Una amiga viene a visitarme

Una amiga viene a visitarme
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To recap, my brother Lee was licking out my bumhole, and I was having just about the biggest orgasm I'd ever had in my life. Uncle Bill was videoing us but then we heard the door downstairs open and my parents had suddenly arrived home an hour early. Dad was first through the door, followed immediately by Mum. I don't know who was most shocked. The scene was almost indescribable. I was on my bed still in my school uniform, my younger brother, also in his uniform, but with his trousers and pants off, was on the bed with me.

I had my legs open, my bum raised up with a pillow, and my brother was tongue deep anally kissing me! My panties were still on, but only just as Lee had pulled them half off to get his tongue up my bottom. My cunt was spattered with Lee's sperm, so were my panties, it was all over my face, and it was in my mouth and hair too. To make matters worse, Uncle Bill had had to masturbate on me because he couldn't control himself, so his spunk was all mixed up with Lee's all over me.

Oh and Uncle Bill had videoed the whole thing! But the oddest of things happened. It was one of those moments that seemed to last for ages but probably only actually took a second or two. I waited for the explosion from my parents, but there wasn't one.

It was weird. There was a sort of knowing silence, if that makes any sense, followed by a sort of half smirk and a very brief sentence from my Mum. "Bill not again, surely?" Uncle Bill looked embarrassed. Lee and I didn't know where to put ourselves. I pulled my panties over my cunt and pulled my school skirt down to cover myself up in front of my parents.

Lee moved rapidly away from my bottom and pulled his underpants back on. But there was no hiding what we'd just been caught doing. Dad spoke next: "Bill, you agreed never to do this again after Richard threatened to shop you to the local newspaper.

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Why do it again? And with Suzi and Lee too! Tell me why for god's sake." Uncle Bill suddenly looked more relaxed. Pretty clearly he'd had an idea. "Come on you two let's discuss this downstairs over a drink. There's no harm done. We were only playing about it's not as if I raped them or anything is it? I was just doing another of my little videos, and you know they never get sold over here, so nobody will ever recognise Suzi and Lee.

And anyway, you two aren't exactly angels, are you?" I do remember wondering what he meant by this, which was said with a slight air of menace, but we were told to clean ourselves up while they went downstairs to have a drink. I recall trying to hear what they were talking about, but I couldn't hear everything they were saying.

I heard something about a mortgage and credit cards, and I already knew my parents were deep in debt and having problems paying the bank each month. Then there was something about Uncle Bill 'helping out' with the finances (I can still remember the actual phrase he used) in return for the family 'helping out' with some videos and photos for his business.

It was then I began to realise that Uncle Bill's smart car and posh lifestyle weren't being paid for by his ordinary photographic business, but by the specialist videos he was selling for very big money indeed.

Uncle Bill didn't come back upstairs that night. He went away soon after the chat, just calling goodbye as he went. Lee and I got cleaned up and went downstairs, expecting a lot of trouble, though our plan was to blame Uncle Bill for the whole thing.

Mum and Dad were sat in the front room, which was odd in itself. We were told to sit down. Mum started. "I don't quite know how to start this. I know you're expecting a serious row about what we walked in on earlier, and we were shocked really really shocked.

But on the other hand, we know about Bill, and I don't doubt he put you both up to it." Cool this looked liked being an easy let off! "And in any event, what you were doing is in a way quite natural." What? What did she just say? "It's natural that if a brother and sister really love each other that they'd want to take their love as far as they can. Sometimes, that can get, well, physical." Lee and I couldn't believe we were hearing this.


Instead of a major major inquest as to why we'd been fucking, Mum was actually saying it was OK? Dad joined in. "Your Mum's right. What you were doing was perfectly natural. And love within the family is OK too. Which is why we wanted to talk to you both. I don't really know how to start this, but it's about the house, and money and stuff. Things haven't been going too well at work lately, and finances have got, well, a bit tough. We owe the bank a lot of money, and we may have to sell the house and move into a caravan or something if we can't keep up the repayments." I remember starting to cry.

I loved our house. I'd been born there and all my friends lived nearby. Moving to a caravan would be just awful. "But Uncle Bill says he'll help us out for a few months, which will mean we don't have to move.

You know he agreed to pay you some money to let him video you? Yes, I know he told us about it. Well, he wasn't paying you nearly enough and your Mum and I have done a better deal with him. He gets to film us all, and we get to keep the house. How do you feel about it? I know it's an awful thing to have to have to ask you to do, but I can't see any other option, and you were doing it with each other anyway. We won't go ahead with it unless you agree though." Lee and I just looked at each other.

We both knew what the answer would be we both hated the idea of having to leave our nice house, and as we had indeed already been doing it with each other it didn't seem too much of a problem to do it with Mum and Dad as well. Besides which, I'd been sort of flirting with Dad for ages (it's a girl thing) and I once caught Lee in my parents' bedroom jerking off into a pair of Mum's panties!

"Lee, shall we give it a go to save the house?" Lee nodded. "OK then what do we have to do?" I noticed that Dad had an erection, and that Mum was looking almost like the cat that got the cream. They didn't look at all bothered about the way this was going, and to be honest it was exciting for me too.

I know that Lee felt much the same, because he told me so years afterwards. "No time like the present," said Mum.


"I think we all need to get our heads round this one and do some sort of trial run just between ourselves before we make a final decision and let Bill in on the action with his camera." Dad agreed, and it did seem to make sense to all of us I think, because we none of us knew how it would go, and though we were all up for it, maybe for different reasons, nobody really knew how to start off.

I thought I'd set the ball rolling. "Daddy, what's that bulge in your trousers? This is really turning you on isn't it?" Mum leaned over and undid his zip, saying something about having to start somewhere.

His penis popped out and I was amazed at how big he was, not having seen him like that since I was a little girl. There was a small bead of cum on the end of his cock, and I broke the ice still further by licking it off.

Mum giggled and pulled her skirt up to expose her panties. She was very slim, with long blonde hair, and because she had had us kids very early on in life (far too early she always said!) she was still very young and pretty. I was stunned to see that she was wearing a tiny pair of My Little Pony panties, and wondered whether that was because she liked them, or whether my Dad liked them. She moved towards Lee. "Hello there Big Boy. Looks as if Suzi's going to look after Daddy.

Who wants to fuck Mummy then? I can see you're hard already." Lee looked stunned but very interested. His first actual incest sex might have started with me, but it had been obvious for some time that he fancied Mum. I often caught him trying to look up her skirt when she reached up to a shelf for anything, and he was actually muttering 'I'm fucking you Mum' when I found him masturbating into a pair of her panties.

She stood over him, pushing her panties down on his face. "Lick me, then, Lee lick my pussy." As Lee looked up, with a positively disgusting look on his face, she wriggled her panties so that his mouth was over her cunt, and pulled her panties to one side so that he could put his tongue into her vagina. She had shaved herself so close and smooth that her skin felt like silk. The pink My Little Pony panties were already wet from Mum's secretions, as Dad and I watched Lee slip his tongue inside her.

Dad's cock was still out and seeping but before I sucked him properly we both had to watch this erotic scene between mother and son. As we watched, Lee licked and sucked and Mum moaned and groaned.

The position was obviously uncomfortable for them both, and Mum moved so that she was lying back on the settee with her legs open wide. Dad and I just stared as Lee moved in for the kill, burying his face as far as he could in her pussy mound and pushing his tongue as far as he could get it up her now very wet slit.

It was so sexual to watch.

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Dad sat next to Mum on the settee and pointed to his now very erect penis. I took the very obvious hint and sucked him as hard as I knew how to, backwards and forwards, his knob pulsating as it went in and out of my mouth. As fast as I sucked my Dad, Lee was licking and sucking Mum next to us on the settee.

Dad was leaking pre-cum I could taste it coming out of his cock. I knew he wasn't far from orgasm, but I had to have him inside me before he came.

I knew Mum wasn't too far off herself either, she was getting such a good licking from Lee. We all knew we had to finish this off properly. Although it was only a trial run to see if we could do it together for Uncle Bill there was absolutely no doubt about that now! So Mum and I lay next to each other on the settee deep kissing each other to practice the role-play properly, while Dad and Lee prepared to enter us. Their cocks were both hard that was self-evident.

Dad was keen not to hurt me, and I still remember him rubbing his cock with a tub of hand cream saying it would slip in easier that way. I think he was expecting his daughter to be a pretty tight fit, and I suppose I was really. Mum and I lay there with our legs wide open, kissing, as I say, and waiting.

Dad seemed a bit put out that he wasn't getting all my attention, though, so I started to concentrate just on him. "Oh Daddy, are you ready to fuck me now? I can see you are. Do you want to stick that fat horny cock inside my little pink pussy?

Do you want to squirt all that cum inside me?" He needed no more coaxing. "Oh Suzi, I've always wanted the chance to fuck you.

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Christ that cunt has tempted me so many times, even though I've only now got the chance to look at it properly. So many times I've watched you and looked up your dress, and caught the odd glimpse of your panties. Always I wanted to see what your cunt looked like, and smelled like. I've masturbated into your panties so many times too, always imagining I was masturbating inside your cunt.

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And now my dream's come true. I can fuck my sweet daughter at last, after all this time." He entered my cunt, slowly at first, his cock covered in cream so that it didn't hurt me. That was so nice of him. I felt it go in and it felt so good, so nice, so right. He groaned with pleasure and fucked me harder and harder until I said it was starting to hurt. He pulled his cock out of my cunt and squirted some cream into me. That made it a lot better, even though it was still a very tight fit.

He did have a very large penis. Mum and Lee were watching us that made it even more exciting than it was already.

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I squeezed my breasts together like I'd seen them do in the porn films. Dad started to kiss me as he fucked me, and Mum cupped his penis with her fingers as it slid in and out of my pussy. As she rubbed his cock it grew even harder and she urged him on. "Fuck her, fuck her hard. Fuck your daughter until she cums. Fuck her. Shoot your seed inside her so I can lick it out of her hot little cunt." He was getting faster and faster, more and more breathless as she urged him on.

Suddenly, as he kissed me and we licked tongues together, I felt him start to cum. My cunny felt sore but good, and as he started to jerk I felt his seed squirting into me with some force. He jerked four or five times, spurting hot semen with each thrust, and then fell back exhausted.

Mum was ready for this and as Dad lay back she first sucked the sperm from around his cock, then started licking me because she knew I hadn't cum. That was so nice of her. As she licked my button, I started to cum big time, and she knew just how to do it. My Dad's cum was dribbling out of my slit, and Mum was just slurping it all up and drinking it down as she licked me clean. As my orgasm swept over me I remember seeing my Mum down there licking away at my pussy, smiling up at me with sperm all round her mouth and over her tongue.

Now it was Lee's turn. He had been very patient, watching my Dad fucking me and my Mum licking me off. My Mum lay back with sperm all over her face and opened her legs again ready for Lee to do his bit. The little pink My Little Pony panties were still covering her pussy just but they were wet and her hairless cunt was visible to either side of them. Lee stood over her with his cock hard and glistening. "Fuck me my lovely son, fuck me hard.

Go on Lee stick your cock in my cunt and fill me up." But he couldn't control himself. He couldn't wait.

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As he stood looking over her, I watched him just touch the end of his cock ready to guide it into Mum, when it started to spurt his seed. Once he started he couldn't stop.

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He rubbed the end and out it all came, spurting great dollops of jizz over my Mum's panties. We all watched as My Little Pony suddenly got drenched in an ocean of stickiness. Poor Mum her cute little panties spattered with Lee's sperm, but no orgasm for herself. I had to help her.

So I pulled down her panties myself and licked her as she had done me. Lee's sperm had dribbled inside her cunt, but that was no problem, so I just licked it all up and tongue-nibbled her clit until she came. So we all had our orgasms, and we proved that we could do it together for Uncle Bill to film. There was sperm all over the settee, and all over us too, but it didn't matter.

It would clean off, and there was serious money to be made. We could keep our house that was the main thing.