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Unp footfetish burglar feet starring mistress iside preview
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It was my first day of high school track. Needless to say I was nervous, but also excited because at my school a lot of really hot guys do track. I'm gay but in the closet, and I was really looking forward to watching people change in the locker room.

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As I walked into the locker room with my bag, it was just as I had imagined it. Guys talking, laughing, and getting ready in the warmth of the locker room. I found a locker and set my bag down, then turned around to survey the scene. Immediately almost a dozen tan, shirtless guys caught my eye. I untied my shoes very slowly, all the while watching the scene around me. Eventually, though, a lot of the guys began to head out to the track, and I realized I was way behind everyone else.

Quickly I stripped off my shirt. I am fairly tall, evenly tanned, thin but toned, with brown hair and blue eyes, and I am comfortable with myself. As I changed, the locker room was empty except for three other freshmen, all of whom I knew. There was Collin, easily one of the hottest in our grade - tall, beautifully tan, and nicely muscular with killer abs, green eyes and silky blonde hair. I'd never really talked to Collin, but boy had I thought about him!

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With him was one of his best friends, Blake, who almost rivaled Collin's looks. Blake was also tall, but not nearly as tan. Still, his muscular chest and short, light, curly hair made him extremely desirable. And finally was Collin's other friend, Mike, who was also extremely attractive but not in the same manly way as Collin and Blake.

Mike was small and boyish looking, with a deep tan and nice muscle definition. Wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes stood above a cute, rounded nose and a sensitive mouth.

Overall, I couldn't believe that I was alone with such a godly trio on the first day. No longer hurrying, I dropped my jeans as I listened to Collin, Blake, and Mike talk. They stood by the door, teasing each other and talking about school. As I changed, I wondered why they were hanging around instead of going to practice. All three of them were extremely athletic, and were not the type to ditch practice.

Deciding to try to figure it out later, I finished changing and headed out of the locker room. At that point in time there was only one working door to the locker room, and Collin, Blake, and Mike were standing almost directly in front of it.

Seeing no other way, I headed over that way, planning on squeezing in between them. If I got to rub up against some hot guys in the process, that was all the better :) As I approached, all three turned slightly to face me as they noticed me, but no one moved aside.

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A little perplexed now, I almost stopped but decided it was too late to turn back. I tried to walk between Collin and Blake, but they moved together to block me. "Woah, woah, woah, where do you think you're going?" Collin asked me. "Uhh, to practice.

I wasn't planning on missing the first day," I replied timidly, not knowing what in the hell was going on. "No, you aren't. You're going to stay right here and keep us company," said Blake. Hearing this, I tried not to let my excitement show too much, because I didn't want to seem over eager. A little unorthodox yes, but nonetheless I had just been asked to hang out with the three hottest guys I knew. "Ok thats cool with me. I'm not that into track that much anyway." I told them.

Making small talk despite my confusion, I followed them back to the part of the locker room shielded from the door by a group of lockers. After we all sat down, I saw Collin, Blake and Mike exchanging glances. Finally, Mike asked bluntly, "Do we turn you on?" Deciding to answer so sincerely that I could feign sarcasm if this turned out to be some sort of trick I answered, "Absolutely." Immediately, they looked at each other and asked, equally bluntly, "So you're gay?

Do you want to fuck?" Again I answered in what I could claim to be sarcasm: "Definitely." I conveyed nonchalance with my cavalier words, but inside I was quivering in excitement. I couldn't believe I was having this conversation! In the next few moments, I found out that they weren't kidding. Right after I spoke, Collin shrugged and then leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. As my lips met his, everything else faded away.


His lips were soft, yet still firm and warm, and he used them expertly. After a long kiss, he broke away and sat back with a smug grin on his face, because he had no doubt I had enjoyed that. As I looked at them, fumbling for words, they all looked back at me expectantly. No words coming to my lips, I did the only thing I could think of: I leaned over Collin and kissed Blake right on the lips.

No twanting to look like I was picking favorites, I reached over with one hand and began to rub Mike's thigh and put my other hand square on Collin's crotch. Blake's lips were warm and supple, and almost immediately I felt his tongue pressing against my lips to open them. I obliged, and we began to make out passionately.

After watching us for a little while, Collin and Mike leaned around us to have a kiss of their own. I lost track of time as I enjoyed the moist pleasure of Blake's lips, but eventually we ended the kiss and Mike and Collin did too. When we had caught our breath, I watched in delight as Collin stood up and peeled off his shirt.

When his shirt was off, I stared momentarily at the beauty that was his chest, and then I could restrain myself no longer. I got up and pinned him back against the lockers, kissing him again as my hands ran all over the warm skin of his chest. I moved my hands down his back, up to his firm pecs, and then down to the deep ridges of his heavenly abs. His chest was completely hairless and beautiful, and soon I broke the kiss and moved my mouth slowly down.

I kissed his neck, then ran my tongue down to his right nipple. As I flicked the nipple with my tongue and sucked it with my lips, Collin let out a low moan of pleasure. All the while my hands were exploring every inch of his upper body.

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At one point, I pushed his arms up and ran my hands up and down his inner arms and through the soft hair of his armpits. His tantalizing abs called to be licked, and so I moved my head down and ran my tonque and lips around the definitions of his six pack. After I had caressed every square inch of his abs, I knew it was time to move lower. Dressed appropriately for track, Collin had on short red running shorts. My mouth followed his lovely, thick treasure trail on down to the waist of his red shorts, and then in one sharp motion I yanked them to the floor.

What I saw turned me hard as steel: Collin was wearing skimpy black Calvin Klein briefs under his shorts. The bulge I saw impressed me, and I gave it a lick before glancing over towards Mike and Blake. Mike and Blake were laid out on the bence, kissing passionately and feeling each other up, all clothes discarded except for tight white briefs with noticable bulges in each.

Mike then straddled Blake, and began to grind into his cock through his underwear. Watching Mike's beautiful tan boyish body rub onto the muscular Blake, I had to smile at the hotness of it.

Blake obviously enjoyed it, as he used his muscular biceps to pull Mike down for another kiss. Collin had been waiting patiently as I surveyed Mike and Blake, and now I gave Collin my full attention.

I decided it was time for the briefs to go, and so I gently pulled them down to his ankles, and he stepped out of them. Now there was nothing between me and his beautiful 8 inch boner, very impressive even for someone as big as him. His 8 inch shaft of steel stuck straight out from a medium sized blonde bush, and beneath his boner hung his large hairless ballsack.

Just from the size of his balls, I knew he would be a heavy cummer. Slowly, I put my mouth around just the head of his cock, and he let out a deep moan of pleasure.

As I sucked and licked the head, precum oozed from the tip, and I spread it around for lubrication. I began to bob my head down his shaft, taking in more and more each time.

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Eventually, I was shocked to find my nose in his pubic hair, becuase I'd gotten it all! I began to suck, bob, and lick furiously as he ran his hands through my hair. In what seemed like no time at all he came, and pumped loads and loads of come down my willing thoat as I sucked up every drop.

I looked up at him and smiled, and he grinned right back. Right as I looked over, Blake began to writhe in ecstasy as he blew a load in Mike's mouth. Mike couldn't swallow fast enough to handle Blake's massive load, and cum sribbled down his chin and onto his chest.

He turned around and gave us a cumcovered smile, and Blake sat up with a grin. Realizing that I was the only one with clothes still on, I stripped naked and exposed my 7 inch boner which jutte out in front of me. Collin was the largest, at 8 inches, with Blake and me at 7 inches and boyish Mike at 5.5 inches. I sported a close cropped bush, as did Mike, and Blake was completely shaved.

For a moment we all stood around surveying each other, and Collin and Blake instantly became hard again. As I surveyed everyone's beautiful, round asses I realized exactly what needed to happen next, but they were one step ahead. Balke went to his back pack and pulled out a box of lubricated condoms, and pulled out four.

He ripped open one and rolled it down his hard cock, then walked over and put one onto Mike, Collin, and me with his mouth, slowly rolling the condom snugly down our respectable lengths. Now that we were all prepared, it was time to fuck. I had never been fucked in the ass before, but the other three looked relaxed and sure of themselves. Mike motioned me over and put his ass in the air, begging me to enter. I put the head of my cock on the rim of his tight hole, then began to push gently.

As the head popped into his tight hole, I was put on another planet. He showed no discomfort, and proceeded to shove himeself backwards and push himself onto my cock up to the hilt.

I paused briefly, and felt a hand on my back. It was Collin, and he was pushing me to bend over Mike and allow Collin to enter me! I had no choice but to oblige. "Be gentle!" I begged. Collin smiled reassuringly and I felt the tip of his monster cock on my virgin hole. Then he bagan to push, and the head of his cock popped into my hole. I grunted, and he kept pushing, The pain intensified, but the I felt a distinct pop and the pain turned rapidly to pleasure.

Collin, once inside me, proceeded to spread his legs and allow Blake to enter him. Obviously they had done it before, becuase Blake slid into him like a pro and they were ready in no time. I saw Blake begin to pump into Collin, and then felt Collin get in sync with Blake and pump in and out of me. Clumsily at first, I too began to thrust my hips back and forth, simultaneously fucking Mike's unbelievably tight hole and being fucked by Collin's massive rod.

Mike's tight ass was the most exquisite feeling I have ever felt. Like a warm, tight glove squeezing everywhere on my cock at once, Mike's ass brought me to new heights of pleasure in no time. Behind me I heard Collin and Blake grunting with pleasure as they too enjoyed our fuck train. Mike twisted around and kissed me feverishly, and I reached around him and jerked his cock with one hand while caressing his nipples wih the other.

All four of us were in absolute heaven, and our orgasms were coming on fast. The first to go was Mike, and I jerked 5 or 6 good squirts out of him into the condom. At the back of the train I heard Blake grunt quickly as he had his second explosive orgasm of the day.

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This pushed me over the edge, and I thrust deep into Mike as I shot the biggest load of my life. My knees felt weak as the best orgasm I have ever had rocked my body for what felt like forever. Mike slid off my cock, and Mike, Blake, and I concentrated on making Collin cum.

I ground against him harder and harder, pushing him as deep into my ass as he could go. Mike began to intensely suck and tweak his nipples, running his mouth back and forth across those heavenly pecs. Blake promptly pulled his head around and began to kiss Collin passionately.

So now the sex god of the freshmen grade stood motionless as the three of us proved our worth as sexual partners. As his massive balls slapped against my ass, we all felt him tense. We doubled our efforts as he exploded, and we felt him orgasm intensely for around 30 seconds.

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Gradually we came to a halt. Utterly spent, we cleaned up, exchanged phone numbers, and vowed to meet again.


This is a true story which happened to me a few months ago. Since then, the four of us (and a few others) have had many more encounters all over the school and each others' homes. If people like this story I'll write more!