Flirty lesbos fill up their huge bums with milk and blast it out

Flirty lesbos fill up their huge bums with milk and blast it out
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Garth was popular young gentleman. His work bought him into contact with many young ladies he worked with. One such young woman was an attractive, but spoilt blonde named Jessica. She had recently started part time work in the visitor reception and she and Garth had become friendly as they met one another on regular occasions as he came to meet the visitors for tours in the reception area. But there was another girl also on Garth's radar.

She worked with him on the tours section of the business and they had built up an excellent rapport. Her name was Steffi. She had dark, almost black hair, a slender build with very shapely legs and a deceivingly large bust!

She had been on dates with a few of the men from around the science centre, but Garth was definitely upon her radar and she upon his! One night she finally plucked up the courage and asked him out for a drink.

Garth happily accepted and the Saturday night couldn't arrive soon enough! But of course, as they say with buses- "you wait for one and two turn up at once." and this did so for Garth. During a quiet period on the reception desk, Jessica came over to Garth with her usual air of confidence.

'Hey I wonder if you fancied going out for a bite to eat and a drink this weekend?' She asked Garth. Caught unawares he stuttered slightly that he would love to but he could only do Friday. ' Well that is the only night I can't do!' Jessica pouted sulkily.

Garth mumbled an awkward apology. 'Ah well! Your loss! Enjoy your other date' She teased and strolled off. Garth felt slightly put out. How did she know about his date?! The reception staff rarely spoke to the visitor guides and vice versa&hellip.

Saturday finally came and Garth quickly changed in the locker room and headed out for the front door of reception. He passed Jessica on his way out. She looked over briefly with slightly narrowed blues eyes. Her chest was thrust forward and even through the baggy staff sweater she was wearing Garth could see she was a very well endowed young lady. With a pang of regret that he had not gone out with her the previous night, Garth made his way out to the car park.

There beneath the orange glow of the car park lighting stood Steffi. Immediately Garth had forgotten Jessica! Steffi looked goood! She had been off that day and it had given her plenty of time to doll herself up! She was wearing a small black dress with tall stiletto heels and black fish net stockings. Her dark hair was down around her shoulders and her eyes dark with eye shadow, while her beautifully spread lashes curved upwards, giving her a very sexy profile!

'Hey, good to see you!' she smiled. 'And you! You look amazing!' Steffi laughed and made a modest comment about trying her best to look lady like.

As the evening moved on and the drink flowed Garth and Steffi moved closer on the comfy sofa in the bohemian bar. They realised they had much in common, such as music, politics and opinions on work and the people they worked with. 'I've always had closer guy friends than girls' Steffi admitted.

'Sometimes girls accuse me of being a slut and they say I am trying to steal their boyfriends.' Steffi laughed. ' I think it because I'm a bit of a tom boy at heart.' 'You're a cool girl, I'm shocked no guy has snapped you up already!' Garth exclaimed. 'I mean you're the perfect girlfriend!' Steffi giggled 'Aaaww thanks Garth you're too kind!' A silence followed, where they both laughed awkwardly, both aware of what was about to follow… their eyes locked.


Their heads leaned in toward one another. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Garth's hands ran up Steffi's shapely thigh. Caressing her inner leg. |Steffi ran her hand up Garth's leg and felt a hardening within his crotch area. 'Why Garth, you bad man! We best get you home!' taking him by the hand Steffi swiftly led Garth out of the bar and they climbed into a waiting taxi and headed back to Steffi's apartment.

Once back home they shared a bottle of wine and inhibitions were once again lowered as they horny pair cuddled, kissed and caressed on the sofa. Soon Steffi was removing Garth's top and undoing his belt. Then she stood up and pulled his trousers clean off, leaving only his tented boxer shorts on! In one fast movement, Steffi expertly whipped them off exposing his hard bone.

He was leaking pre cum down his shaft and onto his belly and his dick slapped noisily against his belly. 'Hmmm we ha better gat that cleaned up!' Steffi laughed naughtily.

In a moment she was upon her knees and using only her red painted lips and pink tongue she took his big, bulbous bell end into her warm mouth. 'Mmmm mm mm mm Mmmmm!' she sucked him good and had.

Garth watched the black hair bobbing up and down upon his crotch. He groaned in horny pleasure and placed his hands on her head, pushing her onto his erect dick. Steffi gagged a little, but continued the good work! As she suckled Garth unzipped her dress and slipped it from her shoulders. He had been mesmerized her pale luscious cleavage all evening.

He hadn't realised she was so well blessed in the chest department! The dress fell down around Steffi's waist and her big firm titties were revealed! She had nice pale pink nipples that complimented her milky white globes.

Garth grasped one in each hand and teased her nipples with his thumbs, making them nice and erect. Steffi looked up at Garth and raised her body up until she was chest level with Garth's big erection.

She pushed her wonderful fun bags together, encompassing his stiffy. 'Good God!! That DOES feel soo AMAZINGG!' Garth grunted as Steffi wanked him with her big breasts, now nice and sticky with Garth's pre cum. She licked his tort mushroom head and he thrust it into her mouth. Her lips smacked loudly against the smooth tight skin of his helmet. Steffi stood up, letting her little black number fall down her smooth legs and onto her stilettos. She kicked it off and straddled Garth, kneeling over him, breasts in his face, arms wrapped round his neck.

His prick was standing to full attention, straining to enter her glistening vagina. She teasingly lowered herself until his bell end was just kissing her warm depths.

Twice Steffi did this. The third time was too hot for big Garth to handle! He pushed her down by the shoulders, forcing her onto his rod. Steffi gasped half in surprise, half in excitement! 'Hoooooh!


that's soooo goooood!' she wailed half closing her fluttering eyelids. Garth grabbed her hips and thrust deep into her. Steffi rode him like a pro! She threw her head back, using her hands as support behind her head she arched her back elegantly inward, so her pale titties were pushed out prominently in front of her.

Her hips were grinding into his crotch her body quivered with excitement as she felt his bulging bud probing her aching snatch. Garth's hands explored around to Steffi's shapely backside and his fingers found her wrinkled anus!

'Ooooh your one of those guys are you?!' she grinned, coming round from her quivering trance. Reaching over to the table behind the sofa she bought back some baby oil and popping the lid off she handed it to Garth, who, not daring to believe his luck, squeezed the contents of the bottle down her lower back.

She shivered as the oil trickled down the small of her back and into her arse crack. Garth felt it meet his fingers and immediately started working his middle and index fingers into her dry hole. 'Uhuh uuuuhuuh!' she gasped as Garth worked a good passage in her colon, making a path for his eager dick. She lifted herself up and out popped Garth's stiff stalk!

Steffi lowered herself back down, but this time resting her pussy upon his bushy brown pubic nest while his boner intruded deep into her back passage. He was so hard for Steffi that his cock slid easily in! He knew for the amount of ease that his dick had slipped in that his was not the first to explore this well worn passage! Steffi clearly loved the experience, eyes closed, biting her lower lip she had a look of concentration on her face.

She reached behind her feeling the base of his shaft and caressing his tight smooth ball sac. Garth was close, very close! Steffi knew this, she swivelled round, her bum still impaled on his fat rod. Now Garth was able to see his hard penis buried deep in this girl's tight hot anus!

Steffi continued to play with his balls, bouncing up and down. That was it, Garth could not hold on any longer. Deep in his crotch he felt that good old tingling feeling. He grabbed her hips and began banging her bum hard! UH! UH! UNNNGH!! YESSS YEEEEAAH!!' he squirted his load deep inside her backside he could feel the spunk running back down his penis.

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It was plugging her butt hole tight. With difficulty he wriggled his softening cock which was swollen and stuck inside her. Steffi rose to her feet and his fat dick popped free! White, hot cum gushed out over his pubis, her anus was gaping wide, leaking strings of semen.

'Well, what did you think?' Steffi asked smiling rudely. 'Hmmm !' Garth replied. ***************************************************************** 'Why does the "sheep dog" keep looking at us like that?' Steffi asked, grinning slyly as she and Garth swayed in one another's arms on the dance floor. 'Who's the "sheep dog"' Asked Garth, looking around the room.

'Oh I'm sure you've noticed, Jessica giving us looks all the time' Steffi giggled. Sure enough, Jessica had been giving withering looks each time the newly formed couple had glided past her at the bar. 'Why do you call her "sheep dog?"' Garth asked Steffi. 'Oh just her name reminds me of an old dog my uncle used to own. And just look at the hair!' Steffi whispered audibly as they again swept close by to Jessica.

'Oh hmm I see.' Murmured Garth somewhat distracted. He secretly couldn't agree with his new girl. He thought Jessica looked very attractive tonight. Her golden blonde hair was curled beautifully as it fell around her shoulders, while her fringe was partially covering her face.

She had a frilly top with a plunging neckline revealing a fantastic cleavage. She wore tight white trousers and high heeled shoes that complimented her shapely figure. These staff parties certainly were enlightening, when all the girls dressed up to their full potential. Steffi especially looked hot, in a figure hugging floral dress which had generated much male attention. This made Garth very proud that he had pulled this stunner! He could see the jealous looks as he paraded her around the room.


Despite this, Garth found it hard not to allow Jessica to continue catching his roving eye! Later on, Steffi was deep in conversation with some admiring men from the accounts department, debating music or something.

Garth did not care much to see his girl being fawned over by those drooling perverts! He made his way to the bar on the pretence of buying a drink. 'So enjoying couple-dom?!' Jessica had sidled up beside Garth. She looked good, she smelt good as well, very expensive perfume Garth thought. 'Er yeah, I suppose- I mean we're just taking it easy, seeing how it goes y'know.' He stumbled over his words.

'Huh! Still playing the field then Garth?! You stud!' Jessica retorted sarcastically. This annoyed Garth a little, though he would never admit it but she was belittling him and he felt embarrassed, he wasn't used to girls doing this!

'My daddy calls me his princess, he says I deserve anything that I want. He gets me whatever I want! When it comes to guys that has taught me to get any guy I want!' Jessica continued looking down her nose haughtily at Garth.

'Really?' Garth said sceptically, trying to hide the eagerness in his voice. 'Yeah even that little bitch can't stop me, with all her petty little comments!' She answered defiantly eyeing Steffi with dislike. With little subtlety she took Garth's hand and pulled him out of the room. Scarcely daring to believe his luck, Garth followed Jessica into the darkened ally beside the front door of their function room. 'No kissing bullshit.' Jessica ordered in her haughty manner.

'I just want some dick. And I get what I want!' Garth didn't need telling twice and pulled down his trousers and underwear in one quick movement. 'Well!

I expected a bit more co-operation than that!' Jessica snorted looking down at Garth's semi erect penis. 'What's all the fuss about?

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I don't know what all the girls see in you!' She sneered turning her back on him, showing her tightly white-denim clad backside. Garth felt angry and very embarrassed that this spoilt brat was shaming him. His ego was taking quite a battering. A sudden shot of rage rushed through him and he pushed Jessica over a bin. 'Ooww be careful! Do you know how much this top cost me?!' Wined bratty Jessica. But Garth wasn't listening he was annoyed. He would teach this stuck up little bitch a lesson she wouldn't forget.

He tugged hard at her denim fastening popping the button off. 'Heey' Protested Jessica loudly. Roughly Garth pulled her jeans off. With a thrill of excitement he saw she was wearing a lacy silk thong, the red shimmering in the street light as it disappeared down her smooth bum crack. Garth was now as stiff as a board! Using his left arm he pinned Jessica face down on the bin by her neck, while with his right he explored her lacy panty line.

His fingers worked quickly down to the crotch where he roughly forced his way past the crotch of the thong and began to rub and massage the soft flesh of her cunt lips. He could feel her crotch moistening at his touch. Jessica was moaning softly, partly in complaint at being treated with such impertinence and partly with suppressed pleasure. Soon she was nice and damp and Garth grasped his rock solid sausage. Wanking with excitement he pushed his ever probing purple bud past the pretty red silk into the neatly shaven hole before him.

Fortunately the bin was the perfect height to fuck Jessica from behind and quickly Garth built up a good stride. Still pinning her head down he began pumping the young slut harder and faster.

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He leaned over her taking in a deep inhalation of her expensive perfume. 'Uh Uh UH Don't be so rude, don't be so rude, this'll teach you for being so rooood!!' he grunted and groaned in her ear. Her pussy was getting wetter with each stroke of his 7 inch schlong. They could both hear the squelch each time Garth sank into Jessica balls deep.

Garth removed his left arm from Jessica's aching neck and using both hands he pulled the straps of Jessica's expensive top down over her shoulders and down her arms. 'Oii watch it!' Jessica wailed, forcing her arms through the straps so as not to break her precious top.

Now her wonderfully big breasts were exposed to the cool night air and Garth grasped one in each hand, roughly massaging her dark pink nipples. Despite Steffi's deceivingly big boobs, Jessica's were a different class! Garth wanted to see them in all their horny glory. He pulled his glistening boner out form her sopping wet snatch. Taking her arm Garth spun her round and pushed her onto a low flat wall.

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He pinned her down by the arms and plunged into her amazing tight cunt once more. She looked at him in dislike 'You're a real asshole, you know that?!' you won't get away with treating me like this!' She was attempting to hide her arousal and spoke angrily through gritted teeth, staring straight into Garth's laughing eyes. 'Yah! Yah! YAAAH!! What you gonna do hm?!' Garth grunted and laughed in her face as he banged her harder. Jessica's big mams bounced in motion with the good pumping that she was receiving.

'You fucking asshole! Wait til my daddy hears about this! He'll totally kill you!' Jessica gasped angrily through still tightly gritted teeth. 'Oh Oooh Yeah?! You often tell daddy how you solicit with strange men in alleyways?!

Wouldn't he be ashamed of his perfect little girl?!' Garth teased. Garth was holding Jessica's legs up so that her strong thighs were spread well apart allowing Garth's fat ball bag to slap noisily against her bare bum hole.

Soon he was entering the stages of climax. Looking at this angry spoilt slut beneath him, spitting insults at him, her big white boobs bouncing up and down excitedly, her knees up by her sides, her muscular thighs open wide, reluctantly taking his cock, her face was set her lower jaw thrust forth while her teeth were still clenched.

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It was too much! 'Oh oh OH OH OHHHH OOOHHHHH!' 'You dare cum inside me! Only the very best men can cum inside me!' Jessica cried half in ecstasy, half in anger and disbelief. 'Ooooooh! Very well!' Garth replied quickly pulling his pulsating angry red cock out of her honey pot and aiming for her pretty posh face 'WHA- You can't-N - N- Noooo!' Jessica wailed in shock and despair as Garth shot jet after powerful jet of milky white sperm across her breasts.

The final squirts reached her lips.

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'Pah! Eughh! Gross, n- no one is allowed to do that to me!' she spluttered indignantly. After sneaking to the toilet in disgrace Jessica was able to clean herself up to some extent and create a slightly more respectable appearance that was so very important to her!

'Where have you been?!' Steffi exclaimed as the exhausted Garth slunk back in the room. She was still chatting to an ever growing crowd of eager men. 'Oh he's been with me babe!' Jessica strode over smiling and adjusting her hair for extra effect. 'With sheep dog?! Oh Garthy!

I thought you had a little more class than that!' Steffi laughed in mock exasperation., looking down at Jessica witheringly. 'I've told you before' Jessica said starting toward Steffi 'Don't provoke me you little bitch!' She punched Steffi a good hit to the side of the head, causing her to buckle slightly, but gaining composure Steffi grabbed a handful of Jessica's golden locks and yanked them hard.

Jessica let out an anguished scream and again bought a fist down on Steffi's raven coloured head.

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Steffi laughed, more in disbelief than hilarity. She shook Jessica's head hard, causing her to scream again. By this point the entire room had turned to see the source of the commotion. All eyes were on the scrapping pair. Jessica had now grabbed a good fistful of her rival's black locks and as they tussled in their high heels Steffi lost balance and stumbled backwards, dragging her rival with her, both girls ended up in a kicking, grunting, gasping heap on the shiny marbled floor.

The men from the accounts were too shocked to intervene. They had never seen young ladies behave like this! Rolling around on the floor together scuffling like alley cats! Steffi's skirt rode up, revealing the tops of her sexy fish net suspenders and giving the watching crowd a cheap thrill. Jessica, not to be outdone, also showed off a little more cleavage than her top was designed to do!

Garth was red faced and ashamed that all these people, his colleagues, the girls' colleagues were witnessing this ugly scene. But something inside gave him a big thrill to watch these girls thrashing about together on the floor, in the dirt and dust. He stepped into the fray, avoiding the kicking sharp heels and attempted to prize the hands from the golden and the raven coloured locks.

One or two others joined Garth to split the warring pair and shortly they were on their feet being held back by shocked onlookers. Steffi had a bruise to the cheekbone and a bleeding scratch on her neck, while Jessica had a split lip. Both girls suffered smudged make up and ruffled hair and clothes that they had spent hours doing only a few hours before! They eyed each other in dislike, both believing that they had come out the alpha female.

'Ha! You're welcome to him!' Steffi laughed breathlessly. 'Who- him? no thanks sweetie I prefer a different class of man! At least I proved I can get any man I want!' Jessica answered defiantly and she turned heel and strode out into the night, while Steffi, still laughing breathlessly left through the side door.

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Garth felt all eyes burning on him, he felt hot with humiliation as he attempted to slink off into the night. Though when he finally got home, the images of the two girls locked in combat, fighting, scratching and hitting on the floor returned to him and he was hard!