Kedra shows whos boss in webshow of sensual lust to innocent playmate

Kedra shows whos boss in webshow of sensual lust to innocent playmate
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 1-Friday Night Note: This takes place in Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City. Mrs. Jacob Goldstein-Blum. I am Mrs. Jacob Goldstein-Blum, now. That happy thought filled my mind as Jacob pulled our Chevy Volt into the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel's driveway.

The hotel was a huge, white building in that classic art deco style that is just absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited to spend my honeymoon with Jacob here at this beautiful hotel. We just got married a few hours ago and, after a lovely reception, we hopped into our car and drove to New York City, only a half-hour drive from Butler, Pennsylvania this late at night.

I yawned. It was nearly eleven and today had been a long, but happy, day. "Hope you're not too tired, Rachel," my husband said with a suggestive grin.

I smiled.


My husband. I liked the sound of that. "Not that tired, Jacob," I said archly. He leaned over and kissed me as the uniformed valet walked up to the car and opened our doors for us.

His lips were firm and I loved the feel of his five o'clock shadow rubbing on my mouth. I've never been a fan of facial hair on a man, but I love the way his stubble feels as I ran my fingers across his cheek.

Such a manly feel. Jacob broke the kiss and I was a little breathless. Excitement bubbled in my heart as we got out of the car.

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Jacob slipped the valet a few bills, probably ones. He could be a little cheap at times, so I slipped a ten to the valet when Jacob's back was turned. Our luggage was loaded on one of the golden hotel carts and I adjusted my veil and we walked in.

We were not wearing our wedding clothes. My dress was far too lovely to be crammed in our little car for too long. I wore a loose, green dress, instead, that I could easily slip on. Or off, I thought with a naughty smile. Underneath, I was still wearing my lacy, white bridal lingerie.

A beautiful demi-bra that cradled my breasts in lacy decadence, the silk panties, trimmed in lace, that molded to the curves of my shaved pussy. I shaved it just for the honeymoon, a surprise for Jacob. And a white garter belt that held up my thigh-high, white stockings. Jacob loved me in stockings, and he was just going shoot off in his pants when he saw me. My husband wrapped his arm about my waist and I leaned my head against his shoulder as we walked into the Waldorf-Astoria. I was giddy with excitement as we walked up and the concierge asked us our names.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Goldstein," I told him with bubbly excitement. The concierge typed in the computer.

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"Oh, congratulations," he told us. "I see you have booked the honeymoon suite. We will send up a complimentary bottle of champagne." "Thanks," my husband said with a grin. He loved getting free stuff. "What a lovely veil," a woman voice purred from behind me. I turned to see the most stunningly beautiful woman I had ever seen. A flush burned in my cheeks. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Long, auburn hair fell loosely about her bare shoulders, framing a heart-shaped face dotted with freckles. Her eyes were a deep green and her smile was hungry and sent a naughty thrill through my body, where I could feel myself starting to moisten the gusset of my satin panties.

What is wrong with you, Rachel? Get yourself together girl, I scolded myself. No one had ever so affected me before. No man, and certainly no woman. I mean, it was okay to be gay, I supposed, just not for me. But I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She wore a tight red dress that clung to her body like a sheathe, the skirt obscenely short. So short it barely covered her ass. And such a beautiful ass it was, I noticed, licking my lips.

"What do you think, Mark," she asked and I realized with a start that she was standing next to a man. I hadn't even noticed him or the others with the woman. They were a strange group. The woman was dressed in a gorgeous party dress, her companion in an Avenging Sevenfold T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He was a tall guy, an average looking face and piercing, blue eyes. A tall woman with bleached-blonde hair stood on the other side of him wearing a slutty parody of a chauffeur's uniform.

A very short, black skirt that left most of her long legs exposed, covered in fishnet stockings. A white bustier pushed up her breasts and barely covered her nipples. I could just see the pink of an aerola peaking out on her right breast.

Then she wore a tiny jacket and around her bare neck, an orange and red-stripped tie that fell between her breasts. Perched on her head was a chauffeur's cap. Four more women were dressed as slutty cops, short skirts, navy blue, with matching blouses that only buttoned half-the-way up and their breasts threatened to spill out if they sneezed. Then I noticed that all four had actual guns on their hips and their faces had the hard, professional stare of real cops.

"On your honeymoon, huh?" the man asked, his eyes feasting on me and suddenly felt naked. "Yes," I answered, and turned away, uncomfortable with his stare. "Yeah, we just got married," Jacob excitedly said, turning to face the group.

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"I'm Mark and your wife is so pretty," the man told my husband as he shook his hand. "I want her." "What?" Jacob asked, looking confused. I glanced at the woman and she had that same hungry look in her eyes and I realized just what her.boyfriend, meant.

Part of me wanted to let this woman have me. If she asked me, I realized I would let her have me. I would leave my husband and come with her and let her do whatever she wanted to me. I swallowed, shifting my thighs, rubbing my aching clit to get some relief.

It was like this woman enchanted me with a spell, like out of some Fairy Tale. "Your wife is going to spend the weekend with us," Mark said in a commanding voice. "Don't worry, we'll see she's taken care of." A boyish grin filled his face. "We'll make sure she cums a lot. So just enjoy your time in New York, and we'll have her back by Sunday evening.

You'll be very pleased with the new her." "Eh, okay," my husband said, looking confused. The woman grabbed my hand and pulled me to her. "Come along, beautiful," she purred.

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"I just can't wait to eat you all up." "Have fun, Rachel," my husband called after me as I was pulled to the elevator, my heart beating in my chest. I was going to fuck this beautiful woman. And her boyfriend, I realized with a flush. "I love you, Rach!" Jacob hollered. "I love you too, Jacob," I stammered as the elevator door closed.

The woman was on me, kissing me passionately, the moment the elevator doors closed, her tongue pressing into my mouth. I melted against her, kissing her just as passionately as I ever kissed a person. As I ever kissed Jacob. Her hands were behind me, finding the zipper to my dress, and pulling it down.

The dress fell to the floor and I stood there in my wedding lingerie, my silken panties soaked with my excitement. This was like a fantasy come true. Sometimes, when I masturbate, I thought of being fucked by a stranger, always a man, in public. Just letting myself be wild and not the proper, quiet girl I was in my real life. For this weekend, I could live that fantasy, I realized. I could be wild and slutty, and then go back to Jacob and be his prim and proper wife.

"You are so beautiful," I whispered to the auburn-haired woman.

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"You, too," the woman responded and then we were kissing again. The woman started kissing and sucking at my neck and over her shoulder I could see Mark and the female chauffeur were kissing as well. No, they were fucking. Mark had her pressed up against the elevator wall, one of her fishnet-stockinged legs hooked around his leg as he fucked her hard. His jeans slipped down, exposing his firm ass as it clenched when he thrust into the woman. The chauffeur hugged him tightly, her angelic face appearing over his shoulder.

Pleasure contorted her face and I wondered if I looked like that. Our eyes made contact and I felt this electric thrill pass between us, a smile appeared on her lips. There was something special about the blonde woman and we were lost in each other's eyes as we were getting fucked. Her eyes were brown. No they were green. No, hazel I finally realized. The electric thrill between us was such a familiar feeling and it reminded me of Jacob, for some strange reason. The memory of the first time I laid on my husband floated up in my mind.

It was back in college, in the library at Princeton, and I was reaching for a book and through the gap in the shelf I saw a pair of eyes peering back at me from the other side of the bookshelves.

The eyes were so gentle and warm, I found myself falling in love with Jacob before I even saw all of his face. The auburn-haired woman's hand slipped into my panties, bringing me out of my reverie, and I squirmed in pleasure as her fingers slid down to my smooth, wet lips, fingering my slit.

I gasped as she slipped first one then a second finger up inside me, sliding them slowly in and out of my wet hole while her thumb massaged my hard little clit.

I slid my own hands down the woman's back to her ass, squeezing her plump cheeks. Feeling bold, I slid my hands underneath her skirt to find her bare, plump cheeks and the blonde chauffeur winked at me over Mark's shoulder. Every few floors the elevator would stop and the slutty cops would stop people from getting onto our car as they screened the entrance of the elevator. The ride seemed to take an eternity. An eternity of my cunt getting fingered by this beautiful woman.

I could feel an orgasm building inside me, every touch of her tongue on my neck, her fingers in my cunt, her thumb on my clit, made that delicious feeling grow and grow inside me until I exploded on her fingers and trembled in her embrace.


"Umm, that felt like a good one," the auburn-haired woman moaned, pulling her sticky fingers up and licking my juices off of them. "You taste like honey," she purred and then kissed me and I could taste my juices.


I did taste like a spicy honey. "What do you taste like?" I heard myself ask. "You'll find out," the woman promised as the elevator reached the last floor. "Here it comes, slut!" Mark groaned, slamming into the chauffeur's cunt and moaning, I caught her eyes and watched as the blonde woman smiled and shuddered.

I was happy that she came as hard as I had. Mark pulled away from her and I saw her bare pussy gaping open and leaking Mark's cum before her skirt fell down. I wanted to taste her and lick Mark's cum out of her pussy. The elevator opened onto the penthouse suite.

It was huge, an apartment more than a hotel room. The honeymoon suite was supposed to be as lovely but smaller, a much more intimate affair than this, and I felt guilty that my poor husband would be staying in it all alone while I was having so much fun up here. The bodyguards went first, quickly searching the room with their hands on their holstered weapons. Who were these people? A little bit of fear nibbled at my stomach and I wanted my husband to hold me. Guilt crashed into me.

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My poor husband was down in the honeymoon suite all alone. "This is a mistake," I whispered. "I.I should be with my husband. It's our honeymoon." The woman placed her finger on my lips, shushing me. "Don't feel guilty. You'll have the rest of your life to be with him.

This weekend you get to have some fun." The woman was right and I felt my guilt melt away. I had the rest of my life to spend with Jacob, but only this weekend to spend with this woman. And the chauffeur. I didn't even know the auburn-haired woman's name.

I mean, I let the woman finger me to orgasm. "Who are you?" "I'm Mary, and that's my fiancee, Mark," the woman said. "And that's Leah, our chauffeur. The other ladies are our bodyguards." I looked at the blonde, her hazel eyes twinkling with passion. Leah, what a pretty name I thought. "I'm Rachel," I said and Leah's eyes caught mine again and that electric thrill ran through me.

It was such a heady feeling. Mary grasped my hand and led me across the room to one of the bedrooms. A large, king-sized bed dominated the room, four posters with gauzy curtains. It was so elegant. Mary was kissing me again, her hands reaching behind me to unclasp my bra, my round breasts popping out. I shuddered in delight as Mary bent down and captured my tit in her mouth, sucking on the nipple hard.

I felt hands on my waist, not Mary's gentle hands and I glanced behind me to see Mark and then he was pulling off my satin panties and exposing my shaved pussy. I wanted my shaved nethers to be a honeymoon surprise for Jacob and I shuddered in pleasure as Mark ran his finger though the groove of my twat. Mary turned and I unzipped her dress. She was naked underneath, her cunt shaved just like mine. She crawled onto the bed, spread out in all her naked glory and crocked her finger at me. My pussy was weeping in excitement as I crawled onto the bed, my eyes fixed on her tight slit and the fiery heart of hair above her cunt.

"Taste me," Mary purred. "Taste me while Mark fuck's your naughty, newlywed cunt!" Mary's hands grasped my face and pulled me to her bare lips and I licked up her tight slit.

Oh my god, she tasted so delicious, a sweet, spicy flavor. I slid my tongue a second time up her slit, my taste buds rejoicing that such a delicious flavor could exist. I spread open the flower of her womanhood, all pink and glistening, and dove in greedily as Mary moaned from the pleasure I gave her.

I could feel the bed sink as another person crawled on, right behind me. I felt something hard prod my ass. A cock. Tonight was my wedding night and another man's cock was about to slid into me. I was so excited for it.

Tonight was such a magical night. Not the way I thought my wedding night would go, but magical none the less. "Fuck her naughty little cunt!" Mary moaned, encouraging her fiancee to violate my wedding vows.

To have no other, I swore, and I didn't even make it one night. Mark's cock felt great as he pushed into my tight hole, my cunt giving way before the iron firmness of his cock.

He sank all the way into me and the drew back and thrust into me again. Over and over he fucked me, every thrust better than the one before it. I was full of his cock, full of another man's cock. The wild girl from my fantasies come to life. "Don't stop licking me!" Mary moaned and I realized in my joy at Mark's cock sliding into me, I had stopped my worship of Mary's delicious cunt.

I dove back in, enjoying being fucked by Mark and eating out Mary. I was giving and receiving pleasure and felt so fulfilled, so happy. Part of me wished Jacob could be here, to share this happy moment. But then I thought how excited he will be to see me on Sunday. I bet he fucks me just as hard as while I tell him about all the fun I had.

The bed shook and I looked up to see Leah, naked save for her fishnet stockings straddling Mary's face, her shaved cunt messy with Mark's cum. Between Mary's perky breasts I could see Mary's tongue lick out and swipe through the mess, scooping up a nice tongue-full of Mark's spunk. Leah's tight ass clenched as she rolled her hips, rubbing her pussy on Mary's face. "Fucking hot, Mare," Mark moaned.

"Gonna make you another creampie." "Hmm, I can't wait," Mary purred then dug her tongue back into Leah's cunt.

I wondered what Leah tasted like. Would she tasted sweet and spicy like Mary, or would she have a thick, honey flavor like me. Or maybe she would taste different, a new, delicious flavor for me to sample. Mark groaned behind me and then I felt his semen shooting warm into my married pussy. Ohh, it felt so wrong and so amazing. I moaned my pleasure into Mary's cunt as my orgasm exploded through my body, my cunt clenching on Mark's cock, milking the last of his cum into my cunt.

I rubbed my face through Mary's cunt, as the aftershocks of my orgasm subsided, and renewed my effort on making her cum. I slipped a finger up into her pussy, and then a second, delighting in the feel of her tight walls sucking wetly at my fingers as I plunged them in and out of her cunt. My tongue found the hard, little pearl. I flicked at her clit and enjoyed the coos of pleasure that emanated from her lips and then the flood of her juices as she came on my eager lips.

Mary slid out from Leah who moaned in disappointment and kissed me on the lips. "Why don't you finish Leah off and let me lick that sweet cum out of your pussy." I eagerly spread Leah's thighs. Mary had cleaned out all the cum but left plenty of pussy juices. And above her cunt was a triangle of brown hair. "So not a natural blonde, Leah?" "Don't you know, blonde's have all the fun!" Leah laughed, grabbing my dull, boring brown hair and pulling my mouth to her cunt. She had a delicious, tart flavor and Leah moaned in appreciation as I lapped at her cunt.

I guess it was true about blondes and fun, because Leah sounded like she was having so much of it as my tongue explored her wet, little pussy.

To be continued.

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