Arab doxy does her best in order to squeeze jizz out of two dicks

Arab doxy does her best in order to squeeze jizz out of two dicks
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Her name was Heidi. She was about as sweet and innocent and cute as they come. She'd just turned 13 and she was a little princess, a real doll baby. She was also the only daughter, the only child, of my best friend Bill. She had also just been diagnosed with an incurable illness. They had taken her to doctors all over the world, and got the same response, that she had maybe a year, and nothing known to medical science would be able to change that.

I knew the family well, Bill, his wife and I had all been in the same class at school. We grew up in the same neighborhood. I spent a lot of time at their house, they almost seemed like family to me. Me, I was still single. I just never met the right girl and my store took up a lot of my time. I owned a music store in the local mall and it was always busy. We sold music, videos, players and video games.

One of my innovations was a small soda/burger shop at the back of the store that quickly became a teen hangout. It kept my store full of teens, and was very profitable. They loved the free internet access and I made the prices very competitive, we were much cheaper than the food court. I watched her come in through the door, wearing a little short skirt and a spaghetti strap top that fit her a little too snug. She was slender but not skinny, and had little tennis ball sized breasts that I could not help but notice.

"Heidi!" I boomed out, "Hey how are ya kid? How was school?" She walked up to the counter, "Hi Jerry! Oh, school was ok…I'll be glad when summer vacation starts!" I just laughed and said, "How's your dad, he keeping busy?" She shook her head yes, "He's buying a couple more hotels and running into some problems with it." I replied, "Well, tell him I said hello and to drop in and see me when he can and I'll buy him a cup of coffee!" She smiled, said she'd tell him and headed back to the snack bar.

I watched her walk away, and even at 13 years old, she had a cute and shapely little butt. Man!


What was I doing! She's only a baby! Jailbait and the daughter of my best friend! I never thought of myself as a Pedophile, but here I was lusting over a 13 year old girl! A couple of days later her dad came into the store. "Bill! Hey, great to see you man!" I had not seen him for several weeks. He patted my back, "Hey Jerry, yeah, it's been too long and I have been too busy.

We need to have you over some night for dinner." "That'd be fine with me." I said "How is Janet doing? I know the news of Heidi hit her pretty hard…" Bill looked at the floor, "She's ok…we're all trying to adjust, Heidi seems to be talking it better than any of us.

" He shook his head, "Y'know Jerry, I'm worth millions, I own a chain of the most exclusive hotels in the country. But with all those millions, I can't do anything to save my daughter. I can buy anything I want but I can't help her, I can only make her more comfortable. "He put his hand on my shoulder, "Jerry, I'd do anything, I'd give up anything in exchange for her life. But there are no options; this is something money can't buy!" I didn't know what to say, I just put my arm around him, "I can't even imagine what you must be feeling Bill, I wish I knew of a way to help, a way to change things.

You know that if there is ever anything you need or that I can do you can call me day or night, ". He looked at me and whispered, "I know, and Janet and I appreciate you and the way you have gone through this with us.

There is something you can do, but I don't want to talk about it here, Janet wanted me to ask you over to dinner tomorrow and we can talk about it then, can you come over tomorrow around 7?" "Sure, I'll be there" I said, "This sounds pretty serious, you have me a bit worried." Bill shook his head, "Don't be alarmed, we're old friends, we can trust each other, and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night." What in the world was THAT all about?

I had never seen him so serious. But he wasn't going to tell me anything till he was ready, so I would just have to wait. But it was really bugging me. I arrived at his home the next evening; Janet met me at the door. "Jerry! I am so glad you came over! We've missed you! C'mon on in!" I gave her a hug; it was good to see her too. She continued, "Bill is on his way home, he just took Heidi over to her friend's house for the evening, we thought it might make it easier to &" Something serious was up, and I could not even guess what.

We had dinner, as usual Janet outdid herself. She was one excellent cook. The conversation was casual, just general chit-chat, but they both seemed a bit nervous.

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Bill finally broke the ice, "Jerry, I told you there was something you could do for us, actually, something you could do for Heidi.

That's what we want to visit with you about." I looked at him and then at Janet, "You guys know I'd do anything for you and especially for Heidi, I love you guys!" Bill and Janet sort of looked at each other, Janet spoke, "We know Jerry, but this is something …well…different, and it is asking a lot of you." Bill added, "It is something we have talked about quite a bit since finding out about, you know, Heidi's illness, and we feel this is the right thing to do." I sat there shaken, "I am not sure I understand…" Janet interrupted, "Let me see if I can explain this to you.

As you know, Heidi has maybe a year left. She's only 13 and there is so much of life she is going to miss out on." She looked right at me, "The other day she was talking to me about, well, about when her time will come and some things she wants to do before that.

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One thing really stood out and we want to make it happen for her." She put her hand on mine, "Jerry, she wants to experience sex; she doesn't want to die and never experience being made love to." I sat there stunned, " Umm&hellip.I think I can understand that…but what does this have to do with me?" I was almost afraid of the answer.

Bill got up and sat right beside me, putting his hand on my shoulder. "Jerry, we want you to be the one, we want you to take her and give her a special night, make it like it is her honeymoon." Bill…Janet" I gasped, "You can't be serious! You can't mean that you want me to……I mean&hellip.she's a little girl and your daughter and…" Janet touched my arm, "We are serious, and we can't think of anyone better.

You'd be gentle, she knows and loves you and you would make it an experience of love and pleasure for her and that is important." I shook my head, "But surely you know some boys her age, one that she has a crush on or." They both shook their heads, Janet spoke, "No, a boy her age lacks experience, or if he has any, all he'd be thinking about was "getting some" and then he'd brag about it to his friends.

No, it has to be done by someone who will show her love and tenderness and will treat her as a lady, make her feel like a bride and not a sex object. That is why we chose you, and she loves you and knows you, and will be much more comfortable with that and so will we." I could not believe what I was hearing, "But, men like me go to jail for things like that, and my being a man and her being 13, I mean, she's not &hellip.designed &hellip.for someone my size, and how do you know she'd even want…" Bill interrupted, "We know because we asked her and she is delighted at the idea of having her 1st time with you.

This will be very private and there won't be any problem with the law. You and she will have the whole penthouse, no one will know you are there, any "needs" you have I will see to personally. The floor will be "off limits" to all staff, and we will do this so they have no way to know who is occupying the suite." I looked at Janet, "Jerry" she said, "I know what you are thinking and feeling about this and it is a strange request, and I understand if you turn it down, really I do, but I hope you won't, this means a lot to us and it will to Heidi, so please?" Wow!

I never expected this at all, and I was stunned. I was a bit repulsed and a bit stimulated at the same time about spending a weekend with this sexy and innocent little virgin girl.

They were both looking at me with sad pleading eyes.


I had a knot in the pit of my stomach, and felt like my head was spinning&hellip.finally I nodded and said, "Ok…I will do it…so, when is this to take place?" I saw relief in their faces, "I'll make the hotel arrangements tomorrow' Bill said, "Jane will take Heidi shopping for some special clothes, we'll really play this up as if she was going to her honeymoon…I want you to treat her as your newlywed bride.

I'll have a very elegant meal prepared and waiting for you. I'll have everything there you could want or need." Janet added, "Lets plan on the day after tomorrow, I need to talk with her a bit, to let her know what to expect, and we need to go shopping for a special dress and nightgown. How about we need, say 4pm?' Bill nodded, "I will tell you exactly where to come into the hotel at, and you'll have a private elevator to your room, and you can stay as many days as you wish.

We want this to be the most special time of her life!" "Ok" I said, "But suppose we get there and she changes her mind, or we get "involved" and she decides she doesn't like it, or we find it too "difficult" or." Janet interrupted, "Jerry, I don't think there will be any problems, but if there is, all you have to do is call us and we'll be there. Unless you call us, you won't hear from us, we won't interrupt or distract." She laughed, "Anything I want to know about how it went, I am sure Heidi will tell me when she comes home!" I drove home still stunned but I must admit I was getting excited!

I mean, I had been "undressing " this little cutie with my eyes for a long time, and now I was going to do that for real and totally have my way with her as well! Could this really be happening?' I took a few days off from the store as I could not concentrate on anything except what was waiting for me.

The day finally came and I drove to the hotel and parked the car and followed Bill's instructions to enter the building. Bill met me and told me that Janet and Heidi were on their way.

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I wondered how he must be feeling, sending his only child, a 13 year old girl, to go have sex with a 35 year old man. Under normal circumstances, that would be a father's nightmare! Heidi was beautiful! Her long hair was all done up with flowers and ribbons, and she had on a beautiful white strapless dress. I could not help but stare, which caused her to blush, making her even more beautiful.

"Princess," I said, looking into her eyes, "you are so beautiful!" She smiled at me with a shy smile and I reached out for her hand. Bill had already had our bags delivered to our room, and he led us to a private elevator that would take us to our suite. The doors closed behind us and the car began its climb upwards. We didn't say much, we knew what was going to take place and I guess we were both as little shy. She was absolutely beautiful, and I found myself captivated and enchanted by this little 13 year old girl.

I had a bulge in my pants that I know she could see, if she even understood what it meant. I wanted to just "get right to it" but I knew I had to take this slow and easy; I had to make it romantic and gentle. We reached our floor, and since the elevator opened right into our suite, I decided to go with tradition. "Baby, since this is our honeymoon, let me carry you across the threshold." She blushed and I picked her up in my arms, and gave her soft sweet lips a gentle kiss, and carried her into the room.

It was beautiful, well, for $1000 a night it ought to be. Bill had taken care of everything. The fireplace was going, soft music playing, the lights were low and there was candlelight everywhere. I kissed her tiny candy sweet lips again and then gently set her down. We sat down to a nice meal, and shared a bottle of very expensive wine.

Dinner conversation was pretty much just "small talk", but it did help her to relax and open up a bit. We finished our meal, and then I took her by the hand and lead her over to a comfortable couch in front of the fireplace. I pulled her into my lap and began to gently kiss her. It felt so strange, kissing the lips of a child, so tiny and so soft, but it was also delightful.

It took awhile but she began to kiss back, and our kisses grew more and more passionate. I gently began to probe her lips with my tongue, gently trying to coax her to open her mouth enough to allow me to enter.

At first she was taken aback, but with a little encouragement began to allow me to French kiss her, and soon began to enjoy the experience and began to meet my tongue with hers. I began to kiss her neck and ears and began to run my hands across the tiny bulge of her breasts.

I soon discovered that she was not wearing a bra and I could feel her small nipples. I continued to kiss and caress her young body and she began to get more and more excited. Finally I asked, her, "Princess, would you like to go change into your nightgown?

I can't wait to see you in it!" She blushed, but got up and went to get it from the suitcase, and headed to the restroom to change. I went ahead and changed into the silk pajamas that I had brought, and lit some of the candles and turned out more of the lights.

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I could hardly stand the wait! This little beauty was going to be mine for the next few days and nights! I could hardly wait to get my lips on her pert little breasts and lick that virgin pussy. I had to keep reminding myself that I have to go slow and easy. I heard the bathroom door open and there she was. She had on a short little gown that barely covered her skimpy panties.

It was almost totally see through. I had a good look at her little titties and could see that she had almost no hair on her pussy at all. I could see she was very self conscious, I told her how beautiful she was, picked her up, kissed her and carried her to the bed. I lay down beside her and began to kiss her and rub my hands all over her body. Her little bottom was so tiny and shapely and firm, I found my way under her panties and gave it a little squeeze.

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I slipped my hand underneath her gown and cupped one of her breasts with one hand, still kissing her tender lips. She flinched at my first touch, but began to moan softly as I began to rub her nipple. Slowly I began to lift up her gown to pull it up over her head, and she raised her arms up to allow me to pull it off. Her breasts were so tiny and so beautiful, I took one into my mouth and began to suck it and lick her nipple, and my other hand found its way inside of her panties and began to explore her pussy.

I pulled her panties off and then removed my own clothing. As she looked at me, I could see a little bit of far in her eyes. "It's ok Heidi, don't be afraid. Trust me, everything will be ok." I got back in the bed, kissed her then began working my way down her tiny body.

I got down to her tiny pussy and gently pulled her legs apart so that I could see everything. It was beautiful; she had almost no hair, what little she did have was soft, light and downy. I heard a gasp from her as I ran my tongue up and down her fresh virgin slit.

I began probing inside of her with my tongue and sucking hard on her clit and she began to moan and writhe on the bed. I focused on her clit and gently inserted a finger into her pussy. It was tight and she was still a bit "dry" so I put a bit of lubricant on my finger. I began to move my finger in and out of her, going no deeper than her hymen as I wanted to break it the "old fashioned" way. I began to lick her pussy again and she began to shake and tremble and I knew she was getting close to her climax, her first one ever.

When she came, it just exploded out of her. She was aghast, thinking she had wet the bed, but I put her fears at rest. "No, Heidi, it's a normal reaction for a woman's body to do that when excited in this way, baby, you were having an orgasm and a climax! Didn't it feel good?" She nodded, looking at me with "what's next" in her eyes.

I decided to answer that for her, "Umm, Heidi, your folks said you wanted to experience everything that a man and woman could do together for pleasure, what we just did was called "oral sex". But there are 2 parts to oral sex, one part is what the guy does to the girl, and the other is what the girl does to the guy.

You don't have to do anything you are not comfortable with, but if you really want to try everything, I can teach you what to do." I continued rubbing her pussy which was now all nice and wet. She moaned and replied, "I want to do everything, tell me what to do." "Ok Heidi" I pulled her out of the bed, "Get down on your knees for me, yes, just like that, ok, open your mouth and take my penis into your mouth.

Then I took her finger, pretend this is my penis, here's what you do to it, I began to suck and lick her finger running my lips up and down on it" She gave me a look of disbelief, "Ewww…that is sort of, gross." I replied, "Princess, it is no worse than where I just licked you." She hesitated, then gingerly took hold of me and closed her lips around it.

"Ok baby, that's good, now do what I showed you…yes…that' feels really good…ok…lick it all over.put your hand right here and gently rub my balls at the same time&hellip.yeeeees& are doing so good&hellip.that feels wonderful Heidi…take me in as deep as you can…keep going…" I was a mouthful for her and she could not go in very deep, but she had quickly caught on to just what she was supposed to do.

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I knew I was not going to last long; just having my cock inside the mouth of a 13 year old virgin girl was enough to make me blow, let alone having her sucking me. "Baby" I gasped. "Just as you had an orgasm and a climax, men do the same thing…I'm about to do that…right in your mouth…and I want you to swallow every drop for me!" Then I came, long and hard, I saw her eyes go wide and she gagged a bit, but she swallowed it.

She came up begging for a drink and I handed her a glass of wine. "Jerry, I liked the "sucking" part, but that last part didn't taste very good!" I laughed, "So Princess, does that mean you won't ever do that again?" She thought for a moment, "No…I would do it again, I just don't like that part so much, but after a few times, I t probably would not bother me so much!" I pulled her into my lap, she pressed her back up against me as I began to fondle her breasts and massage her pussy.

I began to kiss her neck and she began to moan. I could tell that kissing her neck was turning her on, then she asked me, "Some of the girls in my class, they get hickeys from their boyfriends, can you show me how to do that?

I chuckled and began to suck hard on her neck, making a huge hickey there. "ouuuuw…I didn't know they hurt…well…they sort of hurt in a nice way! I want to see it!" she got up and ran to the mirror, "Mom would have KILLED me if I had ever come home with something like this!" She giggled as she climbed back into my arms."It's my turn to do YOU now!" She began to suck harder and harder on my neck until she had left her mark as well.

"That was fun" she said, "Will you suck my boobies some more?" I lay down on my back, pulled her on top of me and began to suck her little breasts, cupping her small little butt in my hands, I began to caress and squeeze her firm little ass.

We rolled back onto our sides and I began to kiss her lips and rub her all over. She was getting very aroused and I thought maybe this was time for the next step. I pulled her close, "Heidi, are you ready to become a woman? Are you ready for me to make love to you? "She hesitated."umm…yes…I think so…I want you to…I'm just a little scared I guess…but I want to anyway…" "Don't be afraid baby, I'll be as gentle as I can, but it does hurt the first time, and it may hurt more because I am a man and you are a little girl.

But once we are past that first time, it will feel so good!" "I know" she said, "Momma told me all about it yesterday, we had a long talk so I would know what to expect, She said there was a "thing" you had to break through the 1st time, and that it would hurt and even bleed a bit, and that after that I would enjoy it. ' She hesitated, "I am looking forward to the "after it is done" part, please, let's get the "hurting" part over as quickly as possible so I can stop being afraid!" "Are you ready now Baby?

Do you want to go ahead right now? Listen baby, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. You have experienced a lot of new things today, you can stop anytime you want…are you sure you want to do this?" She nodded, "I want to, I want to know what it is like, please, go ahead and do it, do it now before I lose my nerve." I kissed her gently, and told her, "Ok sweetheart, but let's make some preparations to make it easier for you.

I have some lubricant that will make it "easier" for me to go inside of you. I am going to put some inside of you, and I will put some on myself as well.


I'll go inside you slowly to keep from hurting, but once I get to a certain point, I will have to push hard and it will hurt." She nodded her eyes wide with excitement and fear, "I am ready." I got out the lubricant, "Spread your legs nice and wide for me baby, I want to put this inside of you!" She spread her legs and I pulled her pussy open and squirted a generous amount inside of her.

She flinched a little as I stuck in my finger to spread it around inside of her. She watched as I squirted a large amount on my cock and worked it all up and down the shaft with a thick coating on the head. "Ok Heidi, now…just relax, try not to tense up as it will make it all the harder and more painful for you, just try to relax and in a few moments, the hurting part will be over." She nodded, and I gently caressed her breasts and tummy and kissed the virgin pussy one last time.

I positioned myself above her and pressed my cock against her tiny opening. Everything inside of me wanted to just ram into her…but I kept control.This was about her and not about me. I pushed forward gently and heard her gasp as the head slipped inside of her, "It will be ok baby, just relax, and take a deep breath baby." I pushed forward a bit more, slowly, giving her time to adjust, she was breathing heavy and tensed up.Gently I said, "Don't be afraid Heidi, it's going to be fine honey, relax and it will be easier." I felt her relax a bit and pushed forward a little more.

Now, I could feel resistance and knew I was up against her hymen."Baby, this is it, I am at that point your mother told you about. This is the part that hurts and then it is all over ok?

You are still a little girl, but in a moment, your virginity will be gone and you will be a woman! Now, if you are ready …" She nodded, and closed her eyes. "Ok Princess, take a deep breath…" and with all my might I pushed into her hard and deep.

She let out a scream of pain as I tore through her virginity, "owwwww&hellip.hurrrrrts&hellip.hurrrrts&hellip." I lay there motionless, letting her collect herself, "Baby, that's done, the hard part is over! Now you can enjoy it!" I began to thrust in and out of her, gentle at first but getting harder and faster. She was crying out, but no longer from pain, but from pleasure.

I knew I was not going to last long this first time she was so tight and gripped me like a glove, "Baby, I am about to come…ohhh…baby…here I go!" I exploded inside her tight pussy. Then it hit me…I had just "came" inside of an "unprotected" little girl! She could get pregnant and have to deal with that on top of her illness. I never discussed that with Bill or Janet, well too late now. I watched her as she lay there with a happy smile on her face, a small blood stain on the sheet and my cum running down her thigh.

She reached out for me and I went to her, kissing her and caressing her and enjoying her. We made love several more times that night, and in about every position possible.

Once she was over the fear of the pain, she became a little sex animal, hungry for more and more. I had just finished making love to her again, and then said, "Baby, there is still one thing you have experienced yet, I don't know if you'll like it or not, some women do and some don't…but since you want to experience everything, maybe you'd like to try this too!" She looked at me with those big and not as innocent as they used to be eyes, "Ok Jerry…ummm&hellip.what is it you want to do?" I looked at her not totally sure how to explain it, "Princess" I nervously began, "I have made love to you in your mouth, and in your pussy, but there is still one more place on your body that we can make love…" She interrupted, " Jerry!

"You don't mean in my bottom??" I kissed her and said, "Yes baby, that's exactly what I mean, don't worry, we'll start out slow, lots of lubrication and I'll just use my fingers first…till you are well lubricated and…well&hellip.relaxed enough for me to enter you.

Now, you don't have to do this, I only mentioned it so you would know about everything a man and woman can do in bed!" She thought about it, I could see her turning it over and over in her head, "If I don't like it, no matter what, you'll stop and you won't be upset at me?" I brushed the hair out of her eyes, "Baby, I don't want you to do anything you don't like.

If we try it, of course I will stop the moment you ask me to!" She thought some more, "Ok, so what do I do, how do we start?" I grabbed the lubricant, "Just roll over on your tummy for me princess, and spread your legs nice and wide for me, and relax!" She rolled over and spread her legs and I looked at the cutest little butthole I had ever seen, I could not resist leaning down and licking the puckered up little opening with my tongue.

She moaned and writhed a little, but didn't stop me. I squirted some lube on her little rosebud and more on my finger and began to slowly and gently insert it into her butthole.

She began to squirm and cry out, I stopped for a moment to let her adjust and began to push in farther and she cried out again, "That hurts, that really hurts!" "I know baby" I said, "Do you want me to stop?" From the pillow I heard a muffled "No…not yet…keep going." I pushed it in a little more, "I am in all the way now baby, now this should feel better!" I began thrusting my finger in and out of her tiny bottom, and she began to respond, I could tell she was enjoying it.

I felt her insides were becoming well lubed, and told her, "Princess, I am going to try and get a 2nd finger inside you now, just to stretch you enough that I can enter you with my penis, ok?" I heard a muffled "Ok" and slowly began to push 2 fingers inside of her, again coating them with the lube.

She shrieked at this invasion but didn't ask me to stop. I began to thrust with both fingers and it was getting easier and easier. Finally she said, "Jerry, can you go inside of me now? I am ready to try it I think…" I pulled my fingers out, lubed up my cock and pressed it against her little opening and gave and gentle push. She cried out as the head entered her body, and pushed back towards me as I continued to press into her.

"It hurts!" she sobbed, "but don't stop, keep going, I want you to keep going!" I kept pushing and then I was all the way in. "I am all the way in now baby, it'll be easier now!" I began to thrust, gentle at first but as she began to respond, I got more aggressive and soon was pounding away inside of her tiny bottom. She was screaming but it was scrams of pleasure not of pain, and I kept going till I finally came inside of her cute little bottom.

I slowly pulled out and cuddled up with her at the top of the bed. "Princess, you have learned and experienced a lot tonight!" She cuddled up close and began to gently explore my cock with her hands. "I don't want this to end; I want to do this forever with you, why can't it last forever?" "I wish it could too Princess, I sure do!" We spent an entire weekend alone and undisturbed.

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We dined, danced, sat in the hot tub, in front of the fireplace, and made love as many times and in as many ways as we could. But Monday was coming around and it was time to take her home. I drove her to her house, walked her to the door and kissed her again, said goodbye and left for home.

It sure seemed to be an empty and lonely place now. A week later Bill came into the store. "Jerry!" I didn't know what to say, it was hard to look at him after all I had done with his daughter, and wished I could still be doing.

"Hi Bill…what's up?" He grabbed my arm, "Can you leave for a few minutes, I got to talk to you!" He seemed so excited. "Yeah, I guess so.Let me talk to my assistant manager and we'll go." I told the assistant I was going to take some time off and was not sure when I'd be back. Bill almost drug me out of the store and to his car, "Jerry!

Heidi had an amazing weekend! I have never seen her so happy and seen such a glow in her face! Her mother says it is all she talks about, and she just seems like a different girl, so grown up!" Well of course, I mean, she gave and received oral sex, lost her virginity and even took it up her butt, I mean, of course she changed, grew up. I didn't know what to say, I cautiously said, "Well, that's&hellip.great…Bill." "No" he said, "You don't understand, we came from her Dr today&hellip.her numbers are better…they were amazed…that never happens…I don't mean just a little better…I mean a LOT better!" Now I was excited, "Bill!

That's great! But what do they think is making her get better? I mean there is no coming back from this…" He interrupted, "You are the reason! The Dr said that sometimes if a body is given the right motivation; it can do things that medical science can't explain!

That weekend with you! It made a difference! A big difference! Jerry! We have something that works! We can't let it go now, I want her to be with you, she wants to be with you, Janet agrees, take her Jerry, and let her be your wife…let." I jumped in, Bill! I can't marry a 13 year old girl, I can't have her live with me, and I'd get turned in by the neighbors for sure!' "No Jerry" He exclaimed, "In many states a girl under age 16 can marry if she has the consent of both parents and is accompanied by both&hellip.especially if the girl is pregnant and that pregnancy is certified by a Dr!" Jerry!

I am rich and this is my only child! Forget your business and your house, you don't need any of that, Heidi one day will own everything I have…I have a summer home in the Bahamas, take her there, all expenses covered, stay there till she becomes pregnant, then come back and marry her!" I could not believe anything I was hearing, "Bill, this is a lot to think about!

You have to give me some time! You want me to knock up a 13 year old girl and then marry her? Bill! I am twice her age! How is that going to look when I introduce a 13 year old girl, pushing a baby, as my wife? That's crazy, I have to admit, I love her intensely, but Bill!

That can't work! " "Yes it can Jerry& can live anywhere in the world you want, trust me…marriages like this are not viewed as "uncommon" in a lot of places around this world!" I looked at him, "13 is pretty young to become a mother, does she know about this?

Does she know she'd have to get pregnant?

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He leaned forward looking me right in the eyes, "She knows, she wants it and she wants you.I know your next question…you think in a few years she'll want to run off with someone her age…I can't make you believe it, but I can tell you she won't…Jerry…she loves you, you love her, and you are good for her…come home with me…let's tell her she is going to be your wife, you can be on your way to our summer place tonight& don't even need to pack anything, I'll get you everything you need!" What can I say, I took his offer.

I mean, I have a fancy place to live, anything I want. I have the prettiest little girl anyone could ask for. It's been 5 years; she's 18 now and has a figure you would not believe! We have 2 kids, a girl and a boy and she wants more.

She still loves sex, she wears me out and I love it. All traces of the illness that was killing her is gone and no traces of it in our kids. We have a private beach in back of our house and she is out there running around topless&hellip.I think those titties need a really good sucking…and since they are full of milk…the sucking will be really good!