Busty stepmom cocksucks in trio with her teen

Busty stepmom cocksucks in trio with her teen
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Little Piggy-5, Double Detention Day 2 Tuesday Little Piggy found it hard to concentrate in class as every time she moved the fingers of the training belt would send new sensations through her.

Finally the school day was over and she hurried to Mr. Newnen's office for her detention. The brisk walk jarring her pucker and folds with each long stride. She knocked on the office door and heard Mr. Newnen invite her in. She stood inside the door of his office waiting for instructions. Mr. Newnen was correcting papers as usual. 'Are you wearing the training belt as instructed?' he asked not looking up from his work.

'Yes.' is all she said. 'Show me please.' He looked over at her now and leaned back in his chair.

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She lifted her skirt displaying her clean panties over the training belt. He motioned her closer and to turn around and she responded immediately. She lifter the back of her skirt and bent forward.

A small gasp escaped her lips. 'And how long did you wear it?' he asked. 'I only took it off to clean up and put it back on three times.' she said proudly. 'All night then? And all day in class?' he insisted.

She nodded. Mr. Newnen pulled her panties down to inspect their placement. LP shivered her folds dripped. He pushed the strap against her pucker and then spanked her lightly. She shook and her knees wobbled. 'Very good. Maybe I should give you something for you efforts.' he posed.


She nodded eagerly. He was just loosening his belt when Coach Gray entered the room.

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He had a box in his hands which he set down on a filing cabinet. 'Ah, Coach Gray. I was just about to reward our young lady for following instructions.' Mr. Newnen said pointing to LP's skirt. Coach Gray looked at her, 'This is detention. What does she deserve an award for?' 'She's been wearing her training belt from the time we gave it to her.' Mr.

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Newnen replied. Coach Gray leered at her then gave an evil smile, 'I bet she has.' Mr. Newnen finished loosening his pants and exposing his dick. LP's breath got shallow and her heart started to pound anticipating what would happen next. 'Take off your panties and hand them to me.' he said. She complied quickly. 'Now stand there and bend over.' Again she complied leaving her face just inches from his cock. Coach Gray spoke from behind her, 'Spread your legs if you need to.' As she slid her legs wider it brought her mouth ever closer to her prize.

'Get to it young lady.' said Mr. Newnen, 'Lots to do today.' She sucked up his dick and quickly drew it in as far as she could. It started to grow immediately and she pumped on it a couple times making sure it slid smoothly down her throat.

She felt Coach Gray's hand lift her skirt and rub her ass then give it a hard spank sending her forward. She tipped over, her face pressing against Mr. Newnen's waist for balance, his dick logging firmly in her throat. She shook with its depth. Coach Gray grabbed the strap between the fingers and pulled her back with it until she was again balanced on her feet. The fingers pulling out of her slightly and then back in place. He spanked her again right in the crack. Her legs were shaking and she was feeling Mr.

Newnen's cock filling her throat. She went flush and both her pussy and ass were hot, itching. Coach pulled her back again, pulling the fingers out part way.

Then he gave them a push, shoving them in and her down on the cock. LP twitch and wiggled her ass, shaking to her core. Coach continued repeating this over and over.

Pulling and wiggling the fingers in and out of her pucker and folds. Her little pea was burning and she dripped warm juices from her folds. They could both see the sensations building in her. Coach spoke up, 'Do you like these in there?' LP nodded in Mr. Newnen's lap. 'Yes. Coach I think she really likes it.' 'Do you like them pushed in like this?' he said and shoved her forward. She rolled on to her toes and smashed her lips and nose into Mr.

Newnen's lap. She snorted and wobbled. Her legs shook. Her mind was reeling. The spasms were building now. 'Maybe she would like something bigger stuffed in there?' Coach sneered.

Little Piggy rolled her hips and twitched her ass around in the air. 'I think she might Coach.' replied Mr. Newnen pushing LP back and off his hard rod. LP's mouth was wet and drooling. She felt Coach let go of her skirt. 'I've got a reward for you too.' he said as LP gained her balance.

Then she compliantly sat backwards on the desk and lay on her back, her head just off the other side. 'Not yet young lady.' Mr. Newnen said. 'Get up and take your skirt off. We don't want you to soil your clothes.' LP was slow to get up, her body flush and limp.

She undid her skirt and sliding it off, placed it on the desk.

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Coach walked over to the file cabinet to retrieve the box he brought in. He placed it on the desk next to her skirt. 'Take off your training belt.' he ordered.

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She unbuckled the strap and the fingers slid away as she pulled it down. Her legs shook and she sighed. Coached took the belt from her and pointed to the box. When she opened the box she gasped. There were two new fingers for the belt. Bigger, longer than the others. Coach watched her eyes as he removed the small fingers and replaced them with the new bigger prongs.

He showed them to her, two big prongs sticking up from the strap. Her eyes dilated and her mouth dropped. 'Let's give this a try.' he said handing it to her. 'Hurry up. Put it on.' LP put one then the other into her mouth. 'You're right Mr. Newnen. She is a fast learner.' She stepped in and pulled them up to her pucker and her folds. Lined them up and started to press. They were big and even though she was desensitized from the previous ones, it was tender down there.

'Here, let me give you a hand.' with that Coach reached down with one hand and pushed them all the way in. LP's legs almost gave out when they went in.

She moaned quietly. Coach was holding her up making sure the prongs stayed in place. He waited a minute for her to settle down then wiggled them with his hand. She jumped and gasped loudly. Then he let go and watched as they slowly slid out. Just as they reached the end he slid them back in. Now LP was gasping and shaking. 'Do you like them?' asked Mr.

Newnen. LP whined and nodded, 'Yeah.' He asked again, 'Do you like them all the way in like that.' Coach pulled them most the way out and quickly shoved them back in. LP was quaking and her hips were jerking, 'Yes.' she shouted. She was instructed to lay on the desk like before, on her back with her head right on the edge.

Her legs dangled and Mr. Newnen reached over to hold the training belt while Coach moved around the table to give LP her reward. She was still twitching with the prongs stretching her puckered ass and pussy folds. Coach dropped his pants and guided his cock into Little Piggy's waiting mouth. He pushed forward and she slid on the table.

Mr. Newnen pushed the prongs in which slid her back across the table and further down on Coach's huge dick. With every push of his cock she twitched and jerked. She was pushed back and forth with the cock deep in her throat and the prongs deep in her pucker and folds.

Her little pea was burning and the little rubbing it was receiving from Mr. Newnen's hand wasn't satisfying. In her dazed state she reached down and cupped the area around her folds and rubbed.

Suddenly Mr. Newnen pulled the prongs free, placing them on the desk. LP shook and her legs jerked. She could feel his tongue starting low and working it's way up to her little pea. She moved her hands to give him access. His mouth engulfed her folds, pea and all slipping and poking with his tongue. Coach kept pushing his man meat against her throat making her twitch at the deepest point.

Her mind was blank and she was lost in a sea of sensations. A finger pressed in to her ass pucker and she shivered. It wiggled around in there sending her off. She arched and writhed. His finger pumped in and out quickly and then paused to wiggle. She was thrashing about, only Coach's big dick keeping her put. They were pushing and prodding in her pucker. Pushing and prodding in her throat.

She was dazed and twitching when she felt Coach pull out. She gasped for breath and just lay there. 'Get up.


This is no time to rest. We need to work on your stamina.' barked Coach Gray. She rolled up and sat on the edge of the desk still catching her breath.

'Come over here.' he said dryly pointing to his still hard rod. She dropped to her knees and got it into her mouth again. He pushed it in making her shake. Mr. Newnen placed the two prongs on a box under her ass and Coach pushed her down on them. She shook and pressed down accepting them in. She was filled up. Every hole throbbing. Coach put his hand behind her head and lifter he up off the prongs. Then he let her go and she slid down on the prongs again. 'You're right Mr. Newnen, she is a fast learner.

I think she likes it.' Then he lifted her up again pushing his cock deeper. Soon Little Piggy was riding up and down on the prongs and his cock without assistance.

Coach put his hand on her head steadying her and pulled out. Mr. Newnen took over placing his dick into LP's mouth. When Coach took his hand off her head she started bouncing up and down on the prongs while stroking Mr. Newnen's cock down her throat.

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She was wild with sensations and she kept going and going. 'That's enough for today.' Mr. Newnen said pulling his dick away from Little Piggy's hungry mouth. 'Buckle the strap on the trainer before you get up and go sit in your desk.' LP was weak, her head lolling around on her shoulders. Drool was dripping from her nose and mouth. She fumbled around for the strap and buckled it tight. Her legs were shaky and the prongs stretched her ass hole and pussy lips as she tried to walk.

Waddling over to her desk she slowly sat down driving the prongs into place. She groaned and shook. Her head still loose and her eyes partly closed.

'I think that's enough for today Coach Gray. What do you think?' LP wasn't sure who Mr. Newnen was talking to but she leaned forward and opened her mouth. 'I think she needs another lesson Mr. Newnen.' Someone's cock pressed through her waiting lips and by the size it must be Mr.

Newnen. LP started pumping away, pounding her face into his hairy waist. Her throat stroking his man meat and her hips wiggling the prongs inside her pucker and folds.

Until she felt him squirt. He pulled out and was replaced by Coach's bigger version. Again she pounded her face against his waist. 'I hope you learned your lesson today young lady.' he said gruffly just as he started to squirt.

Next thing she knew she was sitting on the cold tiles in the empty hallway. Her skirt and panties draped over her lap and a note.

The note read, 'Tomorrow, same time. Don't be late!' As she got to her feet she could really feel the two big prongs. Her jaw and mouth was sore and her stomach was full. She smiled weakly, dressed and started to walk home. She had to stop multiple times as the dual prongs jostled by her walking brought her to new heights in sensations. At home she cleaned up and put the belt back on. But not before moving them in and out a couple times. She moaned and groaned as they slid in and out.

Once in bed she tried to clear her mind of the days events. But every time she shifted the prongs caused her to gasp. She grabbed her groin and shook her hips driving herself into spasms of excitement. Then she drifted off to sleep.

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