Cool Step Sister Fantasy Role Playing With Brother

Cool Step Sister Fantasy Role Playing With Brother
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Fbailey story number 579 Panty Pictures For my birthday my daughter gave me a hand painted rock that could serve as a paperweight on my desk at work. She gave me a kiss and then she whispered in my ear, "I put a camera disc in your suite coat pocket. Don't let Mommy see it." Then I got another kiss. I checked my pocket on the way to work and sure enough there was an envelope in there.

I waited until after my first break to look in the envelope. There was a note in there that read: "Hi Daddy. I have heard you telling Mommy that you love looking at girl's panties because being a boy you hardly ever see any.

After that I would let you look at my panties occasionally. You always seemed to like to look whenever I open my legs for you. Mommy doesn't know that I show them to you.


Anyway I had a friend take pictures of me in all of my panties and then I took pictures of her in all of her panties too. I have four more friends lined up to take pictures of.

That is if you like these and want more. I love you Daddy. Happy birthday." I waited until I was alone and slipped her disc into my laptop computer. When I accessed the disc I was in for one hell of a surprise. There were over a hundred pictures of my twelve-year-old daughter. She was topless and only wearing a pair of panties. There were at least two pictures of each pair from the front and back. Sometimes there were side shots and even close-up pictures. I was totally unaware of her breast being as big as they were.

There were a few shots where she was changing and had nothing on, both from the front and the back.


It looked like accidents but I didn't care. Then there were over a hundred more pictures of Angie, her best friend. Angie had been to our house hundreds of times and had slept over quite often. I had even seen her in her panties with a big T-shirt over them as she leaned over to kiss my wife goodnight. Now I wondered if those were all accidents. Now I was looking at her also topless in just her panties.

There were more pictures of each pair and the quality was much better. Not only were there front, side, and back pictures but close-up pictures of her pussy and her ass in thong panties.

Angie had string panties too, and oh yes, pubic hair. Angie was much more developed than my daughter was even though she was just a month or two older than my daughter was. She had nice breasts and hard nipples. Around four o'clock my daughter called me to ask if I had had a chance to look at the pictures yet. I told her that I had and that I loved them. She said, "Good because I am taking more now. See you when you get home." I was excited. When I got home my wife told me that Beth was staying at a friend's house for dinner and that we were alone if I wanted sex for my birthday.

Of course I knew why Beth was not home but I thanked my wife for arranging it. She just giggled and led the way to our bedroom.

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She just undressed like she had for many years but it seemed more exciting to me, especially after seeing all of those pictures of our daughter topless.

Making love to her was new too, since my mind was flying at a hundred miles an hour. I kissed her, I felt of her saggy breasts, and I even ate her pussy. She tried to stop me, she even told me that she was dirty down there, but I didn't care I just had to taste that wonderful pussy of hers. It had given me years of pleasure and a daughter that was coming of age. I owed her as much pleasure as I could give her and I knew that she liked oral sex.

When I finally rammed my cock into her it was honestly because I wanted to fuck her and not Beth or Angie.

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I came hard and I rolled off. Then to my surprise my wife sucked my cock, normally she gets a nice warm washcloth and cleans us both up.

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She does not like the taste of cum. Oh, she sucks me off on a rare occasion but she spits it out into a Kleenex as soon as she can. In this case however she licked, she tasted it, and she swallowed it too.

Afterwards she said, "Happy birthday." We ate our dinner and watched some television waiting for Beth to come home. When she did she went straight to her bedroom to get ready for bed. When she came out she had on a pretty pair of panties that I had not seen before and that were not in any of the pictures either. She had on a short top that did not cover her belly or her panties. As she walked past me I saw that they were thong panties and that her whole ass was exposed.

I smiled at the thin strap bisecting her twin globes. Her mother looked at her, then at me, and then back at her again. Then she asked, "Getting a little daring, are we?" Beth replied, "Well it's just you guys and I got these new panties from Carol. I thought that I would give them a try. Besides I've seen you in worse." I knew that my wife had not seen the back yet and just waited.

Beth sat down next to me and said happy birthday. My wife asked Beth to get us all some snacks and drinks. When Beth got up and turned her ass toward her mother I had to smile. Her jaw went slack and she was speechless for a minute. Finally my wife said, "Did you see that? Our little girl is growing up. What do you think about this change?" I smiled and said, "I like it. I want to take her shopping for more of those panties." My wife giggled and said, "You would." After a moment she added, "Okay I'll let her run around like that but only in front of you and I.

As for taking her shopping may I recommend Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood." Beth heard the last part as she entered holding a tray. She immediately asked, "Can you take me tomorrow?" I smiled and said, "Only if you model them for me." Beth said, "Deal" and then she sat the tray down and handed the drinks out.

After finishing her drink my wife excused herself to go to the bathroom. Beth asked, "Did you really like my pictures?" I replied, "I sure did. They excited me." Beth said, "So you and Mommy had sex. Well you will really love the next batch.

Carol and her older sister posed for me and I not only got them in their panties but out of them too. Would you believe those two girls are lovers? I got to take pictures of them making out. In one picture Dana has her tongue right in Carol's pussy." I asked, "How old are these girls?" Beth replied, "Carol is twelve like me and her sister Dana is thirteen. Dana has her periods and everything. She is on birth control pills too but she is still a virgin.

She gave a boy a blowjob once and said that his cum tasted real good." There was a pause and then, "Mommy doesn't like the taste of your cum, does she?" I said, "No she doesn't." When my wife came back she too was wearing thong panties and a short top. Eventually Beth started to tell us about her dinner date and about the two girls.

When she told us about Dana giving a boy a blowjob she asked, "Mommy what does cum taste like." My wife turned red in the face but replied, "Personally I don't care for it.

It is thick and sticky and I think it is too salty." Beth said, "So you don't swallow it." My wife casually said, "No, I spit it out." Beth said, "I think I'll swallow when I give a blowjob. It seems wrong to suck his thing and give him oral sex but not to swallow. Maybe you should just give Daddy hand jobs." My wife raised her voice and said, "Our sex life is of no concern to you, young lady." Beth turned to me and said, "Then tell Mommy to stop moaning and praising God when you hit her G-spot and blow the top of her head off." She then turned toward her once again speechless mother and said, "I have licked pussy before so why don't you come into my room after sex and give me a taste of cum?" When my wife finally recovered she replied, "I might just do that and I hope the taste of your father's cum makes you sick." Beth asked, "Is any of his cum in you now?

I want a taste." To my utter shock my wife slipped forward in her chair, pulled her panties to the side, and said, "Come and get it." Beth was on her in an instant. I was sure that she did not want her mother to change her mind. Just as Beth got up she handed me her camera. I turned it on and started taking pictures. My wife was so shocked that she had no idea what I was doing. Beth used both of her hands to open her mother's pussy lips, then she stuck her face right in there.

It certainly was not her first time, however I couldn't help but wonder if earlier had been her fist time. Beth had her mother moaning and praising God in no time at all and she never spit out anything. Beth sat back on her knees and said, "I like Daddy's cum and I want more of it. I expect you to bring it to me every night. If you don't I'll come in and get it." My wife asked, "Where did you learn to do that?" Beth giggled and said, "Carol and Dana taught me after dinner.

That's why I'm so late." My wife looked at me and asked, "What do you think?" I replied, "I like it and I think you had better give her all the cum she can drink or she will go elsewhere to get it." Needless to say I was rock hard.

Beth asked, "Can I give Daddy a blowjob?" My wife shrugged her shoulders and said, "Go ahead." Beth handed the camera to her mother and said, "Take as many pictures as you can." With that said, my cock was out in the open, and Beth's lips were pressed around it.

She had not learned to give blowjobs but it still was the most wonderful thing that I had ever been given for my birthday. When I came she sucked it all in and then she swirled it around in her mouth before swallowing it. Beth then said, "I love it. I prefer it fresh from the tap but I'll take it from your pussy second hand too." With all of the sex out of the way Beth said, "Daddy, Carol and Dana posed in their panties for me.

I took a lot of pictures of them. Then they made love to one another and to me.

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It's all on the disc along with the pictures tonight. I hope you enjoy them because I really like taking them." My wife asked, "What is this all about?" Beth told her about me liking girls in their panties and her taking pictures for me. Then to our surprise my wife asked, "Will you take pictures of me in my panties too." Beth replied, "You have to be topless in all of them." My wife giggled and said, "Not a problem, he has seen me topless before." Beth then said, "I have six more girls lined up to photograph." My wife said, "Why don't you invite them to a sleep over this weekend and tell them to bring their panties with them." Beth giggled and said, "They might even let Daddy take his own pictures." I replied, "That would be nice but wouldn't I get in trouble." Beth said, "Not with my friends.


They all think that you are the greatest. In fact most of them want you to get their virginities, including me." My wife smiled and said, "Maybe you should only invite two over at a time. That way your father can do them all justice. As for you young lady, it's bedtime. However, tomorrow be prepared to loose your virginity." Beth jumped for joy and kissed her mother, then she kissed me and scooted off to bed.

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My wife came over to me, sat on my lap facing me, and said, "We just opened Pandora's Box." I said, "I want to be here when you pose for those pictures." My wife said, "Okay. Now do you want to go to bed? I think your daughter wants some more of your cum. I know that I want her to suck on my pussy some more.

It seems that I love being on the receiving end of oral sex." The End Panty Pictures 579