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Sanny leone xxx com 2019
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About 5 years ago, I volunteered to drive my mentally disadvantaged cousin Maggie from her group home near the NY-PA border to her mother's home in Buffalo. Along the way, we became attracted to each other and a roadside piss stop led to a fantastic blow job and the offer of more hot sex. Needless to say, we decided to lie to Maggie's mom (Aunt Beth) and tell her that the car had broken down. We checked into a motel for a night of hot sex and called Aunt Beth.

She took it quite well and thought nothing was up after I explained the situation (lied to her). She and Maggie talked for a few minutes and then I promised to call again in the morning. Aunt Beth ended the conversation with, "Take good care of her." I planned to do that in ways my aunt would never condone!

I set the phone back in it's cradle amazed that I could finish the conversation seeing that Maggie had pulled down my pants and briefs and was tickling my cock with her tongue.

Just little licks and tiny kisses that got me rock hard - which was just to amuse herself until I finished talking to her mother. "Wanna see my tits? You got to see everything else before." Maggie said and didn't wait for the answer.

She began unbuttoning her blouse while dancing around the small motel room. I laid where I was on the bed with my pants still around my ankles and watched her with delight. Not a worry in the world. Always a smile on her face. No stress and no pressure. It might be nice if scientists could come up with something to just lower everyone's IQs about 50 points and make us oblivious to problems around us.

If we could all be like Maggie, there might not be any wars or at least not the devastating ones of A-bombs and H-bombs. Maggie's blouse was off now and neatly hung on a hanger.

She was reaching around to unfasten her bra when there was a knock on the door. Maggie dashed into the bathroom and I pulled up my lower clothing to answer it. It was the pizza we'd ordered. I tipped the delivery guy nearly enough that he could buy his own pizza and sent him on his way. I headed for the bathroom and Maggie. She had left the door open and I was about to knock when her voice said, "Get in here." She was sitting on the toilet and I heard her tinkling as I entered.

"Kiss me, she said and I bent over and our tongues playfully darted in and out of each other's mouth's while she continued to pee. "Will you shower with me and wash my back?" she asked.

"It looks nice in the movies." Maggie watched a lot of TV and movies at the group home. She stood up and flushed and the yellow water was replaced with clear. "Are we gonna drink that someday?" "What do you mean?" I asked. I was so caught up in the moment and in awe of this golden goddess with absolutely no reserve wanting me that I didn't pick up on what this conversation was about.

"My pee.


It comes back as water to drink, right?" "Yes, but they clean it and filter it and it's just water again when it comes back. Not that pee is really that bad - you could drink pee and it wouldn't hurt you. Some people do that for fun." I didn't tell her that I had played many pee games in my life and enjoyed them immensely. I just provided a bit of info - we couldn't have her stop drinking water just because it originated as piss.

"Can I drink some of yours?" I hadn't expected that. "I tell you what, you think about it awhile and we'll have some other fun and if you still want to try it -- maybe I'll let you." "I sucked your stuff from your penis and I swallowed all that. Please let me drink some of your pee before the water people clean it!" She was almost begging me to let her drink my piss and it had taken me two years just to get my ex-wife to pee on me! And that was only one time! Near the end of the marriage, when the game seemed to be, WHO CAN CHEAT THE MOST, I found other willing partners.

"I still think that you should think about it and besides, I owe you some pussy licking first! And, the pizza is here. Maggie picked up her pile of folded clothing from the back of the toilet and we went out to have some pizza. Maggie had asked for sausage pizza so that's what I ordered. Along with two 2 liter bottles of Pepsi. I poured each of us a plastic Motel 6 cup full and we sat on the bed to eat.

I, a 39 year old year old fully clothed factory worker slash comedy writer and she, my 21 year old low IQ high beauty totally naked blonde cousin. The pizza wasn't bad. The company was fantastic! There are many ways to eat pizza. Most people just pick up a slice and bite pieces from it. My ex-wife used to pick off the topping and leave most of the crust.

Her sister used to cut it all into little pieces on her plate. Maggie had another way - at least for me. She laid down on her back and put a slice on her stomach and she became my plate. Of course, the easy access was to crawl up between her legs and while I ate that slice so I rubbed the outer lips of her pussy while I chowed. A piece of sausage fell from the slice. I placed it in her belly button and then sucked it out. She really liked that. The slice disappeared all too quickly and then Maggie just laid there smiling and looking at me.

Naked with a hint of pizza sauce on her tummy. I was so involved in eating that slice off her perfect body that I didn't even see her finish her own slice. $22.00 including the tip and it looked like we'd only consume 2 pieces. It was now time to get ready for the real fun.

I held out my hand and she took it and we walked hand in hand into the bathroom. This was a standard motel bathroom with tiny bars of soap. I had thought in advance to pick up additional toiletries and we had everything from shampoo and conditioner to bubble bath and baby oil. I wasn't sure what she'd like, but now I was getting the feeling that she wanted to try it all. Maybe it was the taste of freedom from having left the group home coupled with the uncertainty of freedom once she was back home with mother that opened her up to new things.

Or maybe she was just a free spirit who didn't ever say no? I wasn't sure. This was my much younger first cousin and I barely knew her in the right ways and here I was getting to know her in what society would think were all the wrong ways!

Maggie was already fully naked and exposing all her charms. Now, she was undressing me item by item and running to the other room to hang up each article of clothing. She'd been conditioned to always do the same thing in the same way. Undressing had it's rules of extreme neatness! Finally, I was naked and we began kissing and groping each other.

I turned on the shower and she kissed my ass cheeks when I bent into the tub. Not just that, she ran her tongue up the entire length of my butt crack and up my back.

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I turned slowly and took her pointy nipples and gave them a tiny tug. She sank into my arms and we just held each other for a moment before stepping into the tub.

As many women as I've been with and as many different sexual things as I 've tried - I don't remember anything as sweet and tender as just holding Maggie in my arms. I decided that we would just wash our own bodies, to maximize the cleaning effect and assure the proper rinsing and to quicken the process - so we could get to the bed sooner and not discover soap suds left in our rush. Maggie agreed as she always agreed with everything I suggested. I'd wash her back tomorrow morning, I promised.

Soon, our half wet naked bodies were able to streak out to the bed where we fell into each other's arms to continue our sexual odyssey.

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Maggie wanted me to lick her pussy. I rolled her on to her back and positioned her pussy at the edge of the bed. I began by kissing her tiny size 6 feet and continued to kiss my way all the way up her leg and inner thigh. I stopped when I found the forest of blond curls and then playfully sucked her outer pussy lips into my mouth one at a time and before long they had spread on their own and her clit and honey pot were there for my licking and sucking.

I discovered that Maggie liked her clit tongue boxed (smacked back and forth like Tyson hitting a speed bag - but with my tongue instead of Mike's fists) and to have my tongue fuck her pussy hole so that my chin would smack her public bone. It wasn't too long before she started squirming and her cunt muscles began contracting - she was going to cum! I never met a real screamer before. I knew a woman once who would make the fake "Meg Ryan" orgasm noises when fucked, but Maggie's screams were tiny and in time with the contracting throbs of her pussy.

They seemed very real. They ended with a gush of pussy liquid that wet my entire face. When she finally stopped, her legs continued to shake for a few moments. She looked into my eyes and smiled. You can get lost in Maggie's smiles as I was quickly discovering. "Wow! Wow!" she repeated it over and over like earlier that day when she had given me the best blowjob of my life and my verbal capacity narrowed to saying 'Oh, my God' a dozen times.

Then, she notice how wet my face was and she jumped up and darted to the bathroom for a towel. She returned and patted my face dry. "Will you pee in my mouth and on my face, now?" She asked. "Or do you need another blowjob, first?" I couldn't find fault with this woman.

I looked down at my stiffy and it was kind of decided by circumstance. I surely couldn't pee until my hard on was gone and the best way to achieve that was the same method we used earlier in the day while on the road -- insert Dick A into Mouth B and pump it dry. I poured us each another glass of Pepsi, figuring the liquid would come in very handy later! Maggie drank hers right down and had another. We finished off the bottle and then I climbed all the way on to the bed and made myself very comfortable with all the pillows.

I laid back while Maggie positioned herself half on and half off the bed to where she could put my cock into her mouth and be comfortable yet still move her head and hands freely and service me. It was heaven on earth.

Maggie didn't tease with her tongue (like earlier), she just opened her mouth and took nearly my entire length into it. Her mouth was a little cool from the Pepsi, but after a moment and some movement everything warmed up.

She proceeded to fuck me with her mouth. I could tell that she was sucking in at times to give extra pressure, but she only used her mouth and not her hands. I couldn't figure out how she was breathing and I was very surprised she didn't choke. It felt so good that I didn't want it to end.

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I also discovered that I was lasting longer because I'd shot a load less than 2 hours earlier. Is that an age improvement or disadvantage? Maggie seemed to know all the tricks. Perhaps from so much Monopoly playing at the group home.

(Read Cousin Maggie if you don't under stand this.) Maggie began to hum while I was in her mouth and as her mouth bobbed up and down the near entire length of my penis! She became my personal vibrating suck toy and the feeling took me the rest of the way - I again filled my cousin's mouth with a load of my love juices!

Maggie swallowed it all and squeezed the last drops out of the end of my now drooping dick and she licked them up. She refilled her drink and mine and cuddled up next to me on the bed.


I gave her a pillow and she gave me another smile. My arm was around her and I held her right breast in my hand. She was in position to kiss one of my nipples and took the opportunity to do that. I was just living in the moment back at that moment. I was trying to forget the past and the failed marriage and trying not to think of how the future might be torn from us - I still had a lingering thought that having sex with Maggie could lead to arrest and of course the loss of my entire family (which was also her family).

But, the moment was fantastic. Maggie was special - and I don't mean "special"!!!

"Now, will you pee in my mouth and on my face?" She hadn't forgotten. I didn't think she would.

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She was conditioned into a way of thinking and she applied it to everything - except for remembering to pee during long car rides. (Read the Cousin Maggie story). I finally agreed to take further advantage of the woman and piss into her mouth - although not in those words.

We walked hand in hand (another sweetness I discovered I liked) into the bathroom and I started running a bubble bath for Maggie. She smiled and got in when there was just a few inches of water - the tub quickly swelled to nearly full with the addition of her body.

"If you want me to stop, move your head away or splash or swat my leg or something so I'll know you want me to stop." She nodded with each "safety" instruction, but trembled with excitement at what she was about to do. She relaxed back in the tub and I climbed in and stood about two feet away. I pointed my Johnson at the middle of her chest and tried to hold back the pressure of my flow. A stream of piss landed on her already wet chest and she giggled.

That was a good sign. I moved the flow a bit higher to where it was splashing on her neck.

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Having not freaked out, I moved the piss flow up on to her right cheek. Maggie turned her head and stuck out her tongue and let it hit her there. I aimed the flow directly into her mouth and watched as none of it dribbled back out. She was a natural at this! Maggie never seemed to gag on anything. I ran out of piss as always seems to happen at moments like this. I bent down and kissed her and tasted my own tangy urine on her lips.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked. Her response stunned me. "I love you. I know I shouldn't say it because it's too soon and we're cousins - I just know that I have to say it." I hadn't cried in years.


I thought myself incapable of such an emotional release. I thought I was too in control of myself. I learned a lot at that moment as the tears ran down my face and Maggie stood and we again held each other. Held each other and held each other up. As two people should do instead of putting each other down.

I cried like a baby. She cried and also comforted. While we stood holding each other covered here and there with soapy bubbles, Maggie peed down her leg and all over my leg. Then we started laughing. That was all the sex for that evening and we fell asleep in each other's arms watching the motel TV.