Mama verbindet Tochter und Freundin in einem lesbischen Dreier

Mama verbindet Tochter und Freundin in einem lesbischen Dreier
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After getting home from school, Sara threw her bag down on the floor and plopped on the couch, planning on watching some tv and relaxing. It had been a rough week. She had had three tests, extra long soccer practices, and her boyfriend, Dave, had dumped her for some slut named Brii.

Not to mention, her father had been acting very strange lately. Usually, he got home around 7 o'clock from work. He had taken the entire week off, but instead of explaining why, he had been avoiding Sara, or so it seemed, except to tell her to leave him be; he would be working in his study in the basement.

And that was where she assumed he was now. From her vantage point on the couch, Sara looked down at her body, wondering what Brii had that she didn't. She was skinny yet muscular, thanks to soccer, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes.

At 5'8, she only weighed about 120 lbs. Her breasts were 34C, with a nice ass to match. Dave and her, both seniors, had had great sex.

Well, at least she thought it was great. I guess that slut freshman, Brii, is even better, thought Sara. Pushing it out of her mind, tv forgotten, she got up from the couch and walked down the steps in search of a sweatshirt of Dave's that she had borrowed a few days earlier. Maybe I'll burn it instead of returning it, she thought.

She was about to turn into the laundry room when she heard a strange noise. It sounded faintly like chanting. She inched closer to her father's study, straining to make out the deep, smooth hum of words.

Stopping at the frame, she put her ear up close to the door. It was definitely her father's voice, speaking what was definitely a different language.

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Sara placed her small hand on the handle and slowly inched the door open. In the center of the room kneeled her father.

All the furniture had been pushed to the walls to make room for the huge pentagram that had been scrawled in black chalk across the concrete flooring.

Still kneeling and swaying before the circle, Sara's father continued to chant foreign words, unaware of her presence. Soon, her father started to chant faster and louder, the desperation in his voice was very apparent. All of a sudden, a gust of wind with the force of miniature tornado blasted through the room. Bracing herself, Sara clung to the door frame, while her father got blasted back onto the floor. The low lighting of the room got even darker.

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A dark, huge shadow rose up in swirling heap. In a second, the most horrifying creature Sara could ever have imagined stood before her. A loud, deep, unearthly voice sounded through the room. "You fool," it said, "You thought you could contain me?" The huge monster laughed.

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"I am the demon Agramon. I am more powerful than any pentagram you can draw!" Sara couldn't believe her eyes. Agramon was gigantic. He had dark red and black skin, covering cords of huge muscles around his whole body. Two menacing horns jutted from his head, complete with the wings the stretched behind his back.


His hands, she saw, were at least semi human. The only difference being the small claws on each finger tip. The only clothes he wore was a small cloth tied at the waist.

Her father was still on the floor, sputtering in disbelief. "Agramon!

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I did it! I summoned you!" "Yes, and now you must pay the price," said Agramon. "Price? What price?" said Sara's father," I thought I could just release you." "Release me?" Agramon laughed, "as if you had any control over me in the first place?

No. You must choose one of two options." Her father swallowed hard. "I will put a curse on you. The likes of which will be passed on through your family for generations to come," said Agramon. "The details of this curse I will spare you. But take my word, they are horrific. They will affect everyone you love. And you, you will suffer a fate worse than death" "No!" said Sara's father.

"Or," continued Agramon, "you can give your daughter to me." "I can't!" said her father. "Give her to me! It is her or dooming everyone you love to a lifetime of horror and misery! And you will experience pain greater than any mortal has before. Give her to me!" Fear gripped Sara, it ran down her spine and clenched at her heart.

Her father covered his face with his hands. Sara couldn't tell, but she guessed he was crying. "Take her! Take her! Please spare me," he sobbed. Sara gasped. So loud that her father wheeled around and Agramon lifted his gaze.

"Sara! I'm so sorry! I didn't " What her father didn't do, Sara never found out. Agramon had lifted him above his head, as easily as if he was a rag doll, and threw him against the wall, where he slumped over. She could not tell if he was still breathing. Sara fell to her knees. "Please don't hurt me!" "But that would be no fun!" said Agramon with a cruel, evil smile.

Sara sat paralyzed with fear as Agramon drew off the cloth around his waist.

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Her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the enormous size of his penis. Too late, she realized what he had planned for her as he slowly started to stroke his huge dick. It had to be at least 12 inches long. And it was getting bigger as his eyes slid over her body. In three strides, Agramon had crossed the length of the room and grabbed her roughly by the arms. He held her there, while she shook in pure terror. Slowly, he lifted a clawed finger and ran it down the length of her body, easily tearing through her shirt, bra, shorts, and lacy white panties, but closely avoiding cutting her skin.

Tears started falling from Sara's eyes. She knew there was nothing she could do. "I'm your master now," said Agramon, "do you understand?" "Yes" Agramon slapped her hard across the face. "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?" "Yes, Master!" Sara sobbed. "Better," he said, "Now stop that crying, bitch." He let go of her arms. Sara slumped to her knees, choking back the tears.

"Now suck your Master's cock." Sara took his gigantic cock in her hands. Now fully erect, he was at least the length of her arm and very thick. Sara licked around the head a few times before popping the massive head into her mouth, her hands moving up and down his shaft. Slowly, she started to suck off Agramon's cock as he grunted in approval. "Faster, slave!" Sara tried to suck faster but it wasn't good enough. Agramon roughly grabbed her hair and shoved her face down his cock, back and forth, while Sara choked and struggled for air.

He briefly released her for air before continuing to face fuck his slave. "Suck my balls, whore." Sara lifted his big cock and started to lick and suck on his massive demon balls. A few more tears leaked down her face. In response, Agramon drew back and slapped her hard across the face with his rock hard cock. The force of it left a long red mark on her face. He then forced her to continue giving him head. After a few minutes, Agramon pulled out of her mouth and started to shoot load after huge load of cum all over her body: her face, her chest, her tits.

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Sara had never seen so much cum in her life. It dripped down her body, streaming down her abdomen and down her legs. Agramon roughly pulled her up and shoved up against a desk. His hands groped over her chest. In each hand, he pinched one of her nipples between two fingers, rolling it until she gasped.

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He continued to pinch and roll and even lick and suck on her nipples until Sara unwillingly let out a moan. Slowly, Agramon trailed one finger down to her pussy. "You little slut! You're so wet for me." Sara blushed in utter humiliation.


Agramon started to rub her clit in small circles. The harder she tried to fight them, the louder her moans became. She gasped out loud when he inserted one of his clawed fingers into her pussy, careful not to cut her. Her moans her becoming even more loud and consistent. "You like this don't you?

DON'T YOU?" All of a sudden the fear left Sara as an overwhelming desire took over her body. It started as a warm tingling in her pussy, which spread throughout her core. All she could think about has being fucked by Agramon's giant cock. "Ye-ye-yes Master!" Sara moaned.

"It feels so good." Within seconds, Sara's body started to tremble as a terrific orgasm ripped through her body. She screamed out loud as her juices flowed down her legs. Her knees wobbled and she slunk to the floor. "Ooohhh Master! Please fuck me!" Agramon laughed. "You think its gonna be that easy?

You gotta work for it, you stupid little fuck toy!" With that, Agramon bent to retrieve the belt that she had been wearing before. It thin and made out of leather. Also grabbing her shirt, he tore it into strips which he used to tie her hands behind her back.

The other he used to blindfold her. "Please, no, Master!" The belt came down, hard, across her exposed tits, leaving a large red welt across the skin. Sara had been too stunned to make a noise. But when the second whip came down, she unwillingly let a scream tear past her lips.

Sara continued to scream as Agramon whipped her tits. Occasionally he would stop to pinch or bite her sore, sensitive nipples. Soon, he started to alternate between whipping her tits, ass, and thighs. "PLEASE MASTER!


PLEASE STOP. I BEG YOU! I'LL DO ANYTHING!" Agramon laughed his cruel, uncaring laugh. "You are nothing better than a little fuck toy. You deserve to be whipped like a bitch." Soon enough, Sara passed out from the pain. When she woke up, she found that her legs and arms had been tied the corners of her father's desk, leaving her spread eagled across it. She turned her head to see Agramon once again stroking his cock, watching her struggling to free herself.

"You woke up just in time, bitch," Agramon grunted as he came all over her again. Huge ropes of sticky white cum rained down over her face, tits, and body.

She was completely soaked with his fresh cum and with the remains of his last orgasm still dripping from her body. TO BE CONTINUED. . (if you guys like it so far)