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Maxine thought going to a professional photographer to have some naughty photos taken for her husband was a good idea; it had been suggested by her best friend who had done something similar a while back for her boyfriend and she said it had gone down a treat. Maxine had got the address from her friend about a week later, scribbling it down quickly while on the train into work, yes the line had been bad but she had read it back to her friend who repeated it back and Maxine was sure it was right.

Finding the piece of paper in your purse and not remembering putting it there Maxine calls the number she had booking a session with the photographer who sounded nice and he said they could take it slowly so that she wasn't nervous. The day came and Maxine made an excuse of going out with friends for the day to Mark her husband, Mark said it was fine as he'd arranged to play golf with his boss.

Maxine waited for him to leave before getting dressed, she selected a sexy bra and panty set, black with red trim the bra was half cup and the panties were almost see through with a small lace up on each side, then she put on a new matching suspender belt she'd bought specially for the photos, clipping the black stocking to it Maxine felt extremely wicked, over the top she slipped on the figure hugging wrap around black dress Mark had bought her for her birthday, the neckline almost plunging down passed her breasts and exposing the edge of her bra.

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Putting on her makeup she looked in the mirror realising the bright red lipstick matched the red trim of her underwear she almost felt slutty going out in it all. After a short trip Maxine found the building, she was surprised when she saw it, it didn't look anything like a photographer's studio, a large brownstone building with imposing windows it looked more like a private house but knocking on the door Maxine waited to be let in.

The woman that opened the door looked surprised for a moment then without a word stepped aside to let Maxine enter, without a word the woman pointed to a door and then to Maxine's surprise she quickly left the building.

Walking to the door she hesitated for a second, before knocking a voice called out to her and walking in she saw a large bed in the middle of the room and camera equipment set up all round, Maxine relaxed thinking she'd been mistaken and glad she'd come to the right place. Looking round she saw a middle aged man who looked her up and down then smiled 'Please take you coat off and make yourself comfy, we'll begin in a minute'.

His eyes widened slightly as he saw what Maxine was wearing and smiled again. 'Like I said on the phone I'd like some naughty photos for my husband to surprise him for his birthday' the man looked puzzled for a second and then just nodded.

'Shall I start by sitting on the bed?' Maxine asked. ' If that makes you more relaxed' the man replied, taking a camera he snapped off a few photos as Maxine sat and lent back on her arms slightly, pushing out her breasts, 'what now' she asked, the man looked and said 'how about undoing your dress, let it fall open naturally'. Following his directions she undid the material belt and let it fall open, showing the edges of her bra and revealing her panties, stockings and suspenders. The man snapping away continuously now told her to slip the dress right off, and stand up, Maxine enjoying herself did it without questioning him.

'Turn round and lean on the bed, push you bottom out towards me' he said. Feeling amazingly slutty Maxine bent and leaning on the bed offered her pert bottom to his camera looking over her shoulder at him smiling, 'good, very good' he commented.

'Now kneel on the edge and open your legs wide' as she did it she realised her panties had been pulled tight across her pussy lips and mound, Maxine also felt a damp patch starting on them and hoped he hadn't noticed.

Setting the camera on a tripod the man set it to automatic and she could hear it clicking away as he walked round turning other cameras on, surprised Maxine went to sit up, 'don't move hun you're doing great' he said and she relaxed again. Coming round to the front he picked up another camera and took a couple of shots, 'now push your breasts up and together' he said, feeling aroused Maxine slowly pushed them together and up, moving in closer the man took more photos, this time the flash went off almost blinding her and Maxine blinked repeatedly to try and see clearly.

As the camera went off again and again the flash stopped Maxine from clearing her sight, hearing the door open and close she tried to look round but with her blurred sight she could only make out a figure, thinking it was the woman returning Maxine tried not to be embarrassed. Feeling the wicked pleasure returning she concentrated on her poses.

Looking at the photographer she saw him nod to someone behind her and suddenly her ankles were grabbed and pulled out from under her, letting out a shocked cry she fell forward hitting the bed and another pair of hands grabbed her wrists and held her down.

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Looking up as best she could she saw the photographer drop the camera and move a video camera into position, 'ok let's start the main event!' She saw him press a button on the camera and watched a blinking red light flash, struggling she pulled away slightly from the restraining hands and managed to get a glimpse of the man holding her, he was naked and his cock was fully erect!

Feeling hands behind her run up her legs she tried to kick out but they had been secured to the bed while she'd struggled with the first man. The invading hands pulled at her panties rubbing between her thighs and over her pussy, 'Please don't' she begged her unseen molester, but the hand took no notice and slipped under the material. 'MMMM she's wet already' a voice said. Pulling at the panties the hands ripped them off of Maxine baring her shaven pussy mound and slightly reddening pussy lips to her unseen attacker.

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Coming into view again the photographer looked at her smiling 'be good and don't struggle and you won't get hurt, cooperate and we'll even pay you what we agreed'.

Shocked now Maxine realised the woman who left when she arrived had been the one they had arranged to meet. Shaking her head Maxine was dumbfounded, then she felt the man behind her slip his fingers into her damp pussy rubbing up and down causing her to become wetter still, his probing finger finding her hardening clit he massaged it and Maxine unable to stop herself let out a low moan of pleasure.

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'She likes that' the man laughed rubbing harder, again Maxine groaned uncontrollably, 'let's see if she likes this' he said, and suddenly she felt his hot hard cock pushing inside her, Maxine gasped and moaned loudly ' No Please Stop', the man did nothing but laugh as he pushed deeper into her aroused pussy, slowly he pulled out and started to fuck her making Maxine moan again and again, unable to stop herself she felt her body tremble and knew she was building to her first orgasm.

A figure appeared beside her and glancing up she saw it was the photographer, now naked he lent down and pulled her bra off her releasing her breasts to sway with the other mans thrusts. The man grabs one of Maxine's breasts pulling on it and pinching her nipple as he does, leaning down he sucks it into his mouth making Maxine gasp again shaking now all she can moan is 'No Please No'.

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The man holding her arms suddenly releases them and pulls her up by her hair, before she can react the photographer has grabbed her hands holding them tight again, the man holding her hair forces his cock into her mouth, 'bite me and I'll kill you' he threatens as he pushes deep into her mouth making her gag once before pulling out, he times his thrusts with the man fucking her and Maxine can do nothing but let them use her, scared that if she fights they will hurt her or do something worse.

Suddenly Maxine can't stop herself as her body shakes and her first orgasm hits her, she tries to scream out round the thick cock buried in her throat, and she feel the man stiffen as her pussy is flooded with his hot cum, without stopping the man pulls out and she feels his cum splash over her arse cheeks and back, suddenly he's forcing his still pumping cock into her arsehole, stretching it wide, Maxine does scream and he enters her.

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Maxine had always wanted to try anal but Mark wasn't interested, now she had been forced to do it whether she wanted to or not. Feeling her shake the man fucking her mouth suddenly explodes filling her mouth with his cum, making her swallow it or choke, as she swallows he too pulls out and covers her face in his cum now blinded by his thick seed she fights for breath and sobs. Suddenly Maxine is pushed over onto her back her arms pulled up over her head and out wide she feels them manacled tight so she can't move them, her legs pulled wide are also manacled.

Face up now she looks at her 3 tormentors as they stand round the bed, their semi hard cocks in hand as they stroke them back to stiffness. Rolling her head round Maxine sees the cameras, shocked she realises that it wasn't just one angle they had been filming from, Maxine lets out a low moan of horror as she sees the TV screens divided into boxes all showing unknown men's cocks being stroked and realises that not only were they recording it but they had been broadcasting live to other men on the internet, men that had paid to see a woman used and abused, now she can hear the viewers voices grunting and moaning as they jerk their cocks at the scene.

The man who she had thought of as the photographer moves a camera in close to her open legs dropping it down so it's pointing straight at her cum filled leaking mound, 'now the interactive part' he says, 'all those who want to see her pussy abused again vote now' a chorus of chimes erupts and the unseen men vote. Again the man speaks 'suggestions for what's used?' unable to see the screens now Maxine shakes with fear as the chimes ring out again.

One of the men laughs and walks out of her view, returning he walks straight to the bottom of the bed and Maxine feels a weight on it, suddenly she feels a hot breath and rough tongue all over her tortured pussy, crying out she tries to escape but can't, one of the men releases her arm slightly while the other two pull her to the edge of the bed tying her down with her feet now on the floor but her legs still spread wide, her hands are again manacled tight, again the hot breath and rough tongue attacks her swollen pussy and again Maxine screams out.

All 3 men are standing round her head now watching whatever is attacking her pussy relentlessly, they're stroking their cocks harder as then watch becoming more and more aroused, Maxine feels the tongue stop and suddenly a weight pushes down on her stomach, trying to jerk up she looks down and almost faints as she sees a large dog climbing up onto her, she shakes even more as she feels its breath on her breasts and its engorged cock head pushing into her.

Maxine screams again and again as it pushes deeper and deeper feeling like she's being split apart as the dog mounts her, growling as it uses her abused pussy.

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Shaking her head Maxine tries to beg the men to stop it but no words come out, as the dog enters her fully it starts to thrust faster and she feels the knot enter her, screaming continuously now Maxine almost loses her mind, now she feels herself being hit by something else opening her eyes she sees the men stroking themselves to completion as the all shoot their loads over her face and breasts.

All of a sudden Maxine feels the dog stiffen and feels it gush into her now painfully throbbing pussy, she feels it run out of her and down her thighs soaking the bed as the dog lays on top of her its knot buried deep inside. One of the men moves and grabs the dog but the scruff of its neck and pulls it off of her, now Maxine screams in pain as the still thick knot is ripped out of her swollen pussy, crying Maxine looks across at the TV screens to see the unknown watchers cumming together.

Shaking Maxine feels like she is suffocating as she cries silently tears streaming down her face.


One of the men moves over to her and she feels a stab in her arm and everything goes black. Coming to Maxine finds herself cleaned up and dressed in a cab heading down a main road, the driver looks in the mirror, 'I hope you're not gonna throw up with all the drink you've had' he says. Feeling herself aching all over she tries to argue but can't get the words out.

Finally getting home she strips all her clothes off and throwing them away she nervously looks at herself in a mirror, the only sign she can see of her ordeal is a redness on her thighs where the dog's rough coat had rubbed. Maxine showers for ages before she stumbles out of the bath room, vowing never to tell Mark what happened she tries to bury the memory.


Two hours later Mark walks into their living room, 'hey sweetheart, what have you been up too?' he asks, when she doesn't answer he continues with an evil smile on his face&hellip. 'Did you enjoy the Photoshoot? It looked like you did!' frozen with shock Maxine barely hears Marks next comment… 'I certainly enjoyed watching you at it!'

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