O tesão de foder com homens encapuzados

O tesão de foder com homens encapuzados
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She thought she heard something, and stopped walking. She was out for a hike through the jungle by herself. She had been here before, and hadn't thought it necessary to bring anyone else with her this morning. Even though the dense canopy overhead kept the sun out completely, it was still almost unbearably warm and she wore only a short, brown skirt that came down to her mid-thigh and a white blouse that was very thin and tight; her nipples pushed out clearly through the fabric despite the warmth.

She was aroused and had been thinking about sex and touching herself as she meandered through the jungle. It had been too warm for her to put on underwear this morning, and now she was glad because she could stop and finger herself briefly, just for fun, before continuing.

Just then, from out of nowhere jumped a jungle man. He was completely naked except for a thin loincloth that hung between his legs. He seemed surprised to see her, and shouted a long string of words excitedly. She smiled and waved politely, but he didn't run off as she expected.

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Instead, he moved his hands around mystically, and mumbled some strange words. Suddenly, vines reached down from all the trees around her and quickly grabbed her wrists, ankles, waist and neck.

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A big leaf with a strange smell covered her mouth, and before she could scream she fainted. The next thing she knew, she was suspended about 5 feet off the ground in a part of the forest she didn't recognize at all. She was still held captive by the vines, but was surprisingly comfortable. The vines were velvety and soft to the touch, so they didn't hurt her skin even though they held her securely. Then she noticed the man she had seen before. He was seated now on some sort of wooden throne only a few feet away and was silently gazing up at her.

Startled, she started indignantly insisting he release her, but before she had gotten very far, the man made a motion with his hand and a thick vine curled around her mouth, gagging her.

The man made a few more motions with his hands, like conducting an orchestra, then sat back and slid his loincloth to the side. She could see that his cock was nice and big, and semi-erect already, and she almost didn't notice herself getting horny. He started stroking himself and she found she was thinking about sex again, wanting to be filled by a big cock like that. Then she noticed the position the vines were holding her in. Her arms were pulled out to the side and she hung by her wrists and ankles, supported somewhat by a few thin vines across her body.

Her breasts were closest to the ground, and her back arched and stretched her shirt so tight that it was actually beginning to tear at the seams. Her breasts were hanging almost completely out, and her nipples clung to the very edge of the fabric, trying as hard as they could to stay covered. Her skirt had ridden up so that it was bunched around her waist, and she hoped that the bit that hung down was enough to shield her pussy from this wild man's watching eyes.

It soon would not be. He transitioned from stroking himself to full-on masturbating, slowly pumping his member and cupping his balls. She knew she should be indignant, but her mind was dominated by thought of stroking his dick and cupping his balls.

She wanted to suck on and lick the head cock and jack him off till he came. Suddenly, she felt something on her ass, moving against her skin all the way up to her neck. It felt hard like a penis, but it was too long and snaky. Then she felt it pull up sharply, and her skirt and blouse snapped and fell away.

Now she was completely naked, and her breasts swung freely in the warm summer air.

She let out a surprised yelp, but it was completely muffled and she could see a wide smile spread across his face as he looked at he beautiful, helpless, and now completely naked captive. A thick, juicy vine slid under her tits and supported them, slowly undulating to make them bounce and move for this wild man's pleasure.


Then a vine moved in front of her face, and she saw that even though it was green like a vine, it was more like a tendril of some enormous green monster. It was thick and juicy, and looked exactly like a big cock; it even had the right veins and texture. The vine moved slowly toward her mouth, and in an instant she knew what was going to happen.

The tendril darted to her lips and pushed its way inside. As it started fucking her mouth, she felt the one on her back slide back down to her ass and penetrate her unprotected pussy. At this, she writhed and struggled out of surprise. But for all this, she barely moved; so securely was she held captive by the vines.

It was totally hopeless, and she relaxed into the warm sensations as she felt the long, slender penis in her pussy stroke in and out, in and out. The cock in her mouth was bigger, and throbbed as it moved around in her mouth; but the cock in her pussy was steady.

It slid in and out of her in a constant rhythm, making sure to rub her clit just the right way incessantly in its course. A third vine, dripping with some kind of oil it seemed, slid into her asshole and pressed in deep. Swelling to a good size, it just stayed inside her and pulsed, Her pussy was engorged now, and every movement in her vagina made her more and more turned on.

It was as if this vine knew just where to go, just how to stroke her in and around her pussy lips to make her go crazy with sexual desire. Her orgasm built steadily, and after far too long of being helplessly fucked by these strange, vine cocks, she climaxed, hard and long.

The vines slowed. Then they stopped and pulled out. Now she lay hanging, exhausted by her ordeal, her back dripping with sweat and her pussy dripping with her own sex juices.

In a daze, she looked up to see him directing the vines once more. They obediently righted her, but instead of setting her down so she could stand, they pried apart her knees and moved her over to him. She could see a lustful look in his eye as he began to stroke her breasts and chest, sucking on her exposed tits.

She could feel his hard cock pressing up against her womanhood, and even though she was nervous, she also wanted to feel it inside of her. She smiled slightly.

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His touch did feel good, but her nipples were tender and she let out a soft yelp. He pulled back, and now the vines pulled her face down to his groin. Before she knew what was happening, he had grabbed her head and forced his dick into her mouth. He pulled out and thrust into her agin.

And again. Then he slowly pushed into her and deep-throated himself on her helpless face. A look of pleasure/pain was etched on her face; he was deeper than she thought any dick could go into her throat, but somehow she didn't vomit.

A rush of hormones throughout her body made her let out a muffled moan around his dick as it throbbed and pumped into her mouth. She licked it with her tongue and her pussy got wet again when she felt his cock jolt in her mouth in response. After a few minutes of having her mouth slow-fucked by this wild man's cock, she was pulled back again by the vines and righted once more.


Now she was facing him, and he touched himself as he fondled her with his eyes. The vines pulled her closer to him and started lowering her pussy down over his waiting rock-hard cock. The vines moved slowly, and she could feel his head touch her swollen pussy lips. The vines didn't stop there, but kept pushing his dick deep into her waiting womanhood. She felt his cock go past her lips, and her organ gripped his manhood tightly as his the ridge on his head moved up into her pussy and bottomed out inside her.

She let out a gasping moan, and he started thrusting his member again and again into her innermost regions. He ran his hands roughly, lustfully over her exposed thighs, from her ankles to her loins and back again. He grabbed her ass and stroked her lower back. He reached up and touched her naked breasts, and she felt his cock pulse inside her as he massaged her chest to his pleasure. He was on the brink of an orgasm, and slowed his pace to relish his captive. She could feel his swollen cock inside her and knew he must be close.

All at once he started ramming her fast and hard, burying himself inside her after several strokes as the head of his cock swelled to its fullest.

He grabbed her back and buried his face in her breasts as his manhood erupted inside her waiting womanhood. Thrusting into her with his hips, she felt him satisfying himself in her, his captive, again and again. Feeling the intensity of his pleasure inside her, she felt her pussy tighten around his raging member and shower his cock with her returned affection.

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Her climax was long and hard, and her scream resounded off the trees for miles as their simultaneous orgasm seemed to dominate the entirety of her being indefinitely. Slowly it began to subside, and as she relaxed she was aware of a big leaf with a strange smell covering her mouth, and before she knew it she fainted.

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When she awoke, she was lying on the trail where she first met the wild man. She was wearing her skirt and blouse again, but upon closer examination she found they had well-mended tears up the back. She sat for a while against a mossy boulder as the fog in the trees turned to drizzle. This was the best walk she could ever remember taking.