Pretty girl plays with vibrators softcore amateur

Pretty girl plays with vibrators softcore amateur
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Karl was born and raised in the Northern Plains and had lived a very typical small town life, never venturing outside of his safe little world. His skin was as white as the wind driven snow that falls there from October through April, and his eyes were a piercing icy blue.


Karl always enjoyed photography as a kid so when it was time to choose his career, there was no question that he would become a photographer. His assignments took him all over the United States where he finally lost some of his small town shyness but he had as yet never traveled abroad.

He was offered an interesting assignment and before he knew it, he was on a plane bound for Africa. He arrived late in the afternoon, checked into his hotel and relaxed a bit before venturing out into a new world. He was eager to find some local color, so to speak, and finally found a club where the music was blarring and could be heard for several blocks. He made his way to the bar, sat down and ordered a drink. Before long, the most beautiful, tall, dark skinned woman he had ever seen approached him, grabbed him by the crotch, and smiled.

He would later find out this was called the Nairobi Handshake and that it was kind of a greeting for handsome male foreign visitors to the club. Karl knew immediately that he was a long ways away from the Northern Plains of the United States and that he was in for a most interesting evening.

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The woman's name was Angelica and Karl asked if he could buy her a drink. She had the most incredible long legs made even more visible by a very short skirt. As she leaned toward him, he noticed her sheer blouse was unbuttoned at the top showing off her incredibly large, firm breasts.

Karl strained a little further and could see large brown nipples standing at attention and he felt a twitching in his tight fitting jeans. He reached out to touch one of them, cupping it in his hand and pinched the nipple gently.

He smiled and told Angelica that that was an American handshake and she laughed huskily. His other hand touched her knee and started a journey up the inside of her silken dark thigh.


As his fingers moved under the fabric of her skirt, he found that Angelica was wearing nothing underneath. She opened her legs just enough for him to feel her already moistened pubic hair and the bulge in his pants got bigger as his fingers touched the outer lips of her pussy.

Karl was hungry for more of Angelica than could be satisfied while sipping drinks at this bar.


He wanted this dark woman lying next to his lily white body tasting her sweet juices and plunging his stiff rod into her dripping cunt. He asked Angelica if she would like more of what he was offering, and her hand grabbed and squeezed at the bulge in his trousers in answer to his question.

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They went back to Karl's hotel and before he even got her into the room, Karl grabbed Angelica, tasting her full, salty lips, and plunged his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue played teasing games with his as she reached down with one of her hands and found his rock hard cock straining to be released from the bondage of his tight jeans.

She caressed him through the material then pushed him down on the bed and unzipped his pants.

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His huge throbbing cock came to full attention and she started licking it with her luscious dark lips as her hands lightly kneaded his balls. Her tongue moved slowly up and down, making sure no part was left unlicked, and then her mouth took his whole shaft deep down into her throat. Karl got up, grabbed Angelica and turned her around sixty-nine style. He opened up her glistening inner lips with his fingers and saw her pink now hard clit staring at him.

He teased it with the tip of his tongue, making circles around and around it, while his fingers teased the opening of her love tunnel.

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Angelica's hips started rotating and she pushed her demanding pussy into Karl's face forcing his tongue deeper inside her.

He licked at her cunt hungrily while his fingers fucked her faster and faster. She pushed and grinded harder and harder against his face until he felt her shudder and orgasm.

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Angelica still had Karl's thick cock in her mouth, her lips wrapped around it and her tongue teasing as she moved up and down the long shaft. She moved her mouth expertly around it, going all the way down to the base despite its size. He was throbbing and knew that his orgasm was near but even though he could have exploded inside of Angelica's mouth, he wanted even more to fuck her, to see his white body moving against her dark one in sexual rhythm. He lifted her head up from his cock and guided her so that she knelt over him, one long leg on each side of him.

He grabbed at her breasts, cupped them, and then brought them to his mouth, sucking and nibbling at each hard, dark nipple. He reached up and pulled her body down, her now dripping dark pussy taking in his large white cock.

He watched as she slowly lowered herself onto him, and saw his cock being swallowed bit by bit into that dark tunnel. Her hips started a slow, circular rhythm while he fondled and rubbed her breasts.

The moonlight cast shadows on the bed and Karl's hips moved even faster as he saw her black body locked with his white body. Angelica started grinding faster and faster against his groin, her breath coming quickly. Her muscles tightened around his cock as her body orgasmed again. Angelica lifted her body off Karl and got on her hands and knees on the bed with her beautiful black butt in the air. Karl stood on the side of the bed and plunged his throbbing cock deep into her now dripping pussy.

His hand massaged her large breast while the other reached around and massaged her swollen clit. As his fingers worked at her hardened pearl, his hips moved furiously burying his rod deeper and deeper inside of her. He could sense her orgasm coming again and just as she let out a loud scream, he shot the biggest load of hot cum into her love canal.

Karl left Africa shortly after that night never to return. But whenever Karl sees a beautiful dark skinned woman, he feels a throbbing in his pants and remembers the Nairobi Handshake with a smile.