Bigass babe pov pussyfucked by stranger

Bigass babe pov pussyfucked by stranger
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Jim decides that he's going to donnate all the money that he's made selling his movies to charities and that he won't charge Robert any money for the movies that he's going to make.

Jim starts thinking about his next video and decides to see what's happening with Jessica and her boys James and Joshua so he sends the woman who's been helping him making his movies to check up on them.


A few days later the woman { Nataly } tells Jim that Jessicas brother and his son are in town visiting, she tells Jim that Jessicas brother Tom is a single dad who divorced his wife 4 years ago after he caught her cheating with several men and that his son Frank lives with him.

With all of this information Jim starts planning for his next video and several days later after perfecting his plan he's ready. Jims plan has 3 parts the first part is to have Nataly seduce Tom, the second part is to have James and Joshuas friend { that Jim has paid before } convince James and Joshua to fuck the same masked woman and the final part is to manipulate Jessica into being at the right place at the right time. Part 1: Nataly sees Tom in a bar and being an extremely attractive young woman she easily strikes up a conversation with Tom and after several drinks she says " You know I think you would be perfect for my sister Christina, we are not twins but everyone says that she looks just like me, my sister is a huge party girl she's had a history of drinking and sleeping with random men but she's not ashamed of it, she says " if men can do it then why can't she ".

Tom gets a huge smile on his face and says " yeah I would definatley love to meet your sister can you arrange a meeting? " Nataly says " sure It would be my pleasure but I have to tell you that my sister is a freak in the bedroom she loves wearing masks during sex.

" Tom says " masks? oh well that's not really a problem for me " after a few more drinks Nataly takes Toms cell number and says " I'll give you a call when everythings ready " and after a hug and a kiss on the cheek Nataly leaves the bar.

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Part 2 : James and Joshuas friend Billy sees James and Joshua after school and he says " Hello boys remember that whore I told you about? the one you guys nailed who always wears masks? well she wants to party again, are you boys interested? " Joshua says " does the tin man have a metal cock?

" after a laugh Billy tells the boys that he'll call them after he arranges a meeting.

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James says " how did you ever find this bitch? " Billy says " I was using the bathroom at a gas station and I saw something written on the wall and it read If you want a good time call Christina and a phone number, I was a little shy so I had my cousin call her and then go visit her and he told me all about it. After that I went to visit her and when I finished with her she told me that she liked being fucked by 2 or more guys and that's when I told you about her, and from what you boys told me about the last time you fucked her I assumed that you would want to fuck her again ".


Billy then says " I heard your cousin Frank is in town visiting, you guys should bring him with you when you see the whore, that would be a gift he would never ever forget " James thanks Billy and says " call us when everything is arranged " and they go their seperate ways. Part 3 : Jessica gets a letter in the mail that reads : It's time for another video, I think you already know what's going to happen if you refuse or if you tell the police or anyone else, the bottom of the letter has a time, date and adress.

Jessica shows up on the date and time and the adress is the same house where she made her last video where she was gangbanged by her own biological sons, walking towards the door she thinks to herself [ when is this nightmare going to end ] she rings the door bell and Nataly opens the door hands Jessica a letter, then gets into her car and drives away.

In the house Jessica opens the letter that reads : { 1.} In this video your name is Christina. { 2.} In this video your going to have sex with your sons James and Joshua, your brother Tom and your nephew Frank. { 3.} In this video your going to tell them that you want all of them to cum inside you.

{ 4.} There's a bag in the bedroom with everything your going to wear for this video. { 5.} In the drawer next to the bed is a jar of Morning After Pills, take it with you when the video is over. { 6.} When you get to the bedroom strip completely naked and put on everything you find in the bag. { 7.} When all 4 men enter the bedroom you must act and talk like a total whore.

With tears in her eyes she heads towards the bedroom thinking to herself [ my sons, my brother and my nephew all cumming inside me, my god why is this happening to me?

]. In the bedroom she strips completely naked and empties the bag on to the bed where she sees the mask, black platform high heels and black nylons that connect to a black garter belt, she puts everything on and checks the drawer to see if the Morning After Pills are there. She see the jar of pills in the drawer and then tries to calm herself and prepare for the family gangbang that's about to happen. 2 hours earlier.

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Nataly calls tom and says " hey honey remember me from the bar? I told you about my sister Christina, I talked to her about you and she said she would really love to meet you and she hopes you don't mind sharing her with a few others " Tom says " That's not going to be a problem " and Nataly gives Tom the time and adress.

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James and Joshua get a call from their buddy telling them what time to show up at the whores house and after hanging up they pick up their cousin Frank and James says " Frank get ready for the ride of your life ". 20 minutes after Jessica entered the house. Tom sees James, Joshua and Frank standing infront of the adress that Nataly gave him and he says " What are you boys doing here?

" Joshua says " What's up uncle Tom? well to be honest were here to bang the living shit out of a whore ".

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Tom says " WHAT?? does your mom know you boys are here? " James says " No she would never let us come here if she knew what we were doing and besides she thinks Joshua and Me are still virgins but we have already banged this slut and let me tell she's a freak in the sheets so we brought Frank so he can get a little tail ".

Tom says " I'm not sure this is the kind of thing you boys should be doing and I'm not comfortable with my son being here ". Nataly parks her car besides them then gets out and says " Tom I'm so glad you came, Christina can't wait to meet you and you 2 must be James and Joshua Christina has told me that you 2 really know how to treat a lady in the bedroom and who is this cute young man? " Tom stares at Natalys huge breasts stretching out her tight red shirt, short mini skirt, long legs and high heels and says " That's my son Frank and today he becomes a man ".

Nataly says " well boys I hope you have a good time because I know my sister Christina definately will " Nataly unlocks the front door and says " Have fun " then she gets back in her car and drives away. Joshua and James lead Tom and Frank to the bedroom where they see Jessica standing infront of the bed and Jessica says " Wow this must be my lucky day, I have 4 big strong good looking men to play with " and she starts rubbing her nipple with one hand and touching her pussy with the other hand.

Jessica says " Ok boys take off those pants and show me what 4 big strong men can do " Joshua says " You see uncle Tom I told you she was a whore ". All 4 men strip completely naked and move towards Jessica who get on her knees and says " come on boys give mamma her medicine " Tom stands infront of her an puts his dick in his sisters mouth then grabbing the back of her masked head he starts to fuck her face while she masturbates James whose standing on her left with her left hand and Joshua whose standing on her right with her right hand, Frank is on his knees behind her grabbing her ass and fingering his aunts pussy.

They alternate positions getting sucked and jerked while the fourth fingers her vagina for a while until Tom lifts her off the ground and puts her on the bed. James is on lying on the bed when his mother mounts him, grabbing his rock hard cock in her hand she says " Give mommy that big cock of yours " she slides it into her wet pussy and starts to ride him letting out a moan before Frank sticks his cock into his aunts mouth and starts fucking her face.

Fucking her son and sucking her nephew she jerks her brother and other son who are both busy fingering her anus for a while until they switch positions. Tom lays on the bed and Jessica sits on him in reverse cow girl position and Tom slowly slides his cock into her anus, she let's out a huge moan, Frank gets between his father and his aunts legs and slides his cock into her dripping wet pussy causing her to moan even more before she bends to her left and starts sucking Joshuas cock while jerking James's cock.

All 4 men fuck Jessica in every postion known to man with Jessica screaming " Cum inside me, I want you all to cum inside my pussy, fuck me and cum inside me ". All 4 men keep fucking her harder, faster and deeper again and again until Frank moans loudly and he cums deep inside his aunts pussy, he pulls it out and before she can blink her son James sticks his cock in her, moaning loudly he also cums deep into her womb, followed by Joshua and finally her brother Tom.

Jessica is sitting on the bed with her 2 sons, nephews and brothers sperm leaking out of her, she watches them get dressed and she says " Wow you guys were great, I must have had 30 orgasms " James hands her a card with his home phone number and adress and he says " Our mom won't be home this weekend so pass by our place and my brother and I will give you another 30 orgasms ".

Jessica holding the card in her hand says " Ok I'll call you to find out what time you want me to be there " and she watches as her 2 sons, nephew and brother leave the house. A few minutes later the phone rings and when she picks it up Jim says " That was amazing, your brother almost screwed up my plan but it worked out beautifully, I recorded the whole thing and it was incredible oh and by the way you can keep the mask, your going to need it when you visit your sons this weekend " then he hangs up the phone, Jessica lays on the bed for a while before taking a shower, grabbing the pills and going home.

A few days later Tom and Frank say their goodbyes to Jessica and her 2 boys before going back home and Tom says " It was fun and we'll definately be back as soon as possible ". The weekend starts and Jessica calls hers sons and asks what time should I show up at your place?

Joshua answers " well our mom said she'll be out visiting an old friend so she won't be back until midnight so you can come over now ". THE END Please leave comments.