Older men pays money to young german teen to fuck with him

Older men pays money to young german teen to fuck with him
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Please Rate and comment Prior: Missing Mom Prior: Missing Mom Hard Breeding Prior: Missing Mom -3 Bred Like a Dog Prior: Missing Mom -4 Preggo Slut Party Prior: Missing Mom -5 No Pity Preggo Slut Ricky has kidnapped Jolene and has her at home with his girlfriend Kendra. Ricky had already fucker her once.

The abuse continued with a brutal breeding session with Ricky and Kendra. Ricky and Kendra take the bitch to a Poker Party to get money to pay the bills. Abused at the poker party, the next morning Doc Rosen advises rest even as he abuses her himself. The Next Morning: Kendra was counting the money from the Poker Party Gang Bang while Doctor Rosen was tending to Jolene.

"You guys really fucked this Bitch over." "She is OK, but you have lay off the ass and pussy fucking. She is totally raw in both holes. "What happed to her ass, looks like she took a good ass ripping." "Yea this Mexican thug won the Poker contest, he literally fucked the shit out of that ass." I mean he ass fucked her for over ½ hour in like four positions.

"I would have loved to see that, laughed Doc." "See, Her tits are raw, even the slightest touch is very painful." Jolene jerked as Rosen lightly brushed a tit. "See, you can have all kinds of fun with her" Even with the pain Meds it is easy to get a nice jump." He ran his hands over Jolene's face, swollen and bruised. "She can barely see out of one eye." Doc Rosen laughed, he dropped her beat up head over the end of the table. Rosen pulled his dick out of his pants and started running it over her face.

See, I am being soft, she won't fight, she is so afraid of what I can do. In a moment Doc's cock was in the bitch's swollen mouth. "You are one sick fuck laughed Ricky. But I am next." Jolene desperate to avoid more abuse and craving more pain med's sucked the Doctor's cock. He coated her lips with his cum smearing it around her face. Lick it up, good for you. "Doc Rosen laughed. "Ricky, you are next." ======================== Three days later Jolene was lying in bed, curled up.

She awoke as the pain meds were wearing off. She looked around as she heard a commotion and banging. Two guys were carrying in a big screen TV followed by Ricky and Kendra carrying boxes. Jolene cried to Kendra. "Tha pain is coming back, it is bad, can I have my Meds?" "FUCK YOU Bitch." "We are getting some movie equipment and you are going to be our STAR." "Kendra, No, I can't take more, I need time, Please." The delivery guys, two big moving type guys began setting up the Screen while Ricky and Kendra unpacked the camera and lights.

Jolene tied to her bed could only watch. "Please no, no, what is going to happen, what are you going to do." The men done setting up the screen moved over to Jolene on the bed. She cringed as they ran their hands over her bruises and cuts. "Man, this Bitch is still fucked up." Kendra started filming. "That's it guys, run your hands over that bitch meat." Kendra zoomed on Jolene's swollen face.

"Please, don't." Jolene kept babbling, begging. "No Pity for you Slut. Going to be a long Morning." The two movers were brother, Jed and Seth. Big moving types in their 30's. They towered over Jolene as they surrounded her on the bed. Kendra zoomed in on Jed's smiling face as he reached for Jolene's abused breasts. She trembled and squirmed when he ran his hands over her bruised flesh. "Please, the Doctor said I needed to recover." "Fuck Doc Rosen, these guys got us this stuff and delivered it." "Yea, time to get paid!" Laughed Jed.

Jed pushed a pillow under Jolene's back. "Fuck that." Yelled Ricky. He grabbed several logs from the fire place. Ricky pulled out the pillow. Jed lifted her back as Ricky put the rough logs under back. Jolene's chest jutted up with the logs under her back.

Jed swung his leg over her straddling her chest. Jed laughed at the poor bitch he pinned to the bed. Jolene twisted, her back arched painfully over the logs. "AGGHHHHH" Jolene screamed as Jed slapped her breasts back and forth watching them bounce and jiggle. "One more time." Pleaded Kendra, I didn't get that on video.

Kendra recorded as Jed slapped the tit meat back and forth. He slid forward and started rubbing his cock against her nipples while he squeezed her tits.

Kendra panned back and forth between Jolene's face and her breasts. Jed spread the mounds shoving his dick between them, then squeezed them tight. Little trickles of blood began to show on the already bruised flesh.

Slowly he pushed his cock back and forth. "Squeeze them tight." Urged Kendra, lets see some blood. Jed rubbed his cock against the little blood pools as Kendra zoomed in.

"NOOOOO." Jolene screamed again. Seth had cut the ropes holding her legs and held them behind the knees pushing legs high in the air while he knelt behind her.

Ricky jammed pieces of wood under her to push her ass up in the air. Hey, I'll help you, Ricky held the struggling legs wide.

Seth ran his hand inside the thighs. He slapped the thighs, light and then harder. Jolene cried out from the stinging blows. "Wait Wait.: Yelled Kendra, I want to get that. Kendra zoomed in the hard thigh slapping.

Kendra, Ricky and Seth laughed as Seth continued smacking the rippling legs. Seth spit on the bitch's pussy and started to push his dick inside her. Kendra zoomed in. "STP." Yelled Kendra startling everyone. She went to a room and came running back holding a black rubber dildo in her hand. "I got this as a Gag gift. Full 12 inches." She handed it to Seth. Seth started rubbing Jolene's pussy lips with the black dong.


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" Cried Kendra. "Stuff it in the Bitch's ASS." A big smile crept over Seth's face.

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He slapped her pussy with the rubber cock. Then he smacked her thighs. He spit on the end and, pushed it against her ass. Kendra zoomed in with the camera.

"OOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNO." Jolene screamed as Seth pushed the fat tip into her butt hole. Jed was fucking her breasts harder and faster. There was more blood and piece of skin flayed off the battered breasts.

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Ricky grabbed his phone and took a photo of Seth working the tip of the black rubber cock in the btich's ass. He snap chatted the photo to his brother. "Bro, look whats happenin here." "Dude, I'll be there in 10, hold off. Wait." Seth held the cock at the end of her ass, teasing her, pushing in a little, twisting it around.

"YEAAA, AHHHHHH." Jed aroused by the bitch screams couldn't hold back, shooting his load over Jolene's tits.

When he released the tits he could see the full mess. The skin which had already been bruised was peeled off in several places.The inside breast meat was red and raw. Ricky took his phone recording the raw tits and Snap Chatted his sister. "Sis, look what we got going on." Kedra, Ricky, Jed and Seth waited for the others to arrive.

The bitch was on the bed propped up on fireplace logs. Seth held her legs, while Kendra teased her with the black rubber cock. Ricky's brother Kyle walked in with his girlfriend, Amy.

Looking at the bitch tied up Amy blurted out.

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"Fucking awesome" Amy laughed running her hands over the beaten tits. She laughed as Jolene cried out when she twisted her breast. Kyle stated to explore the sluts cunt. Ricky's sister Sandy and her boyfriend Kyle arrived carrying a cooler of beer. "Please help me. Take me off these logs. My back. I can't take it." Sandy looked at Jolene laying helpless "Fucking Sweet." She kissed Kyle.

"Glad we came, we brought lots of beer guys." Everyone grabbed a bottle and crowded around Jolene on the bed. Ricky, pulled the bitch's head up. "Thirsty, want a little beer?" Kendra zoomed in for a close shot as Ricky spit a mouthful of beer in her face.

Ricky, hold the camera. With Ricky shooting, Kendra took a big gulp of beer. She pinched Jolene's nose shut and when she opened her mouth Kendra unloaded her mouth load of beer into Jolene's mouth. Jolene's preggo belly heaved as she fought to catch her breath.

Everyone took a turn washing the sluts face with beer. "OK, Ready for out MOVIE STAR to shine." Laughed Kendra. Amy took the black rubber dong from Seth. Amy ran it over Jolene's face. "Ready for some ASS FUCKING, Girl to Girl?" "God NO, not that.

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No. No." "Guys, hold her legs wide open." "Higher, bend them back." Without warning, Amy brutally shoved the head of the cock up Jolene's puckered ass." "AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" screamed Jolene. the black cock penetrated twisting and turning. Jolene arched up, her preggo belly jutting above her. "Bitch, what you screaming about, that was only three inches." Laughed Amy. (To Be Continued.)