Milky lesbos rim and lick

Milky lesbos rim and lick
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Ben Walsh stared out the window just wishing the damn clock would run a little faster! Less than fifteen minutes away from a three day weekend!

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The sun was out and it was the first warm day of the spring, at least seventy degrees by mid afternoon. Ben glanced again at the slow moving clock on the wall as old man Goldstein rambled on about the Trojan Wars.

"This is a topic that will certainly come up in conversation," Ben said to himself while shifting uneasily in his seat. His mind was about as far away from world history as you could get when there was a soft knock on the class room door that brought him back to reality. One of the hall monitors walked over to Mr. Goldstein's desk and dropped off a small envelope with some letters printed across the front. As the teacher continued his lecture he picked up the letter and much to Ben's surprised walked over to his desk an handed the sealed envelope to him.

His name was printed in large capital letters just below the return address of Principal Judith Ivy. "Oh, christ!" he muttered under his breath. "What the heck does that old biddy want with me?!?" He waited a few moments for to make sure no one was paying any attention before casually slitting open the end with his pencil.

He slipped out the single folded paper and much to his chagrin read, "Mr. Walsh, please stop by my office right after your last period class and please, don't be late." Signed, Mz. Ivy, Principal. He stared at the hand written note for several moments before finally sliding it into his note book whereupon he glumly waited for the class to end.

"I just received this note from Mz. Ivy," the eighteen year old said to the principal's secretary while sliding it towards her. "I'll tell her that you're here," the middle aged woman replied. Ben nervously shifted his weight from foot to while waiting for secretary to return from the rear of the office. He was about ready to head for the hills when the smiling woman suddenly appeared and offered, "Follow me, young man, Mz.

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Ivy will can see you right now!" He trailed after her as they wended their way through a long narrow hall that seemed to go on for ever. The door to Mz.

Ivy's office was wide open, but she never even bothered to lift her eyes from her reading while ordering, "Please have a seat, I'll be with you shortly." "And by the way, Doris, please close the door and don't disturb us, we have a lot to talk about!" Mz.

Ivy continued reading for a few minutes or so before leaning back in her chair and saying, "I believe in coming right to the point, Mr.


Walsh." "It has come to my attention that you've been meeting with several senior girls during lunch hour and allowing them to perform fellatio on your penis." For a second he was so shocked that he couldn't even move a muscle let alone speak, so with his mouth hanging open he just sat their in stunned silence!" It seemed as if the whole building had just come down on his head! With Mz. Ivy's words still echoing in his ears he tried desperately to come up with some kind of answer, but all he could do was sit there like a bump on a log while waiting for the executioner to finish her job.

"Well, I must say that I'm quite disappointed in you, Benjamin," the principal continued on. "I hope that you're not going to try and deny it, because at least two mothers have called and complained about your conduct!" Ben blinked his eyes several times while realizing this was even more serious than he had envisioned!

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Good fucking god, the mothers were involved!!! "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?!?" she demanded. "Well, uh, you see, it's like this&hellip." He stammered. "Like what?" she retorted coldly. "From what I hear you have a very large penis, and what is most distressing is that you're charging the girls from five to ten dollars just for the right to suck you off!" "What is so troubling about this whole affair is that some of the girls who can't afford your price are practically going insane with lust!" "I'm sure that you realize that young girls are completely helpless when it comes to large male organs!" "You're purposely taking advantage of them at their most vulnerable time, and I think you should be ashamed of yourself!" Ben's head was spinning like a top as he listened to old lady Ivy rambling on!

He couldn't believe that all she was was hacked about was that he charged the little cunts for the right to suck his big fat pecker! He straightened up in his chair, and after clearing his throat offered softly, "I'm sorry about that ma'am." "Of course you're right, I should have been more conscious of their feelings." "You can rest assured that I'll be more careful in the future." Mz.

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Ivy listened impassively as he blithered on, smiling to herself that he thought that he was off the hook. "Well," she replied, "I'm glad that we've got that settled." He was just about to get up to leave when out of the blue she ordered evenly, Before you leave, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to see your penis, the mothers were wondering if their daughters were exaggerating the length and thickness of your organ." Again Ben was stunned as he digested that little bit of news from Mz.

Ivy! Now wait a minute," he said dubiously. "You mean you want me to show you my rig!?!" "If your rig is your penis, yes," she answered softly, "so let's get on with it! Feeling a little more sure of himself now that he knew he wasn't in any real trouble, Ben reluctantly got to his feet and slowly undid the front of his jeans. Mz. Ivy sat impassively in her chair with her eyes trained directly on the young stud's crotch.

For some reason a shiver went through him as he let his pants slip down around his ankles, leaving only his boxer shorts between him and the prying eyes of the sixty something old biddy. After giving her one last look, Ben took a deep breath, and with one quick motion shoved his shorts down over his smooth thighs.

"O-oh my god!!!" Judith Ivy gasped. "I-I don't believe it, I really don't believe it!" Even under these rather bizarre circumstances Ben's penis began involuntarily erecting itself to its full length and thickness. "My god, you're incredible!" the old woman moaned while slipping her hand up under her skirt. "H-how big is it?!?" "Ten and a half long and six inches around," he replied proudly.

"All the girls say I'm hung like a horse!" With surprising quickness the old woman came from around the large desk and dropped to her knees to pay homage to the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life!

Now realizing he was in total control of the situation, Ben backed up just far enough to keep her from even touching his magnificent organ. "You know the rules," he said softly. "W-what ever do you mean?" she asked while sliding forward on her knees. "It'll cost you a tenner to suck it!" "Y-you're kidding!" she said incredulously.

"No pay, no play!" he replied emphatically. "After all, you're just another bitch who needs a big fat cock in her mouth!" Realizing he was dead serious, and that she was slipping ever closer into a state of sexual hyperventilation, Judith Ivy grabbed her purse and quickly extracted a ten dollar bill.


"Here," she said urgently, "take it." "Ya know what?" he asked calmly. "Since you nearly scared the crap out of me, I'm gonna make you pay double, make it a twenty!" Knowing that it was useless to argue with the smart mouthed little punk, she handed over another ten before devouring his manhood into her hot warm mouth!


Almost immediately the experienced mouth and tongue brought him to the very edge of ejaculation. "My god!" he gasped.

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"I'm gonna fill your mouth with cum, you hot mouthed slut!" She groaned around his huge head, eager for it to blow its heavy load where she needed it most, deep into the back of her throat! It had been a long time since she had tasted the nectar of young cock, and it was to be savored like fine wine!

Her tongue literally wrapped itself around the velvety head, flicking and teasing until without warning it spasmed hard several times before unleashing a torrent of cock juice that would almost have choked a horse! As the first stream blasted against the back of her throat, she momentarily gagged, but quickly regained her composure as she swallowed down each subsequent explosion!

Ben gave out a long low moan as his vital juices filled the old woman's mouth, and even as the last vestiges of cum exited the end of his pecker, he had to admit that the old whore knew a thing or two about cock sucking!!! When it was finally over his dick slipped form her mouth and hung semi erect, as if recuperating for another foray with the old cock sucker. He was just about to pull up his shorts when her voice cracked like a bull whip, "Not so fast sonny, now it's my turn!!!" With his eyes bugging wide open Ben stared with his mouth agape as the old hussy hiked up her dress to expose an incredibly hairy pussy.

"Now just a minute!" he finally managed. "If you think I'm gonna eat that, your fucking nuts!" Again with unusual agility she pushed him to the floor while replying, "Eat it?" "No way, I wanna fuck that big cunt busting monster!" Almost too shocked to move he lay back and allowed the old bitch to grab his now fully erect pecker and guide it into her steaming wet pussy!" "Ohhhhh fuck that's nice!" she moaned as each inch slid easily into her burning cauldron.

"No wonder the girls call it a wonder cock!" This was getting beyond surreal! With all the sweet young pussy at his beck and call, he couldn't remember ever being as turned on as he was at this very minute!

His pecker seemed to be even thicker and longer than usual as he watched helplessly while the sixty something year old cunt rode him like a fucking demon!


With her eyes closed she rocked back and forth on his massive member as orgasm after orgasm whipped through her incredibly packed cunt! While wondering what the heck had come over him, Ben began slowly moving his hips in time with Judith Ivy's until he was soon ramming in and out of her with brutal ferocity!

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Now literally holding on for dear life, Judith's pussy tried desperately to gain a grip on the invading marauder, but in only few moments it was apparent that it was at the big pecker's complete and utter mercy! Judith gasped as each plunge nearly tore her to pieces, but coupled with the searing pain was the most exquisite pleasure she had ever experienced! Then just when she thought she couldn't stand it for another second, her pussy suddenly convulsed wildly around Ben's thick erection, inducing a mind numbing orgasm to simultaneously power through both of their exhausted sex organs!

Judith Ivy's whole body stiffened as load after hot load erupted deep inside of her, effectively putting out the fire that only moments ago had threatened to consume her!

When she finally collapsed on top of him, his big cock slowly began to slip from her abused pussy, leaving a void that she was sure would be impossible to fill! "Jesus, for an old broad you really know how to fuck!" he sighed while savoring the moment.

She snuggled up closer to him and whispered, "Put me down for twenty!" "He gave a little chuckle and replied, "That's okay, baby, I've already got you at the top of the list!!!" THE END