Gay man fuck small boy movie and slave Twink Boy Fingered And Fucked

Gay man fuck small boy movie and slave Twink Boy Fingered And Fucked
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If you'd have asked me a month ago, I never would have imagined doing the things I just did. As I drove along the Pacific Coast Highway back towards my house, my mind was flooded with a mixture of emotions. My hands still trembled as I gripped the steering wheel of my 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat. I glanced at the digital speedometer to check my speed; the last thing I needed at this moment was to be pulled over by the police for something unrelated.

I drew in a deep breath as I lit the first Marlboro I'd smoked in years. I needed something to calm my nerves, to make sure I continued to think clearly. I inhaled deeply, allowing the smoke to fill my lungs.

I immediately knew I missed the taste. Slowly, I exhaled as a thin wisp of smoke was sucked out of the small opening in the driver's side window. There weren't many cars are the road at 11:30 P.M., even though it was a Saturday night. As I eyed the road ahead, I wondered how I'd let myself to get to this point, how I could jeopardize my life, my career, my marriage, and my freedom as I had just done.

THE BACKGROUND… I believe it began last month sometime. I was sitting at home one night. My wife was lying on one end of our sectional sofa and I was seated in the recliner of our sectional sofa, seated perpendicularly to my wife. We'd been sleeping on the couch for the last couple weeks as she recovered from a recent surgery and I could see she was quickly falling asleep. I grabbed my laptop and opened the cover. Once it powered up, I started randomly surfing the internet, mostly looking for porn pictures to add to my collection of over 7000 images.

As I browsed a familiar porn site, a pop-up appeared for a teen-aged incest website. The site featured a stunning young girl, probably 13 or 14 advertising how much she enjoyed fucking her daddy and her brothers. I stared at the image for a second and found myself intensely aroused.

I closed my eyes and wondered how wonderful it would feel to be able to fuck a gorgeous teen-aged girl. To be able to feel a fresh, tight, young pussy wrapped around my cock would be tremendous. I quickly dismissed the thought and continued to browse more free porn sites. As I did, I found myself continually navigating to the "Young" or "Teen" links. These images were beautiful. Freshly shaved virgin pussy, young breasts, seductive poses and clothing; my cock was hard as a rock.

I loved the photos of the 14 or 15 year girls who were fully developed and obviously sexually active. I became obsessed with the thought of fucking illegally young girls. At some point, a thought entered my mind. I quickly logged onto a popular website featuring profiles, interests, and pictures of random people around the world. Once I logged in, I clicked on the link at the top of the page titled "Groups" and typed "Teen Incest" in the search bar.

I hit "search" and waited. Within seconds, a page featuring dozens of groups appeared. I searched for the group with the largest membership and quickly entered the group and began browsing the profiles of girls 17 and younger.

At least half of the profiles were tagged as "Private," probably at the direction of protective parents trying to keep there young girls away from guys like me.

However, the other half provided me hours upon hours of enjoyment over the next few days. Occasionally, I would stumble on a profile of a young girl that caught my attention. Some advertised their preference for older men, some talked about how they liked to have their daddy and his friends fuck them, while others professed their like of pussy and cock.

One particular profile caught my attention. Her name was Erin. She was a 16 year old girl from my same state. I read her entire profile and looked at each of her pictures. She was 5'4" tall and could not have weighed more than 105lbs. Her dark brown hair hung to the middle of her back and her seductive brown eyes looked almost black in some of her pictures. Erica was blessed with a perfect chest. I would have guessed she was a very firm 36D and could tell from her pictures she was proud of her assets.

Every picture showed her wearing a low-cut shirt or tank top that accentuated her perfect breasts and inviting cleavage. I decided to take a chance and send her an innocent e-mail. To my surprise, she replied and we wound up chatting on a popular instant messenger service. As we spoke, I was shocked to learn Erin was only 14 years old.

She looked 4 or 5 years older and, from our chats, she acted much more mature than any 14 year old girl I'd ever met. I was careful not to implicate myself in any way as I carefully asked her what her interests were. At some point, Erin implied she liked to read and write erotic fantasy stories and directed me to a website where she posted her favorites. Late one night, I logged in and found her stories.

By the time I had finished reading the first one, my cock was ready to explode. Her story detailed a sexual encounter between a brother and a sister. I immediately locked myself in the bathroom and stroked my cock until I exploded in one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had.

Erin and I continued to chat and I became comfortable with her. Erin was very much attracted to older men and we found that we both got extremely turned on fantasizing about each other. I'm certain Erin knew how bad I wanted to fuck her although I never actually came out and said it. After a week or so, I decided to write an erotic story for her. After posting it, Erin E-mailed me and told me she came twice while reading my hot fantasy story.

She said she was really turned on and even requested I write her another. The thought of actually ever meeting Erin never entered my mind. Up to this point, I was content chatting, reading her hot stories and jacking off while thinking about how delicious Erin would taste.

That changed last week! PLANNING A MEETING Last Tuesday, Erin and I chatted and I allowed the conversation to get pretty heated; something I had avoided in the past. I was still concerned about breaking the law and I knew leaving an electronic chat trail was not the wisest thing in the world to do. However, like with most guys, I was thinking with my cock.

At some point in our conversation, Erin asked if I would ever consider meeting her. I jokingly replied I would love to meet her when she turned 18. My heart skipped a beat when she asked. I had just watched NBC Datelines To Catch a Predator, a documentary exposing male sexual predators.

I knew the fastest way to go to prison was to arrange a meeting with a minor with the intent to have sex. As much as I wanted to tell Erin I would love to meet her and fuck her, I wouldn't cross that line on the internet.

All I needed was for her to be some decoy working for or a police decoy. I explained my concern. Erin was a clever young girl and quickly worked out a solution.

As we chatted, she invited me to view her webcam. I accepted and as I waited for it to load, she typed a new message, "Call me to talk only…310-211-4484, muah." I closed the dialog box and her image appeared on my screen. Erin had her shorts pulled down and had a long pink dildo shoved in her pussy. She fucked herself in front of her webcam as she allowed me to watch.

After a moment, she stopped long enough to type, "If I was a cop or decoy, I couldn't do this for you!" She had a point.

A cop or decoy could not initiate sexual activity and anything this hardcore could easily be argued as entrapment. I removed my cock from my pants and quickly stroked myself to orgasm as I watched beautiful Erin assault her innocent young cunt with the pink jelly dildo.

After we both regained our composure, Erin and I discussed me driving to meet her next Saturday. She quickly E-mailed directions to her hometown. I searched the internet for a local motel and provided this information to Erin.

We agreed to meet outside the front of the motel next Saturday at 7 P.M. MEETING Saturday arrived. I had planned my alibi all week, convincing my wife I had a training seminar I had to coordinate.

My wife knew my job as a training and management consultant often took me out of town over weekends and for extended trips so she was not the least bit suspicious. I knew the drive, including traffic time, would take 4 hours.

Wanting to arrive early, I left home at noon. Traffic was light and I arrived early, pulling into the Econo-Lodge at around 3:30. I checked in under a false name and convinced the attendant on-duty to let me pay in cash. Normally, credit cards are needed for security deposit and identification purposes. However, this young employee was easily persuaded to break the rules for $200 in cash.

I carried my bags to the room, unpacked and stepped outside. I scanned the parking lot and the lots of adjacent buildings, looking for any signs of undercover police activity.

Everything looked normal. I knew if I was going to be the victim of an undercover sting operation, the undercover agents would arrive early to conduct their own surveillance and set-up.

I planned to beat them to the punch and would leave at the first sign of unusual activity. Despite now operating my own private company, I knew police work. From 1989 through 2003, I was a police officer and detective for a large metropolitan department in Texas, leaving the work I loved to pursue my dream of being my own boss.

Nothing happened. My hopes began to rise as I realized Erin was not a decoy. She was actually a stunningly beautiful 14 year girl who wanted me to fuck her. Within hours, I would be engaged in a taboo sexual encounter with a sexy teen-ager, my cock buried deep inside her young, innocent pussy.

I felt my groin stir with anticipation. At 6:45 P.M., I walked downstairs and stood outside awaiting her arrival. To my delight, she arrived early. Erin climbed from the car and shut the door as her ride drove away. "I had my sis drop me off" she exclaimed as she approached me. "What did you tell her?" I asked. "Oh, I told her some of my friends were having a party here tonight. Don't worry, Amanda's cool!" she answered. I gave Erin a quick kiss on the cheek as she stood in front of me.

I could not believe how incredible she looked. She was dressed in a sexy red satin corset covered by a black leather jacket and the tightest pair of low-cut jeans I had ever seen. Her ass looked perfect and her hips were invitingly curvy.

Erin's belly was pierced and the bright diamond-like stone twinkled. Her outfit was complimented by a pair of 2 ½" "come-fuck-me-pumps." Her hair was brushed perfectly and her make-up made her beautiful face look older than her innocent 14 years.

"You look beautiful Erin!" I said as I gently took her arm in my hand and guided her down the sidewalk along the hotel. We entered the hotel from a side door to limit the number of people who saw me with her. Taking the stairs, we opened the door on the second floor and I escorted Erin to my room.

As the door closed behind us, Erin removed her leather jacket and sat on the edge of the bed. Her breasts were perfect and looked as if they were going to pop out of the tight corset. "Wanna drink hunni?" I asked. "Sure. Whatcha got?" she asked. "I brought your favorite&hellip.Bacardi and pineapple juice" I said as I began to pour her a drink. We didn't speak as Erin sipped her drink. I could tell she was nervous. Her hands were trembling as she lifted the cup to her lips.

"You okay Erin?" I asked. "Ummm hmmm" she replied. "You seem really nervous" I observed. "I am&hellip.uh, um…I'm not sure…" she said, stopping herself in mid-sentence. "Not sure of what?" I asked. "I don't want you to be mad" she replied. "What's wrong Erin?" I asked. "I,…I, um, don't know if I can go through with this" she said quietly.


"Why not?" I asked, beginning to get angry. I had gone to great lengths to create my alibi, make the 4 hour drive, pay for the room, ensure there was no way to trace the room to my name, and ensure I was not being set up. "Cuz' my boyfriend!" she said. "What about him?" I asked. "I can't cheat on him. It was different, me and you chatting on line.

It wasn't really cheating but," she paused, "this is different. It's cheating if I have sex with you." I was enraged. I am sure Erin did not realize how deeply intense my animalistic desire to fuck her had grown.

My body was flooded with hormones and my cock had been raging hard from the moment she stepped out of her sister's car. Erin was getting fucked. She just didn't realize it yet. But, she soon would…! "Fuck that!" I said as I smacked the now empty plastic cup from her hands.

Erin flinched, startled by my outburst. "Please don't be mad…we can do other things with ourselves, just not sex" she said, somehow trying to bargain with me.

Did I hear her correctly. Was she insinuating we could masturbate with each other? That I watch her finger-fuck herself and not be able to touch her? "No fucking way!" I thought to myself. I stepped towards the window and found the cord to the large curtains covering the glass wall that led to the balcony.

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Grasping the cord, I yanked sharply and felt the cord snap in two at the base of the curtain rod. I stepped quickly towards Erin before she could react. I placed my arm of her chest and shoved her on her back as I climbed onto her, placing my entire body weight on her chest.

Erin screamed for a second before I placed the palm of my hand over her open mouth and pressed down. "Shut the fuck up Erin and you won't get hurt!" I whispered angrily.

Her body quivered with fear as I rolled her petite frame onto her stomach. "No, please&hellip.don't do this, please" she pleaded. "You're getting fucked Erin! Don't fight it! One way or another, you're getting fucked!" I heard myself say. Although I was aware of what was going on, I did not feel like I was in control of my own body. Something evil and demented had taken over and was guiding my actions and my words. I gripped her tiny wrist and twisted her arm behind her back.

Taking the curtain cord, I tightly bound her right wrist. She winced in pain as the thin synthetic cord burned her delicate skin. "Owwwiiieeeee" Erin shrieked.

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As she did, I grabbed her free arm and repeated the process. Once her hands were tightly secured behind her back, I removed a pillow-case from a pillow and tore a long strip of cloth approximately 24 inches long and 6 inches wide. I then used this strip to gag Erin's mouth. I knew she would try to scream and I needed to be certain no other patrons were alerted to my evil deeds. After I was certain she was properly bound and gagged, I calmly removed my digital cam-corder from it's case, set up the tripod mount and attached the expensive device to its' base.

I spent a moment or two ensuring the camera was set to the correct setting and that it was capturing the images on the bed. Once satisfied, I hit the red "Record" button. Erin was ready to be fucked and I was going to film the assault.

I walked back to the bed and rolled Erin onto her back. Her face had a look of absolute fear as tears streamed down her soft cheeks. Erin was crying although the sounds were muffled by the tight gag tied around her head. My cock throbbed and I felt the lustful desire building in my throat. I reached down and slowly unbuttoned Erin's jeans. Her stomach heaved as she struggled to remain calm.

Her skin was soft and smooth and goose bumps covered her tummy and lower abdomen. As the last button came undone, I was able to see the sexy red lace thong. The contrast between her perfectly bronzed skin and the red material was spectacular.


My hands shook as I caressed the area directly below her belly piercing and the top of her slutty thong. Erin threw her head side to side. I heard her trying to speak, "No, no no, no" through the pillow case. Her resistance only enhanced my excitement. I was intoxicated with the absolute power and control I had over this sexy teenaged girl; a girl who would soon be filled and covered in my cum.

Her jeans seemed like they were glued to her hips as I tried to pull them down. I was unable to do so with my hands so I had to reposition myself by her feet and pull down hard to allow the material to clear her curvaceous hips. Once the jeans made it beyond her hips, they moved effortlessly down to her ankles. Tears continued to roll down her face as I prepared to initiate my violation of her innocence.

Erin's thong hugged her perfect body and I lowered my face next to her pussy. I drew in a deep breath. The combination of scents was mesmerizing; her perfume, her body wash, body spray and the sweet smell of her tiny pussy made me dizzy with eagerness. I pushed my hand between her thighs. Erin threw her hips to the side in an effort to hinder my probing of her young cunt. Her feisty resistance aroused me even more as I put my hands on her hips and pinned her back down to the bed.

"Don't fight it Erin" I commanded. "I don't want to hurt you but I promise you, I will if I have to!" Erin submitted. I felt her legs go limp. I again slid my finger between her thighs and gently slid the thin, sheer cloth that covered her pussy. Her pubic hair was thick but closely trimmed and her pussy lips looked as if they were pouting.

Her young clit was visible between the folds of her lips. I was light-headed and felt for a moment as if I was going to lose consciousness. I breathed deeply and forced myself to relax.

Slowly, I felt my finger part her moist pussy lips. She was very warm and her inner lips were pink and smooth. I ran my finger between her lips and pressed it against her young clit. "Nuhhh uhhhh, please," she begged. I looked at Erin and smiled. "Relax hunni…I wanna make you feel good!" As I spoke, I shoved my middle finger deeply into her tight little cunt. Erin tried to scream again but the muffled sounds did not travel far.

I began to finger-fuck her tight little hole, once removing my finger and placing it in my mouth. She tasted so sweet, the familiar musky smell of pussy. I placed my free hand flat on her lower stomach just about her pubic line and gently pressed down as I continued to assault her cunt with my finger. No matter how much Erin did not want to be violated, her pussy still got wet from my finger being inside her. When she felt wet enough, I put another finger inside and began to stretch her tiny walls open.

My fingers were soaked and I yearned to taste this little unwilling vixen. Erin's jeans were still around her ankles making it difficult for me to spread her youthful legs apart.

Instead of removing her jeans, I simply lifted her legs off the bed and held them up in the air. In this position, her beautiful ass and pussy were fully exposed. I positioned myself on my stomach and placed my face next to her sweet cunt. The smell was exhilarating. Slowly, I placed my tongue on the rim of her virgin asshole and pressed into her tight ring. Erin squirmed from this new sensation but I held her legs tightly to prevent her from moving.

I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused. I curled the end of my tongue and tried to force it into her ass. I continued to probe her ass for another minute or two before I allowed my tongue to work up to her soft folds.

She tasted wonderful and I was surprised how soft she felt. My tongue glided easily between her lips as I found her clit. Using my fingers, I spread her lips wide apart and ran my tongue up and down her velvety soft pinkness.

As my tongue entered her tight hole, I watched her struggle, torn between pleasure and fear, ecstasy and terror, delight and disgust. I am certain Erin tried to fight off the pleasure but her hips told a different story. The deeper my tongue invaded her, the more I noticed her hips moving in unison with my tongue. I loved how Erin tasted and could have eaten her for hours.

She had the sweetest pussy I had ever seen and thought how lucky some man was going to be in a few years when he got to fuck her every night for the rest of his life. Erin was the most stunning girl I had ever seen and my lustful desires were translated into the deep probing action of my tongue. I was still fully dressed and my cock was beginning to hurt in the confines of my jeans.


I stood from the bed and undressed. Fully naked, I looked at Erin and began to stroke my 7 ½ inch cock. The tip was dripping with pre-cum and I used this as lubricant to stroke my thick shaft.

I do not recall any time in my life my cock stood more erect than it did at this moment; the huge purple vein along the top looked as if it was going to explode. I walked to my gym bag and withdrew a large black dildo I had brought along for the "fun." Erin's eyes widened as she realized I was about to fuck her with this 12-inch monster. She began to shake her head back and forth and I heard her muffled cries, "No…pleeease, no!" Grabbing a bottle of lubricant, I squeezed a long stream of warm oil onto the end of the dildo and used my hand to spread it evenly over the enormous toy.

I then crawled on the bed and pushed Erin on her side. As she came to rest, I guided her knees up towards her chest and placed the black dildo inside her tiny pussy lips.

Gently twisting, I rotated the toy like a corkscrew into her tight cunt, inch after inch after inch, deeper and deeper into her. Her eyes were wide as I shoved almost 10-inches into her and slowly began to fuck her with the toy.

My cock continued to throb as I grabbed the KY Lubricant and squirted a large amount on my cock and the rim of her ass. After I made sure my entire shaft was fully lubed, Erin winched as she felt the tip of my dick press into her tiny asshole. "Breath and relax Erin, just breath and relax" I said reassuringly.

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"The more you relax, the easier this'll be!" At first, it was difficult getting my cock past her tight ring. However, once I was inside by an inch or so, I found it easier to guide the remainder of my cock into her.

Her ass was constrictingly tight around my shaft. Erin was still on her side, the large dildo deep inside her pussy as my cock sat motionless in her ass.

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In a coordinated effort, I slowly stroked the dildo in and out of her as I began to fuck her tight asshole. I could feel the dildo through the thin membrane of skin and the feeling was incredible.

Erin was moaning but I was unable to distinguish if they were moans of pleasure or pain. "If I untie you and take that off your mouth, will you behave?" I asked.

Erin immediately nodded to the affirmative. With my cock still inside her, I quickly untied her hands. As soon as her hands were free, she reached up and untied the gag. "Hold on a minute" Erin said.

"Let me roll onto my tummy." Without waiting for my approval, Erin slid her legs down between mine and straightened her body. Now lying flat on her stomach, Erin spoke again, "Lemme put my legs together and you put yours outside mine" I liked how this naughty girl was thinking. Following her lead, I placed each knee outside of her hips and sat upright. My cock was still buried in her ass as she once again spoke, "Now, fuck me hard!" I wasted no time as I began to pump my prick hard into her.

Erin moaned louder and louder with each stroke, "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, uhn, uhn, uhn ,UHN, UHN&hellip." Erin arched her hips, raising her ass slightly into the air to improve my access to her innocent depths.

Her ass cheeks were red from the contact with my body smacking against hers. I felt myself nearing orgasm but was not yet ready to cum. Slowly, I withdrew my cock. "Come here!" she said. Erin sat up and turned sideways and immediately placed my cock in her mouth.

As she sucked on me, she took her hand and began to gently squeeze and release my balls over and over. At some point, the dildo must have fallen out of her because it was not there when I reached for her pussy. As she sucked my cock, she repositioned herself to allow me to slide 2 fingers back inside her. Erin moaned as I once again ravished her cunt with my fingers, her sounds muffled by my cock buried inside her mouth.

I couldn't resist any longer. It was time to feel my cock inside her. I motioned for her to stop and stood up. I then walked to the edge of the bed and grabbed her by the ankles.

Pulling her petite body towards me, Erin was now lying flat on her back, her lower back on the edge of the bed.

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I lifted her legs and placed each one on my shoulder. As I did, Erin grabbed my throbbing cock and pulled it into her waiting pussy. My cock slowly parted her lips and crept inside her tight hole. Once my head was inside her, I slammed my cock home. The feeling was more incredible than I ever fantasized. I felt so dirty and so wrong fucking this young teenager. I didn't care! Fucking her was worth the risk. Erin began to grind her hips up and down, signaling me to get busy.

I looked down at her and saw how beautiful she really was. Her young perky breasts bounced as I began to slam into her. Her stomach muscles tightened, revealing her incredibly sexy 6-pack. As I fucked her young cunt, I was intrigued by the sight of her pussy lips being stretched around my cock each time I withdrew its' length from within her.

Erin reached down and began rubbing her swollen clit as I slammed into her. I could hear my skin smack against hers with each powerful stroke and beads of sweat dripped from my chest onto her stomach. Erin was incredible and was turning out to be the best fuck of my life; incredible since she was so young and so inexperienced.

My balls began to ache from slamming against her ass with each stroke. "Fuck me, yes, yes, yes, Y-E-E-E-S-S-S, F-U-U-U-C-K M-M-E-E!" screamed Erin. My legs began to cramp from the assault I had launched on her tiny twat. I felt my orgasm growing. "Fuck Erin, I'm gonna cum!" I blurted out.

"Do it, DO IT" she begged, "Cum in my pussy!" Hearing her beg for my cum was enough to send me over the top. My body tensed as I shot an enormous load of warm sperm deep inside her. "I'm cumming Erin, I'm cumming!" Feeling my cock pulsing inside was also more sensation than her young body could withstand. Erin exploded in an intense orgasm with mine.

Erin was loud and I knew the people in the adjacent rooms could hear her screaming, "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" as I emptied more cum into her. My cock grew extremely sensitive and I tried to pull way from Erin but she wouldn't allow it. She continued to buck wildly, ramming her ass into my thighs. The sensation was overwhelming and I reached a point I could no longer handle the sensitivity. I stepped back and allowed my cock to fall from her pussy.

I was exhausted and out of breath. I collapsed beside Erin, sweat pouring from my body. "Jesus Christ that was good!" I exclaimed. "Fuck yeah it was…you're incredible." Erin replied. "I didn't hurt you did I hunni?" I asked. "You said you wanted it to seem realistic" "No…it was perfect. You did great!" she answered. "I was worried I may have scared you" I continued.

"No way…I told you I wanted raped&hellip.stop worrying!" she proclaimed. As I drew a breath, Erin spoke again, "Amanda's waiting downstairs. Can I call her up?" I was confused. "What for?" I asked curiously. Erin giggled, "So we can show you how sisters fuck!" - To be continued -