Rear view of cute gay nude This is a lengthy movie for you voyeur

Rear view of cute gay nude This is a lengthy movie for you voyeur
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I am OnKnee, male sub, 32. Here is a true story about my first mistress, Iona. As always, I had to undress outside Iona's house and leave all my clothes in the car before I could ring the bell and wait for her to answer the ring. Worried that somebody should get out in the street or pass in a car to see me in this state made me quite nervous.

Finally she answered and I said: "Mistress Iona, your slave OnKnee is here and ask for permission to enter your garden".

"Welcome slave", she said and buzzed the gate. Puh, I managed this time to get in naked from the street without being seen. Sometimes I had not been so lucky. In her garden I had to work up my cock to full erection before I went up on her doorstep, fell down on my all four and rang the bell.

After a long wait the door opened and Iona stood there in black garters, stockings and high heels.

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"Are you a good dog today so I don't need to punish you as last time?" "Yes, Mistress" I said and she let me in. She went to sit in a big chair and continued to watch a show on TV, smoking a long cigarette and paying no attention to me for well 5 minutes. Without stopping watching the show she snapped her fingers and opened her legs and I crept up between the legs and started to sniff her pussy.

Smelling as sexy as ever I felt my cock getting bigger and bigger. Finally she blew some smoke down on me and snapped her fingers again as a signal for me to start licking her.


Slowly and just on the outer lips first and as far back as I could reach. Another snap and I had to start with her inner pussy-lips. Now feeling her wetness and the smell making me even hornier.

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After a long time I felt her moving and panting a little and I knew she were getting really hot. A snap again and I started to lick wildly and as deep as I could and with my own precum wetting the inside of my legs she came with her whole body vibrating. Afterwards she just kicked me away, took another cigarette and watched the show again with me standing on my all four in front of her. When the show was over she said: "Slave".

"Yes mistress".

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"Stand up and get ready for housework". "Yes Mistress", I said and went to a drawer where I took out two rubber-rings. Put one around my balls and one around the bottom of my penis.

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Also there was a butt-plug that I had to insert in my ass. After this she said: "Slave come over here and show that you are prepared!" I walked close to her and she told me to rotate in front of her. She pressed the plug even deeper in and said: "Today you wash by hand all my underwear and those of my lovers.


You know that you have to sniff them all and lick all the dry cum that you can find!" "Yes Mistress Iona", I said and went to the back of her house where the washing facilities are. There was a full basket with all kinds of underwear that had lots of stains showing that she had been very active the last week.

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I prepared the washing water and then started to carefully sniff and lick all the silky stuff. The black I knew was all Iona's and all the colourful items had been used by her lovers and slaves. I say carefully because in this house there were one-way mirrors everywhere so she could well observe me now and if I cheated I should be punished in ways I will tell you later.

Among the panties was an orange pair, which had been taking a big load. That was from my last visit when Mistress had been so kind to let me use them. She ordered me to take them on and then she ordered me to lay on my back on the floor and with her sitting in my face so I got my nose in her asshole and my tongue deep in her pussy, she told me to lick her hard and to masturbate through the thin fabric of the panties.

She told me to jerk hard but I had to hold back because I knew I couldn't cum before her.

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After an eternity, as I felt it, she started to move and cum so hard that she squeezed my tongue and shouted: "Shoot, slave!!!" and I did. Now I had to sniff my own cum and lick the big spots on the silky material. My cock stood firm in remembrance of that happy shooting. When I finished and came back to her chair she just told me to get out of her house on my knees all the way to the car.


This meant I had to peek out on the street like a dog until it was free for me to rush into the car, dress and drive back home. There I remembered that the two rubber-rings and the butt-plug were still on and in me. Until my next visit I feared for the punishment I should get for such a grave negligence.