Husband fucks the stripper in front of wife

Husband fucks the stripper in front of wife
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Grace had driven the last 20 miles in silence.

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The five hour trip down I-95 had already taken seven hours and there was still probably ninety minutes to go. Lauren had laid the seat back and had been knocked out cold since they left the truck stop. Grace's cunt still throbbed. She had never experienced a fucking like had just happened. She thought the trip would be a fun day, filled with some innocent, trucker flashing and then, following a text from her oldest daughter, Sara, they'd stopped at the truck Stop near Dale City, VA.

Lauren had laid out the whole story about their black-mailing trucker friend, Cliff, and Grace, hornier than she'd ever been, had agreed to a quick fuck for them both in his sleeper.

Just as Cliff had started getting them off and was fucking Lauren, his buddy Marcus had slipped quietly into the sleeper and had given Grace almost more that she could handle.

Marcus was a tall, light-skinned black Mandingo-looking stud and when he started hammering Grace with his ten inch cock, she lost all control. Her cunt ached from the fucking, first Marcus and then Cliff. Just the thought of Marcus fucking her, while Cliff pounded her youngest daughter beside her, made her wet again. She reached down and slid her hand under her black jean skirt and realized that she'd left her thongs in the truck. "Oh fuck it," she muttered and motored on, her full red bush on display for the truckers.

She looked over at Lauren and her legs were splayed open as well, showing her light brown, short bush to every trucker that happened to glance over. Neither one cared. They were both wet with sweat since Red, the old '99 Corolla, had no A/C. Mom, 43, tall, pale-skinned and with a bright red bush, sported a short black jean skirt. Lauren, her youngest at 18, just had her wisdom teeth pulled and that's why Grace was driving her back to school.

What a wild fucking trip it had been! Grace pulled into Sara's apartment complex at 6:30. Their 5 hour trip had turned in to 8 ½! She glanced up at the mirror and looked horrible.

Turning to face Lauren, she looked just as bad. "Wake up honey, we're here." Lauren grabbed at the lever on the side of the seat and sat upright. Sara didn't know her mom was driving Lauren back so Grace sent her inside first. "Go tell Sara you need help getting stuff out of the car.

I want to surprise her." Lauren headed towards the entrance. Grace could tell her pussy was sore too by the way she walked. She chuckled under her breathe. "Holy shit, look at you!" Sara laughed as Lauren entered. "I take it you got a good fucking?" "Oh my God, you wouldn't believe it. Can you help me get some stuff out of the car?" They headed down the steps towards Red. Sara almost passed out from shock when there stood her mom, Grace, leaning against Red.

Her mind went wild. "How did Lauren get fucked if MOM was with her?" Sara tried to gather herself. "Ummm, mom, what a surprise.

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So glad to see you." Looking more closely, her mom looked as bad as her sister. "What the hell is going on here?" she thought. "Hi honey. Lauren was still feeling the effects of Percocet so I decided it would be best for me to drive her back. Best decision I've ever made." Grace and Lauren both looked at Sara and smiled. "Let's go inside, we have a lot to talk about." They all sat at the kitchen table. Lauren started.

She explained her actions coming from the doctor's, her mom's arousal, then all of the details of the trip. Sara was speechless. She sat quiet, eyes wide, and mouth half open.

"What am I hearing?" she thought. It was Grace's turn. "Girls, I know I've thrown you both into a state of shock but I just couldn't hold back. Your dad has no sexual desire and hasn't for a long time.

I love him and he's a good provider but I need sex. I'm 43 and in the last two years I've grown more and more horny. I have never, ever experienced sexual pleasure like I felt today. I was embarrassed to be fucking in front of my daughter, but it also made it more exciting." She turned to Lauren. "Watching you orgasm and scream out in pleasure was amazing." Lauren blushed. Sara blushed. Grace blushed. They all broke out into laughter. Grace awoke at 7:00 Monday morning.

Sara was already in the kitchen. "Want some coffee, mom?" "Please. I need to get my act together and decide if I'm renting a car or taking the train back to Jersey. Slide me your laptop please. What do you think, Sara, 95 or the train?" Sara, wearing only a baggy t-shirt turned and smiled, "Can you behave on 95?" "Sure.

No harm in showing a little leg. That is unless I run into Cliff or Marcus! I'm not sure I can handle another visit with those two." "Maybe you better take the train then." They both chuckled and Grace typed AMTRAK Richmond to Hoboken into the laptop. A couple minutes passed and she said "That'll work. I'm booking business class so I can relax. Besides, your dad has plenty of money. But I need to get going. Can you call me a Uber?" Grace had showered last night so she just needed to freshen up and throw on some clothes.

Looking forward to her truck flashing trip down 95, she'd packed light, and short. She slipped into her sheer black bra and panties, pink blouse and a short, light-blue jean skirt. "Bye girls, love you," shouted Grace as she headed to her Uber ride. The young black driver held the back door open and admired her skimpy black panties as she swung her long legs into the backseat. Forty minutes later she was boarding the train.

"The mid-morning train is never crowded in the Business Class," stated the Porter as he pointed out her seat. She flopped down. Business Class had four seats to a section, two facing two. The other three seats were empty so she reclined slightly to get more comfortable. If she closed her eyes, she would be asleep. "We'll be pulling out in ten minutes," announced the Porter as he left the car. Grace felt something graze her arm and looked up.

"Forgive me miss, didn't mean to hit your arm." "Oh no worries," Grace replied softly to the handsome young man. He paused, then took the seat opposite Grace. "Good morning.

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It's nice for the train not to be so crowded today." "You've been on board for a while?" Grace inquired. "Yes. I'm on my way from Miami to Boston to see my family. I hate to fly and wasn't going to make the drive alone, so I got a sleeper car. I can nap, work, drink, do whatever. That's why I'm here now. Just getting out of my room and looking to be social." "Well that sounds like a fun trip." Uncrossing her legs, and reaching beside her, she raised her reclined seat to a more upright position.

The tan gentleman enjoyed the view of Grace's black panties during the process. "It hasn't been bad. I've met some interested people in the last 36 hours. So what's your story?


Oh forgive me, my name's Ryan, and yours?" "I'm Grace, she smiled coyly. "My story? Well, my family is from north Jersey and I'm on my way home. I had to drive my daughter back to college because she had her wisdom teeth removed. So here I am." Ryan was 32 and took her to be about 40. "Well you must have had your daughter at an early age," Ryan said flirtingly.

Grace blushed slightly, "You're much too kind, but she's my youngest daughter. I had two, 19 and 18. Married?" "Divorced. We got married right out of college, grew apart, you know the story." Small talk continued for the next 15-20 minutes. Grace was sizing up her new found friend. "Late 20's, maybe 30. Comes from money, great shape and muscular. Maybe an inch taller than her at 5'9".

The mutual flirting picked up. She was getting moist and he could feel his manhood coming to life. "Listen, I need to run back to my room to grab my laptop.


Have you ever seen one of the sleeper car rooms?" he asked, being somewhat forward. "Ummm, no," she replied hesitantly. "Well, come on. We'll be back in just a minute." "OK," Grace stretched to reach into the seat beside her to grab her purse and let her legs spread slightly. Her crotch warmed as she caught Ryan taking a quick peek. They walked through the Bar car and then into the Sleeper car. "Here we are," and Ryan unlocked the door. "Wow I'm surprised at how roomy they are." Grace said as she walked to the window.

"And this lovely view of the Virginia countryside." Ryan wasted no time. He stood and eased up behind Grace. He slid his hands to her hips.


She tried to act surprised but she wasn't. "Ummm, what are you doing?" "You know exactly what I'm doing. Look, we're strangers on a train.

We'll never see one another again. I'm horny and, by the way you keep showing me your little black panties, I'd say you are too." Grace smiled to herself, reached down and grabbed his wrists and moved his hands to her breasts.

He massaged her breasts and snapped the first button loose. Grace could feel a lump pushing against her ass. A sizable lump. She turned and he kissed her hard. She unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and tossed it onto the chair. She twisted her bra to her waist and unsnapped it. Ryan lowered himself and sucked hard on her pink areolas. Her nipples stood at attention. She grabbed his polo shirt and yanked it up.

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He ripped it off and unzipped his khaki shorts. Grace grabbed his boxers and lowered herself as she pushed them to the floor.

Ryan's cock sprung free and Grace quickly took it in her mouth. Ryan was short in length compared to Marcus, but who wasn't. He was about six inches but his cock had grown to the size of a Bud Light can. She'd never seen such a fat cock.

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Ryan stood naked in the front of the window, hands pressing against the pane, as he fucked Grace's face. The farm views quickly turned residential and industrial as they neared northern Virginia. Grace could do little more than get the head of Ryan's cock into mouth and her cunt begged her to share.

She stood, kissing him again and whispered "fuck me". Backing up two steps, Ryan spun her around and bent her over, skirt at her waist, he pulled her thong up onto her left ass cheek.

It was now Grace's turn for a view of the passing scenery. She put her hands against the window ledge and spread her legs wide in anticipation of his cock. Ryan raised his cock against her bright red pubic hair and slid up and down to spread he lips.

He was proud of his thick cock and knew most girls could barely take it. Her lips now spread, the head of his cock felt her hotness, he eased forward, back, further in, back, push harder. Grace was going crazy and pushed her hips back. Her cunt was still sore from yesterday but Ryan's thick cock showed her no mercy.

He pushed harder and Grace's cunt opened up, taking all of his girth. She clawed the window ledge as Ryan banged away at her cunt. She could see apartment buildings, people walking on the street, cars, and was certain she was being seen as the train eased by. It only made her excitement grow. It had been almost two weeks since Ryan had last fucked his girlfriend. She'd been away on business and he needed to rid his testicles of the built up semen. He felt the train slowing.

He kept pounding. Grace's head was pushed against the window, braced for the cunt ripping fucking she was getting. She was in ecstasy and oblivious to her surroundings. Ryan continued as people appeared on the concourse, quickly dashing by but slowing.

Suddenly the train hissed to a stop and he made eye contact with several surprised passengers waiting to board.

Grace never noticed as she flailed her head, her huge 36-D tits swinging, and rocking her hips hard against his cock. "Fuck it," thought Ryan, and that's just what he did. Grace's moaning increased and Ryan knew she was about to explode. So was he. He pulled her hips back hard against his cock and filled her cunt with his cum. Grace raised her head as she erupted with orgasm but could not control her reactions as she stared at the shocked faces of the passengers waiting to board just outside their window.

She dropped her head to hide her face but kept fucking Ryan until they were both drained. She fell to her knees and Ryan's cock plopped out of her gushing cunt. Ryan reached up, pulled the curtains, and sank onto the bed. "Damn you, why didn't you stop?" growled Grace, completely out of breath. Ryan laughed out loud and rolled up onto one elbow, "Because you didn't want me to, and neither did I. Fuck those people. They got a hell of a show and will talk about it all day. Besides, neither one of us will ever see them again." "You are so bad," Grace smiled as she crawled up onto her hands and knees, then up onto the bed beside Ryan.

She looked up and with a sly smile said, "How much longer until we get to Newark?"