Skinny german hoe gets fucked

Skinny german hoe gets fucked
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This is my first story that is primarily gay but I had this idea so here it is. Flat tire. I had just finished a business meeting that is going to make my company three million dollars and make me a nice bonus so I was feeling pretty good as I drove home. The shortest route home went thru the old rundown part of the city but I had taken it many times in the past and knew the way well. It was just about dark when the right front tire on my Mercedes SLK went flat.

I pulled to a stop and thought about who to call to get it changed as my usual garage was closed at this time of day. Over by the street corner were five young people. They started walking toward my car. I could see that they were Hispanic. There were four guys and one girl. The young men looked to be in their very late teens or early twenties. The girl appeared to be younger.

The guys all had on sleeveless tee shirts and jeans and each wore the same colored bandana tied around his upper left bicep. The girl had on a tight black leather skirt that came just a couple inches below her crotch and a tee shirt the same color as the guy's bandanas.

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It was cropped just a little below her nipples and showed the bottoms of her firm, full brown breasts. It was printed.

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The words said, I, then the heart shape that you see everywhere meaning love and then the word cock. One of the young men walked up to my driver's window. I did not roll it down. "We see that you have a problem. May we help you?" At that point I rolled down my window about half way. "I know someone that can come change your tire. Would you like me to call him?" I told him to please do it.

They stepped back away from my car which made me feel more comfortable. After a couple minutes talking with the one young man I felt safe enough to get out of my car. One of the others had said something to the one that I had talked to and had called him Juan. "It is going to be a while before my friend can get here to fix your car. Why don't we go inside and wait?" I told him that I would rather wait with the car.

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At that point, Juan took a switchblade knife out of his pocket and opened it. He stepped close to me and said, "I think we should go inside." We walked to a boarded up building and went in. I gathered that this was their clubhouse. There were old couches and stuffed chairs. There was a kitchen type table with no chairs and a refrigerator. Against one wall was an old CRT type television that had a pornographic movie playing on it.

There was only one light. "I think that you should thank us for helping you. Why don't you take off your clothes and be comfortable." I started to slowly back toward the door but two of them got between me and the door.

Juan stepped close to me and made the knife obvious. "I said to take off your clothes. We don't want to get your nice suit messed up." I had paid $400 for the suit and I did not see where I was in a strong position to argue.

I stripped down to my under shorts. "Maria, put the suit away so it won't get dirty." Maria took my suit and took it out of the room. "You're not fully undressed." Juan slipped the knife blade between my shorts and my leg and with one quick motion the sharp blade sliced up the side of my shorts and they fell to the floor. Everyone laughed.

"Not bad for an old guy. How old are you?" "Fifty", I replied. "I'm sorry; I did not ask your name." "Harold", I told him. Well Harold, why don't you get down on your hands and knees and thank us for getting someone to fix your car." Again Juan made his switchblade obvious. I knew what was coming but did not see any way out. I dropped to my knees and then put my hands on the floor.

As I did this Juan unbuckled his jeans and dropped his pants to the floor.

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I was looking straight at his half hard brown cock. It was good sized but not huge. "Suck it!" Juan grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me to him. I opened my mouth and quickly had half of his manhood in my mouth. I had never touched another man's male parts but I love having my cock sucked so I very well knew what I was expected to do.

Juan quickly got to his full six inch hard erection in my mouth. He started pulling my head back and forth so that my mouth slid up and down on his shaft. My lips were tight enough around him that his loose outer skin slid back and forth along his hard inner shaft.

"Very good Harold, you're a good cock sucker. You must do this a lot. Do you?" He pulled me off long enough to say that I had never done it before. Then he pulled me back onto his prick. "Well then, you're a natural. It feels good." I had often wondered what it felt like for the woman when she was sucking my cock and had considered trying it someday to see, but this was certainly not the way I envisioned trying it.

Several times his cockhead touched the back of my mouth and I gagged a little. Then I realized that Juan had let go of my head but I was still fucking his cock with my mouth. Then from behind I felt something slippery being rubbed between my ass cheeks and across my butt hole. I knew what was coming next. One slippery finger slipped into my ass. It was like when my urologist gave me a prostate exam. That finger was soon joined by a second. After probing my insides for a minute the fingers were removed and I felt something much larger press against my anal opening.

There was no doubt that it was a cock. The guy behind me held my hips and with one hard lunge drove himself fully into my shit hole that was made by nature to be for outgoing items only. My anal ring was pried widely open by the invading cock, wider than by anything I had ever passed out of it and it was very painful.

I screamed in pain around the cock in my mouth and Juan took that opportunity to pull my head hard to him and drive his shaft into my throat. My stomach turned and I felt the contents trying to escape. I managed to keep from puking. I felt my nose press against Juan's body into his pubic hair and felt his balls bounce against my chin. At the same time I felt pubic hair against my ass cheeks and balls bouncing against my balls.

After the first anal penetration the pain started to ease off.


The two guys started aggressively fucking my throat and ass. I was their fuck toy. My gag reflex had now subsided as my throat became accustomed to what was happening to it.


While this was happening to me I could see Maria on a couch in front of us. She had her shirt pulled up, exposing her beautiful brown tits with their large hard nipples. She had her skirt pulled up exposing her neatly shaved and shaped pubes. Here knees were pulled up and she was rubbing her snatch and looking straight at me.

After I was fucked at both ends for several minutes the guy ass fucking me pulled out and went over to Maria and shoved himself into her pussy. I heard her moan in pleasure and saw her grab and squeeze her tits.

My ass was quickly filled by another pounding cock. Juan was the first to come. He held my head tight to his body with his cock deeply in my throat. I felt his prick swell and then pulse four times as he pumped cum down my throat. I did not taste him till he pulled out and a small amount of his cum was still on the end of his cock. It was salty and slightly bitter but not bad. Over the next about ninety minutes I was face fucked by all four guys. Two, three and four all came in my mouth and not down my throat making me show them my mouth full of their cum before I swallowed it.

Three of them also ass fucked me but none of them came in my ass. They all went over to Maria and finished inside of her cunt. She was delighted to have all of their loads dumped inside her. You could hear her orgasm each time one of them would come in her. I was surprised that I had started to relax and actually enjoy being a fuck toy for these guys. It started feeling good both physically and emotionally.

I was even more surprised when I realized that I was sporting a wicked hard on. I was harder than I had been in years and my balls in my tight ball sack ached from being in such need of release.

I was getting tired and sore. My jaw ached from being open around all of those cocks for so long. Suddenly there was nobody in either of my well used holes.

Juan gave me a push and told me to lay on my back. Maria got off the couch and walked over to me. She stood facing my feet with a foot on either side of my shoulders and she squatted down till her cum covered pussy came in touch with my mouth and nose. Juan spoke, "Eat her. Eat her till you make her cum." I guess I hesitated because Juan grabbed my balls and squeezed till it hurt. "I said eat her out." I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

I slid my tongue over her fuck hole and clit. Maria moaned. Cum was leaking from her cunt. It was the cum from the guys that had ass fucked me and then come in her. Maria really started feeling it and started rocking her hips so that her snatch was tightly rubbing across my face as I tongue fucked her. My face was covered with cum and I had swallowed several times as my mouth was filled with the baby seed that was draining out of her womb.

Maria tensed and had a hard orgasm. She screamed out her pleasure. Her vaginal muscles tightened and pushed a large glob of thick cum into my mouth. Without any further thought I swallowed it. Maria collapsed with her firm young tits on my stomach and her pussy still in front of my face. After a minute she saw my rock hard erection with per-cum dripping off of it onto my stomach. "Pour Baby, you look like you need to be taken care of." Her mouth engulfed my prick and she started bobbing up and down on it.

I had to come so bad that I didn't last thirty seconds before she felt my cock swelling and getting ready to explode. She kept just the tip in her mouth, grabbed my shaft with her hand and rapidly jacked me till I pumped my huge load into her mouth.

I felt such a relief as my balls emptied. Maria spun around and gave me a kiss, allowing my own cum to drain into my mouth. My belly was now so full of spunk that it felt like I had eaten a big meal. She got up and I saw that the four guys were all dress again. Juan said, "Your car is all fixed and you can go. We videoed all of this so if the cops or anyone ever finds out about what you did, a lot of people that know you are going to have a fun video to watch over and over again." I replied, "I understand." Juan handed me my car keys and wallet.

I looked in the wallet and the money, about two hundred dollars, was gone.

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Juan saw me. He smiled, "We had to pay the guy that fixed your tire.


We also took a minute to look at your pictures. You have a very attractive wife. She's a real MILF and your daughter is a doll. We really liked the one where she was holding the cake that had the 18 on it.

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We also found the secret compartment where you had the hundred dollar bill and the picture of your daughter with your cock in her mouth. She looks a several years younger in that picture." "If you would like to come back and spend some more time with us, we would be happy to entertain you and it would be fun if your brought your wife and daughter with you." Maria leaned over near me and half whispered, "If you come back, I'll let you fuck me." I looked at them, "OK, where's my suit?" Juan smiled, "It looks like it will fit me.

I think I'm going to keep it. You don't mind do you?" What could I say at that point? Now I'm in my car driving the rest of the way home. I'm naked. My left hand is in the steering wheel and my right hand is slowly jacking my re-awakening cock.