Glamour girl peeing into a vase

Glamour girl peeing into a vase
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Thelma and Me (Summer of 65) Part 2 After tea on the Friday evening Thelma stopped me as I was going into upstairs to my room. Her eyes looked wild and her breathing was heavy. "I'm going to a party," She said in a low voice, "do you want to watch me getting undressed?" I nodded like a puppet.

"Wait in my room…I'll be up in five minutes." I skipped up the stairs two at a time! I nervously let myself into my sister's bedroom.

I'd been in many times before borrowing her dirty knickers and stuff to use when I played with myself, but this time was different; I'd been invited. As good as her word Thelma arrived five minutes later.

"Take your shorts and pants off," she told me as soon as she entered the room, "I want to watch you have a wank." I did as I was told and dropped my shorts and sat on the end of her bed with my stiff cock already in my hand. Without ever taking her eyes off me, Thelma slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing her new 'Cross your Heart' bra which gave her breasts a lovely shape then unzipped her mini-skirt showing the merest hint of her yellow knickers.

"Are you ready?" She panted as she slipped off the white blouse and her skirt slid down her tanned legs. I nodded my head and began tugging at my boner. My sister then put a hand behind her back and deftly unclipped her bra; the other held it in place at the front.

I could see her breasts were heaving and her breathing was becoming forced as she eventually threw it onto the floor. My own heart was racing when I saw her dazzling tits and massive pink nipples. Thelma began rubbing her tits and teasing her erect nipples as I matched her stroke for stroke.

She was now breathing very deeply through her mouth as she pulled her knickers down.

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My strokes were getting faster when I spotted strands of her sticky juices sticking to the gusset as she peeled them over her arse. After throwing them at me, Thelma nimbly lifted her left foot onto her dressing table chair exposing her delicious hairy fanny to my gaze for the second time in a week. "Do you like my cunt, Brian?" Thelma gasped as she fumbled behind her on the dresser.

I nodded meekly and tried to slow the speed of my wank. "Would you like to see me fuck my juicy cunt with…this?" She panted as she produced a long wooden handled hairbrush. "Yes please." I whispered as she stroked the thick end against her gaping flaps.

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"Ooohhh," she groaned as the first inch or two easily slid inside her pink slit, "ooohhh Brian that feels soooooo good." My eyes were like saucers as my sister pushed the wide handle of the brush all of the way inside her vagina, until the bristles were touching her pubes. I was so shocked I'd stopped playing with myself. "Brian…Brian," she puffed, "I want to watch you wank yourself&hellip.while I fuck my …cunt!" My hand quickly began rubbing my aching shaft as Thelma arched her back and looked in pain as she energetically fucked her dripping hole with the hairbrush handle.

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"Ohhhhh&hellip.Uuuggghhhh," her face was contorted as she hammered the brush as deep inside her body as it would go, "this is so…fucking…good…Uuuggghhhh" Thelma's legs were now spread as wide as humanly possible as she began rubbing a spot at the top of her gash for all that she was worth.

"Come here!" She squealed, "Spunk on me…SPUNK ON ME!" In an instant I was standing inches away from her and shot a load of my goo onto her sweaty pubes and the back of the hand with the brush in it.

As I stepped back I became a little anxious as my sister threw her head back and began shaking all over as she gasped and groaned, "Yes, yes…YEEESSS!" "Sis?" I asked, "Are you alright?" With a grin the size of a bridge she nodded and reassured me that she couldn't have felt better as she smeared my spunk across her tits.

"You can go now," she nonchalantly told me as she picked up her bathrobe, "but be ready when I come home later…I've got a special treat for you!" The rest of the night was a nightmare as I re-lived the hairbrush scenario hundreds of times in my head but racked my brain for what my 'special treat' was going to be. I was already in bed when I heard the front door open and close. My heart was beating like a drum as I heard every single stiletto footstep creep along the landing.

Then there was silence until my bedroom door slowly eased open. "Brian? Brian?" Thelma drunkenly whispered, "Are you awake?" Awake!

I couldn't have slept if you'd given me 100 of mum's sleeping tablets! "Ssh…yes." I said in a low voice. "Come to my room then." Thankfully we lived in a large stone house and our parents slept well away from our rooms, but I knew that I had to be as quiet as possible as I tip-toed across the landing. There was only a bedside light on when I crept into my sister's room; the shadows making everything even more sexy and mysterious.

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"Take your fucking pyjamas off and stand over there." Thelma giggled drunkenly. In front of our parents and at work Thelma was the epitome of an English Rose; but she took great delight in talking as dirty as possible to me; using fuck, cunt, piss, cock and shit like 'God Bless You'! In a Pavlovian way the effect is still with me today; I love women to talk dirty to me. I stood naked and cold beside her bed as she seductively did a strip-tease for me until she was standing in just her black seamed stockings and suspenders.

"I want you to do something really special for me." Thelma purred as she sat on the edge of her bed with her legs wide apart as usual. "Kneel in between my legs and kiss my cunt." She laughed to herself.

"Kiss it?" I questioned her. "Yes… fucking kiss it …kiss my cunt." My sister playfully growled. "But…but you," My stiffness withered away as I continued, "but you…pee out of there!" "Ha, ha, ha" she chuckled, "don't worry baby…it won't taste of…piss…just do it for me…please." I bent forward, unsure what to do and gently kissed the hairy part at the side.

It didn't smell half as bad as I'd expected. "Mmmm that's nice." She lied, "now the fleshy parts…kiss my piss flaps." I bent forward and kissed the dangling flaps of skin. "Ooh that's good…more.more, more." She sighed as I kept planting little kisses all over her sexual folds. Thelma pulled her legs back until her knees were waving in the air which made her pussy lips peel apart.

"Lick it…lick my cunt for me." My sister pleaded. I tentatively stuck my tongue out and lapped at the frothy liquid that was oozing out of her gaping hole.

It had an odd taste not sweet and not sour, just odd, like nothing that I'd ever tasted before. I quickly acquired a taste for it though! Urged on by the gurgling sounds from my sister I lapped and licked her love juice like a kitten at a bowl of cream.

The sensations for both of us were fantastic Thelma was in a trance as I ran my tongue over every inch and in every crevice of her soaking wet cunt until I finally found that spot that she would normally rub herself.

That's exactly what it felt like… a spot or a boil hidden in a fold of skin…but as soon as the tip of my tongue touched it…WOW! Thelma began shaking like she was having a fit. "Finger me…stick your fucking finger up my cunt!" She groaned as she gasped for air. I eased my hand between my face and her vagina until I cautiously touched the slit with my fingertip as my tongue continued flicking across her clitoris.

"Stop fucking around," she grunted, "Shove it in! Stick two in! Fuck me with your fingers!" I shifted my weight as she began rubbing her stocking covered feet across my shoulders and head and easily pushed two fingers into her red hot cavern.

I'd spent the last two years wondering what a girl's pussy felt like and here I was with two fingers rammed deep inside my sister's hot cunt! She was now so wet and turned on it felt like she was pissing herself as I jammed and twisted my fingers as deep as I could get them while I began sucking on her clit.

Eventually Thelma couldn't take any more and grabbed a pillow to bite on as she had a very powerful orgasm all over my young face. She was grunting and groaning as loads of warm sticky stuff oozed out of her slit straight into my mouth. What started out 5 minutes earlier as a 'nothing flavour' now tasted like nectar and I couldn't get enough!

I licked and sucked every last drop out of my sister's tender pink hole. Just like when she'd cum with her hairbrush, Thelma trembled and shook for a good few seconds in the afterglow of her orgasm.

When she finally relaxed her grip on my head with her legs I stood up to find that I'd shot a load of spunk spontaneously onto her bedspread! God knows what Mum would think when she came to tidy the bedroom. Over the next few weeks we had many more secret trysts like these; usually using the 'cover story' of listening to records in her bedroom. I loved her 'talking dirty' to me and soon managed to control the effect it had on me - no longer having to run out of the room if she told me 'that her cunt was red hot' or 'she wasn't wearing any knickers'.

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Thelma was always 'in charge' and I always had to wait for her to initiate everything which always took place in her bedroom. She really 'got off' watching me wank in front of her and taught me many different ways to make her come with my tongue or my fingers.

She only ever sucked my cock twice I loved it but she didn't seem to enjoy it.


I also used many different things from the hairbrush to large candles to carrots to shampoo bottles and even a glass Coke bottle to fuck her with. One Sunday afternoon Thelma was unmercifully teasing me; talking dirty, grabbing my dick and lifting her skirt up to flash her latest sexy knickers whenever Mum turned her back.

In due course I had to leave the room and hide in the kitchen as Mum and Dad discussed some old family member. As usual Thelma followed. "You've got to stop!" I pleaded, "They'll notice!" "I don't fucking care!" Her eyes sparkled like diamonds as she laughed.

"Here…fuck me with this!" "What? You're kidding me," I gasped as she handed me a foot long cucumber that Mum had left on the kitchen table as part of a salad. "I'm serious!" She giggled as she hitched up her short skirt and lay back on the table. "But…but…it's…huge!" I said as I narrowed my eyes to try and take in the size.

"Come on…be quick," Thelma laughed as she pulled her knickers to one side. I grinned and shrugged my shoulders. Possibly because of the vegetable's size and my sister not being as wet as usual no matter how hard I pushed, the cucumber wouldn't fit into her gash. Because the parents were in the next room I wanted to stop and try later in her bedroom; but Thelma being Thelma insisted that we had to do it then; right on the table.

"Here…use this!" She told me as she slid the margarine dish across the table. "What do you mean?" I asked incredulously. "Rub marge all over it," Thelma giggled. "That should make it nice and greasy!" As I covered the cucumber with half a block of bright yellow margarine my sister rammed two then three fingers up her snatch to try and lubricate herself manually!

She was correct. As she held her knickers to one side I effortlessly slid inch after inch of the cold cucumber covered in Stork margarine deep inside her cunt. The look of trepidation on her face will live with me forever as nearly two thirds disappeared inside her body. "Faster&hellip.faster&hellip.fuck me harder" she gasped as I fucked her with part of the Evening Meal, "Yes…Yeesssss…my cunt's going to fucking explode!" Thelma pulled her legs back until her knees were nearly touching her ears which gave me a great view of the cucumber disappearing inside her body.

She suddenly flung her legs down and began furiously rubbing her clit which was now sticking out like a third nipple as the cucumber slid in and out as easily as my fingers normally did.

"Fuckmefuckmefuckme," she whispered like a mantra as her fingers were now rubbing her love-button in a blur. "Yeeeessssssssss you fucker!" Thelma groaned as her orgasm coincided with me pushing nearly the whole cucumber deep inside her cunt probably hitting her cervix!


As I stepped back to admire the picture of Thelma now slowly fucking her self with the cucumber I heard Mum's footsteps coming along the passage. Thelma flung the vegetable at me and jumped off the table without adjusting her knickers. "Hello you two," Mum said as she walked into the kitchen, "what are you up to?" "Oh…ehm," I stuttered as I waved the cucumber that had just been impaled inside my elder sister's vagina seconds before, "Just preparing the salad for tea." "Oh that'll be lovely." Mum smiled and put the kettle on the hob to make a pot of tea.

We continued our sexual experiments for another couple of weeks until Thelma announced to the family that she had been offered a promotion but it would mean moving to London.

After much deliberation my parents agreed to let her go. I was devastated, but knew that it was for the best for both of us. After two weeks Thelma returned with tales of 'the Big City' and to collect the rest of her things as she was about to move into a flat with two other girls from the same Department Store.

I mooched around the house as Thelma and Mum packed her suitcase. As I was sitting in the living-room reading a book Mum shouted that she was going to the greengrocers and wouldn't be long. Suddenly the sister swept into the room and grabbed my arm.

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"We'll have to be quick," she giggled, "but I want to do something special before I go back to London!" Without another word she whisked me up to her bedroom; only stopping on the stairs to lift her skirt to show me her bare arse as she hadn't been wearing any knickers! Once inside the room she threw herself onto the bed and lifted her skirt up above her waist. Her pussy looked as hairy and as beautiful as I'd remembered. "Come on Brian," She urged me as I stood at the bottom of the bed, "get your fucking cock out and stick your face into my cunt!

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It's fucking ages since you gave me one of your special licks." I couldn't resist so I unbuckled my trousers, dropped to my knees and buried my face into her soaking wet cunt. It tasted divine as I slurped and licked at her soft velvety flesh sucking and nibbling at her clitoris which was sticking out like a thumb. As she moaned and groaned and purred I pushed my shoulders under her thighs and raised her onto her hips so I could get a better access for my fingers.

"Fucking Hell Brian!" She howled as four of my fingers forced themselves deep inside her sticky twat, "Oh you little fucker! Yeeeessssssssss…more, more, more!" I flashed my tongue across her clit as I twisted my hand and angrily pummelled her cunt as hard as possible until she began thrashing about and screamed the house down when her orgasm finally tore through her body.

As my sister lay trembling on the bed I stepped out of my trousers and pants. Without asking or waiting for an invitation I bent forward and rubbed the knob of my cock along her gaping hole. Thelma opened her eyes and froze as my cock sank into her warm love-tunnel as if it was the most natural thing in the world. I slowly eased back letting my cock nearly pop out then slid it back in until it was completely embedded in her cunt. Our eyes were locked and Thelma hardly moved while I slowly and deliberately fucked the 22 year old sister for the first and last time.

It was the most amazing feeling in the world as I revelled in finally losing my virginity with our sister. As I gained more confidence I slid her sweater and bra over her tits and sucked her nipples while my hips banged my cock deep into her belly. Thelma eventually broke the spell by softly whispering, "You will take it out when you need to cum, won't you?" The words tipped me over the edge and I made it just in time!

Just as my purple tip came into view jism spewed out of my piss-hole and covered her pubes and belly with the most spunk that I'd ever produced.

I watched in silence as Thelma cleaned my mess up with her knickers before handing them to me as a keepsake. Within minutes Mum returned, we had a family meal and Thelma caught the 7 pm train to London. We have discussed 'The Summer of 1965' several times over the years and both agreed that it was the most exciting thing that we've ever done in our lives but it was best for everyone that it ended when it did.