Busty redhead anals two lesbian slaves

Busty redhead anals two lesbian slaves
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Do you ever feel like you were meant to do more with your life? To be more.more than this? I felt like that, like there was more waiting for me. Since I was a child, I always thought I was going to do something amazing.

I had no idea what it was, but that didn't matter. Then I grew up. I realized I wasn't like the people I met in all the different schools I went to.

I wasn't like the friends that I made and had to leave behind when we moved. I wasn't like my own family. I started to wonder what was wrong with me? Why couldn't I be like them? Why did I have to be so different? I learned that the type of special that I was didn't fit in with everyone else. It sucks growing up. Especially, when your childhood was already cut short. I loved my family, but they always brought out the worst in me.

I was never going to belong. They looked at what they wanted and i looked at what could be. They looked at desires and I looked to the stars. There was so much more and I tried to get them to see. you can't explain color to the blind. So, I left them the moment the opportunity presented itself. I joined the Galactic Authority Academy.

Travel the stars and catch bad guys. Sounded simple enough. While I was able to breeze through basic, moderate and advanced combat training. I had trouble with following orders I didn't agree with. The threat of being suspended loomed over me. My department was tech but I was exceptional in so many areas. The problem was that I was a woman.and I saw things coming. Call it dejavu or simple vibes. I could feel what others were feeling. Everything had been fine and I'd made it to graduation day.

Two lieutenants cornered me in the ladies room. I'd known them from combat training. They'd messed with me quite a bit and hurt me pretty bad on a few occasions. Lt. Reynolds and Fariday. Both married and successful. "You're the first woman to reach graduation with multiple gold ratings. They don't even know where to put you once you graduate." Said Fariday watching as I stepped back from the sink. Reynolds locked the bathroom door and I felt my heart speed as his dark brown eyes met mine.

"What made you join the Galactic Authority? I'm sure you knew it was going to be hard as a woman." "Honestly, I wanted to see space." I replied realizing that there was no way I'd get out of this. They had a lust in their eyes that was animalistic.

"Why would a beautiful woman like you want to put herself at the mercy of aliens and space pirates?" "Does it make you feel inferior that I already have the ratings to pass your position upon graduation?" "You really shouldn't poke a sleeping bear. You're in enough trouble already." Fariday added as he placed a hand over his shock stick.

I hated dealing with them before. If this was something I had to keep dealing with, why was I here? "I'll make you a deal." Began Reynolds as he stepped forward and drew his shock stick, tapping it against his thigh as he looked me over. "Don't fight this and I'll consider being slightly more gently on you." ".what do you want me to do?" I asked although I knew the jist. "Take your clothes off, and come and climb on my cock. Fariday here is going to fuck your ass and we're going to show you your place as a woman." They both chuckled.

"I've been wanting to fuck you since our first training session, you were so fiesty!" Reynolds licked his lower lip and I wanted to punch him in the mouth. "So if I let you two fuck me, I can go to the graduation ceremony?" I asked softly. My heart beat faster with each moment. "If you can walk." Fariday smiled. I began to unbotton my uniform and they stepped forward. Reynolds took my wrist as he looked down to me. The feeling of his hands on my made me want to break his wrist right now but I didn't.

Not yet.

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"Let me help you with that." He holstered his shock stick and Fariday grabbed me by the back of my neck as his free hand pulled my shirt out of my pants and slid under my shirt.

I gasped and Reynolds unbottoned my last button. I rose my gaze to his and I couldn't hide my fear. "God, damn you're fucking beautiful. Something about you.I want to make you mine and fuck you raw.

Make you scream." He kissed my neck and I shuddered with repulsion. "Make you cry, and beg." Fariday took the bottom of my shirt and I let out a quick breath as Reynolds sucked at my neck. I let them put their disgusting hands on me and waited for their guards to drop. "Why are you so soft? You smell amazing." Fariday undid my bun and let my hair down. Reynolds tore open my shirt and I gasped and moved back. Fariday's free hand locked around my waist and his body pressed firmly to my back.

"What a slut you are. I bet you're already ready for this dick to stretch out that ass hole.huh?" His hold tightened and he slid his hand to hold the front of my neck. "I bet you love the feeling of come exploding into your ass don't you?" My eyes watered and Reynolds pulled my pants open so roughly that the buckle snapped.

My shirt hung open and I only had a bra covering my chest. Soon my pants were gone. I heard them both unzip their pants and I felt their guard go down. "Reynolds." I spoke with a sultry tone. He smiled down to me and rubbed me through my underwear. "Talk to me baby, I know you want this." "I'm going to fuck you," i leaned into Fariday with a moan and rubbed my ass against his member.

"Im going to fuck you both." They both laughed with a approval and I suddenly shoved Reynold's shock stick against his balls and switched it on. I slammed my head back against Fariday's face. And he gasped, with a stagger as Reynolds screamed and hit the ground with a thud. I turned and Fariday backhanded me but my adrenaline kept me up.

If I fell they would do worse than rape me.

I struck him with the shock stick and cried out with raw effort as I kicked in his knee. He went down and I shocked him until he went unconscious. "You're never going to graduate for this!" Reynolds groaned hatefully. I turned around and moved to him, my eyes met his and I held back nothing, "You're the best this place has to offer then I can do better. Everyone is going to know about this." "You think they'll do anything?

It's not a matter of believing you. I've been here for years, by the time I'm done with you, you're going to beg me to just fuck you. The only job you'll get os cleaning toilets." I glared and knelt down.

"Maybe, but you'll never forget me will you Reynolds? Better than that. You will never have me. Maybe you'll think twice before cornering a poor helpless woman in the woman's room." I spoke with a cold look in my eyes. "You're a pathetic excuse for a man and a disgrace to what the Galactic Authority represents." I lowered the stick to his neck and he tensed.

I just wanted to see the fear in his eyes and I switched it on. Both men lay unconscious and I went to the sink and looked into the mirror.

Under my eye was already turning black and my lip was busted and bleeding on the bottom. The room spun and I felt sick. There was a pounding on the door.

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Suffice it to say I was kicked out of the academy. I couldn't find work anywhere, I made sure Reynold's and Fariday's wife knew. I went to the ported ships and looked for work on board. There was no point in applying officially so I went unofficially and spoke to the ported ship captains.

No one would have me, despite my skill set. I was on my way to the bus station when I decided to look for a transport ship instead. If I couldn't work here, I could find work offworld. I always heard how hard it was off world without a real job. Had to start somewhere. "You look like you need a break from this planet." Said a young woman outside a class 5 Nero space vessel.

It was a lower class outdated ship that they stopped making when I was still a kid. "You have no idea." "Where you heading?" She asked. "No idea." "Well if you can pay well take you. We're stopping by Avelon Prime, Helium, and and The Terminus Space station if you decide you don't like the other planets." That's where they had shipments but they wanted to make some extra cash.

"I heard about the space pirates and the alien hostiles." She nodded,"You've never been to space, have you?" I smiled and shook my head. "No.obvious huh?" "It's okay. It's refreshing." She reassured me. "We can handle pirates and the Raiders don't typically attack transport vessels. We don't have anything they want." I agreed to board and paid for my stay. On the way in I noticed 3 other passengers. Two men and a girl about the age of 8. The girl that showed me onto the ship was Cilia.

She had short red hair and brown eyes. I saw two other crew members. A large man who looked like Jason Mamoa, and a thinner man who resembled Zachary Levi. I ended up in a room with the male passenger. He looked like Tom Hardy with a short beard and messy hair. He was dressed in grey sweats and a black sweater. "Top bunk is yours." He said in a low uniterested tone as he threw his pillow up there. Then kicked his bag under the bed.

"Have you been to space before?" I asked softly. He laid on the bed and glanced at me. He just stared at me then looked away and closed his eyes. "You, new girl." Said a man from behind me. I turned and a man in dark brown pants, a black shirt, brown suspenders and a matching black long coat looked at me with blue eyes. He looked like Josh Brolin. "Yes," I replied and adjusted my bag on my shoulder so it stopped digging in.

"What's your name?" "Eleria." "Great, I'm the captain of this fine ship. Names, Ezra. I like to know whose on board my ship but I don't need to know much more than that. Don't cause any trouble and it will be smooth sailing." He started to leave then came back with a frown. "Are you good?" I nodded. "I am now." He shifted his attention to the man on the bottom bunk.

"Mr. Nova, I shouldn't expect any trouble from you should I?" ".No." He sounded less than convincing but the captain seemed satisfied. With a nod he left. I started putting my things away under the bed when the man on the bunk opened his eyes and looked at me as I was standing.

His eyes were so green my heart sped. They were so beautiful but so lonely and angry. I couldn't move.

His gaze held me and nearly pierced through my core. My stung with tears and I felt my breath catch. "Get back." He said abruptly after staring back at me for what felt like ages. Whatever had just happened was over. He turned onto his side with his back to me. I realized I had been stuck and felt ridiculous staring like that.

I'd never felt so exposed, not even when I had been cornered in that bathroom. I moved away from him and left the room feeling slightly vulnerable. Why had his gaze been so heavy and intense? I went down the hall and stopped at a large shower room and bathroom.

There was two smokey glass stalls and two similar shower stalls. I walked down the hall passed two extra guest rooms like mine. One of them had the father and daughter talking. I kept going and came to a small mess hall and lounge area.

It was nice. There was enough room for us plus a few more. Cilia was chopping onions. "I'll have dinner ready in a couple hours. We'll be taking off soon, you should get to your quarters." I nodded. "Thank you." She smiled as she grabbed a second onion. "Don't thank me yet. Some people aren't meant to leave their planet." I smiled and nodded, "I like to try everything at least once." She looked up from the onion and rose a brow,"Everything?" "Within reason." "You seemed so lost when I met you.

How do you know space is where you want to go?" "If you don't know where you're going any road will get you there." Cilia rested her hand and focused on me, "There's more to you than you let on." "But you guys don't care about that, or you would have requested a thorough background check." "Very true." She agreed.

While she seemed kind I could see that she was dangerous. "Well Eliria, the space world has a lot to offer you." "I have a lot to offer the space world." She laughed softly.

"I think you and I are going to get along wonderfully on this trip. After we make out delivery on Avelon Prime, I'll show you around the main square." "Thank you. Is it nice there?" She nodded,"Like a Paradise but I think you'll like Helium more. we'll have to see, won't we." I nodded. The captains voice came up over the speakers. "Ladies, Gentlemen, old comers and new comers, this is Captain Ezra speaking.

We'll be taking off in 5 minutes. So please stay in your quarters until we clear the atmosphere and jump to ftl. I will give the all clear and you may move freely about the ship. The Cargo Bay of course is off limits to all unauthorized personal and if we should find you roaming in such area we will have to throw you out the airlock." I looked at Cilia eho was cutting onions again. "Haha just kidding, but seriously, follow the rules and we'll have a nice problem free trip. We'll be arriving at Avelon Prime in about 32 hours so get comfortable." The speaker went off and I headed back to my room reluctantly as she ship fired up.

As I got to my room the doors closed. I climbed onto my bunk and sat nervously. Was I doing the right thing? Where the hell was I going to stay? I could afford to start a new life. What about my family? I never said goodbye, let alone let them know I was leaving the whole planet. Would they have cared? I'm sure the knew everything that had "happened" with the Galactic Authority Academy.

I was lucky not to be arrested. I brought my knees up to my chest and lowered my head as the ship lifted off the ground. I felt us rising higher and higher. I felt a rush of excitement and lowered off the bed to look out the window.

The earth was getting further and further away. I tried not to think about Nova. I could feel him, his presence alone was demanding of my attention. I chose to ignore it. He wasn't bothered with me, I shouldn't be thinking about a man I don't even know like that.

We cleared the atmosphere and I looked at my home world in awe of how amazing it was. I pressed my hand to the cool nano glass. I was really leaving, and I had no idea when I'd come back. I felt him behind me and I turned quickly. He was so tall. He took my chin gently and caressed a thumb over my lower lip.

My breath sped and so did my heart, as I looked into his endless eyes again. He felt dark, and as endless as his gaze.

I made myself step back and he let me. "You can stop me." "I don't understand." He pushed me up against the glass and spoke in my ear as his hands came to my hips. "You shouldn't have gotten on this ship." Nova struck a fear in me that I'd never felt before.

He didn't want to hurt me like Reynolds and Fariday did but he did want something. He hasn't been aggressive at any point and I didn't want to hurt him. not yet. He hadn't hurt me, even though he was being very invasive. "I can't go back." I said in a soft tone. "No.but I've found you." He sounded sad as his forehead lowered to my shoulder.

"Stop." "I can't." "What's happening right now? What's wrong with you? One second you tell me to get away from you, now you're.doing this." I asked with a tremble as I closed my eyes. "You feel it, don't you?" He pressed his lips to my neck and I felt a rush of heat. I gasped, Something was coming! Something very far but not long away. Something dark and deadly. I jumped and I was on my bunk.

I'd fallen asleep? It had felt so real. I was still trembling. I looked to the window and saw that we were in FTL.

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I got down and found that Nova had left the room. I went to the mess hall and found a tray of food on the table. The father and daughter sat across from me and the crew member who looked like Zachary Levi sat next to me. "You look like you just saw a ghost." Said the one next to me. I looked at him and then back to my plate. "I'm fine." "Who hurt you?" Asked the little girl. She looked like a young Emma Watson.

She had on a pink dress and light grey leggings. She was very cute. "Sweety, that's none of your business." The father interjected uncomfortably. He had on a black suit, white shirt. He looked a lot like Keanu reeves. "I'm Eris and this is my dad Valerian." "Nice to meet you, I'm Eliria." "Space isn't that bad." I smiled, "Oh yeah." Using her fork, She pushed her food around on her plate. "I like Avelon Prime better than earth but Daddy likes to take me on his trips since mommy died." My smile faded and I felt bad she was without a mother.

"I'm sorry." "It's okay. She's been gone for a while, killed by space pirates in a -" Her father lightly slammed his cup in frustration. "Eris, that's enough!" She jumped and then looked at her father. "Go to our room. I'll be there soon." "Mommy liked my stories!" She stormed out of the mess hall. "Quite a pistol you got there." The man next to me spoke. "I apologize." "It's okay," I told him. "No harm done." "Not yet, but I'm sure one of these times her lies will get her into trouble." He grabbed his daughter's tray and placed it on his own.

"Excuse me." He rinsed their trays and left. The large man that looked like Jason Mamoa sat on the other side of the table and began to eat. I started to eat when Nova passed through the mess hall.

The hair on the back of my neck rose and I made sure to keep looking at my food. Had I been dreaming? Did that encounter really happen? If so, I should be upset I missed the take off. and dreamed of it instead. Not focused on Nova. "Well isn't he just a ray of fucking sunshine on a rainy day." Said the man next to me. The larger man snickered and shook his head. "Not everyone is as happy as you Newton." "Why the hell not, they should be!" He said as he pushed his smpty tray away and looked at me.

"Seriously, I don't expect everyone to be a damn chipper bit of joy and happiness but he gives me a bad vibe. Eliria, right?" I nodded. "Yes." "Does he give you the creeps?" The big guy spoke.

"Oh good, ask the newbie if she got the creeps." Newton kept looking at me, "Shut up Vega. That's exactly why I'd value her opinion. She hasn't been interactive with the vastness of space yet.she's still.innocent." I looked at Vega then to Newton.

"I don't know him enough to speak on that." "Wow, what a great PR like reply." He smirked and picked up his tray. "This isn't the GA. We don't really give a fuck out here." Newton dropped his tray into the sink and placed a hand on my shoulder as he spoke.

"It's okay that he freaks you out. He freaks me out too." "Man, go run an engine Analysis or something." He flipped him off and added emphasis on the last part as he walked away. ".Or something." "What is a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this? Don't you have family or a boyfriend waiting for you?" I let out a breath and looked at him.

"No one's waiting for me." "If I had someone like you, I'd never have come out here." "How can you know that?" "If don't need to know you to know that you are a good heart." ".well thank you." He shook his head. "That isn't a compliment. You shouldn't be here." If frowned. "Why does everyone keep saying that?" He stood. "Because space is cold and dangerous and while you look like you have some fight in you it won't be enough." "Enough?" "You'll be surprised at the things you do to survive." "How do you know I'm not going to Avelon Prime?

What if I have a job-" He cut me off. "You're a terrible liar. I suggest you work on that." With that he put his tray in the sink and left. My gaze went to my food and I took in a breath. While I wanted to be angry, maybe they were right.

Didn't matter because I couldn't and I wouldn't go back. Not now. I was sick of feeling like an outcast. I wanted a place that was mine. A family. A home. After eating I looked around some more and then hung out in the lounge area for a half hour. Celia came so I helped her clean. She encouraged me not to listen to the others but to stay cautious. I stayed in the Lounge until we landed on Avelon Prime. It was as beautiful as Cilia had told me. The father and daughter left the ship.

Celia took me to eat some strange food and see some beautiful tourist sites. We went into a boutique and she bought me a beautiful pink and white dress. Celia and I had gotten along so well. She could be a little pushy but it seemed to be in a caring way. We got back to the ship and found three new arrivals. A couple that looked like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

And a Man that looked like a business version of Norman Reedus. I caught his gaze as I walked by and I felt his determination to get somewhere. His brow creased but he went back to talking to Vega. I got on board and went to my room hoping that Nova decided to get off here. I knew he didn't but I still hoped.


I made myself go back to my room and found Nova going through my bag. I ran forward and slapped my GA ID out of his hand and as I went to pull my bag away he took my wrist and waist then slammed me down on on his bed. My heart was racing as I looked up into his toxic green eyes.

"Get off of me!" I shook and as I looked to the door he looked as well. His eyes glowed, then the door shut and locked. I began to tremble in his arms as the gravity seemed to intensify. His hand left my wrist and came to hold my jaw. "Shh." He warned darkly. "If you bring anyone in here I'll have to kill them. You don't want to get anyone killed, now do you?" My eyes watered and I shook my head.

"You couldn't kill-" He cut me off. "I could kill everyone on this metal boat. It won't affect me at all. However, it would make quite a mess and I'd rather not, if I don't need to. So, no screaming. Understand?" I nodded reluctantly. "Good. Now, you need to be very honest with me. Your life depends on how you reply." Tears rolled down the sides of my face, into my hair as fear sped my heart and rushed my veins.

Was this man human? What did he want with me? What was going on? He tilted his head then leaned in and licked my lower lip. I shuddered and tried to turn my face away. He held me still. My free hand slowly moved to my hip. "Are you with the Galactic Authority?" I had to try to focus on his words. I felt so sick. ".no." "Tell me why you have an ID, then." I swallowed passed the lump in my throat and inched my hand over slowly, "I was in the Academy.

but i didn't graduate." "Why didn't you graduate?" I had a flash of Reynolds rubbing through my underwear and I grabbed my blade and pressed it to his throat. "Nova. let me go." He didn't seem surprised or worried. "No." "Now!" His hand went to my throat and his eyes glowed. Pain shot through my body so intense I had to bite back my cry. The blade fell from my shaking hand. "I don't have long. You need to tell me why you didn't graduate." ".the men in charge tried to rape me.

I hurt them, so I was expelled." He smirked, "You're not like the others on this ship. I hate to be rushed but if I don't mark you the others will kill you, or take you. or both." "What are you talking about?" Nova turned my face and I pulled at his wrist with desperation. I felt like he was going to do something that would change me.

Something i couldnt come back from. My voice came out weaker than I'd ever imagined. "Please." The whites of his eyes turned black and he grew snake like fangs and struck into my throat. His free hand locked over my mouth and muffled my scream. I kicked and writhed as he pumped something into my bloodstream.

It set me on fire and I felt like I was burning alive. I clawed into his arms and kicked. Soon my body went still and I couldn't move. I couldnt move! He drew back and licked over my wound once, then again more slowly.

The burning became a non painful heat. I smelled rain, rain in a desert. My heart was beating wildly. I could still feel but i couldn't move. Oh god, what had he done to me? What was he going to do? What about everyone else on this ship? He wiped my tears as he turned my face to look at him.

He looked as he did when I first met him. The captain came up over the intercom with the same speech that he'd given the first time and the ship started up. As I looked at him I felt a desire. I wanted him.cared about him. Oh no! What was he?!

"I am one of the Dark Travelers. A few of us have learned to take human form. We are what you will become." He caressed my cheek as he looked into my eyes. "I've never met anyone like you, my mark has already settled. I've seen most humans reject the bond and die." He looked at the window and said nothing for a moment. "I will allow you to speak, do not betray my kindness." His eyes glowed and I gasped as I felt my face again.

I closed my eyes for a moment. ".what did you do to me?" "I gave you my venom. A Royals venom has never successfully bonded with a human." "Royal?" "Prince." My heart sped and he stroked my hair. I felt calmer immediately. "That isn't important." "Why do I feel like this?" I asked with a soft tremble.

"You're mine now. You will always feel this way. our bond will only get stronger." "I don't want this! Please!" "You are lost.without purpose, acceptance, guidence, love. yet you can connect to others and know in moments what they feel, or desire.

That's a power. one I plan to cultivate." He placed a hand over my heart and I felt a rush of heated desire as I was able to move. "You picked me because of my ability to feel?" I trembled. "No, you picked me." "What's going to happen?" "Later, this ship will be overcome with Dark Travelers. they will want to meet you. and they will check you. The one I choose must be strong, capable, consumated, loyal, and in love with me." "Consumated.

loyal, love. you don't force these things." "Your race has done much worse. You could have gotten off this ship. You stayed, because you knew that you did not belong there. Just like you didn't belong on Earth. i called for you, and you came."He pulled my top off and I couldn't stop him.

"No.no." "We have a human counterpart.a soul mate. You are mine." I could move but I couldn't move. He pinned my wrists down and looked over me. There was a hunger in his eyes. a need. He licked over my left nipple with a slithering forked tongue and began to suck.

I gasped and shook badly as I tried to hold back my moans. ".Nova." I trembled. His hands traced down my arms and went to my waist as he drew my underwear off. He pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. "You're everything I have ever wanted." "I'm scared." "I know." He kissed me and I felt my heart melt.

This felt so right. it couldn't be. He was lying. but I knew he hadnt told me a single lie yet. He ran his hands over my body.

And I shuddered with the pleasure of it. "This won't be like anything you've ever felt." "Nova." I wanted to beg him to stop but I feared if I said anything more that I would beg for more.

He closed his eyes to the sound of me saying his name. Then took my jaw firmly. "Nothing will take you from me. No one will come between us. I will always protect you. however you will suffer me." He lowered his hands and spread my trembling legs. "No.no. if you do this. I won't be able to." I began to cry.

He smiled and nodded. "I know, Eleria." With that he entered me and my head went back. My body set on fire and melted with pure pleasure and pain. He was so huge, so thick and solid. I looked at him and truly saw him. He was glowing. The aura around him was dark but full of love. He loved me. God help me. He enjoyed every single moan and cry he pulled from my lips. Each thrust got a little harder and a little faster. His arms wrapped around me and he held me close. I slid my arms around him.

As my breathing began to grow more heated and intense I leaned up and kissed him. His eyes widened for a moment and then closed as he kissed me back. He drew out and suddenly slammed into me. My back arched as I broke our kiss and struggled not to scream. "Let it out. no one will hear you but me." He spoke with a dark enthralling tone before slamming back inside harder. I dug my nails into his back as I screamed.

He moaned and thrust again. The meaty slaps got harder and I felt like I was going to fall apart. "Do you like this?" He asked as he began to move slower in rhythm. "Yes. yes." I moaned. He seemed to grow larger and I cried out, "I can't handle much more.

please." "You can, my love and you will." He suddenly moved faster than humanly possible and pinned my wrists down. I wanted to claw my own face it was too intense. "Nova." I whimpered between screams and cries. ".I'm I'm going to die." "Stop fighting." He spoke with love. "Stop. let me in." He pounded into me over and over and began to suck on my breasts. I felt my tension ease and I came writhing and screaming.

One right after another. Each time I felt less and less pain, and less madness. "Are you ready for me?" I was no longer thinking. His desire was my desire and I wanted all of him. Every last drop. "Please. yes." I shook. He pounded into me faster and rubbed and massaged my breasts. He turned me to my knees and held me by my throat as he fucked me harder and deeper.

I felt like he was going to split me open. "I love you." He said with all his heart and soul in my ear. "I love you too." I replied with all of mine. He came with a cry and rush of heat inside me and I came with him as I screamed.

I collapsed onto my stomach. He lifted me to straddle him on top and eased inside my leaking body. "You haven't come on my dick nearly enough for me to be done." He kissed me and then held my hips.

"Crouch with me inside you." I did as he said and he began to hammer inside me watching my breasts bounce. My head went back and I cried out over and over. "Beg me for more." He demanded. "Give me more, Nova. Please!" "How bad do you want it?" "More than anything." He pulled out and I knew what he wanted. I took him into my mouth as deep as I could.

He turned me and began to suck on me. His tongue went inside much longer than humanly possible. I sucked him harder and he hardly fit into my mouth.

I sucked harder and faster. He moaned then flipped me around and penetrated me an instant later and spilled inside me. He emptied himself as deep as he could and kept on going.

I started to feel desprate. I wanted him to keep going. "Oh god, don't stop." "My love, this won't end until I fuck you unconscious." He kissed me deeply and I kissed him back as my legs wrapped around him. I could hardly move I was so tired and weak.

He kept going. I felt raw and abused. His tongue was deep inside me when I came again. He drank me down and everything else that came out.

He had me on my stomach and lowered me onto his dick. He moaned deeply as he entered me and fucked me slow at first. "Do you feel me?" I tried to answer but not fast enough.

He began to hammer into me. "Do you still feel me, Eliria!?" I cried out and I felt his pleasure. "That's my girl. we aren't done yet." He groaned then pumped his come inside. "You're mine, absolutely!" I shook badly and spoke with a weak voice.

".yes." He hammered into me and tore a scream from the depths of my soul. I woke bruised and in pain. It hurt to even move. The memories rushed me as I thought of what happened. They came back in vivid flashes. I curled on my side as my eyes watered. That didn't happen. please. my hand shook as it slowly went to feel where he had bitten me. I closed my eyes and covered my face. His hand snaked around my waist and I must have stopped breathing for a few moments even though my heart was racing.

"Elira. be calm." He spoke warmly. "That happened." "Yes." I sobbed with despair. "Why?" "I had to make you mine or long they come they would kill you. or worse. You're an evolved human in the beginning of her powers." My hands lowered from my face and I tried not to panic. "Who are they?" "Who do you think they are?" ".your people." There was a knock on the door and I jumped. Nova locked his hand over my mouth and his eyes glowed as he placed a finger to his lips for me to remain quiet.

He lowered his finger and brought up his middle one to form an imaginary gun that he fired at whoever Was on the other side of the door. I gave a single nod to let him know I understood. "Eliria, girl get up and come eat." He lowered his hand and I spoke carefully, "Let me get dressed.

I'll be there in a minute." "Hurry up, before Vega eats it." I felt her leave. I looked down and noticed I'd been changed and cleaned. Nova had tended to me while I was unconscious. "Hold on." He licked over my wound and it stung as it healed. I traced my fingers over the healed part of my neck and sat up. The room spun and I fought not to fall back.

"You're abilities are going to advance much more quickly." I pulled my back out and put on a long sleeved black shirt. "Anything else I need to know?" I asked as I slipped into my black pants. "I expect your demenor may be somewhat altered." "That happens to people when they are raped and mind fucked." I snapped. He took my socks from me and knelt down, easily slipping the first one on. The edge of my anger went dull as I met his eyes.

What happened between us was so far from rape in his eyes. "If you ever say that again, I will show you what rape is like with our kind." He pulled me to my feet after he finished putting on my second sock.

I was never going to say it again but I didn't like him threatening me. "I'm. not sure how to deal with this." His head lowered to my neck and I tensed. I didn't move even though I was afraid. Then his lips pressed tenderly against my skin and my heart sped in a way that made me feel warm inside. I wanted to pull him close and feel his arms around me. What the hell was wrong with me? I should hate him for what he did. He wasn't human but that didn't even bother me. He let me go and I left the room.

"There you are!" Celia put a breakfast tray down for me and then sat down at her own. I smiled lightly. "Thank you." "She's so polite." Newton complained as he chewed on a bite of bagel. "Now, don't be getting on her case just because you lost your manners." Said captain Ezra in good humor. Newton smiled and shook his head. "She'll lose hers too." "Let's hope it isn't too soon.

I find it quite refreshing. although I am slight concerned about that lip." I rubbed my finger over lower lip and found that there was no cut anymore. "Yeah, that's odd. I remember you having a cut there last night." Vega added. "Why were you even looking at her lips?" Asked Newton.

"They're nice lips.why the fuck wouldn't I look?" "What is this? Bombard the new girl bullshit. Let her eat." Celia spoke seriously then bowed her head briefly to the captain. "With all due respect of course." The captain wasn't offended, with a smile he gestured for us to continue. "Of course, by all means." The couple came in and sat down.

They started to talk to them and I felt a rush of nausea as I lowered my fork. The man's name was Fin. And the woman was Lorett. They were looking to find a second planet home. I knew they were lying. They weren't a nice couple Looking for a home. The woman was eager. anxious and her intent was malicious.

Vega found the woman attractive and was having all kinds of inappropriate feelings about what he wanted to do. Newton was worried about something, and Ezra had little interest in anything other than getting everyone safely from point a to point b. Cilia was interested in the couple. Where was the other man? Too many emotions at once.

This was borderline mind reading. I couldn't make it stop! My heart sped. "Is she alright?" Asked Fin. I was holding onto my chair with a death grip as their voices blurred out and sweat formed across my forhead. I was looking at Celia who had stood up. She was talking but I couldn't hear her. I could feel her worry. The captains was suspicious of me but he cared. He didn't think I was bad but he felt something was wrong. I shifted my gaze to him and spoke as I began to tremble.

"I'm not the one you need to worry about." I could hear myself just fine. He frowned. My breathing sped up and I closed my eyes. Their mouths kept moving and I couldn't hear. Only feel. Fin was not going to wait. "Shut up!" I cried and their feelings stopped.

"Well that's rude." Vega smirked. "Ms. Eliria, may I have a word in private?" Asked the captain firmly. I stood and followed him to the hall. He gently took my upper arm and I winced as he squeezed my bruised arm. He noticed and pulled up my sleeve. His expression was very unpleased. "These weren't here yesterday." I tried to pull my hand back but he held on. "You wanna tell me what's going on?" "No." I frowned.

"I'd like to know. How your lip healed but your arm is bruised." "You don't need to know that much about the people on this ship, remember?" His conscience was telling him something was very wrong and he never doubted himself.

He lifted the bottom of my shirt and his eyes widened as he saw the bruises on my body. "You're going to change your mind. Start talking." He said firmly as he lowered my shirt and met my gaze. He knew who it was he just needed me to say it. The captain had a big problem with abuse.

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"Now. Eliria." "You have bigger problems right now." I took his hand as I began to feel anxiety and spoke as his lips parted to scold me. "Listen to me Captain!" He tensed and I felt a shudder run through him, "Fuck.you're an evolved human, aren't you?" He had felt my need and fear.

I let him go as my fear grew. I hadn't meant to do that. I could share my feelings? "I'm sorry. Please, believe me. That couple are not who they are pretending to be." "Neither are you apparently." "Yes. I suppose I am not but I want to help you." "If anyone finds out what you are, everyone on this ship will be compromised. You're getting off on the next stop." "If you care about this ship and your crew then listen.

Those people mean you harm." I snapped. He was conflicted. He wanted to believe me. ".alright. If you're lying to me I will turn you over to the GA." I nodded.

"Why, I guess we'll be getting a bonus." A weapon cocked and the captain stood in front of me as he turned around. His whole demenor changed. It was the man who had looked like Norman Reedus. He had a machine gun pointed at us. "Captain why don't you escort our bonus back inside." "I hate, pirates." The captain made sure I stayed in front of him and we found that the couple had already drew weapons on the rest of the crew. Newton had been pistol whipped on the forhead.

They were sitting quiet and angry. They sat down the captain. The other man grabbed my upper arm roughly as I gasped as he dug into a bruise. The captain sat next to Celia who was furious. The man spoke in my ear while the others were tied up by. "You try any shit and these people will die. I'll start with the girl." I shrugged him off of me and he squeezed my arm.

I gasped again. "Are you really going to jack a transport vessel?" Asked Vega. "Please, you're mercs trying to hide your payday. I know what you have in your cargo. Anyone of you tries anything and we will shoot you in the head then space your body." Said Fin then looked at me.

"Damon What is this?" "She's an evolved, I heard these two talking about it in the hall." "No way." Smiled Lorett. "She's worth way more than that cargo. We hit the jackpot!" "Who else is on board?" "No one." Lied the captain. Fin pressed a gun between Celia's eyes. "She's so pretty and such a good cook. What a waste it would be to blow her brains all over Newton." "Fuck you. Shoot me if you want, but it won't change the fact that no one else is here." Celia spoke with venom.

He Cocked the weapon and I spoke. "Check the god damn ship!" The man holding me left and went to go look around the ship. He lowered his weapon and walked to me.

"You have no idea what the GA would pay for you." "The GA doesn't deal with pirates." I glared. He laughed. "How ignorant. They have been dealing with pirates since the comander was killed 6 years ago. The GA is a joke." "Can't argue there." He took my hips, "They're going to cut you open, and find out what makes you tick.

They'll run you out like a battery, and then break you." He looked me over. "Maybe we'll have fun with you before handing you over. we can bring Celia too." "Get the fuck away from me." He struck me and my face burned.

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"Don't do that again." Warned the captain. He punched me in the stomach so hard I lost my breath and doubled over. "Fucking piece of shit." Vega growled.

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"What are you going to do with everyone once you get the cargo?" I asked as I straightened and regained my breath. I was sick of this.

I didn't want these people to die. He smiled, "Let them go of course." Lie. I headbutt him as hard as could and heard his nose break. He rose his gun and I disarmed him. I shot him in the foot and dodged Lorett ' first shot.

The other hit me in the shoulder. I threw the gun at her and hit her in the forhead so hard she collapsed. I ran and kicked both guns away before going to the captain. "Whefe did you learn how to fight like that?" "I will tell you all about it later. How do I get you out?" "There's a blade in my sock." I pulled it out as I shook passed the pain and found Damon with the gun pointed at me. "Get up." I placed the opened blade in the Captain's hand carefully then stood. "Come here, I'm going to teach you a lesson." I went to him and stopped halfway.

Fin stabbed me in the lower back. "No!" Cried Celia desprately. "What the fuck! She's worth millions!." Damon snapped. "Fuck the money." He drew out the blade. I collapsed and suddenly heard a blade fly. It hit home and Fin grunted before choking. The captain had thrown his blade into Fin's neck. Fin gagged and stumbled away from me as he held his neck.

Damon rose his gun to shoot Ezra and a massive black scaled creature moved through the room in a blur of speed. The aura filled the room and the lights went dim. The creature stopped over me and I knew it was Nova.

"Jesus Christ!" Newton blurted in fear. "Oh my god." Celia shook. "What the fuck is that?" Vega spoke with disgust. His green eyes held so many other colors and his pupils had formed into slits. The whites of his eyes were all black. He had long black hair, and black scales. Large horns curled out of his head and a large tail from his back. He looked over me. Damon shot him and the bullets did nothing. Nova was suddenly over him. He snatched the gun and placed it against his stomache he placed a massive clawed hand on his shoulder he shot him and impaled him with the gun at the same time.

Damon screamed and then made a terrible sound before dying. The creature dropped the lifeless body and moved over Fin who was slowly choking on his blood but alive. He dragged him by his hair to Lorett then sat him up. He lifted her up and slapped her so she would wake, looking at Fin. He snarled and sank his fangs into her. She shrieked violently as acidic venom ate through her viens. She hit the ground with a thud and died shrieking. I couldn't feel it.

Nova was blocking me. His power was wrapped around me. I was horrified. She was smoking flesh when she died. It smelled terrible. Someone vomitted. He took the man's head in both hands and crushed it like he was a bug. My stomach was filled with rocks. I blinked and he was over me. "You're a monster." I whispered as i tasted my own blood rising in the back of my throat.

I was going to bleed to death. "Yes." He growled. "Your monster." "No." "Please!" Celia spoke. "Don't hurt her." Nova looked at her and she began to cry. "She is mine." He spoke with darkness, bit his wrist and took my jaw. "Open." I shook my head as green blood dripped onto my lips. He squeezed my jaw until I gasped in pain and opened my mouth. He sucked the blood from his wrist and then locked his mouth onto mine. I groaned and struggled. Tears flowed from my eyes.

I choked down the blood and my body set on fire. He drew back as I began to writhe. I screamed and he placed a hand on my stomach to hold me down. The burning calmed and he traced a hand over my cheek. I closed my eyes. My body pushed out the bullet and healed. My bruised faded and my stab wound disappeared. Multiple weapons cocked and he nuzzled my cheek. Relieved that I was okay.

"Get away from her." Warned the captain. Everyone was around him with a weapon. His tail began to swish violently back and forth. "No." I took his scaled hand as I sat up. My gaze went to the captain.

"Your bullets won't hurt him. you saw that. If you shoot him I won't be able to save any of you. please. You trusted me before. Trust me again." "That thing isn't right." "He saved our lives." Vega spoke, "That felt like slaughter.he looks ready to take out the rest of us." "Lower your weapons." Spoke the captain. "What? What's to stop him from doing that to us?" Asked Newton. Nova smirked and pulled me up to him. "She saved your lives.for now." "What do you want with her? Just let her go." Celia pleaded carefully.

"My love." He bit my shoulder and held me tighter. I let out a quick breath and lowered my forhead to his shoulder. My body was trembling and I wasn't sure what to do. "Whatever, if he leaves us alone then let him have her." Newton said. "Nova, did you give her all of those bruises?" Ezra asked.

He gave a single nod. "None of you even heard her screaming." They looked disturbed. "I did much more than bruise her.your mortal views and morals are beyond understanding what happened." "Try me." Said the captain. "Our race is not gentle.

We do not accept failure. She is magnificent. For a human to be able to bond with our race is.what's your word. magical." "Great, you had your success. You know it's possible now. Leave her be and just get off at our next stop." He replied. "You know nothing of her yet you seek to save what doesn't need saving.you do." He growled.

"Don't hurt this crew. Please." He looked down to me. "Why do they matter to you?" "Why wouldn't they?" I frowned. He kissed my lips and I kissed him back. His lips moved to my neck and he slowly sank in his fangs. I cried out and Celia gasped and rose her weapon.

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The captain stopped her, "He's not going to kill her." I pushed at his chest until I couldn't move anymore. He parelyzed me again. I felt my eye lids get heavy and close. I could still feel? He drew back and lifted me into his arms.

"You're a Dark Traveler.I've seen your kind before. Why do you look different.?" "We don't all look the same." ".Royalty get the horns." He smirked, "You know quite a bit about us." "Why did he do that to her?" Asked Vega.

"So she couldn't fight him." Replied the captain with distain. "So, what's your plans for my crew?" "I've no plans. My people will seek us here. They will board and kill you all.unless I order otherwise." "I see. and what happens to her?" "That'll hardly be your problem in an hour or so." I screamed inside my own head.

To move to speak.something! An hour?! The venom began to burn again and I woke in Nova's bunk. My neck stung and I sat up quickly. Trying to focus on the room. I rolled off the bed and pulled out my bag. I had a blade in here and while he was impervious to bullets in his true form, there was a chance he wasn't in his human form. It wasn't where I'd left it. "Eliria, it isn't there." Nova spoke from behind me in his human voice.

My heart sped with fear and .heartache. I stood and when I turned he was there with my blade. He gently traced the tip up my thigh. "Did you plan to try and kill me?" His eyes were darker than usual. How did his eyes change so many shades of green? I shook the thought and focused on what was happening. The blade went slowly in between my legs and I began to tremble as I instinctively took a hold of his wrist. "Could you really kill me?" He pressed the flat of the blade against my inner right thigh as his voice became thick and sultry.

"We've only just begun.spread your legs." I reluctantly did as I was told and parted my legs. His lips just barely touched mine and I felt that heat from before. "Tell me, do you care for these people so much that you would kill me for them?" His lips brushed mine again and my breath caught in anticipation. I wanted it. I didn't want to but I did. "Let go of my wrist." He ordered as he slid the blade to my bikini line. All he had to do was add a fraction of pressure and he'd easily cut into flesh.

I let go and moved my trembling hand to my side. "Answer me." ".I would try. none of these people deserve to die. I couldn't stand by and do nothing.even though I feel the way I do.it wouldn't stop me.and I would never forgive you." I answered softly. "How do you feel?" ".I.I love you." I said knowing why my heart ached.

"Look at me." I met his gaze and felt my knees tremble. "Tell me again." His aura caressed against my own and I felt his need and desire.

"I love you." He lowered the blade and pressed his lips fully to mine. I moaned softly as I felt such a strange pleasure from this. My lips pressed back to his and i felt like I could kiss him forever. Suddenly, his lips left mine. "Ask me for what you want." ".Please, let this crew live?" He smirked as he caressed my cheek.

"Be careful what you wish for." "I don't understand." He nodded once. "You will. Now, come." Nova held my hand and took me to the bridge where the crew sat waiting.

They were afraid. I could see an alien fleet outside the window. My heart almost jumped into my throat. "Captain," began Nova smoothly. "You and your crew will be spared. however, my people will examine you all, even Eliria. Should you fight examination I will only assume your intentions to be hostile and if that happens I'm sure you can use your imaginations." "Just in time, your admiral is priming weapons." The captain heard him loud and clear but did not speak on it.

He let me go and went to the Com center. He started typing and sent sent a message. Vega looked at his screen and then to the captain. "Weapons powered down." "They're hailing us." Celia spoke with a slight tremble in her voice. "Put them on screen." The outside window was a quarter way filled with a large creature that resembled what Nova had turned into.

Only, he had spikes along his hairline and he was a deep brown color. His eyes were grey.

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"Your majesty. your orders?" "Our guests have agreed to examination." The admiral looked at me and then to his leader. "Very good, did you find what you were looking for?" "Indeed." "May I inquire as to why these ones are being spared?" "My mate has become quite attached to them.

One of them is an Evolved human. the others can be taken to the doctor." "Understood. We'll begin docking sequence now." The Com went off and Newton had a gun pressed against my spine. He pulled me away from Nova and spoke with desperation and fear. "I have no idea what you monsters were talking about but I'd rather die now than be tortured to death." I realized that they had communicated in another language but I had understood it like it had been English.

No one else knew what they had said to one another. "Are you fucking stupid?" Vega growled. The captain stood. "This is not what we do. You let her go, or I'll put a bullet in you myself." "Fuck all of you!

We're surrounded by the enemy and you're worried about me? I just want off this boat." "Exactly, we are in enemy territory. When that happens you don't throw stones, especially at the one who saved our lives!" Snapped the captain. "Have you lost your mind? For all we know she helped set this up. All I know, is that the monster king over there is in love with this traitorous freak. and if he tries anything I'm going to blow her brains all over his false face before I die." He swore.

He meant it. He'd kill me. He was so afraid he didn't recognize himself. Newton wanted to get away more than anything. "Last chance." The Captain warned. Newton held my arm tighter and shook his head.

"You should run too." There was a stabbing sound and a whoosh of air before the gun fired. I gasped and winced. Nova had his arms wrapped around me with his own body in place of where I had been. Celia knelt over Newton's body with a bloody blade in one hand and his gun in the other. She was crying silently. "You never were good at doing as you were told.I'm sorry." His breathing was labored.

"And you were always very sneaky.run if you get the chance.their kind.will kill us all." He let out his last breath and closed his eyes. Celia sniffled and wiped her face as she stood.

"Nova." I looked up to him. He had pain in his eyes, and something else i didn't recognize. Had he never felt pain before? My hand ran up his back and found warmth and a thick fluid. He was bleeding. His flesh started to shift and constrict. A bullet clanked as it hit the metal floor. He let me go and I took a step back. My gaze went to Celia.

She'd killed Newton. "He was going to kill you, even if Nova let tus go." she met my eyes and I felt her inner struggle. She wanted to live but not if it was for the wrong reasons. "Her hold on the the blade tightened and she shifted her gaze coldly to Nova. After a moment she dropped the blade and weapons. The aliens boarded and took us all onto the ship. *details* I was laid naked and drugged on a glass bed when white tentacles coiled out from underneath.

The captain was in the room but the other two were not. There were so many other aliens in the room. Waiting. Nova entered in his true form and came to stand over me. The others lowered their heads when he walked by.

"What's happening?" I shook from cold. "This is going to hurt." The tentacles went inside me then. I began to scream in pain. It felt like they were really inside. They did not pierce flesh but they had gone into my body. They were looking for something. The shape of my body formed in a shadow projection next to us. I wanted to look at more but I couldn't focus passed the pain. My vision blurred and the last thing I saw was the captain trying to get free. I came too just as Ezra finished yelling in pain.

I had on a thin flowy golden fabric gown. I rubbed my head and looked over to find Ezra breathing heavily. There was a shadow form next to him and a light at the core. He was naked. His head turned to look at me and his eyes were vibrant azure blue. My heart sped and I sat up.

He was afraid I would have looked at him differently that I did now. Ezra was the other evolved human that Nova was talking about. Ezra hadn't even known.


"Where are the others?"He asked in a dry voice. "Why aren't they here?" One was the admiral he was speaking to a green colored alien. He had spikes going down his collar bone and over his shoulders.

"There's no way to tell without knowing his ability." Said the green one. "He seeks to protect her, why?" Asked the admiral. "It may be that their kind are drawn to one another, or just basic human male attraction." The admiral wasn't pleased. "We should kill him just for thinking about her.she belongs to his Majesty." "No," the green one spoke sharply. "He wants him alive. For the princess. if she's not a match then you can kill him." "The odds of him being a match for her are-" "Hey, scaley face!" Snapped Ezra.

"While that conversation sounds creepy and boring maybe you could tell me where.the fuck.the rest of my crew is!!" He struggled to get free.

The admiral approached him and hit him across the face. Ezra grunted as his lower lip split. "You don't get to speek." He growled. "That's just rude." Ezra licked the corner of his mouth. The Admiral's spiked tail began to thrash back and forth. I stood. "But I'm assuming that I can!" "You understand me?" Asked the admiral. "Yes. And you understand me?" He frowned and looked at the green one. "How?" "I don't know.

Some of her kind can have more than one ability but.for them to be so different and unrelated to one another is unheard of." The green one replied. "You must be the doctor." I said as I slowly approached Ezra. "Get away from him." Ordered the Admiral as I reached Ezra's side. I shook my head. "No." The others looked scared and the admiral appeared in front of me.

"Disobey me again." "You're done with your tests, you found what you were looking for. let him go." He grabbed me by my jaw and I gasped. "You humans need to learn your place." "Sir." Began the green one. "Silence Arun." He growled. Ezra spoke next. "Either you're out of place or you forgot who your leader is.

If he sees you harm a hair on her head he'll kill you and probably everyone in this room just for letting it happen. I saw your scans. you must not care for your life or your job." He growled and let me go.

I let out a breath and began to tremble as I used the glass slab to keep myself steady. What did he see in the scans? "Ezra." I looked at him with worry. "It's okay. he isn't going to hurt you." "Arun." I began as in looked over to him. "Please, release him and take us to the others." "I will release him, but I was instructed by his majesty to keep you both here until he returns." I gave a nod.

"I understand." "How do you know what they are saying?" Ezra asked as his bindings came undon. My legs were shaking and I felt weak. Ezra sat up and scooted off the slab. His arms moved around my waist and he pulled me to lean against him.