about the cock you were sucking while he was at work." I got behind Mom and lifted her skirt up putting it on her back. I ran my hands around her ass and cupped her pussy."Your husband should be coming home during lunch to tap this." I put my cock in her pussy, started fucking slow then picked up force.

"Yea, I like fucking another man's wife." Outside the sound of those carts that maids use started to fade in. Mom heard it too. An unexpected event while Mom played a cheating whore. She used it to her benefit.

As the cart got closer Mom cried out, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard." loud enough to be heard outside. The cart slowed down as it passed by and stopped on the other side of our door. The sun was just right and at the bottom of the door we both saw the shadows of two legs come up and stop. "You're the best pussy I've ever had." I said while pumping hard, making the slapping sounds. "Oh, you fuck me so good." Mom answered.

Then, Mom started to cum. She put her head up and started "n--n-g, n-n-g.oh OH!.oh." It was a real climax. Mom didn't do it for the audience, though the audience helped her have it. Mom looked over her shoulder and said, "I want you to cum in my mouth." The shadows at the bottom of the door spread apart.

Whoever was out there pressed an ear closer to the door. I held Mom's head and started fucking. Mom moaned around my cock. I guess I liked having an audience too. I fucked Mom's mouth hard and said, "Pussy or mouth, you're the best fuck I've ever had. You like the taste of your pussy on my cock?" Mom moaned louder. "That's it, suck that cock, woman." A few minutes later, "Here it comes. Oh yea! A-h-h! Yea, swallow that cum." After we separated we both looked at the bottom of the door and saw the shadows were gone.

We looked at each other, smiling, and Mom said, "The village is going to be buzzing soon." Mom took us to the bathroom to wash both of us. She turned on the hot water and while waiting for it to warm she looked at herself in the mirror. Naked, tits not like when she was 16 but still firm, and that thatch of curls between her legs that I like rubbing my face on, "You are so beautiful, Mom." For a 46 year old, Mom really looked good.

She turned her shoulders from side to side looking at herself with a smile. "I do have a glow around me, don't I." We got dressed and left, leaving the key in the room.

As we walked to the truck the cart pusher, seventeen or eighteen years old, saw us and her jaw dropped. Mom put her arms around one of mine as we walked to the truck. I opened the door for her and went around to the drivers side. The girl was still staring. "Were finished with the room." I called to her.

Mom held it together till we got out of the parking lot and then burst out laughing. "That poor girl will never look at her mother the same way again." she said. When we passed the cafe she said, "What happened in room 19 will be there within the hour.

The waitress is going to be so proud of me." We got on the freeway and Mom kissed me on the cheek. "It was a good idea, going to a motel. I had so much fun!" Mom looked at the road for a while, turned to me and then to the road again.

After a few seconds she said, "I'm not finished having fun yet." She took her sandals off, made sure the door was locked and turned in the seat. With her back on the door and her feet on the seat, she spread her knees and pulled her skirt up to just below her knees. Mom's pussy, outer and inner lips apart, offered for my viewing pleasure. I kept glancing at it and her. She had her wicked smile on.

"My sweet Mommy, you've taken being a slut to heart." She moved her hips from side to side. "Do you think it's pretty?" I put my hand on the back of a leg and stroked from foot to knee. " Yes I do and I want that vaginal orchid on my face tonight." Mom giggled. "What do you want for dinner?" I looked at her, then her pussy and laughed. "Besides that, you bad boy." "Some of the boner food you bought that wont take long to cook." Mom got her phone from her purse and got the number for a pizza shop that was on the way to the house.

"I have two more cans of oysters. We'll pick up a pizza and put them on it." While she waited on the phone she looked out the back window then my Mother pulled her skirt off her knees and down to her waist.

When the phone was answered Mom was ordering and stroking her pussy slit with a finger at the same time. All I could do was laugh and shake my head. Mom hung up and put the phone in her purse. She pulled her skirt up to just over her knees again. "Why are you laughing at your Mother?" she demanded. "My Mother has once again become possessed by a horny teenage girl." She giggled and said, "I like showing my teenage pussy to men your age.

You all get hard cocks in their pants." When we got home we sat in the back yard eating and talking. I asked her how she and Uncle Mark are when they see each other now. He is overseas for the company he works for. Married with children. She said that they act like a normal brother and sister. The sex they once had doesn't interfere with their life now. She looked at me for a few seconds. "I wasn't completely honest with you when I said I haven't had another man's cock in my mouth for 25 years.

I gave my brother his last blowjob as a single man the night before his wedding." I almost chocked on an oyster laughing. "Your brother's last blowjob as a single man.

Your son's first blowjob in his new truck. You are a woman of traditions Mom." When we finished eating I told Mom to stay there and took the paper plates in and brought her wine and my beer out. We talked for three glasses of wine worth of time. I told her about wanting to get in the iron workers union. She told me about planting trees outside the fence. At the end of the last glass she said she felt empty. We went in and took a shower together. I told Mom I've never fucked in a shower before.

She put her face, hands and tits on the tiles and stuck her ass out for me. I fucked her for a few minutes and pulled out, saying that I preferred fucking her on the bed. She kissed me and said, "Wherever you want me baby." We dried off and I got dad's razor out. Mom looked at me and said, "Why are you doing that?" "For the delicate orchid." I said. Mom's eyes flared. Lust! That bone melting lust was in her eyes again.

Getting behind me, she put her arms around my chest and rubbed tit's and pussy on my back. She went into the bedroom leaving me to shave.

When I finished, Mom was on her knees on the bed. One hand was holding onto the headboard and she had two pillows about a foot away from it. Neither one of us spoke. I laid down with my head on the pillows. Mom lifted a leg and straddled my face, looking down. It was my turn to get handfuls of ass cheek. She lightly caressed my lips with her pussy while I kissed it. I stuck my tongue out and she went from side to side till she had it in her then began to fuck herself on my tongue.

She moved up to my nose and used the bridge to rub her clit. My nose was in Mom's pussy. She was there for a while and moved back to my mouth. With need, she said "Suck my clit baby! Suck it like you do!" My happy mouth and tongue did what she asked. "Oh, god! Your going to teach your father how to do that." She took one hand off the headboard and got a handful of my hair and ground her pussy on my face.

"You like Mommy's pussy don't you?" I groaned, dug my fingers into her ass cheeks and sucked harder. Mom went to town on my face, pulling my head up and pushing her pussy down. "Oh baby, I've never done this with anyone before." She made circles on my face. "Oh, god! Only a son cane make his Mother's pussy feel like this." A minute later she held her breath, went ridged and then, in single-frame stages, Mom slowly laid on her side. I took my mouth off her pussy but kept it close.

I caressed it with my breath and gave it soft kisses for a while. Mom laid still and then got on her breath back. "I don't know how you learned to do that to a woman after being in the Army for six years." I laughed and said, "There wasn't any learning to it. I'm just highly motivated when your pussy is involved. Everything came naturally. To both of us, didn't it?" She smiled. "Yes it did." I got a pillow and put it under Mom's perfect ass.

"Oh goodie!" she said when she realized what was going to happen. She got comfortable, I got on my knees between hers and slid my cock into Mom's perfect pussy. Again, I watched son cock go in and out of Mom pussy.

I fucked that sweet thing for a few minutes and stopped, leaving it in.

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"Mom, that night, when we were on your bed and dad was passed out. How did you know he was going to suggest that you suck me?" She collected her thoughts while running a finger down that line of hair from my chest to belly button. "I had an 'aha!' moment. One solution for different issues." She fucked my cock. "As comfortable as I am with what we're doing I still get twinges of guilt." She pushed up and wiggled.

"But I'm not going to stop. That's a fact. If you and your father share me I won't have to and the guilt will be gone." I smiled and nodded a few times. "But the other issue is more important." She laid still for a few seconds. "Your father is intimidated by you. I saw it in him at the airport when we picked you up. Not intimidated physically but by the.manliness of you. You are the only military person we've ever known, the only one to have been in a war.

You intimidate him." I got a perverse pleasure from that. I pumped in and out of Mom. "And I am fucking his wife." Mom smiled. She closed her eyes and started fucking back. "Mmm, and his wife's pussy is very happy that you are." Her mouth opened a little and she put her head back for a few seconds. Then she shook it slightly and looked up at me. "But, there is an imbalance of power between us and him. And in the long run that's not good for any of us.

He has to demonstrate that he has some kind of authority." I stopped fucking Mom. After six years in the Army I knew about imbalance of power. "So the solution was to get him to offer you to me?" She nodded. "And that's why you have to stop being a cheating slut and become the family slut." She got that 16 year old girl look on her face, with a big grin, and nodded again.

"And his Mother fantasy." She laughed and, keeping me in her, rolled me on my back. "That was his motivation. It all came together so perfectly." She put her head back and fucked hard. I'm glad I knew she loved me when she looked down.

The wine, the weekend, the future all came together. The look on her face was wild. She ground on my cock and said, "I'm going to fuck and suck you two till you can't walk. And when you both try to crawl out of the front door to escape I'm going to grab a leg each and drag you back for more." I laughed and rolled her on her back."Then one more hard fuck before I become an invalid." I started to match her enthusiasm, pumping hard.

She spread her legs wide and grabbed my cheeks. "Yea, like this. Your father is going to watch us fuck like this. And when I'm sucking your cock on the bed he's going to be fucking me from behind." She put her legs and arms around me and talked into my ear. "We are still going to fuck while you father is at work. I'll be the family slut when all three of us are together but I still want to be your personal cock-sucking whore when we are alone." I was ready to cum.

"In your mouth." I told her and pulled out. She had her head up and mouth open when I got there. One spurt fell on her tits but she happily drank the rest. Then I turned off the lights and we got some much-needed sleep. Woke up the next morning, again in my parents bed. Naked in my parents bed. Next to my naked Mother. My naked Mother who was sleeping on her back with a full, naked Mom tit waiting for me.

I took it in my hand, felt it firm but giving. My thumb and index finger made a half circle on the top with the nipple in the middle. Covering the nipple and areola with my mouth, my tongue lazily roamed around them, trying to count bumps. Mom woke up. Kissing the top of my head she said, "That feels so good." and rubbed my back. I nursed for a few minutes and Mom said, "Now this one." She held the other breast in her hand and turned on her side. I had one arm under the pillow she was laying on.

I put the other arm between her legs with my hand behind her on her waist. Her pussy was on the lower part of my bicep. Mom put an arm around my head and held her breast with the other hand. She rubbed her furry pussy on my bicep. Men have only one way to climax. We grunt and spurt. I've learned from Mom that women have different kinds of climaxes. From belly tightening rigidity to the soft sighs she gave out while her pussy kissed my arm. We ended up spooning again, with me in Mom's pussy, and I asked her how the week was going to go leading up to Friday.

Mom put a leg over me so that I was partly on my back with her leaning on me. "Well," she started. "I'm going to give him a few enthusiastic blowjobs during the week. He will think that I am excited about the idea of sucking you." She turned her head to look up at me smiling. "Which, of course, I will be." She took my hand and put it on her pussy. I played with her hair, something she likes me doing.

"Here is the plan he and I will come up with. After we go to dinner you'll tell us you're going to the VFW, the way you have been on Fridays, and will come back at 11:30. When you leave I'll have him put the clock in the family room back a half hour. I'll start drinking wine and make sure he's had whiskey. Ten minuets before you come home I'll take my blouse off and get on my knees to suck him in the middle of the room. We'll have music playing as an excuse for not hearing you come in." She had been stroking my arm but moved her hands to my hips.

She started to move her hips around on my cock. "When you come in and see us, just stand an stare. Look like you're amazed." "Which I will be." "I'll say something about not expecting you for another half hour." She was fucking now. "I'll think of something for your father to say when he offers my mouth to you." She got on her hands and knees. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me baby. I want to be fucked by the cock I made." I pounded Mom hard, tits swinging everywhere, and filled her pussy. We got busy after that.

We opened up the windows in the house. Mom took all the sheets and pillow cases off and did a load of laundry. I swept the patio and put things in order, then rolled down the windows on the truck. We took a shower together. Mom got on her knees on a rubber mat and washed my cock and balls. She gave them kisses, thanking them for a wonderful weekend. We sat out back and had coffee when every thing was done.

I said, "I have to break up with that little slut." Mom laughed. "I forgot about her. Yes, you should. She seems like a controlling little bitch." "She wanted me to meet her parents and said that buying the truck was a waste of money." "Horrible girl." Mom said shaking her head, " I never did like her." So I went to the airport and got dad.

He smiled as soon as he saw me and kept smiling all the way home. "Nice truck." he said. "I'm real happy with it." "Your Mother said a girl took you to look for cars." "Yea, she did." I said regretfully. "What's wrong?" "Well, she said that I should have bought a car, that she wants me to meet her parents, and on and on." I looked at him and smiled. "Her idea about us is a lot different then mine so I told her goodby." "I understand." I changed the subject, "You look happy, you must have had a good time out there.

Should Mom be worried?" He laughed. "No, she shouldn't be worried." He looked at the road and smiled big."She should be happy." When we got home dad wasn't hungry so he and Mom unpacked his suitcase and they went to bed. I don't know if she did anything for him. I do know that the next morning I got bad news. When dad left I went into the kitchen all big and hard and put my arms around Mom.

She put her's around my neck, gave me a kiss and said, "Good morning." "Good morning," I said and ground my cock into her robe. "Let's make it a real good morning." With her arms still around my neck she pulled back and said, "You know I love you, don't you?" "Yes." I said wondering why she said that.

"We aren't going to do anything till Friday." After the weekend we had that was the last thing I wanted or expected to hear. My cock started deflating and I pulled back a little. "Why?" I asked. She got close to me again and kissed me. " Trust me baby." She reached down and took my wilting cock and balls in hand and said, "I promise I'll make it up to you, and them, but till Friday we can't do anything." I trust Mom so I reluctantly said ok.

That was Tuesday. I started taking showers at night so I could walk into the kitchen dressed in the mornings. By Thursday night I was on edge. I told Mom and dad that night that I was going out for a while. I got a blowjob in my truck from a drunk, bar room skank who spit me out into a tissue. The whole time I felt like I was committing sacrilege in a holy place having her in my truck. Friday morning Mom came up to me in the kitchen and with one arm around my neck she cupped me over my jeans.

"It hasn't been happy to see me lately." "It's in mourning." She giggled and put both arms around my neck. "This morning your father said that I shoud either do something to you soon or you need to find another girlfriend. He said your sullen and moody and might get into trouble." I looked at her for a few seconds then took her hips and walked her backwards against the kitchen counter. "So that's why you cut me off this week.

To change my behavior." Mom smiled and nodded. I kissed her. "I'll say it again. I am in awe of you Mom." She gave me a kiss and said, "I know my two men that I love so much." She shuddered and ground her pussy against my crotch.

"I'll be on my knees in front of my two men tonight. Showing them with my mouth how much I love them." It was strange when dad came home. There was so much sexual tension in the house with Mom the pivot point. She channeled it well, being happy and playful, giving him and me kisses. Telling us how much she loved her two men. I'm sure dad thought that she was prepping me for my return that night.

I left about 8:00 for the VFW. I usually have only one generous double Jack with ice but that night I had two of them. Finally it was time to go home. The boner field around the house was on maximum and so was my cock. I walked into the house and turned the corner to the family room.

There was Mom on her knees. She was holding and sucking dad's cock and had his balls in her other hand. They turned and saw me. Mom tried to modestly hide dad's cock with her cheek and her tits with her arm. But there was to much tit. I was feeling the Jack and swayed a little. "Wow" I said. "It's good to know that you two aren't only parents but also normal human beings." Dad, who had drunk more then me, started with his script. "He's already seen us Nancy. You might as well finish. Ron can watch or leave, whatever he wants." He turned to me.

"Or, you can have your turn. But you should know that your Mother will set a standard that the women tn the rest of your life won't be able to meet," "Bill!" Mom said softly and meekly. But her eyes. Oh, her eyes were on fire! "Look at the poor bay's pants Nancy. He's going to suffer all night if you don't." He was right.

Whatever energy Mom was emanating had my cock throbbing. "Come on over here in front of your Mother, Ron. She'll take care of that." I walked over and stood next to dad. He had his pants unzipped and everything out so I did the same. Mom slowly raised her hand, pretended to be unsure, but when she had it around my cock she let loose.

She began to tremble like she did the first time she sucked me. She pulled us closer to her and began to rub our cock heads on her face for a few minutes. "Oh God." she said. Then she started jacking and looked up at us. "Both of you let me know when your ready to cum." She bobbed on dad;s cock for a while then turned to me. And, in front of her husband, she slid her mouth over her son's cock. Dad's fantasy was coming true. He watched a few seconds and said, "I'm going to cum Nancy." She turned and just barely got the head in her mouth before dad came.

She didn't clean him up. After he stopped spurting he took a few steps backwards and sat down in his chair. Mom turned to me. She didn't want to suck, Mom wanted cum. With both her hands on my cock the head was available for her mouth. She sucked hard on it, her cheeks caving in and her tongue massaging under the head.

Her shoulders were squeezed together, making her tits come together and she made impatient sounds. After a few minutes I started to grunt. She held her breath and swallowed. When I was empty she didn't let me out of her mouth. She sat back on her heels, turned her head sideways and upwards and nursed on my limp cock that was hanging down. When she was finished she went to dad. He opened his legs for her and she laid her head on his chest.

She sighed and said, "Thank you Bill." Dad had regained his authority. The next morning Mom knocked on my door about 9:00. She opened it and stood there with her robe on. With a wink and her 16 year old grin she said, "Your father wants to know if you'd like to join us." "Sure." I said and got up. In their bedroom the blankets were at the foot of the bed. Dad was naked on one side of the bed and I laid on the other side.

Mom did a strip tease with her robe and got naked as dad and I watched. When she was finished I said, "You look good in clothes Mom but your beautiful now." She crawled over dad and got between us. He and I automatically rolled on our sides and each took a tit. Mom reached down and held our cocks.

"I am the happiest woman in the world." she said. After a few minutes she pulled her knees up and spread them. Kissing the top of my head she said, "Would you like to go back into where you came from?" I wasted no time. I got on my knees in the valley and the three of us watched as my cock disappeared.

"He feels so good in me Bill." she said. She let go of his cock and pulled him to her and they kissed hard while I fucked her. When they stopped Mom held him tight and groaned. She then said to dad, "Mommy wants your cock in her mouth. Get on your knees and let Mommy suck you." Dad wasted no time either. So there we were. Saturday morning. Mom on her back, her husband's cock in her mouth, her son's cock in her pussy.

I tried to hold off cumming as long as I could just so I could watch the whole thing. I think dad did too because Mom went ridged twice before I groaned and filled her up. Dad followed a few seconds later.

That's how it began. The next few days Mom seemed to have a cock in her constantly. Dad fucked her in the morning, I fucked her during the day and both of us at night. On Wednesday morning dad fucked her in their bed, I flipped her robe up on her back next to the kitchen sink while he ate breakfast, got a quickie on the couch at noon, and then both of us that night. The next morning Mom was in pain. The three of us woke up on their bed. Mom said she didn't think it was possible but her pussy was sore.

Dad and I started laughing. She reached down and pinched an ass cheek on both of us for laughing, which made us laugh more, but eventually she joined in. It was decided that we would get blowjobs during the week and pussy on weekends.

She said on Saturday mornings till 11:00 our cocks belonged to her. It was a good life. While watching tv at nights during the week Mom would sometimes go from dad to me on her knees and suck us.

Another thing she liked was to sit on the couch, hold my head in her arm while I sucked on a tit and she stroked my cock. Some times she put a pillow on the back of the couch, laid her head on it and had Dad stand next to her while he jacked off in her open mouth. She told me she felt as if she serviced her brother, her husband and her son at the same time. She controlled Saturday mornings. Some days she wanted both of us in her at the same time and then told us to change places. Other times she wanted us to take turns fucking her.

Often she cleaned the last cock that came in her pussy with her mouth. One Saturday I was on my back and Mom was sucking me. She was on her knees and elbows, between my spread legs. She had her arms under my thighs and holding my hips. Dad was behind her fucking away. What was happening was only possible because of Mom, how she read and maneuvered her men. A felling came up in me. Happiness, lust, love, our good fortune that the three of us were on that bed. I wanted to say something profound but all I came up with is, "A Mother's blowjob is the best thing there is." It was enough for dad.

He stuck his cock in her and kept it there, collapsing on her back. Eventually he fell off. Mom got on her back and manhandled me into her pussy. I fucked her like a satyr and she fucked back like a nymph while her husband laid next to her and watched us. One Sunday during football season Mom came into the family room, laid a blanket on the floor and said that she was going to be the half-time entertainment. She laid down in front of dad's chair, with her head pointing away from him, and told me to fuck her.

Dad watched my cock go in and out of Mom's pussy, jacking off and dreaming his dreams. I'm in the iron workers union now and in my own place, only because I had outgrown the house.

My music, my car, my tools needed a place of their own. Every Saturday morning I went home. If Mom and dad were awake I joined them on the bed.

If they were asleep I undressed and slipped under the covers next to Mom. Most work weeks I went there for dinner at least once.

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Afterwords Mom sometimes sucked both of us while on her knees. Other times, if there was something to watch on the tv, dad would be in his chair, I laid on the couch with a pillow against the arm rest.

Mom got between the back of the couch and me, slow stroking my cock. Sometimes she wanted cum, other times she just wanted it on her face. I've been dating one girl, Alice, for the last three months and scary as it is, I think I may be in love.


I haven't told her about Mom and me. That will have to be something to face if we both decide to stay together. But she is smart, beautiful, strong and the sex is good. Although, like Dad said, her blowjobs aren't as good as Mom's. He died three weeks ago. A fucking aneurism. He had his time on the planet and now he's gone. Mom is in pieces and I'm surprised that I miss him. Uncle Mark came for the funeral and said he can come back and stay longer if he was needed. The future, that had everything coming together just right, now looks like a fucking tornado went through it.

Mom and me, and maybe Alice, will have to put it back in order again.