Hot blonde girl rides big cock wildly

Hot blonde girl rides big cock wildly
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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 11 DINNER & A MOVIE Rach followed Lidia into the house while I extricated my bike from the jeep. As I parked it in the garage, I tried to will my painful hard-on down. The rock hard state I'd been in since the girls picked me up at the pool nearly 6 hours ago had, on the ride home with Lidia on my lap, gone from pleasurable pain, to near agony.

I considered cranking one out right there in the garage, but one tentative grip confirmed my fear that I was too far down the road of blue-balls to stand the act. I fell back to plan B, forced shrinkage. I quietly made my way to the bathroom, avoiding any Rach instigations, and took a cold shower; forcing my thoughts to focus on anti-hard images. The last two years of being self-conscious of my bulge had had its plusses; I had become very skilled at deflation.

Sighing with relief as I felt the pressure ease, I turned the shower warm, and relaxed; my only energy expended by my intentional oversight of all things Rachel.

I stayed in my sanctuary from sex long enough to be confident that another woody would be painless, and then, towel in hand, I re-entered the world. I opened the bathroom door, heedless of my nudity and who might see me, and walked to my room to dry off. My glance at the computer told me that the girls weren't in their room.

With a mix of relief and disappointment I fell back onto my bed. It was amazing how exhausting being hard all day could be. Without intending it, I fell asleep almost instantly, my legs still hanging over the edge of the bed. I woke to a soft tapping on the door. "Jake, there is dinner" came Lidia's tentative voice softly through my door. "O.K. I'll be down in a minute" I managed through the fog of waking up.

I pulled on some basketball shorts, and a t-shirt, and headed for the kitchen. The haze in my brain made the empty and, apparently un-cooked-in, kitchen an unfathomable mystery. Luckily, my nose stepped in to help out. The unmistakable smell of pizza led me down stairs to the family room. "Bout time" was Rach's greeting as I rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs. The girls were sitting on a blanket between the sofa and the big-screen, picnicking on the pizza sitting between them.

I noticed Rach had convinced Lidia not to "dress" for dinner. Rach had on her short "Bite Me" shorts, and a t-shirt she had trimmed so it came only halfway down her stomach. Lidia wore one, or possably two of her purchases from the mall; a pink tank top with "GAP" written across her chest, and a pair of silky loose shorts I imagine could have come from Victoria's Secret. As I joined them, smiling my greeting to both of them in turn, I noticed that short shorts and sitting Indian-style was a great combo.


Rach's shorts were tight, but I saw enough to confirm the lack of panties. Lidia's shorts however, seemed tailor-made for my viewing pleasure. I could easily see down the leg that pointed toward me to the smooth pink of her pussy.

The contrast with her dark tan made it seem to glow even in the shaded cover that her shorts barely managed to provide. The girls had been in mid- conversation when I came in, so I quietly ate, and let them talk. It was difficult to follow along. They seemed to flip back and forth from Italian to English without a care. I gathered they were talking about something in Italy; perhaps someone, but it was hard to tell. Eventually they finished that conversation, and Rach turned to me.

"Have a good nap?" she asked smiling sweetly. "Yea, I can't believe I was so tired." I said through a mouthful of pizza. "We're gona watch a movie. You up to it?" Rach asked, not giving me any indication she intended the double meaning. "Depends on what movie." I said with false bravado; I would have stayed through the chick-iest flick they could find. "You chose a movie for us" Lidia offered, interjecting as if to mollify me and my idle threat. With my newfound understanding, I could tell Lidia was into me.

What I couldn't tell was the reason she didn't act on her desire. Perhaps, as I gained more experience, I would get better at figuring this kind of thing out. As it was, I was only able to narrow it down to 4 possibilities. First, her culture might encourage a demure demeanor, expecting the guy to work for it. Second, the presence of Rach was making any, more forward actions, awkward. Third, the 1½ year deficit in my age was causing a battle between her hormones and her brain.

Fourth, she feared any relationship beyond friendship might jeopardize her situation as guest in our house. Coming back to the present, I accepted the offer to choose a movie, and went to the shelf to find something. A few quiet words in Italian from Rach to Lidia as I flipped through the DVDs, seemed to reignite the girl's giggles. I figured Rach was busting Lidia for encouraging me to stay. I popped in something I can't remember, except I know I got something with Brad Pit; Rach loves the Pit, and I was trying to be nice.

I went to sit on the sofa, and the girls laid face down on the blanket in front of me to watch. Everything started off normally. I spent half of my time watching the two asses on the floor at my feet; enjoying the freedom of not worrying about getting busted for it, as they were locked onto the movie.

My cock awoke refreshed from its rest as I took in the view. It shared the right leg of my basketball shorts with my thigh, pointing, ironically, at the back of Lidia's head; the source of much of what gave it the power to point. Rach asked for a bathroom break, and I paused the movie as she got up and headed upstairs. Lidia rolled over onto her side; forced by the absence of Rach, and the frozen movie, to turn to me. "You like the movie?" she asked, clearly trying to fill the awkward silence.

"Yep." I answered easily, then added "You?" As I asked, I saw Lidia's eyes catch on the opening of my shorts leg. After a frozen moment of staring, too long to possibly pass unnoticed, she looked back up to me.

Her expression shifted as if she were waking up, and she stammered "Excuse me. Pease repeat." Smiling innocently, I said "I asked did you like the movie." "Yes, I like it very much" she answered, seeming to regain her composure. Lidia sat up to face me, and pulled her knees up under her chin.

The looseness of her shorts caused them to hang away below her. I could see her smooth tan skin curving away from the backs of her thighs to the gentle sweep of her ass. I let my eyes linger there purposely; hopefully sending her a message, and also easing her discomfort at getting caught doing the same. As I looked back up to her I measured my expression; wanting my smile to walk the line between innocent and lecherous.

I was pleased to see a small smile creep onto her lips. Finally the veil of awkward nervousness seemed to be lifting from her.

I was about to test the limits of that small smile when Rach returned. Rach carried with her, three more blankets, and a couple of pillows. "I was getting cold" she answered the unspoken question. "Me too" agreed Lidia, as Rach handed her a blanket and pillow. As Lidia laid back down and arranged herself, Rach tossed me a blanket, and turned to lay back down next to Lidia.


As I turned the blanket over in my hands, the remote to our toy fell onto my lap. Smiling to myself at the her audacity, I threw the blanket over my legs and waited patiently for the girls to finish arranging themselves.

They had been laying shoulder to shoulder before. Their feet not quite reaching the foot of the sofa.

As Rach laid down this time though, she scooted back till her knees hit the bottom of the sofa between my feet. Getting the hint, I slid down in my seat, moving my ass to the edge, and lifted up my blanket to let Rach's feet in, where they rose to the perfect height between my thighs. I pulled down my shorts, capturing Rach's feet in each of the leg holes as I slid them down; letting them fall to my feet and slide up Rach's calves, pinning her knees to my ankles.

Free from the confines of the shorts, my cock rose away from Rach's feet to tent the blanket. With my hand I tipped it down and held it till Rach managed to grip it between the arches of her little feet. Hoping all of this had gone unnoticed by Lidia, I belatedly un-paused the movie as Rach slowly slid her feet the length of my cock.

I upped the movie volume to help cover any sounds that might give us away, and switched on both the clit, and g-spot vibe to 1. Rach had already cum without me once today, and I was going to make sure she didn't leave me hanging again. I watched her ass roll slowly under her blanket as the vibes began their work. Her feet stopped their slide up my cock mid stroke as her attention was diverted.

I turned the vibes off, wanting to send the message that her pleasure was tied to mine. She risked a quick glance over her shoulder to me, a frustrated pout on her lips. I closed my hand over her toes and forced her feet to finish the stroke. Rach turned back to the movie, and resumed her work on my cock in earnest. I couldn't tell if it was for my benefit or out of frustration but, the pressure of her feet on my cock, and the speed at which she slammed the tops of her feet into my groin as she bottomed out at the base of my cock with each stroke, felt amazing.

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I turned the vibes back on, to 2 this time, to show her my appreciation. With only a momentary stutter, her feet resumed pulling at my cock. The blanket on Rach was a frustrating impediment to my view of her ass.

I leaned over and slowly pulled down on the blanket. As it began moving, Rach glanced over her shoulder at me again; a wild recklessness shone in her eyes.

Taking that as consent, I continued pulling at the blanket, eventually leaving it gathered in the crook of her knees. Her ass now more exposed, I watched the "Bite Me" printed across her shorts quiver and roll. Her tendency to hump the air as she got close to cumming, though stifled, warned me that I was in danger of being left behindl. I could feel the shaking that promised her orgasm through her feet on my dick.

The sensation, almost a vibration, was the straw that broke the camel's back. Throwing caution to the wind, I flipped off the blanket covering my lap; exposing my cock, wrapped in my sister's feet, to anyone who happened to turn around.

Grabbing both of Rach's feet in my hands, I held them still, and forcefully pumped into them. Just as the first jet of cum erupted from me, I shifted my aim with her feet. A long white stream of cum flew out over Rach, landing in a trail up her back as the next jet of cum took its place in the air. The second load of cum shot into the back of Rach head like a water hose.

My barely coherent thought that she must have felt that was confirmed as I felt and saw her body go rigid with her orgasm. I sent stream after stream out through her feet, most landing on her exposed lower back, and rigidly flexed ass; any concern at being discovered by Lidia buried by the bliss of my long awaited cum.

As the last meager globs of cum oozed into Rach's feet, my senses returned and I flipped the blanket back over my lap.

I laid back exhausted and breathed a deep sigh of relief. 'I needed that' I thought to myself dreamily. A twitch against my cock brought me back, and I realized I still had the vibes on. I hurriedly grabbed the remote, and switched them off.

I looked up just it time to see as Rach's rigid body shuddered, and then melted. I waited a few moments for Rach to come back from her sub-space, admiring the state of her cum coated back and ass. When she finally looked around to me, the reprimand in her eyes was tempered by the sly smile she gave me. Glancing over her shoulder at her own ass, she reached back.

Finding a spot on her lower back where my cum had pooled, she scooped some up with two fingers, and seductively brought them to her mouth; watching my reaction to her lewd performance. I returned her sly smile, and leaning over, pulled her blanket back up past the worst of my cum. Sighing deeply as she finished licking her fingers clean, she turned back to the movie; her feet still cradling my cock in a loving embrace. As the movie neared its end, I watched for any sign from Lidia that she had noticed the perversion going on behind her.

She seemed engrossed in the movie, which was a good sign, but I had no way of knowing for certain if she had seen or heard anything. I was a little surprised at the lack of concern I felt. The thought of Lidia discovering Rach and my secret relationship, instead of causing a feeling of panic, produced only slight nervousness.

I searched myself, trying to find a reason for this absence of fear. Failing to find any logical explanation, I reminded myself to be careful; evidently I needed to chaperone myself in this. The movie ended, and I remembered just in time, to pull my shorts back up and free Rach from the bind they had around her knees. Rach wrapped her blanket around her, cleverly covering the mess down her back, and led the way upstairs.

I brought up the rear, following Lidia who, unlike Rach, had left her blanket behind; giving me, intentionally or not, another opportunity to check out her ass as we climbed. I felt the, all too uncommon, cool evening breeze flowing through the house as we crossed the living room headed for the stairs to our rooms. The weather seemed ideal for a good run and, remembering my offer to take Lidia running, I spoke up as I reached the second floor "Hey Lidia, you wana go for a run?" Pausing in the doorway to Rach's room, she turned to my question, an eager expression showing in her smile.

"Yes please. I will like to run." She beamed. Looking past her to Rach, standing in the middle of her room, I hoped for some response from her to help me gauge her reaction to my offer.

Rach, who had already shed her blanket, casually lifted her top, exposing those perfect tits to me. This blatent tease, along with her expression, gave me all the information I needed. She might as well have spoken the words 'You're sweet.

Don't be TOO sweet without me!' her little performance also told me that she to, it seemed, had relaxed her concern over Lidia finding out our secret.

Redirecting my eyes back to Lidia before she turned to see Rach flashing me, I said "I'll meet you downstairs in 5 minutes" "O.K." Lidia said brightly, and she turned to go in the room just as Rach lowered her shirt. I already had good shorts for running on, so I only had to put on some running shoes to be ready to go.

I was waiting at the front door when Lidia came down.


She had short black running shorts on, the shiny sheer kind, and only a black sports bra with no shirt. She was a sight to behold, and I had to force myself not to stare as she approached. "All set?" I said smiling as I turned to open the door. "I am!" Lidia chirped following me outside. We stretched for a couple of minutes on the front porch. Planning the course to run in my head, I asked "How far do you usually run?" "5 or 10 kilometers" Lidia answered through the strain of an impressive stretch; her body pressed to her legs as she stood, her arms wrapped around her calves.

Converting, in my head, to miles, I laid out a 4 mile course in my mind that would take us past a park with a drinking fountain at the halfway mark. We completed our stretch with little talk, and started our run. I set a slow pace to start, not wanting to push her to hard. "Thank you for inviting me Jake." Lidia said as we turned the corner and our house disappeared from view. "Thank you." I returned.

"I don't get to run with a partner very much." I glanced over to add my smile to my words. She looked back at me with those blue eyes, and I felt, for a moment, that we really connected. Her nervousness, which had seemed a shield between us, had been turned off.

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Maybe it was our mutual ogling earlier that had somehow broken through the awkward vibe I had been getting from her; or maybe some other blessed thing had caused the thaw. Whatever it was, I was happy with the change that seemed to have taken her; I just hoped it wasn't fleeting. "Do you run often?" Lidia asked, pulling me away from my thoughts. "I try to get a run in every other day, but I haven't gotten to in over a week." I answered, smiling to myself at the reason for my neglect.

A small part of me felt guilty that I had let things with Rach get in the way of my training; but that small part was shouted down by a chorus of giddy hormones. A few seconds in a triathlon just didn't come close to the experiences I had shared with Rach these past two weeks. "How about you?" I returned her question, looking over to her as I did. She was breathtaking in this setting. Compared to the fancy sophisticated look when I first saw her, this was much more appealing to me.

Her lithe lean body rippled sensuously as she floated over the ground. Her tan skin shimmered with a light sheen of sweat; every curve and sweep of her muscles glinting in the dim light. I was grateful when she answered, as it gave me an excuse to continue soaking in the vision of her. "I am the same. But my running is not so flat." She said, glancing at me with those startlingly blue eyes. Even without the nervousness that had plagued me until recently, I felt my chest constrict with those eyes on me.

Looking away to save myself from any relapse into old Jake, I gestured to point out our next turn; grateful for the distraction. I increased my pace as we neared the halfway point where we could take a water break. Even without knowing a break was coming, she easily remained at my side. I was impressed. Running was not, by any means, my strongest part of triathloning, but I had worked hard to at least limit it as a liability.

She matched me step for step, and it occurred to me that I was not the one hanging back to talk.

I risked another glance at Lidia. Her feet barely hit the ground; seeming to glide smoothly past each step. She turned to meet my gaze, and through the daze that clouded my brain when I looked in her eyes, I could see how little effort she was expending in her easy expression.

I redoubled my efforts as we hit the edge of the park that had the drinking fountain. I told myself I was pushing myself so as not to hold her back from getting a workout, and it was mostly that. I would be lying though, if I didn't admit to my pride rearing its head just a bit. "Water break?" I asked, gesturing to the fountain as we approached it.

"Great." She said, and I was pleased to hear some strain in her voice, and some sense of relief at the offer of a break. I let Lidia take the first drink, taking the opportunity to stretch.

These basketball shorts were fine for running (usually). The problem was that they offered no 'support'. With Lidia providing more than enough fuel, my dick had decided to come along for the run.

Thankfully, for the sake of Lidia's newfound comfort with me, my cock had only partially joined us. It's moderate swell floated down my short's leg, swinging with ease at each step.

I took off my shirt, which, thanks to the humid night, was soaked with my sweat, and tucked it in the back if my shorts like a tail. Lidia came up from her long drink. She glanced at my newly exposed chest and stomach, and I was encouraged that she didn't look away abashed, but gave me an, dare I say it, appreciative smile.

I took my turn drinking, using the time to consider the validity and voracity of her apparent signal. I came up from my drink, feeling satiated but still uncertain. As I stepped away from the fountain, Lidia came back, for what I assumed was another drink.

Without warning, or any nod to modesty, Lidia pulled her sports bra up over her head; revealing her immaculately shaped breasts. I watched them form into perfect tear drops as her arms lowered. The tiniest of nipples showing even darker than her tan, punctuated each smooth mound. To say I was shocked would be an understatement and a simplification.

A moment of profound confusion was swept away as I realized she was giving back what she had gotten from seeing me. Just as our shared moment during the movie had allowed each of us a guiltless glimpse, she was now trying to restore the balance that she seemed to need in order to be at ease. I watched her, as she casually held her sports bra under the water, unable to look away, and relieved that I apparently didn't need to.

Lidia turned from the fountain, water dripping from the cloth in her hands, and gave me another inscrutable smile as she slid her arms back into the sopping top. She left her eyes and smile on me as she lifted the bra back above her head. Not being able to stop myself, I looked down from her eyes to watch the tear drops rise into subtle mounds as her arms lifted; and felt the disappointment keenly when the bra slid into place obscuring my view.

"Ooo, cold!" Lidia commented, her eyes still on me. Getting the unmistakable impression that she was looking for my reaction, I fell back on my pride and joy to demonstrate my feelings.

I looked down as I adjusted my shorts; giving my rapidly rising cock room to extricate itself from the leg, popping it free to slide up my thigh, and onto my hip. The display was unmistakable, and I looked back up in time to see her gaze lift as well. I imitated her clean smile; sure I had given her all the reaction she had looked for from me. "Ready?" I asked brightly, letting the momentary intimacy pass easily from my demeanor. "Yes" came her bright response; she too seemed comfortable letting go of the moment.

As we ran back toward home, I made no pretense of hiding my interest in the change being soaked had had on her sports bra. Her nipples, small as they were, showed clearly through the fabric now, their prominence sufficient to lift a small circle of material away from its hold on her breasts.

My, unabashed, appreciative looks seemed to give Lidia permission to appreciate me in return. Her, not so stolen, glances slid from my bare chest, slick with sweat, to my taut stomach, and lingered noticeably on the ridge of flesh hugging my hip. Without any nod toward modesty or hint of guilt, we spent the time, as we traveled home, freely sharing the sight of each other.

It was erotic and exciting to display, and be displayed to, so casually. It was an interesting change from the full throttle aggression Rach favored. We finished the run without a word having been spoken; arriving at the front door winded and smiling. I took a moment to catch my breath; my ego being pleased to see Lidia needed to do the same. "Good run!" I managed through my panting. "Yes, I had fun!" Lidia returned with less difficulty, adding the slightest of knowing smiles to her comment.

I returned my best imitation of her little smile, and opened the door for her. As I closed the door behind me Rach came through from the kitchen carrying two drinks. "I thought you guys would like something to drink." She said sweetly, handing us each a glass as we nodded our thanks. I noticed, as we both took a long drink, that Rach took that moment to look us up and down.

"You two look done!" she commented with empathy. "Can I get you anything else?" ""Just, need a shower" I said between drinks. "Me also" Lidia said smiling at Rach's kind offer. "You go ahead Lidia. I can wait." I offered, flopping down on the couch, content to sit and cool down with my drink.

"Thank you Jake" Lidia said earnestly, and handed Rach the mostly empty glass as she headed for the stairs. Rach watched Lidia go, then, seeing the coast was clear, bounced over and hoped onto me, her knees coming to rest to either side of me on the couch.

"I can see you had a good time" she said softly, looking down between us at her favorite part of me. She reached out and gently ran her hand up its length through my shorts. I twitched along with my cock, at the touch. "Careful Rach." I whispered. "We wouldn't want mom to walk in and see this." Rach leaned in and took my earlobe in her teeth before whispering breathily into my ear "Mom's asleep." Still not wanting to push our luck, I scooped her up and headed for my room.

Rach ran her hand over my chest as I ascended the stairs, sliding it smoothly over my flexed muscles still slick with sweat. I could hear the shower already running as I carried Rach past the bathroom. I felt Rach wiggle slightly just as she whispered urgently "Wait!" I looked down at her with a questioning expression. It went unseen as she looked over my shoulder in concentration. "Back up!" she commanded.

I took a few steps backward, stopping when I felt her hand tighten on my chest. As I stood there, Rach hanging in my arms across my chest, I watched her for some clue as to what had interested her. I didn't have to wait long. Suddenly, Rach's expression turned mischievous. As she looked up to me, I saw her hand slide between her legs. "She's masturbating" Rach said excitedly. Rach seemed captivated as she listened in earnest.

I watched as her hand ducked beneath her shorts, and felt her sway in my arms as the motion of her hips grinding into her hand rocked her back and forth. Feeling left out, and not having a free hand to join the party, I kneeled, and set Rach on the floor. I stayed kneeling, Rach slowly writhing laid out before me, and pulled my cock out to hang over her. Splitting Rach's attention, I slowly started sliding my hand up and down the length of my cock.

Rach reached up and joined her free hand to mine. "Hear the shush shush shush?" she asked breathily. I nodded as I made out the sound she was describing. "That's the massage setting. She's got that on her clit." Rach continued, her words heightening her excitement.

I was dubious. She could just be using it on sore muscles I thought. Not wanting to ruin Rach's fun though, I focused on the girl I knew was masturbating; the one in front of me.

Rach was lost in the sound of the shower, and the sight and feel of me hanging over her. Her hand stopped helping stroke my cock and held still at the base as she lost focus. It was then I heard what had robbed me of my helping hand. The 'shush shush' of the shower coming from behind the door had been joined by an urgent panting breath, perfectly in time with the sound of the shower.

This added stimulus drove me into reckless action.

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I lifted Rachel up onto her knees, her hand franticly continuing its work between her legs, and turned her toward the door. Her eager acceptance of my manhandling control urged me on as I slid behind her, and yanked down her shorts, not even bothering to pop out our toy before burying myself in her in one long stroke.

I bottomed out as my pelvis slammed into her ass. Her hands and knees scooted forward slightly on the floor from the force of my penetration, and a barely audible whoosh of air was forced from her lungs. I slowly withdrew to the head, building the suspense, before slamming into her again. I repeated this over and over, reveling in the slow withdrawal, and the opportunity it gave me to listen for the soft panting coming from the other side of the door. My repeated slamming into Rach had gradually moved her towards the door.

As I withdrew yet again, she moved her hands from the floor, to the door, raising herself up from parallel with the floor. Her hands on the door brought her head up, arching her back, but left her ass sticking out as if begging me to abuse it. Her hands on the door did not keep her from moving closer to it.

As I increased my pace, eager for the release, each thrust gave her less room.

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Finally, Rach lay helplessly pinned against the door, her ass pushing back into me the only part of her not plastered against it. I leaned in, pushing my chest into her back, using only my hips to thrust into her.

I heard Lidia's breaths become small moans, and grabbed Rach's hips to help generate the force we both got off on. I thought I was still some moments from cumming until, with a quivering breath, Rach came. Her pussy pulsing around my cock as I buried it one last time pulled my orgasm from me. Rach rode her orgasm pinned between me and the door, her leg's uncontrolled spasms unable to extricate her. With the last gasp of cumming, I relaxed my pressure holding Rach to the door.

With a violent buck of her hips, her pussy shot me out with more force than I had thought possible. Unpinned, and free to move, her hips humped the air as she held onto the door for dear life; each thrust of her pelvis shooting a small stream of cum onto the floor and bottom of the door.

Watching Rach orgasming, and hearing Lidia's moans rise in pitch with her own orgasm, I laid back against the far wall, dazedly enjoying the moment. Rach, with one last thrust of her hips, fell back onto my lap, breathing raggedly. I put my hand on her rapidly rising and falling chest, giving her a soft caress to show my feelings. She reached up and put both of her hands over mine.

Looking up at me, she whispered "I love you" contentedly. We lay there together, relaxing in our contented post cum high. The sound of the shower turning off roused us from our stupor. If not for the urgent need to get out of the hall, I would have laughed at Rach's attempts to stand. Fearing time was not on our side, I scooped her up and just made it to my door with Rach when I heard the bathroom door open.

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I waited until I heard Rach's door close before closing my own. "That was close" I said with relief as I laid Rach down on my bed. A contented and unconcerned "mhmmmm" was all I got from Rach in response. Leaving Rach there, shorts around her ankles as they dangled of the edge of my bed, I went for a shower of my own.

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I came back, clean and spent, to find Rach there in the position I had left her in, sound asleep. Realizing Lidia must be wondering where she was, I grudgingly woke her. I pulled the towel from around my waist, and used it to clean the cum from the insides of her thighs.

Working with a rag doll, I managed to get her shorts up, and her into a sitting position. Her vacant smiling gaze found my uncovered cock, and she reached for it numbly, a greedy "mmmmmmmmm" accompanying her feeble grab. "Sorry Rach." I said with regret. "No more tonight. You need to get back to Lidia before she comes looking for you." Heedless of her best little girl pout, I helped her to her feet, and put my arm around her, guiding her to my door.

Before opening it, I cupped her face in my hands, and kissed her gently. The feeling of her lips smiling on mine told me she was back from lala land enough to make her own way from there. Giving her a small smack on her ass as she passed me, I was happy to hear a "Yipe", and to see her bounce away from me. Smiling at me from her door, gave me a wicked wink before opening it, and vanishing from the hall.

I took a look at my computer before falling onto my bed in exhaustion. Rach was getting ready for bed on the far side of the room.

Lidia, close to the cam, was asleep already; I could see her face as she lay on her side turned toward the cam. I went to my computer, unable to resist, and watched as Rach stripped off her clothing.

She looked at each piece carefully after removing it, and I could tell she was checking for my cum. Standing at the foot of her bed, naked but for the thin black straps of our toy arching over each hip, she held her shorts up to her face, and tentatively licked. Smiling, she quietly walked toward her computer, confident I was watching her Sitting down, she held up her shorts for me to see.

The streaks of dried cum crisscrossed the Pink letters, and I could see the spot she had licked. Knowing my cam was not on because of Lidia's presence, I typed "good aim hu?" Rach smiled as she read my IM, and typed "I still think you need more practice." I got her lewd meaning, and smiled my response before remembering that she couldn't see me.

She had reminded me of something, and I shared it, typing "Speaking of practice, Coach canceled Saturday practice. There's a meet for the 12&unders he has to be at. So I'm sleeping in tomorrow." It was great to see how my news exited her. She bounced her little bounce, and responded "Not too late.

Sharon called while you were running. I told her we'd be there by 10." Smiling resignedly, I typed "Tomorrow is going to be a long day." As I waited for a response, a slight movement behind Rach drew my attention. Lidia's eyes were open, and she was clearly watching Rach. Knowing she was too far away to read the text, I wasn't too worried; but two things jumped to mind as possible problems. First of all, if Lidia had seen Rach show the shorts to me, she would know the cam was active, though not that I was on the other end thank god.

Secondly, Rach was naked save the toy. While perfectly discrete under clothes, it was blatantly obvious what it was in Rach's current state of undress. Seeing no way of salvaging the first problem, I could at least help Rach minimize the second. I read her response to my last IM, "Long and hard I hope ;)", and sighed to the truth I knew she typed.

Attempting to warn Rach of her precarious situation, and give my advice, I typed "Rach. Don't turn around. Lidia is watching you. I don't think she can see the text so stay calm. You need to put your shorts back on to hide the toy." I took a deep breath before hitting send, hoping Rach could keep her cool.

I watched as she read, and saw her stiffen, knowing she now knew Lidia's eyes were on her. With the slightest nod of her head, she slid the shorts under the desk and took my advice.

"I can't believe I did that" Rach typed when she had finished. "I don't even realize I have it on anymore." "I'll have to do something about that" I typed in response. Her reaction to my 'threat' was to nod slightly, and smile evilly at me. "Good night Lil Sis" I typed, feeling sleep threatening to take me. "Good night BIG BRO" Rach's returned, and I watched her leave her computer before walking over to my bed and collapsing. END PART 11. I'LL TRY TO POST A CHAPTER EVERY WEDNESDAY.