Dilettante lady leaves man to delight with breast servitude

Dilettante lady leaves man to delight with breast servitude
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"Good evening young ladies," I greeted the two of them as I came in the front door. My twelve-year-old daughter Martha and her best buddy Jamie James.

Jamie was staying the night; her mother had a date and expected to be coming in late. That was fine with me, I liked Jamie, she and Marti had been friends since first grade; she was a good kid. "Hi Daddy," from Marti. "Hello Hank," from Jamie.

Yes the adults, the kids, the garbage men, heck everybody called me Hank. "Hey have you started anything for dinner yet," I asked. "Oh gosh, sorry Daddy, no, I'll start now," Marti said.

"How about we just do pizza's instead?" I offered. In unison I got a, "Way cool." "Just let me relax for a few, have a beer and sort the mail and I'll call it in; decide what you girls want, pepperoni, sausage, what?" I popped the top on a beer and sat down at the kitchen table to go through the mail. Junk mail, junk mail, the electric bill, more junk and a manila envelope with a return address for the county school board; what's this I wondered as I opened it.

I'd never seen one before; it was a caution about Marti's absences and tardies for the semester. It showed she'd been tardy three times and absent twice. Anything exceeding three absences in a semester could result in a suspension of three days. There was a calendar hanging on the wall, I took it down and checked the dates that she'd missed school, it didn't make sense, I was certain she hadn't been ill on either of those dates.

I considered it, evidentially the only valid explanation was that she'd cut school. Marti was a sweet kid, loving and obedient, I'd had very little trouble raising her and I had raised her, her mother passed away when Marti was two so for the last ten years it had been just us.

Twelve, a tough age, a transitional age; Marti belonged to a group, herself, Jamie, Tina and Tammy. Jamie could pass easily for fifteen, she'd developed breasts at an early age, her hips flared and she had a tight high bottom. Marti and Tammy looked like what they were, twelve year olds, both were starting to show the bodily changes of womanhood, breasts, figure and the like and then there was Tina, she still looked to be about nine, bodies and minds changing, hormones flooding, menstruation beginning, maybe the very most traumatic year in a young lady's life.

There had been a hint of rebelliousness recently; I'd attributed it to the coming of teenagerhood and the bad influence of television but by in large I'd let it slide. Now I was concerned, a little sassiness was one thing skipping school was another.

She and I needed to talk: right now. I got up and started for the staircase, the conversation would be private, in my room. "Martha come upstairs please," I told her as I ascended.

She looked at Jamie, "Oops, something's up and it's not good, not if I'm Martha," she hurried to follow. I was already seated on the side of the bed when she got to my room, "What do you need Daddy?" She asked. "An explanation," I answered.

"What, what?" "Martha, I'd watch the mouth if I were you, I think you're in trouble here. I received a letter from school, they say you were tardy three times and absent twice; what's this all about." "Oh Daddy." "No Oh Daddy, explain." "I don't remember, I can't remember what happens every day, you know." "Martha you're skating on real thin ice. No, I don't, "you know," what I do know is that I don't think you're being truthful with me." My patience was getting frayed, she was trying to avoid and evade and I wanted an answer.

Over the past ten years she'd spent more that a little time over my lap with a bare bottom. She'd been there for thermometers, enemas and the occasional spanking and she was getting real close to some quality lap time right now, one more sassy answer was about all I'd abide.

"Martha, I told you, I want an answer, did you cut school?" "I told you, I don't remember what I did every day." I grabbed her hand and jerked her over my lap. She was wearing a pair of yellow shorts; my hand beat a tattoo on them. Ten solid whacks, she was bawling when I stood her up in front of me. "Have I helped your memory," I asked her. "No," rebellious smart mouth. I unfastened, unzipped and tugged her shorts off. She was wearing "Big Girl" panties, white, lace trimmed cut high at the legs and low at the waist; skimpy.

Twelve that transitional age now reflected in her underwear; she had "Little Girl" cotton panties, too. Just like the girl herself, sometimes so grown up, other times still a child. I pulled her back over my lap. No delay, no hesitation, hard and fast she got ten more swats.

I stood her up again. She was having a difficult time catching her breath between sobs. I let her calm down. "You know what comes next, you ready to talk to me now?" She wailed at me, "You shouldn't spank me, I'm your "Little Wife" aren't I, I take care of you." It was something I'd called her since she was nine and began to really help around the house.

My "Little Wife" did the laundry, my "Little Wife" prepared most of the meals, she was a big help to me and my "Little Wife" could nag with the best of them but that wasn't an out for what she'd done. "Yes you're my "Little Wife" but you're about to become a very sore "Little Wife" if you don't talk to me. By the way, my "Big Wife," I warmed her britches a few times." Her eyes got big, "You spanked Mommy?" "More than once; now do you want to talk?" She was quiet.

I pulled her panties off, she was back over my lap and in just a moment she was beyond blubbering, only mewling sounds came from her and, "Daddy please, no more." After ten strokes I paused. She was draped over my thighs but the sassiness was missing. "Please Daddy no more." "Baby you're going to get ten more, the question now is how hard they are, talk to me, I'll go easy." She talked.

There was a group of them, Marti, Jamie, friends Tammy and Tina and their honorary member Jimmy James, Jamie's twin brother. The first time they'd been mall rats, the second they had spent the day at Jamie's listening to music and playing video games; her mother was at work. I let Marti lie over me until she'd recovered a bit then helped her stand. "Why don't get your PJ's on and lie down for a while. I'll get us some dinner when you're feeling a little better." "Okay and Daddy I'm sorry." "I know you are Sweetheart, I'm sure it won't happen again." Then she sighed, "Oh Daddy Jamie is spending the night, I forgot; I can't face her, I just can't." "What do you mean; you can't face her?" "Daddy I'm twelve, I'm suppose to be a big girl, this will totally embarrass me, humiliate me if she knows I got a bare bottomed spanking like I was a bad little girl." "Sweetheart you go and get in bed, let me talk to Jamie, okay?" She climbed off my lap, bent and picked up her shorts and panties and went to her room.

My eyes had been drawn to her butt when she bent over, cute I thought, especially if you liked bottoms the color of a tomato.

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She was crimson; she'd be sleeping on her tummy. I gave it a few minutes then went downstairs; Jamie was still sitting on the sofa but it was evident she wasn't watching the TV anymore. We simply looked at each other for several minutes before Jamie asked, "Where's Marti?" "She's in bed," I answered.

"Am I still staying the night?" She asked. "Of course, why wouldn't you be?" I inquired. "I don't know Hank, I thought I heard her crying, I thought something might be the matter." "She was crying Jamie, I'm afraid I had to spank her for something she'd done and then she tried to avoid telling me the truth.

Jamie I think she was trying to protect her friends, don't you?" "I'm not sure what you mean Hank," she evaded my statement. "Oh I'm sure you do know, Marti eventually told me what had happened, Marne (Jamie's mother) will have gotten the same letter I got, you may have a bit of trouble at home yourself." "She won't even read it Hank, she doesn't care." Unfortunately I knew what Jamie was saying was probably true, I knew Marne pretty well. In fact we'd gone out a few times several years ago and had even been to bed together.

She was older than anyone else in out social circle, fifty while the rest of the parents were in their thirties, Jamie and Jimmy had an adult brother and sister, but the twins had been an oops, their father had left when Marne got pregnant; now she was afraid of a life with no one to share it. She had a boyfriend and she had hope. "Don't be too hard on her, I know it's been tough for her," I said. "Hank I love her and I do know what she's been through but it's not just that, I'm having some major problems with Arnie (Marne's boyfriend), every time her head is turned his hands are all over me." "Have you talked to Marne?" "Hank, I've tried; she doesn't believe me, said I'm a liar and I'm just trying to steal her man.

I'm afraid if he ever gets me alone he'll rape me." "I realize that he wouldn't be able to defend you against a grown man but just his presence would probably stop anything from happening, have you talked with Jimmy?" "I'm scared to, I know Jimmy would like to, you know, he'd like to do me too and that scares me, see, I thought about saying yes to him.

I don't know, just to get it over with but I can't do that because of the pledge." "The pledge?" "Yeah, me, Marti, Tina and Tammy, the pledge. We pledged to each other to remain virgins 'til we found our man for life." "Sounds like a tough job to me, I mean how can you go shopping if you can't try it on?" "I don't know Hank, I just don't know." "Jamie there are ways to give and get sexual satisfaction without intercourse, you know that right?" A very hesitant, "Well yeah." She was so embarrassed she turned a shade of scarlet I'd never seen on a human, "But they always want more, don't they?" I didn't fully understand what she was telling me, "What happened Jamie?" I asked.

"I tried to get rid of Arnie, I took him in my mouth, you know, after he came he told me he wouldn't be happy 'til he had his cock in me." "Well maybe there's a way, but I do think it would be a good idea to keep someone around you while Arnie's around, Jimmy, Marti or another friend, even Marne." "Thanks Hank." "Come on, let's go up stairs, you can get your pajamas on and come see me, then when Marti's feels up to it we'll get those pizzas." In Marti's room Jamie changed into a pair of cotton pajamas, pants and button up top then went and sat with Marti.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "He knows about us cutting school, he spanked me for that and some other things; and my bottom's on fire." "He wants to see me in his room Marti, do you think he'll spank me, too?" She lowered the seat of Marti's PJ's and took in the damage, "God I hope not." "No I doubt it but go ahead and get it over with." I was in my room waiting and thinking.

Strange I thought, I'd never thought of Marti and her little friends as sexual beings, I'd known them all from the age of six or earlier, now I couldn't think of Jamie in any other way. The most physically developed of the friends, I could understand Arnie's desire. When she came to my room I had her sit beside me on the bed and asked her about her participation in the school cutting incident.

She confessed, reiterating what Marti had told me. I told her that I thought she needed a little spanking for her part and advised her she was shortly going to receive it, then I asked several probing questions about the Arnie problem before asking if she'd be interested in learning how a girl could remain a virgin while giving and receiving sexual pleasure.

She did want to hear about that. Give me a minute I said to her. I went to the bathroom and carried the tube back with me. "Okay, time for that spanking. I'm only going to give you five but they need to be on the bare. Please take your pajama bottoms off and lie across my lap." Jamie was trembling a bit but she did it.

"Ready," I asked. "Un hunh," she mumbled. Five quick and firm cracks on her cute bottom followed. She had some tears in her eyes as I lifted her from my lap and laid her on the bed.

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"Ready for the rest?" She nodded yes and I took her with my mouth. Virginal, light coral color not yet stained by age, scent mild, feminine and taste, pure and clean, I laved her labia.

She squirmed under my oral attention trying to get away; I gripped her hips, held her down and settled on her clitoris. It was small but swelling, her body was betraying her. Her mind might cry for escape, her body wanted attention, I sucked on her little love button then teased it, flicking it rapidly with the tip of my tongue, enflaming her, bringing her toward her first full-fledged orgasm.

I stayed on her, sucking and licking until she began to buck under my lavish attention, her hips pounded my lips as I enjoyed her succulence, her flavor, her taste. Young woman, nothing better, her orgasm was nearly cataclysmic, I nearly lost her, she almost bounced off the bed before I could get her under control.

I continued until she begged me to stop, the intensity was more than she could endure. I just rubbed her tummy and abdomen as she calmed. "Was that good, did you like it?" I asked. "Hank I thought I'd died, I knew I'd gone to heaven," she smiled at me. "See, I told you that good things can happen while you can stay a virgin." "Oh Hank, it was wonderful for me but what about a guy that wants to be in me like Arnie?" "Are you ready to learn?" I asked.

"I guess so, yeah, I'm ready," she replied. I was already between her legs from the oral, I lifted her, slipped a pillow under her bottom elevating her then draped her legs over my thighs, I wanted her on her back, I wanted to see her face when I penetrated her. I had laid the tube of KY Jelly on the bed beside me; I retrieved it, flipped the cap open and squeezed some onto my fingers.

For ease of application I lifted her legs displaying her anus. It was a tight pink ring; I lubricated it pressing some of the gel into her. Not giving her much of an opportunity to object I moved up against her, guided my cock to her entrance and pressed into her. Her tight little muscles grudgingly made way, she moaned as I filled her.

Her face was a mask of pained concentration as I moved into her, she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Hank, I hurt," she moaned. "You're becoming a woman now Jamie, and for a woman it's always pleasure mixed with a bit of plain. Think about it, nature's compromise, a human female has a clitoris, the only organ in the animal kingdom that's only function is to give pleasure, but the enjoyment of that pleasure can lead to the pain of childbirth." "Right now it just hurts Hank," she groaned.

"Jamie I'm going to fill you with cum, a man's cum, initiate you and make you a woman. Are you ready to be a woman?" She was incredibly tight, her sphincter was grasping at my invading cock as I started pumping her, tears came to her eyes but she didn't cry out.

I reached forward and massaged her breasts as I continued thrusting into her hot depths, her eyes flew open, I knew her rectum was full, she was cramping, feeling an overwhelming desire for the bathroom. "It's me Jamie, it's my cock filling you up, relax." "Hank it feels like I have to go, I feel so full." I was getting there, I asked, "Are you ready, ready to get a man's sperm in your body for the first time?" "Yes," she moaned.

I lifted her legs and brought her hands to the back of her knees, "Hold yourself open," I told her. She was totally exposed, I thrust into her to the max eliciting a moaning wail as I pumped my cum into her, filling her bowel, filling her belly, I stopped pumping letting her contracting anus squeeze the last drops from me and into her.

I leaned forward, kissed her and said, "See how easy it is to satisfy a man and still remain a virgin. Come over Tuesday evening for our next lesson." Mournfully she said," Harry." "Tuesday, 7:00 p.m., here, okay?" "Okay Harry." "And bring a fresh pair of panties with you, I'm going to leak out of you overnight, you'll be a gooey mess." She leaned over, gave me a little kiss and got up.

She pulled her panties up and stepped into her pajama bottoms. Her pain was obvious; she was bent and holding her abdomen when she limped out of the room. Marti was lightly dozing, Jamie slowly, painfully crawled in beside her, she was lightly and quietly sobbing. The pain in her bowels, her lower abdomen an ache, in her anus she felt burning, she just wanted to curl up and silently cry and she had to come back Tuesday, she'd come and he would do it again but she would come.

Her light sobs must have awakened Marti, the mewling pain of her friend registered with her, she turned, hugged Jamie and held her in her arms. "He hurt you didn't he?" Marti asked. "Yesssss," almost a wail. "Let me see, maybe some lotion would help, it does for me." "Oh Marti, he didn't spank me, or at least not much, he sodomized me." "Sodomized?" It not quite registering.

"Sodomized; fucked my ass, you know?" "Daddy fucked you in the ass? What are you going to do about it?" "Come back on Tuesday for more." "Yes baby I am. He hurt me, he made me cry but he made me feel so good too, he did oral sex on me and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

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Even when he was in me, hurting me he made me cramp way up inside, it ached but a nice ache, I want that again." Jamie was exhausted, being sodomized had taken the starch out of her, she fell asleep in minutes in Marti's arms. A further hour into the night, Marti got up. Jamie was down for the count, she wouldn't wake 'til morning, down the dark hall Marti crept. I wasn't sleeping soundly, I don't know, rehashing what had happened with Jamie, reliving Marti's spanking, somewhere in there but nothing concrete, just a wandering mind; I saw a shadow cross my doorway then duck in.

Her slight weight hardly made the mattress settle yet I knew she was there. "Hello Sweetheart," I said. She was nearly breathless, adrenalin, excitement and fear mixed in her voice, "Hi Daddy, what did you do to Jamie?" I made a decision; Jamie's bottom wasn't going to be the only virginity lost this night so I answered honestly, "I sodomized her." 'Daddy you hurt my friend do you know that?" "Yes but I know she'll be back Tuesday for more." "Don't do it, please, she's hurting so badly right now." "Naggy "Little Wife" aren't you, I enjoyed tonight and you want to stifle that?" "That's what "Little Wives" are for, to keep big bad husbands on the straight and narrow." "How come you're lying on your tummy," I teased her as I leaned toward her and gave her a little kiss.

"I'm on my tummy because I have a mean Daddy who spanks his "Little Wife." "Did she deserve the spanking?" I started to gently rub her bottom through her pajamas and panties while I awaited her replay.

"She did some things, yes, but she takes care of him, he shouldn't have spanked her so hard." I lowered the seat of her pajamas and gently, very gently caressed her bottom; the heat from her spanking was still with her.

I made a joke of it, "Wow "Little Wife" has a hot little bottom." She came back at me, "You like hot bottoms Daddy?" "I love hot bottoms, I love wives with hot bottoms," I said as I turned her onto her back.

I gave her a kiss and asked, "Sweetheart what does a wife do, what are her duties and responsibilities?" "I clean the house and I cook most of the meals, you help with the laundry and you do the yard, but I clean the pool, you work and I go to school." "So that's it," I asked, a division of responsibilities like roommates, is that how it works, is there anything missing?" "What Daddy?" I took her pajama bottoms down and off exposing her genitals and took a bit of the KY Jelly dipping it into the throat of her vagina.

I'd already fitted a pre-lubricated condom on myself. "A "Big Wife" makes babies, too. After tonight you'll be my big wife," I told her as I guided my swollen cock to her tiny vaginal opening. As I pressed into her I could feel her delicate tissue being stretched, accepting, accommodating my invader.

It was without a doubt the finest pussy I'd ever experienced, hot, tight and in a perversely satisfying way because she was my daughter; almost as though I had a proprietary claim over her I wanted her even more. Her face was a rictus of pain when I met her hymen, I paused; "Sweetheart this is going to hurt," I told her.

She gave me a pained smile asking, "Are we making a baby Daddy?" "Not yet, maybe when you're fifteen or sixteen, okay?" She nodded yes as I thrust my hips forward impaling my virginal daughter on my cock.

Tears flooded her eyes, I knew she was in pain but she smiled through it. "Now I'm your "Big Wife" aren't I Daddy?" "That you are Sweetheart, that you are," as I stroked into her. I hadn't had steady sex since my wife had died, now I had two hot gals, one in front the other in back, they knew about each other, experienced no jealousy and remained the best of friends.

Nasty bastard that I'd become I talked to the both of them, told them I'd like Tina and Tammy to join us and offered a bounty, a hundred bucks if they could expedite the occasion.

No forward movement on that particular front had taken place but then, there was no big rush, I had Marti and Jamie. I'd built a little clubhouse in the back yard for the girls when they were eight or nine and they still used it occasionally. Saturday afternoon, a nice day, cool enough to enjoy the weather warm enough to revel in the sun.

All four gals, Marti, Jamie, Tammy and Tina were out in the clubhouse, something girly and private. The doorbell rang, and my world was about to shift on its axis. I answered, Jimmy James, Jamie's twin was the visitor. "Hi Hank I saw Jamie's bike out front." "Yeah she's here Jimmy, there's a hen's conclave out in the clubhouse but, come on in; you want a Coke or something?" "Thanks, Hank, yeah, a Coke sounds good." I liked Jimmy, he'd always been a good kid, like I said he was an honorary member of the girl's club, he fit right in there, he looked just like Jamie.

I didn't know him as well as the girls but then I'd bedded his mother and sodomized his sister, hell he was almost family. I got him a Coke and poured a bourbon and Coke for me. He looked at my drink, "You want a splash?" I asked.

He held his glass toward me; I topped him off with about an ounce and a half of J.T.S. Brown; we clicked glasses and I recited one of my toasts, "Here's to those that wish us well and all the rest can go to hell," we drank. The girls seemed to have settled into their clubhouse for the day so I flipped on the TV, maybe a game to entertain, no such luck; so we were left to do something guy's ain't so great at; conversation.

Unless of course it's about girls and that's where we went, I asked if he had a girlfriend, none at present but he was hoping, he had his eye on someone that he really liked. I learned that he was a virgin but masturbated at least three times a day, usually into Marne or Jamie's panties.

In other words he was a normal guy for his age. I had Marti or Jamie, either or both. I wasn't sure about Jamie but I knew Marti would share if I asked and then it came out, the gal he had his eye on was my daughter.

Something was wrong, terribly wrong, I poured us each a second bourbon and Coke but I couldn't shake the feeling, arousal, as strong as I'd ever experienced, I thought my cock was going to burst. Pretty I thought, so pretty just like Jamie but this was Jimmy, a guy, I'm as straight as a runway but I want him, I mean I want him sexually and I want him now. "Come with me Jimmy," I say to him as I start to walk out of the room. He gulped down the second drink and followed, I went to my bedroom and sat on the bed.

I stood him in front of me and said, "Let's talk. I think the girl you're so infatuated with is my daughter, am I right?" He was almost afraid to answer but finally he confessed, "Yes, I think Marti's so special." I smiled at him, "Me too, but then again she's my little girl," I added. The KY was beside me on the bed, Jimmy was standing in front of me; he was just a little tipsy from the bourbon and Cokes and I was ready, I cupped his ass cheeks with one hand, pulled him toward me and unfastened the belt that was holding up his jeans with the other.

I didn't take my eyes off his face, I watched him as his face registered shock, disbelief and fear then he stood frozen like a deer in the headlights as I ungripped his pants and, along with his white briefs took them down to his knees. Jimmy was still frozen as though he couldn't respond; I stood and helped him to the mattress, I think his mind might have registered what was coming but his body wasn't responding. He was bare from the waist to the knees and he was mine.

Squeezing a quantity of KY onto my fingers and prepared him for the assault that was coming. I didn't raise his hips, I let him lay flat on the bed then I straddled his hips. He cried, pain, embarrassment, humiliation, a young man enduring the worst debasement possible and I slid into him. I couldn't help myself, the comparison was there, the nicer ass, Jamie or Jimmy, they were twins, I judged it a tie.

I fucked him hard, I wanted him in tears, aching and pained then I intended to control him, make him come back, cede his bottom to me; I pulled him up, "Fold your knees under yourself," I told him. Jimmy was beyond resistance, I had to have him where I could reach his cock. I might not need to touch him but I wanted him where I could. I rose behind the young lad and forced his head down, the small of his back lowered so he had to arch displaying himself and I pounded into him, I fucked him without mercy, tears, snot and pain, excruciating pain then I slowed down, gave him some leisurely strokes while I reached under him, masturbating him.

My hand on his cock, my cock on his prostate, he flowed, cum covered the bed, he had no control, my cock on his prostate kept him going and it was exactly what I wanted, I rode him until he was drained. I was still in him when he collapsed. "No more, please no more," he pleaded. Forcing my cock as deeply as possible into him I took an ear.

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"You liked it didn't you, God I don't believe how much you can cum, you were like a fountain Jimmy." He was crying, "I didn't, I didn't, God I hated it it was terrible." "Jimmy, come on," I whispered, "It's all on camera, the world can see your cock going off like a volcano. The recording devices are off, no video, no audio, just Jimmy and me.

He's on his knees but his head is buried in a pillow, he's still crying, he's still hurting and I'm still seven inches in his ass, I'm still hard; I give him the occasional goose just to remind him that I'm there but, truth be known I'm on a recruiting mission "I'm gonna cum in you now but I want you back tomorrow night, I'll tell you the truth, I'm going to fuck you again then we'll talk." I pumped hard several times then filled his bowels with my cum, I was still spewing it into him as I forced him down on the mattress and drained myself.

I rubbed his back until he'd settled down. His humiliation was nearly palatable; he lay quietly his pants still down. I pulled them back into place for him.

"Better?" I asked as I patted his bottom. After he finally sat up I told him, "You need to run on home Jimmy, I'll see you tomorrow night, say around seven, okay? And by the way were gym shorts or something loose." After he'd gone I sat and thought about what I'd done; why had I done it. It wasn't sex, oh yes, I'd cum but I wanted a woman for my sexual needs. No, I decided it was about power and dominance. At seven the next night the doorbell rang, I let Marti answer.

That at least got a smile from Jimmy, he told her he was there to see me, he wanted to talk about something. I walked into the living room, "Well hi Jimmy," I said, "What can I do for you?" Marti went back to watching her television show; I took Jimmy back to my room. "We'll talk afterwards." I had walked him to the side of my bed, he had done as I asked, he had on a T-shirt and gym shorts.

With a hand on his back I lowered him so that his feet remained on the floor but his torso rested on the mattress, I took his shorts and underwear down, smeared on some lubricant and penetrated him. He didn't cry, he just whimpered as I pumped him. When I came and pulled out he was leaking, I boosted him onto the bed, I'd dress him later. God I had a Machiavellian plot in mind, I needed Jimmy's help to pull it off. I rubbed his back and smoothed his hair. "Still want a girl?" I asked. With a sniff he nodded yes.

"I think I can help you get fixed up but I'll need your help." His eyes reacquired life, "Who?" "Jimmy, she's older, around fifty, she's a little pudgy but I think she's cute. Would she be okay for you?" "I just want some pussy, what do I need to do?" I want you and Jamie to get together, make up a story about Arnie, he's been chasing her and she's afraid of him so make it bad enough that Marne will have to break it off. Have Jamie tell the story but you be there to back her up.

Let me know when you've got that done then we can work on getting you taken care of, okay?" "Yeah Hank I can do that." "Then we gotta plan. Just one more thing Jimmy." "What's that?" "Get up on your knees, I want to cum again," I told him with a pat on the bottom.

Slowly he pulled himself up into position, he was already lubricated, I pressed into him, thrusting forward. I masturbated him while I pumped into him. "You want to cum don't you Jimmy, this feels so good in your tight little ass doesn't it?" He was sobbing softly, I felt his cock start to swell so I grabbed the towel I'd put on the bed for this purpose.

As I caught Jimmy's ejaculate I filled his bowel with mine. I pulled out and used the towel to wipe his anus and my cock. I raised his shorts back into place. "Jimmy maybe you can help me with something else, too. I'll pay you a hundred bucks for any guy or gal you can bring to me.

Otherwise I don't need to see you 'til you and Jamie have gotten rid of Arnie." I walked him to the front door. After he was off Marti asked, "What did Jimmy want to talk about Daddy?" "His sex life," I replied. It took a little longer than I'd imagined it would, Jimmy and I had talked on the phone, Marne was resistant even with Jamie and him both but finally they made a believer out of her, she'd dumped Arnie.

He said she was hurt and disappointed, just moping around the house. I told him to come over that night so we could work out our plan. Jimmy wanted to have out conversation on the phone but I insisted it was important that we meet, I told him to be there at seven again. One thing I will give Jimmy, he's prompt. Exactly at seven he arrived.

I ushered him back to my bedroom and locked the door. He was again clad in gym shorts and a T-shirt. I congratulated him on his good work in getting rid of Arnie, clearing the way for my plan to go into effect. "Have a seat," I told him, indicating the bed. When he was seated he started to ask about what came next. "Me," I said, "I come next," as I gently pushed him down onto his back.

"Get comfortable," I said as I took his shorts and briefs off. I picked up his legs and pushed them back to his chest. "Hold them just like this," I said. Jimmy was trembling but he did hold himself behind the knees; I lubricated him, stepped up to him and thrust in. His eyes flew open, wide as saucers, he moaned as my cock popped through his sphincter and slid deeply into his guts.

His penis stood at attention when I began pressing against his prostate gland. I took the towel, handed it to him and put his hand on his penis urging him to masturbate himself, I took the weight of his legs on my shoulders. With my hands free I was able to do more.

I gripped his hips and pulled him further onto me, pumping harder and faster. He was a pretty child, handsome of face with dark full eyelashes; lovely green eyes and long auburn hair, just like his sister Jamie. I told him so. I was maintaining a steady, rapid rhythm as I talked to him, "God you're got a nice ass Jimmy, you're so hot and tight." "Cum for me Jimmy, cum for me," I extolled him.


He jacked himself faster; I thrust into him harder until his flow started. As he came I forced his legs further back and pummeled him with hard vicious strokes. Tears came to his eyes, his voice a muffled sob as he pled, "Don't hurt me please Hank don't hurt me." I exploded into him, spewing shot after shot of my ropy semen, filling him with my sperm. I'd stopped my motions but my cock was still in him when I started to talk.

"God this is lewd isn't it Jimmy, my cock in you while we have a conversation. Do you like my cock in you Jimmy? Damn I like my cock in you, I love fucking you." I slid out. "We need to talk about getting you laid, don't we." I had his attention again; he nodded yes.

"Would Saturday work for you?" "Oh yeah, that would work Hank, that would work." "Now the question is who. How about Tina?" "Tina would be okay." "Tammy?" "Yeah, she's nice." "Marti?" He just sighed, "Sure." "How about your twin, Jamie?" "That would be fun." "Marne?" I watched, his cock jerked at the suggestion, Oedipus on the prowl. "Mom? I've dreamed about having sex with Mom." "Okay then, Marne it is, now let me tell you what we're going to do." After Jimmy left I phoned Marne.

We had a brief introduction then I said, Jimmy told me you and Arnie split, I just wanted to offer symphony. Then I added, I lie of course, I'm just glad to hear that a hot sexy lady like you is unencumbered.

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She twittered at my compliment. "No, I'm sincere, I've thought about you a lot, how much fun you are, how much I enjoyed being around you." "Gosh I know, I have fond memories of when we were dating," Marne's breathing was getting heavier. "I'd like to make some new memories, would you like to go out to dinner Saturday?" "I'd love to." It was arranged that I'd pick her up six; Jamie would stay at my house with Marti in case we were late. What I remembered of Marne as a date was a boring conversationalist, conventional and uninspired between the sheets, with a nearly pathological fear of anal sex, she'd trembled and begged, please no, just from my touch.

I had a feeling there would be a lot of trembling and begging come Saturday. I was a little early Saturday; Marne was just putting on the final touches. She's a nice enough person, undeserving of what's to befall her later. She's around 5'3" tall and probably weigh nearly a hundred fifty, the outer reaches of pleasantly plump, she has large heavy breasts and a broad pillow of a rump.

Her hair is sandy in color with just a touch gray beginning to assert itself, her eyes, I think her best feature, are violet.

Tonight she's wearing an attractive apricot colored dress, white stockings accessorized by a pair white pumps and a small white handbag. We had dinner at Giovanni's; the finest Italian restaurant in town then went into the lounge where we danced several dances. At around eight she asked if I'd join her in a drink at home. I told her I'd be delighted.

She put on some music; it was smoky jazz, sensual and sexy and poured us each a drink. I was sure Jimmy was in his room with his light off waiting; I'd told him he had to be in and hidden no later than nine but I suspected he'd never left, he wanted to be there so he could listen to us and listen for his cue.

We danced a couple of dances; my hands explored her as we danced. We sat to enjoy our drinks, within minutes we were entwined on the sofa.


Coming up for air Marne was giggly, she pulled my hand, "Come on." She took me to the bedroom. I closed the door. "God I'm having fun Hank," she said as she came to me. "Me too, Marne, me too." I took her into my arms and we stood kissing. I'd taken my jacket off when we'd arrived; now she started on the buttons on the front of my shirt, she pulled it from my slacks, unbuttoned the cuffs and took it off, I wasn't wearing an undershirt; she kissed and sucked on my nipples.

Otherwise occupied, she didn't notice when I took a small tube from my pocket and dropped it on her nightstand. She unbuckled my belt, unhooked the waistband and lowered my zipper. I stepped out of my shoes; she took my slacks to the floor.

My boxer shorts soon followed. Marne was still completely dressed, she was kneeling in front of me, she took my cock into her mouth fellating me, she was good, her mouth warm and soft her tongue teasing, still I stood her up.

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I stepped behind her unclipped her necklace and laid it on her dresser then I unzipped her dress. I took it forward over her shoulders and lowered it allowing her to step out of it then I unfastened her brassiere unfettering her large breasts.

I moved in front of her, kissed the top of each breast and sucked first one then the other nipple. There was a hitch in her breathing as I nibbled on her. I rolled her panties over her hips dropping them to the floor then took a moment to inspect her. Her breasts hung heavily, sagging and outsized, her muff was wild and untrimmed she did look sexy in her white stockings, they were thigh highs, I decided to leave them on.

I directed her down onto the bed. I wanted Marne to enjoy herself, have a good time; I held no ill feelings for her unfortunately she was a means to an end, her evening would not end well for her, but right now I wanted her to take her pleasure.

My mouth sought hers, I tasted her breath, warm and sweet, my tongue probed her mouth, she met it we the tips in a serpentine twining. My hand was at her breast.

"Marne, you're spectacular," I said as I squeezed her. My mouth trailed kisses down her neck, over her bosoms until I could taste her nipples, "Spectacular," I repeated. Her tummy was soft and puffy as I kissed over it to her mound. I pulled at her unruly bush with my lips then spread her and licked her slit. I moved up to her clitoris and rapidly flicked her opaline tip before sucking it into my mouth, nursing on her.

"Oh God Hank, that's it, that's it, oh, oh, oh, suck me taste me, taste meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ayeeeeeeeeee," she wailed, her hips pounding, powering her pelvis against my face. She screamed, "Oooooooooooooooo, Yesssssssssssssssss, Yes, yes, yes." Her tummy was quivering as her fluids flowed; I licked taking in her nectar, taking her on a heavenly walk. I slipped a finger into her vagina feeling and enjoying the tightening of her contractions.

I looked up at her, the stress her orgasm had given was evident but a huge smile adorned her face. I crawled up beside her and took her into my arms. "Wow Hank, just wow. That was fantastic, God that was great." I kissed her, "It was my pleasure Marne, I wanted you to feel good." I was already turning her, I reached over and palmed the tube I'd put on the nightstand and opened it.

She looked at me, a question on her face, why was she on her tummy?

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"Hank…" she started. I was seated on her thighs; I spread her cheeks, squeezed some of the lubricant on and rubbed it in. And she suddenly understood what was going to happen. Her body began to tremble, she tried to roll out from under me but I had her pinned. "No Hank please no, don't rape me, don't sodomize me, I'm a virgin there, please don't." I guided my cock to her and pushed in, "God I truly do love to take a virgin, thank you Marne, thank you." Astride her hips with her facedown on the bed is not a position conducive to deep penetration and her big plush butt made it even more difficult but it had facilitated the rape.

Now I wanted her up on her knees so she would really feel what I was giving her. I slapped her cheek. I lifted her, "Get up on your knees Marne," I told her. She hesitated, I smacked her again, "Get up." She folded her knees under herself. I got into position behind her, my feet outside her knees, squatting so I could get plenty of leverage. I pushed her head down on the bed.

"Raise your hips and arch your back," I told her.

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To encourage her I pressed down on the small of her back and shifted my weight forward onto her hips and lower back. I pulled nearly out of her then slammed into her forcing my entire cock up her hot chocolate highway.

The pain must have been excruciating, her rectum was stuffed, her anus and the sphincter muscles traumatized and spasming; I rammed her again. Marne wailed, "Nooooooooooooooo, please Noooooooooo, no more Hank, oh God I can't take any more." A plethora of moans, groans and a running plea; I slapped her buttocks. "God you're got a wonderful ass Marne, big broad and beautiful," as I continued to hammer at her pistoning in and out with all I have. Finally I wrapped both arms around her, pulled her back against me and fucked her like a wild animal, pounding thrusts fast and deep.

I could tell she was cramping, my cock was viciously pummeling her rectum when with a final wail she limply collapsed, her only sound the mewling of a sick kitten. I gave her a couple more thrusts, shot my load and pulled out. I wiped off on the sheet, and dressed. Before leaving I patted her bottom, "That was fun Marne, thanks." I walked out of the room, Jimmy was waiting in the living room. "Get in there, be her savior. She'd in pain and she's just been raped.

Give her your attention and your sympathy. Crawl in beside her, hold her and let her cry herself out on her shoulder then offer her more.

I'll see you soon." That was nearly two years ago. Jimmy has steady sex from a woman who loves him and who he loves. I don't see him nearly as often but he recruited several handsome young men for me so I stay plenty busy. Marti hooked Tammy so only one of the buddies, little Tina is left and Jamie's bringing her over tonight, she wants me to talk to her.

There was a joke when I was a kid: Hey you getting any ass? Yes. Well turn her over and try pussy. I feel like that, lots and lots of ass but the only pussy I get is Marti. Words of advice; if you should choose my lifestyle use the boys. Girls are taught about things that boys aren't. Girls are on the alert for sexual advances. Boys never are. And the male machismo creates a code of silence, no boy wants to confess to, admit to having been so dominated that he was raped, especially when he came from the experience so, always make them cum.

Happy Hunting.