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Real slut rides black rod
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So I had been a friend of Randys for quite some time. Him and my brother grew up together. He had moved away four years ago and became a famous wreslter.

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He still kept in touch with the family though. He invited my brother out to see his show and I insisted on going to see him because I missed him too. " Im out of school for summer break Derrick.

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I want to see Randy I miss him.Let me go with you." "He asks about you all the time. So I dont see why there would be a problem." This made me smile. I was 6 when Randy was 12. And I had the biggest crush on him. But I was too little back in those days. I was now a sophmore in college. "Plane leaves at eight in the morning so you might want to pack tonight and get some sleep sis." Derrick said as he headed out the front door of our parents house. The plane ride to St.

Louis was tiring but when we stepped off the plane the sights got alot better, There he was waiting on us with a sexy smile on his face. He had jeans and a white button-up shirt and my mouth started watering just from looking at him. I got distracted and almost fell trying to walk, Derrick laughed and grabbed my other bag as Randy threw his arms around me and lifted me twirling in the air. This tand 6'5 well muscled hunk.shew, was the only thing I could think.

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" You turned out to be beautiful Dallas." he said sitting me back down. "Wow i must have been really something when I was little." I said laughing. " You were cute then Dal. Now. really no words come to mind." I pushed him playfully and we all started walking to the cab. Once in the cab I closed the door and listened to him and my brother talk about old times.

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After we got back to the hotel Randy saw us up and told us he would give us time to rest and come back in a few hours. My brother decided after Randy left that he didnt want to stay holed up in the hotel and said he'd be back later that night. I rolled my eyes and decided to go take a nice long bath and get ready to see Randy later. Not long after I laid down in the bath tub I heard a knock at the door.

I jumped out of the tub and grabbed a towel wrapping it around me as I ran to the door thinking it was Derrick and he forgot something. I flung open the door and rudely said "What?!" "Ah I see I've interuppted your bath huh?" It was Randy smiling at me. "Shit.

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Sorry. I didnt know it was you. Let me go throw some clothes on." I said turning. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into him. "Don't put them on now. I like how your dressed now Dal." He let me go and shut the door.

I started giggling like a little girl and I know my face was so red. I felt the heat rushing up my neck and I felt it rushing to other places as well. I folded my arms across my chest and turned my head. "Am I embarrasing you or something?" he said laughing walking towards me. "Do you know how beautiful you are Dallas? Thant long blond hair and angels face. Big green eyes.

Curves that wont quit. Damn. Since you stepped off that plane I cant stop thinking about you." "Thanks I guess." I said looking the other way. I really was embarrassed by all this but I still ached for him. To know how he felt. To know what it was like with him.


"Will you let me see more of you? Don't be shy Dal. I know you want me as much as I want you." he said putting his arms around me.

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First he kissed my forehead and then he came down to my lips. I gasped a little and when our lips touched I lost my breath and it felt like the room was spinning. I threw my arms up around his shoulders and he lifted me up in his arms and carried me over to the bed and laid me down. He started to unbutton his shirt and stopped to kiss me.

He pulled the towel off of me and put his mouth on my nipple as he rubbed down my belly down to where I was getting wet. I moaned as his fingers slid inside of me and I lifted my hips wanting him to go further. "What do you want Dal?" He asked me as he kissed down my belly.

"I want you to fuck me Randy" I moaned. He then stood up and undid his jeans and pulled them down. I leaned up on the bed and put my lips to his giant cock. I took him in my mouth as I looked up at him. He pulled my hair back and grunted a little. After a few minutes he pulled back and laid me back on the bed.


"Your pussy is so pretty and pink." He said pulling my legs apart. He put his knees between my legs and put his cock at the opening of my pussy. "Hard or slow?" he asked sliding his cock into my pussy. "Hard baby.

Hard." I said gripping the sheets. His cock had to be 10inches long and it was so thick.


"Your so tight Dal." He said thrusting into me again and again. Hard. Harder. Even harder. He flipped me over onto my stomach and stuffed his cock into my pussy from behind. He pulled my head back and kissed me fucking me even harder.

By that time i was almost screaming. "Fuck me Randy. Fuck me Baby." He kept pulling my hair and saying. "You like that baby? You want more?" We came at the same time and he layed down behind me rubbing my back and hips.

"Now thats what dreams are made of." I said smiling.