Some mature deliciousness from TheMilfaholic dot com

Some mature deliciousness from TheMilfaholic dot com
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It all started when Ashley started her new job working at a local Bed and Breakfast. It would be her second job she had, the first being a job at Wal-Mart, but she really needed the money seeing as her family was very poor.

She was 16.

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Her dad was an alchoholic and her mother blew every cent she earned on meth. Most people looked at Ashley as a trailer park, white trash, whore. The fact was though that she was actually a good person. She was very shy and didnt have many friends. She was about 5'1" brown hair that came down to her shoulders, B-cup breasts and a cute face.

Cute but no one would really call her hot. No one except Brian. Brian was 17 and almost the exact opposite of Ashley. He was outgoing, popular, an amazing football star at the high school. He didnt work at all mostly because he didnt have to earn his own money. The Bed and Breakfast that his family owned was the most successful lodging facility in the area. And if you where to ask any girl, Brian was deffinently hot.

he was 6 foot, muscular, ripped abs and chest and just radiated sexyness. Ashley had been working at the B&B for just under a two weeks when she and Brian had started talking and getting to know each other. Ashley couldn't get over the fact that despite Brians popularity and sexyness, he was still a really nice guy. He would help her make beds and talk with her while she cleaned bathrooms so she wouldnt get bored.

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At the same time Brian noticed the fact that he was beginning to fall for this girl who was nothing like any girl he had ever been with. Naturally, being the star football player, he had on several occasions dated and had sex with some of the hottest girls in the school. But now here he was with this girl who he found absolutly beautiful but deffintenly not the preppy, popular cheerleader type that he had been with before.

It was soon that Brian realised that they were both beginning to fall in love but it had to be him who made the first move. And he would soon get his chance It was 8:30 on a saturday night. Ashley had realised earlier that she left her paycheck at the B&b and wasnt able to go get it until her shift was done at Wal-Mart.

So before she went home she decided to stop over at the place and pick it up hoping that everyone wasnt already asleep(she really needed the money). She walked up to the house and knocked on the front door. To her surprise and delight it was Brian who answered not wearing any shirt reavealing his ripped chest and muscles.

Brian: Hey Ashley, what are you doing here so late? Ashley who had been starring at Brians beautiful body snapped back to reality Ashley: Oh! I forgot to grab my pay before i left this morning so i dropped by to pick it up. Brian: ok come on in and ill see if i can find it.

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Brian finally saw his chance and quickly formulated a plan in his head. He went over to the front desk and pretended to look around for the check. Brian: You know what i think i saw it over in room 1. Theres no one in there tonight so lets go see if my mom accidentally left it there Brian threw Ashley a flirtacious smile. Ashley immdiatly new he was lying and could see where this was going but played along anyway.

They both went into the room and briefly took a look around. Ashley who had her back to Brian said" well i dont see it anywhere so." At that moment she felt his hand grab hr shoulder and turn her around.

They both stood there looking deep into each others eyes before embracing in the most passionate kiss either of them had ever experienced.

It was the first time Ashley had kissed another boy. She couldn't believe how wonderful and aroused she felt standing there being held by Brians strong arms. For the both of them it felt like everything in the world was perfect at that moment. Brian picked ashley up and carried her over the bed where he laid her down. Brian was over top of ashley running his hands up and down her body, still embraced by there lustful kiss. Brian pulled his face away from Ashleys to look into her eyes again Brian: I love you.

It was the single most wonderful thin ashley had ever heard and it made her desire for him stonger then ever. She flipped him over so that it was him lying on the bed and pulled down his shorts. Brians 7 in dick stood at full attention. It wasnt the first time the Ashley had ever seen a penis but she thought that Brians was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen. By instinct Ashley knew exactly what to do. She started at the base and ran the tip of her tongue all the way up to the head and back down again.

She kissed around the base and then finally wrapped her lips around the head.


Her head started bobbing up and down on Brians hard member. Brian let out a moan of pleasure. it was one of the best blow jobs he had ever had. After a few minutes Ashley felt his dick began to swell inside her mouth and she knew he was about to cum.

Brian reached down and pushed her head down all the way and unloaded streams of hot, sticky cum intoher mouth. Ashley did her best to swallow all the cum that went into her mouth but some of it still made out the corners of her mouth. She took his dick out of her mouth and look up at brian smiling, not knowing what to do next. But brian new exactly what to do. he put Ashley back on the bed and began unbuttoning the front of her shirt. Next he took off her jeans so that all she was in was her bra and panties.

Brain reached around her and unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor then slid her panties off and threw them. He got back on top of her and began kissing her on the neck making his way down to her tits. he pinched the right nipple while he began sucking on the left. Ashley let out a shuttered gasp. She had never felt something this incredible in her entire life.

Brian began making his way down further, kissing her stomach, her belly button her waist. Then he got on his knees at the edge of the bed and began to kiss the insides of her thighs making his way towards her dripping wet and hot pussy.

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but just before he got to the lips of her pussy he stopped and began kissing just above it, teasing her. Ashley let out a whimper: Please, Brian, lick my pussy!

I want it so bad! Brian laughed and dove straight in.

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Ashley let out a relieved moan. Brian began thrashing her pussy with his tongue. Likcing her outer lips and fucking her with his tongue. Then he began sucking on her clit. This set Ashley over the edge. She began moaning even louder, thrusting her hips up into his face, and grabbing hold of the sheets and twisting them and holding on for what felt like dear life. Finally her fisr orgasim ripped through her body. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She was moaning as load as she could and was surprised that the whole B&B didnt wake up.

Finally the orgasim subsided and Brian lifted his head up and smiled at her. Brian: i Take it u liked that. With a shaky voice Ashley replied: That was the most incredible thing i have ever felt. Brian: Well its not over yet. Ashley knew exactly what he ment and now it was her turn to throw him onto the bed.

She climbed on top of him and guided his hard cock into her pussy. For a few seconds it hurt since it was the first time she had ever been fucked but that pain was quickly replaced by pleasure. She began to ride his rock while at the same time he was thrusting deep into her pussy.

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It was the most wonderful time of both there young lives. They were completely in sync with one anothers motions and were soon hurdling towards their orgasims. With out much warning other than his increased breathing Brian blew his load deep inside Ashley's pussy.

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The feeling of his cum filling her up inside was enough to finally set her over the edge. They both orgasimed at the same time, there moans echoing through out the room.


They both fell over onto the bed and embraced in another passionate kiss. They pulled apart and began looking into each others eyes again. Brian: That was the most amazing time of my life.

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Ashley That was the most incredible thing i have ever felt Both: I love you. They smiled at each other and then drifted off into sleep, Ashley warm and safe in Brians big arms, Brian soothed by the warmth of her body and the flowery smell of her heair, both in complete and absolute bliss.

Please tell me if this was good and perhaps ill make a series out of it!