Żona w pończochach pieprzy się z innym mąż patrzy

Żona w pończochach pieprzy się z innym  mąż patrzy
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The Afternoon Carrie woke from her brief nap.

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She was naked on the lounge beside the pool with the bright overhead sun warming her tan skin. She lay on her stomach looking across the pool at two robins hopping around on the grass. "Spring's a horny time of year for everyone," she thought as she recalled the events of the morning, masturbating in front of the windows and watching a pair of dogs fucking just outside. Her still wet hole pinched involuntarily as she thought about it.

She slipped into the pool and slowly swam around the deep end. The water felt good swirling between her legs and she didn't hear the telephone ringing until it was too late to answer it. When she went inside a few minutes later to fix a snack and get something cool to drink, she saw the light flashing on the answering machine and listened to the message.

"Bob Dickerson with Palace Carpet Cleaning.

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Greg and I will be out about two o'clock to take care of the carpet. See you then. Thanks!" Carrie switched off the machine and looked at the clock. It was 12:30. "No hurry," she thought to herself and fixed her snack and drink. After picking up a steamy novel she had bought a few days earlier, she took them to the table beside the pool. The book, a modern day romance that would never hit the "best-seller" list, wasted no time in getting pretty sexy.

"And I thought I had a good life," mused Carrie as she flipped through the pages in rapid fashion. "This lady has it made." She was referring to the fact that the heroine had a horny and understanding husband, a well hung gardener, a chauffer that was always ready for sex and an assortment of studs at her beck and call.

Planting some roses had resulted in a romp in which all three of her main men had her in the middle of the wet top soil. "I'll have to keep Doug home more and take up gardening," she thought.

The idea of having three men ravish her in the middle of a pile of soft dirt made her hot and Carrie spread her legs, sliding her fingers between them and began to gently rub her clit. She stroked it slowly and teasingly just as she had done earlier. The wetness made her fingers slick. The explicit adventures went on through the chapters and Carrie became so engrossed in the details and in her own manipulations that she completely lost track of time.

"Hello. Anyone here?" The voice came from side yard and startled Carrie out of her fantasy world. "Ah, yes! Around front! I'll let you in the front door," Carrie responded, realizing that it was already two o'clock and that the carpet cleaners were here.

She ran inside, pulled on a gown that lay at the foot of the bed and opened the front door. "Hi! Bob Diskerson with Palace. This is Greg." He motioned to the young man that was standing beside him. "Yes.

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Come in. Sorry I didn't hear the doorbell earlier. I was out by the pool and had sort of lost track of time." Carrie could see them both looking at her thin gown and knew that they could easily tell that she was naked underneath. The thought pleased her. The two men began hauling in the cleaning equipment and soon were busy at work.

It wasn't until some time later that Carrie realized that she had left her new toy, the life like dildo of the famous porn star, firmly attached to the floor in the sitting room.

When she went to retrieve it, both Bob and Greg were in the room working on a strip of carpet that surrounded the edge of the tile. After a brief pause, she said, "I should have straightened things up a little before you came," and bent over to remove the tool.

"No problem," Bob said. "We run into all kinds of, ah, obstacles in our work." After a short pause he added, "Some are just bigger than others." Even Carrie was a little embarrassed by that and then when she couldn't get the dildo loose, it caused one of her few blushes in her lifetime. "Try putting a finger under the suction cup.

That may pop it loose," volunteered Greg.


It worked and Carrie walked out of the room with out a word, carrying her oversized dildo. After getting over her initial embarrassment, she found it a delightful and raunchy turn-on, having these two total strangers see what she had, just a couple of hours ago, been plunging into her horny cunt.

"I hope they enjoyed it," she thought and she hoped that they were discussing it and her as they worked. "If their appointment had been at eleven this morning, they could have watched me." Carrie went back to the bedroom and put on a thong bikini.

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It covered very little of her but it was usually the most she wore in front of company or strangers. Modesty was not high on her list of admirable qualities. Returning to the pool, she went back to her novel and, within a few minutes was engulfed in the brazen exploits of the girl, her husband, her chauffer, the gardener and their assorted houseguests. They took turns with the girl and she always wanted more. She would repeatedly wear the men out as they attempted to satisfy her lust for sex and she constantly tormented them with her dress, actions and conversation.

She wore the flimsiest of clothes and lost no opportunity to "flash" all that would see her. Her conversation was filled with constant suggestive remarks and conveyed an open invitation to enjoy her pleasures.

Having cocks on call made Carrie envious of her and she daydreamed about it as she read. "I could get fucked for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert," she thought.

"And several times in between." Carrie knew that such an idyllic life was very much a dream but she still longed for something very similar. She would be content spending most of her time masturbating and fucking just as this girl seemed to do. It was her favorite pastime and she wished it possible for it to be her avocation.

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She loved playing with her erect clit, especially if someone was watching her and she loved the feeling of a hard cock sliding up her open love tunnel.

Just thinking about it produced a small orgasm in Carrie's hungry cunt. Carrie pulled down her thong bottoms and flipped them away with her foot. Her fingers quickly undid the bow that tied her top and she discarded it with a similar, quick motion. She didn't care that the men inside the house were strangers. She was hot and any semblance of propriety was easily discarded when she felt this way. "I wonder if they would like to watch me cum," she thought and reached for the huge dildo that was on the table beside her.

It slipped into her open pussy with ease and she started pumping it in and out as she had earlier in the day. It felt fantastic and she wanted the men to see and hear her. Carrie moaned as the tool struck the end of her open hole. She was sure that it was loud enough to be heard inside and she wanted it to be. The enormous phallus was filling her completely and she raised her legs in the air to even better feel it thrust against the end of her twat. Her head was back and her eyes closed as she repeatedly maneuvered the dildo in and out.

Carrie was totally captured by her own thoughts and the feelings between her legs when she felt the familiar soft, smooth and firm skin against her mouth. She didn't open her eyes, only flicked out her tongue to run it around the head of a very hard cock that was in front of her.

Tipping her head slightly forward, she sucked it into her mouth. She could taste the cum that had already formed in tiny droplets at the hole in the end and she liked the taste. Feeling the cock grow larger and harder as he rammed it down into her mouth, Carrie used her free hand to stroke the part of the rod that was not in her mouth. She could feel his balls rolling around in the firm sack below his cock and fondled them.


She could also feel a pair of hands as they rubbed the inside of her thighs and ran across her swollen clit. She didn't know whose cock was in her mouth nor whose hands were on her cunt and didn't care as long as they were there.

She could sense her impending orgasm and opened legs wide to let it consume her. Her cum dripped from around the dildo and pooled on the lounge as she came off, giving a muffled moan around the cock that filled her mouth. As she pulled the device from her dripping snatch, she could feel a mouth sucking her clit and licking her gaping hole. She quickly came again and then felt the end of a warm shaft as it slipped into her hungry pussy.

It went all the way to the end in one smooth stroke and began pumping fiercely in and out of her huge hole. Both cocks pumped at her with long hard thrusts, each reaching the very limits of her depth with each stroke.

To Carrie's total satisfaction, neither of her intruders seemed to be filled with frantic urgency. They both thrust hard but appeared to be enjoying their own masturbation within her. Her cunt griped and sucked the cock in it just as her mouth treated its occupant.

Each stroke brought a double thrill to Carrie and she came in an almost constant flood of orgasms. The man in her cunt was also busy sucking on her tits and she thrust them up to his mouth. She could smell her own cum and could taste the cum on the shaft in her mouth. Carrie loved the salty, musty taste and could recall having her mouth filled with it on many occasions. She enjoyed it too much to let a drop escape and would swallow it all as it came spurting out. As thought she had willed it, Carrie felt the cock in her mouth grow harder and his thrusting become more rapid.

The gush of hot cock juice filled her mouth repeatedly and she gulped fast to keep from loosing any of it. She could feel it hit the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth in hot, long squirts. When he had finished coming off, Carrie sucked hard on the hot shaft and could feel the last drops of his cum as it trickled out into her mouth. She continued to suck and lick on this cock as she concentrated on the erect member that filled her twat.

She could tell that it too was about ready to shoot off and Carrie thrust up to meet each hard ramming motion it made. She could feel his teeth as they bit at her erect nipples as he let go inside her. The mixture of her cum and his cock juice slipped out onto the lounge with each subsequent plunge.

The pungent aroma filled the air as Carrie felt both of the cocks slip out of her at the same time. As though one of the men sensed her feelings, he stuck the large dildo back into her gapping cunt and gently stroked in and out before departing. Carrie lay back and enjoyed the full feeling, the wetness under her ass and the salty taste in her mouth. Sometime later, Bob called from the back door of the house, "We're finished with the carpets now." Carrie pulled the dildo out of her aching cunt and talked into the house, still naked.

She wrote a check for the cleaning and handed it to Bob. "You both did an excellent job. Thank you!" "Thank you," replied Greg. "It was a pleasure being of service to you." They all three smiled at the conversation as Carrie led them to the door. She stood in the doorway as they got in their van and after a long final look at her naked body, backed out of the driveway and pulled away. Carrie stood there a while longer, just being naked.

Finally she closed the door and, smiling to herself, returned to the pool. "I wonder which one was which but I'll probably never know."