HOT Fuck in the Pool

HOT Fuck in the Pool
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DELETED SCENES FROM STAR WARS SCENE 1 THE CANTINA AT MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT Han Solo, captain of the Millenium Falcon, is having a drink with Chewbacca, having just made a charter deal with Obi Wan Kenobi and young Luke Skywalker. Having been paid in advance for the charter, and having had several drinks, he's feeling flush and happy.

A blue-skinned female alien at the bar catches his eye. She's wearing a tight dress, short and low-cut, that accentuates the aggressive thrust of her three full breasts. Her face is vaguely humanoid, except for an extended, foot-long proboscis that resembles the trunk of an elephant. Solo (winking at the alien): "Jeezus, Chewy, it's a Fellatian! You watch, she's gonna come over." Chewbacca looks over at the alien and bleats loudly.

Solo: "Yeah, I know she's a whore. Listen, Chewy, these Fellatian chicks give the best fucking head in the galaxy!" Chewy bleats again. Solo: "I know we don't have much time.

Look, just give me a few minutes, and I'll meet you outside. I've been six weeks in space and I need her like an Regulan Martini needs gin." Chewy finally gets up and walks out, while Solo again makes eye contact with the alien.

After a moment, she walks slowly over, exuding a sultry sexiness. Hooker: "So, sailor, you in the mood for a little party?" Solo: "Maybe. How much?" Hooker (glancing toward the bar, and leaning over to whisper): "Two hundred credits. I'll suck your cock better than anyone ever has in your life, baby." Solo: "I'll give you a hundred and fifty. You have a room?" Hooker: "Upstairs. Follow me, baby." Solo follows her swaying ass up a nearby stairwell, and follows her into a small room, containing only a big, soft chair.

He pays her the money, then unfastens his pants and slides them, along with his shorts, down to his ankles, and sits down. Hooker (tucking the money into the front of her dress): "Mmmmmmm, you have a nice fat dick!" Solo settles back, his cock already rising as blood pumps into it.

He has been without a woman for many weeks. Now, it is a strange accident of evolution that Fellatian females have been constructed perfectly by nature for the sexual satisfaction of humanoid men.

The blue-skinned prostitute descends to her knees. Reaching out with her hands, she holds Solo's cock at the base, and places the tip of her trunk-like proboscis at the tip of it.

Slowly, she works his cock inside it, inch by slow inch, stretching her with its thick girth. Soon, it's deeply embedded inside, held so tightly that the outline of his cock is visible within it.

To Solo, it feels like his cock has been gripped tightly by powerful fingers inside a wet, velvet glove. Her muscles ripple along the shaft of his cock, massaging it while a tongue-like appendage inside seems to encircle and tease the head. He feels strong suction against his cock as her muscles seem to stroke him, squeezing him tightly. Solo (gasping with pleasure): "Oh, jeezus, suck it, you cocksucking alien bitch!" She continues to work his cock as Solo moans with the indescribable sensations.

Her mouth opens and she takes both of his balls slowly into it. Her tongue, if that's what it is, caresses and teases them as she sucks on them, imprisoned within her saliva-filled mouth. As he struggles to hold back his orgasm, he feels her humming, causing his cock and balls to vibrate as the muscles in her trunk massage his throbbing cock insistently. Hooker: "Mmmmmmmmmm&hellip." Solo (grimacing through clenched teeth, trying desparately to keep from coming).

"Ohh, shit, I'd forgotten how good it is!" Suddenly, another tongue-like appendage slithers out from beneath the alien's chin, and wetly presses against his tight asshole.

It wiggles against it, slowly worming its way inside his anus like a wet snake. In a moment, it's deeply inside it, moving with unerring instinct to his prostate, rubbing and pressing it. Solo is completely under her control now, powerless to do anything but come, hard.

Solo's face is tense as he tries to hold back his orgasm. It's like holding back the ocean as the tide comes in, but he wants to enjoy this incredible blowjob just a few seconds more.[/i] Solo: "Ohhhhgoddddddnooooooooooo…I can't&hellip.I can't&hellip.OHHHHHFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!" The alien continues her intense sexual assault on him, feeling his body tremble, knowing perfectly well that he can't stop himself now.

And then he's coming like a fire hose, his pent-up come racing through the tube of his cock and pulsing heavily into her trunk as it sucks on him hard. He gasps as the intense pressure is released and his semen floods into her in warm, thick spurts.

Her mouth nurses on his balls as they empty themselves in violent spasms. Her snake-like appendage thrusts in and out of his ass, massaging his prostate. Solo: "Ohhgod, coming so fucking HARRRRDDDDD!!!!!" It's as if he'll never stop coming.

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His body trembles violently as he shoots pulse after pulse of semen into her. Hooker (still humming as she gulps down his sperm): "Mmmmmmmmmm&hellip." At last, he's drained of come. His balls still spasm, but there's nothing left in them.

She releases his balls from her mouth, and relaxes her trunk and slides it slowly off of his spent cock, drooling thick, white semen from it.

The snake-like appendage eases from his violated asshole and slides back inside her body. She snuffles wetly, swallows, and then smiles at Solo. Hooker: "Thanks, sweetie. You're the best! See you the next time you're in port?" Solo (smiling at her, utterly exhausted, as if he's ejaculated his brains): "Jeezus, you might kill me doing that, baby!" Hooker (winking): "Can you think of a better way to go?" FADEOUT SCENE 2 ON BOARD THE MILLENIUM FALCON Han Solo is at the controls, with Luke assisting him, as the Falcon makes a series of hyperspace jumps.

While they are well beyond the reach of Imperial fighters, it will be hours before they reach their destination. Chewbacca has gone to rest in his quarters.

Princess Leia makes her way back toward the crew's quarters. Despite her cool, regal exterior, she is seething with a molten, almost ungovernable lust. Her pussy is soaking wet beneath her white robe. She has sought the help of C3PO earlier, but he has informed her that, regrettably, neither he nor R2D2 are programmed or equipped to be sex droids.

She has also discovered, to her chagrin, that the Millenium Falcon does not have an Orgasmatron.

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Leia stands before the door of Chewy's cabin, and presses her finger against the small scanner. It opens with a whisper. Chewy is lying on his back on his bed, looking at what may be Wookiee pornography. He looks up in surprise, but Leia motions with her finger to her lips for him to be quiet. Leia walks to him to him, slipping the robe off, and sitting down next to him.

She's wearing neither panties nor a bra. Leia: "Chewy, you've got to help me. I'm so fucking hot I think I'm going to lose my mind! I need you!" Chewy bleats quietly. Her hand moves between his hairy legs, and finds the fur-covered sheath that encloses his penis. "Please Chewy, you're my only hope!" She slowly strokes him. "Mmmmmmm, Chewy, is it true what they say about Wookiees?" Chewy's scarlet penis slowly emerges from his sheath, long and thick and glistening.

She watches, fascinated, as it extends to it's full length. It's about a foot long, with a tapered tip and a large knot near the base as thick as her wrist. Leia: "!!! Excitedly, she bends forward and takes the tip of it into her mouth, stretching her lips around it and moving them over the sensitive ridge of his penile flesh. He puts down his magazine and bleats again as she sucks him, her fingers fondling his alien testicles.

Leia's head bobs as she eagerly nurses on his cock, slurping noisily on it. After a moment, he reaches down and holds her head, and begins thrusting into her mouth, driven by animal instinct. Suddenly, he bleats, and begins pumping spurt after spurt of slimy come into her mouth. She raises her head in surprise and his cock escapes, spewing cum like a geyser all over her face. Leia: "No, Chewy, not yet!! I needed you to FUCK me!! Oh god…!" It's too late.

His greenish come is erupting in volcanic splendor, splattering all over her face as she strokes him, disappointed and frustrated, but still wanting to give him pleasure. His come continues to pump out, covering her face until it's bathed and dripping with it. But Leia hasn't reckoned with Wookiee physiology. Unlike humans, they recover from orgasm almost immediately.

As soon as the viscous spurts begin to ebb, Chewy grabs Leia with his hairy paws and pushes her over onto her hands and knees on the bed. He leans forward and begins lapping at her dripping-wet cleft with his long, thick tongue. It slithers wetly all over her pussy and her anus, as she groans and shivers with pleasure.

He feasts on her, his tongue sliding against her clit, thrusting up deep inside her, exploring every inch of her sex. Leia: "Ohhhhh, yessss, Chewy, lick meeeeeee! Oh, god, I'm gonna come!! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Chewy laps at her quivering little clit bud, lashing it with his heavy, muscular tongue, and Leia explodes in a tumultuous orgasm, leaving her trembling with pleasure.

His cock, which has never fully retracted, is now extended again to its ultimate, rigid length. He moves up and thrusts at her, holding her tightly with his paws.

He misses his mark, his cock glancing off her clit. Then it slithers up against her asshole, as he seeks his goal inexorably. At last, in desperation, Leia reaches back and guides his thick cock into her vaginal opening.

He bleats as he buries it inside her, and he begins hunching against her, fucking her hard and fast like a gigantic dog. Leia is in heaven. Leia: "Ohhhhhhhh, CHEWY!! That's it! That's it! FUCK ME!!!!" Chewy fucks her relentlessly, his glistening red cock thrusting in and out. The knot at the base thrusts against her labia and her clit, slipping further inside her with each of his thrusts, stretching the entrance to her pussy even wider.

The pressure on her clit sends her into another searing orgasm. Leia: "OHHH!!! OHHH!!!! CHEWY!!!! DON'T!!!




MEEE!!! UHHHH!!!! Chewy pounds her pussy furiously, driven only by his animal instinct to possess this alien woman whose pussy is gripping his cock tightly, milking the come from his balls. At last, he drives into her for a final time, throws his head back and bellows exultantly. His Wookiee come erupts in violent, heavy spurts inside her. The force of his eruption is so powerful that it would knock her forward had he not been holding her tightly with his paws.

He floods her cunt with a huge quantity of his come, until it backs up and oozes down over her clit, down her thighs, and down onto the bed.

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Leia screams as she pumps his alien sperm into her, her body wrenched by yet another exquisite climax, her mind reeling with the obscene, lascivious thought that she has given herself so freely to this hairy, ape-like, alien being with his monster cock. Finally, she falls forward, with Chewy on top of her, his cock rapidly deflating now.

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Both of them are out of breath, panting. His cock slips out of her sperm-drenched pussy, and he moves down her body, presses his face between her legs, and laps at his greenish come as it drools out of her. Leia (sated and happy): "Ohhhhh, Chewy&hellip.I think I'm in love&hellip." FADOUT SCENE 3 HEADQUARTERS OF THE REBEL ALLIANCE Princess Leia, having just conferred the highest of honors on Han Solo and Luke Skywalker as the multitude cheers, has invited them both to her chambers following the ceremony, to further celebrate the destruction of the Death Star.

They arrive at her door together, in their dress uniforms. Leia has shed her princess robe and is dressed in a diaphanous gown that reveals her firm breasts and puffy nipples. She is wearing a pair of tiny silk panties beneath it.

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Leia: "Gentlemen. Please come in and have a drink." They enter, both of them unable to keep their eyes from exploring her lush body. She walks to the bar and pours them two champagnes, and one for herself.

Returning to them, she hands them their glasses and proposes a toast. Leia: "To the destruction of the Empire." Han and Luke (raising their glasses and clicking them against hers): "To the destruction of the Empire!" They drink the bubbly liquid, and set their glasses down on a table. Leia (smiling): "And now, I think it's time for us to get something else settled once and for all.

I know you've both been dying to stick your cocks in me and fuck me since the first time you laid eyes on me. Maybe you were shy, what with my being a princess and all. And I didn't want to have sex with just one of you and have the other one be jealous. So I decided to invite you both here tonight. Now, get out of those clothes and let's fuck!" Luke's eyes widen, but he looks to Han for guidance.

He's unsure of himself, inexperienced, having grown up on an isolated desert farm. Han (grinning, ever the arrogant bastard): "What makes you think we want you that bad?" Leia (smiling, exuding confidance, not about to be intimidated by the likes of Solo): "Well, if you don't, there's the door, right over there." Luke: "Not so fast, Han. You can take a hike if you want, but you're not blowing this chance for ME!" (He starts taking off his uniform hurriedly).

Han: "Oh, well, what the hell." He follows suit, shedding his uniform. Soon they're both standing there naked. Luke's cock is longer than Han's, but slimmer. Leia (descending to her knees on the plush carpet): "Now that's more like it.

Come on, bring them here." The two men crowd closer to her, and she lifts Luke's cock in her fingers, slowly encircling the flared head with her tongue.

He moans softly, and she slides her lips over the head, engulfing him in her mouth. She strokes Han's thicker member with her other hand as she sucks on Luke's. Han (winking at Luke): "Ever have your cock sucked by a real princess, Luke?" Luke (blissfully unaware that his cock is being sucked by his own sister): "…not by anyone else, either." Han: "I'll have to introduce you to someone at Mos Eisley the next time we're there.

You'll love her. Ohhhh, yeah, suck it, baby!" Leia, by now, has released Luke's cock and is now eagerly sucking on Han's, while she strokes Luke's lust-engorged shaft with her hand. She begins to alternate between them, sucking one, then the other, even trying to get both of them in her mouth at once, licking the heads as she holds them together. Finally, she looks up at Luke, a strand of saliva on her chin, mingled with pre-cum. She's achingly lovely, the woman of his undying masturbatory fantasies.

Leia: "Fuck me now, Luke, while I suck on Han's big cock. Hurry, I want you inside me!" Han gets down on the floor in front of Leia as she gets up on her hands and knees. Luke moves around behind her, pushing the transparent gown up over her full, round ass and pulling her panties down. Too eager and inexperienced to lick her pussy, he immediately guides his cock to her entrance, as she engulfs Han's rigid cock in her mouth and sucks on it hungrily.

He rubs the head of his cock up and down her parted, wet cleft, and then seeks her vagina, slowly pushing his cock into her, inch by delicious inch. Luke: "I'm doing it, Han, I'm inside her!" Han: "Well, don't just stand there with that goofy look on your face, Luke.

FUCK her!" Leia giggles, even with her face stuffed full of Han's cock, and then moans as Luke begins to hesitantly thrust in and out of her yearning pussy. They work together that way for a time, letting their collective arousal build slowly, deliciously. Soon, Leia senses that Luke, in his excitement, is approaching his orgasm. She lets Han's dripping-wet cock slip out of her mouth, and turns her head. Leia: "Stop, Luke. I don't want you to come yet." Luke stops skewering his cock in and out of her welcoming pussy, and slips it out of her.

Leia crawls up over Han, straddling his stiff cock, guiding it with her hand to her pussy. Slowly, she settles down on it, burying it slowly in her cunt. Her labia cling to it as it stretches her vaginal passage. Leia: "Ohhhh, god, that's sooooo good!" Han: "Oh, damn, you're pussy is so fucking tight!

It feels like it's sucking on me!" Leia: "Luke&hellip.put your cock in my ass! I want to be sandwiched between my two favorite men!" Luke is hesitant, scared. He's never even heard of such a thing! Luke: "You want me to&hellip.put it in your ASS?" Han: "Just do like the lady says, Luke, nice and slow. You'll get the hang of it." Luke still hesitates, but positions his cock at the tight ring of muscle that guards her back entrance. And then he hears a voice in his head, but it seems far away.

Voice: "Remember The Force, Luke. Close your eyes. Use The Force!" Luke's hips press forward, and he grabs his cock and slowly forces it against Leia's tightly-resisting asshole.

He pushes harder, and the head of his cock slowly penetrates her tightness, forcing it's way inside her hot, tight depths. She squeals in pain, and he hesitates again. Leia (overcome with lust, almost hissing the words): "Don't stop, Luke. It's okay. Fuck my ass like a Jedi master!" Luke sinks his cock deeper and deeper in his sister's tight, hot asshole, feeling Han's motionless cock pressing against his through the thin membrane that separates them.

Leia (breathlessly): "Ohhh, goddd, that's it, that's it! Both of you, fill me with your cocks! FUCK me!" Luke and Han begin to slowly fuck in and out of both of Leia's holes, grinning at each other as they use her willing body. Han lifts her gown and takes one of her breasts in his mouth, sucking it as he and Luke saw their cocks in and out. Leia groans as they drive her closer and closer to her come.

Leia: "Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes, do it HARDER, both of you! I'm gonna&hellip.COME! UHHH!!!!" They redouble their efforts, fucking her relentlessly until her body convulses, pressed between their driving cocks. Leia (her voice a soprano squeak as she surrenders to her climax): "UHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNYESSS!!!!!! OHH!!!!

OHHH!!!! OHH!!!!" Han: "Give it to her, Luke. Pump your Jedi come into her ass!" Luke: "Oh, yeah, oh yeah, FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKYEAHHHHH!!!!" His cock erupts, sending spurt after spurt of his hot, youthful come into the tightly clasping ass of his sister.

Han, feeling Luke's cock swell against his embedded shaft, unleashes a torrent of sperm into her vaginal tunnel, flooding it, too, with hot, thick semen. They collapse, with Leia pressed tightly between Han and Luke, both of their cocks still deep inside her, still spewing the pent-up contents of their balls into her.

Leia (gasping happily in the aftermath of her own exquisite orgasm): "Mmmmmmmmm, my HEROES!" FADE TO BLACK