Playboy iris mareike steen

Playboy iris mareike steen
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BEV MY HORNY GIRLFRIEND AT THE NIGHTCLUB My g/f is some 12 years younger than me and has an extremely high sex drive. We do swing when we are in the main city which is 10hrs drive away from were we are in the country.

She is a bi girl and has put up some really horny shows for me at these venues. The most erotic one to date was when she took on 5 men and 1 woman in a private room.

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There was slurping, groaning and orgasms everywhere, I wasn't allowed to join in ,as it was my first time swinging. I was instructed to sit naked in the corner and not to touch my throbbing cock. But I will keep that for another time if anybody is interested. Another more recently time we were in a nightclub in our home town which is located in central Queensland and has a population of some 15,000, of which the majority are very well paid very horny miners.

Bev had a female friend that used to come around to the house when I was at work and on a couple of occasions Sue came around while I was home, but wasn't allowed to join is and fuck Sue as she was lesbian, but I had my doubts as to how much of a Lesbian she was because she did let me use a dildo on her as she was giving Bev's cunt a good licking.

She told me that most lesbians do love a dildo but not a mans cock. This particular night we ventured into the night club and we always had trouble seeing as it was very dark place, for a good reason as you will find out. As we approached the bar I heard a female voice calling Bev, it was Sue and she was getting drunk.

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Both girls immediately went into a locked lips tonguing kiss that started my cock to stir. As they were kissing Bev reached behind her and started to fondle my growing cock.


Mmm she said, getting turned on are we, is he really Sue said and reached over and the two hands we going at my groin. Sue excused herself after a few moments and Bev and I started to talk but her eyes kept wandering onto the dance floor were a guy aged about 25 was standing talking to another guy but his eyes were locked onto Bev. In this situation I don't grab her or start kissing her as this on most occasions puts the guy off and disappears so I kept my distance and let her look back.

I needed to pee and told Bev who I don't think even heard me, but I could smell the distinct aroma of her pussy juices that started flowing rather easily when she started to get turned on. This could sometimes become embarrassing as she never worn panties and I have known her to ask for a bar napkin to wipe the pussy juice from her thighs as it runs down her thighs so off I went. When I came back she was on the crowded dance floor with the young guy who was getting REALLY close to her and doing the hip bumping/grinding act.

I could tell that she was getting hot. Anyway she looked over in my direction caught my eyes and then pulled the guy to her and started to tongue kiss him. Well his hands just suddenly had a mind of their own and were groping her everywhere as if there was nobody else around, of course this didn't bother Bev .I looked at Bev and smiled at her and nodded, next thing she grabbed the strangers hand and started to walk to the far side of the club where there is a really dark area for couples to go.

I picked up my drink and followed at a distance, when they got into a corner I sat down in booth. Bev of course decided to stand in the corner so that if people wanted they could watch her being the exhibitionist she is. I distinctly remember that she had a top on that was backless and only attached from around her neck and over her breasts and tied at the back (hope u can understand that) so was very loose.

In the dim light I could make out, after my eyes had adjusted to the dark, the two of them in a hot embrace, with her fondling his groin as her kissed her and him pulling her towards with his hands on her buttocks. Soon his hands migrated to her breasts and began fondling them and he must have realised that "hey there is nothing holding these things in place" so they didn't stay under the halter-top for very long.

He exposed her breasts and his mouth went straight to them sucking and licking them both. Bev was getting really hot as her leg was wrapped around him, but in doing so her very short leather mini skirt had moved up almost to her hips. Now Bev never wore panties as I told you earlier, except once a month!! and she later told me it was a huge turn on to feel the air on her pussy in a nightclub with a stranger between her legs not knowing who was watching them.

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Several moments of caressing and kissing went on and I knew what was cumming next (I think, or hoped!!). As I watched her hand was obviously pulling down his zip, I would have loved to be near to see the look on his face (if only he knew she was a slut). In went her hand and had a grope for a while and then she pulled it out. I couldn't really see the size of his cock but could make out the actions of her masturbating his erect penis and him with his head thrown back.

Just then an older male walked into the area slowly, and as it took some time to accommodate to the darkness, he stood there for a brief moment .Bev had seen the man come in and watched him sit down.

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She slowly without being too obvious (as it wasn't already!!) turned slightly around so that the new comer could see everything that was going on.

I was sitting in booth off to the side and behind him so am convinced that he didn't know I was there. Anyway because her skirt was nearly up to her hips I could see her open her thighs wider and remember thinking, surely not!

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Anyway what she did was bend the stranger's hard cock downwards and slid it underneath her. and closed her thighs on him. His cock wasn't inside her pussy but he was fucking her thighs which were closed tight on him. I couldn't see his cock but her skirt had definitely ridden over her buttocks and there was no mistaking that. This didn't go on for too long as the poor stranger must been extremely turned on and in a few minutes I could see him starting to hump harder and quicker.

In the mean time the new comer to the scene who was wearing shorts had without me seeing got his hard cock out and was masturbating it under the table as he watched them leaning back into the chair he was sitting on.

The stranger with Bev all of a sudden tensed and went rigid and I assumed that he had just shot his hot cum between my girlfriend's thighs. I was right and he took a few minutes to kiss Bev and a final grope of her still exposed tits, pulled his cock out and put it away in his pants.

Well I thought maybe I should go straight over and give her my hard cock or call her over to the booth so that she can suck me off but I wasn't sure even if she knew I was there. Now u have to picture my girlfriend still standing in the dark corner with her tits exposed and her skirt around her waist/hips and her bare buttocks exposed to the world.

Then, well 'ill be fucked, take about ballsy, the new comer wasted no time at all and stood up (she was only about 6-7 ft away) still with his erection out and walked towards her. Now Bev would not have known he was coming as her back was to him as she had a drink of her bourbon her hand.


When he got over to her he put one of his hands on her exposed buttocks and squeezed it. How did she respond. she leaned forward on the wall and pushed her hips and buttocks backwards to him. He put his hand between her thighs and slid it under to her pussy at the same time pushing his hard cock against her bottom letting her know he was exposed. She turned around grabbed his cock and fell to hers knees.this was way to erotic for I grabbed my cock out and started to masturbate just watching the second stranger in less than 10 mins to help himself to my girlfriend.

With Bev on her knees in front of him she pulled his shorts right down and simply took his cock in her mouth and proceeded to give him a head job.

Fuck this I thought and decided that I was going to join in, as I was walking over two girls walked past into another corner hand in hand, they just looked at my hard on and smiled and disappeared. I didn't know if she knew I was watching during this session but as I approached Bev while she was sucking this guy's dick the new guy said come get some of this bitch she gives great head, to which Bev took her mouth off him and started to suck me off.

The second stranger then said I'm going to cum!! and Bev grabbed her breasts and held then under his balls as he started to masturbate, he shot his load of cum straight onto her breasts and she leaned forward to lick the residue of the tip of his cock.

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He just pulled straight back and without putting his cock away walked off, maybe he was feeling guilty!!. I pulled Bev to her feet and told her that I had been watching her the whole time. she took hold of my cock and said MMMM lots of precum, better do something about that. Follow me I said and guided her to the booth I had been sitting in.

I then bent her over the end of the table in the booth and she spread her legs. Now this wasn't romantic or pretty I'm sure but I simply rammed my hard cock into her dripping cunt, it was still wet between them and at the back of her thighs from the first stranger cumming and I pumped her pussy hard and didn't take long to blow inside that hot tight pussy of hers.

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I often wondered about how, after we had fucked and I had cum inside how she could walk with no panties, it must have been weird having my cum drip down her thighs as she was walking. Anyway I hope u were not too bored, this actually happened about 3 years ago in Australia and still think about it today. Someday if you are interested I may tell u about the time we went to the park at night time that was frequented by lovers regularly