Part one of old man blow job in parked car

Part one of old man blow job in parked car
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I had just gotten off duty and was on my way home when my wife called me.

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I knew why she was calling, oh shit I though to myself do I pick it up or pretend I didn't hear it ring?I knew she wouldn't believe that I couldn't hear it ringing well. I thought I'll only make it worse on myself if I don't but.

How do I tell her want happened ? I needed time to think so I pushed the lock screen button and decided to deal with the concequences later, that was the worst decision I ever made.

When I got home I was greeted by an cold silence this was not good I thought to myself then I noticed a note pined to the fridge it said " your ass is mine I am getting what I need to deal with you and your bullshit at the farm I'll be home at 4:30" I looked at my watch 4:16 well at least I have enough time to shower and change out of my uniform, I got into the shower and washed the day off of me like I was covered in battery acid the thoughts of what had happened at work still racing through my mInd.

why did I hit that man?

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I had lost control when he stated insulting my mother which was nothing new to me I had People say far worse things to me or about my family before and I never had wanted to beat the shit out of them? So why this guy what was it about him that pushed me beyond the breaking point?

I didn't know and I would learn that there really was no reason for it say maybe basic human instinct.

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I got out of the shower and was putin on my civilian clothes when all of a sudden I felt the horrible sting of a riding crop across my ass Ouch!!!

I screamed and turned Arround to see my wife standIng behind me. You fucking price of shit!! Are you trying to get fired?

No! No! Honey I'm not I just was having a bad day and . Smack! Her hand landed squarely across my face No. You are just a fuckig idiot who needs to be taught a lesson about self control, Take off those fucking underwear and get on your knees and lay your upper body on the bed! I did as she told me and payed that whatever was about to happen to me wouldn't be too bad, I couldn't have been more more mistaken. Ok you fucking idiot! Now I'm going to make sure you don't ever fuck up like this again, I promised your boss I would make sure you dont ever do that again that's why you still have your job.

Ok honey smack!! No!!


You will address me as Mam or Mistress understand? Yes Mam I said good now let's make sure you can't move, she began to put handcuffs of my hands and ankles and secure them to ropes she had already tied to the Bed frame. Let's see hummm. Oh yeah there we are she said open your mouth I did what she told me and as soon as I did she shoved a ball gag into my mouth and tied it really tight so I couldn't say anything even if I wanted to.

Ok she said the first question I have for you is why didn't you pick up your phone when I called you? I tryed to answer but the gag prevented me Not feeling very talkitive slave?

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Well we can fix that little problem I heard her walk over to her dresser and pick up something Now were going to see if you can talk with a gag in your mouth! What! I thought to myself how can I possibly do that?

It's impossible for me to talk with a gag in my mouth? Now we are going to start with 50 lashes and you had better say thank you after each one and if you move even an inch I'm going to start all over again.


Ok I mumbled through the gag As soon as the words left my mouth I felt the sting of a horse whip arcross my ass and thighs I screamed out in pain she just laughs and says we're only beginning your punishment you fucking slut l! She continued to whip my ass like she was breaking a new horse each blow be becoming harder than the last all the while counting out the strokes 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 I payed there writhing in pain tryIng to move my ass so she couldn't hit the same spot twice it was no use everytime I moved she countered to make sure to get the same area of my ass and thighs I couldn't hold back anymore the pain was mindbllowing tears started running down my face she noticed this and stopped at stroke 40 and said don't think that's going to work you fuckIng liar!!

She started back up only this time wih a feriousity equal to a caged tiger my ass was glowing red hot and startIng to bleed from the whip I screamed out in pain as each of the last ten stokes fell on me.


Finally I thought to myself its over I couldn't have been more wrong she dropped the horse whip and picked up a small yellow bottle and walked over to where she had put her hairbrush now if I remove your gag are you going to answer my questions?

She said I Nodded whack! The hairbrush struck my ass with enough force to move me forward three inches on the bed I CANT HEAR YOU!

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Yes Yes I cryed. If You Forget to answer me again I'll put the gag back and We will start over with the whip and you will get 100 strokes instead of 50 do you understand? Yes Mam I said. Do you know what's in this bottle she asked? No mam I said It's lemon juice and I'm going to use the whole thing on your ass so let's see how much it's going to hurt shall we? No! Please for the love of god no! To fucking bad for you slut ouch! Ouch!

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Drop by drop she put the lemon juice all Ove my now red bleeding and brused assit felt like she was pouring liquid fire onto my ass and I started screaming at the top of my lungs for her to stop she just laughed and said "you are such a sissy boy idiot slut can't you will shut the fuck up or I'll give you a reason to beg me to stop!!! I couldn't help it the pain was to much I beged her to stop putting the lemon juice on my ass like my life depended on it. ENOUGH! She said I told you to shut the fuck up didn't I?

Yes Mam I'm sorry I couldnt help it I said hoping she would grant me a reprive from the hell I was going through, Well I guess you can't even fallow simple instructions she said, for that I'm going to make your asshole burn and stretch until I feel your actually sorry. Oh god I murmured to my self when will this end?

Without any warning she shoved a huge 13 inch Strapon into my ass and started pumping it in and out hard enough to satisfy even the hornyest of woman but me never even having had a finger let alone a huge cock like this in my ass it was to much I screamed out in pain but she just kept fucking my ass with a vengeance all the while spanking me with her hairbrush and occasionally putting a few drops of lemon juice on the brush before she used it making the pain in my ass swell like the tide of the ocean.

Are you sorry yet? She asked Yes I'm sorry Mam i said well then let's get to that cock of yours shall we Yes Mam I replied she grabbed my cock and started jerking me off while at the same time fucking me with the Strapon it wasn't long before I felt the cum welling up inside my balls and the fact that she was fucking my prostate became to much for me to handle I exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever felt my cum shot all over the floor and pooled into a puddle of hot semen she than scooped it up in her hands and poured it into my mouth SWALLOW IT SLUT!

She screamed at me I couldn't do itit was to much for me to deal with psychologically I spit it onto the bed sheets Did you just spit that out? She said in disbelief Yes Mam I replied Im Going to make you suffer like you never thought possible you dirty fucking slut!

I groaned And tryed to compose myself she just laughed at me and walked over to where she had set down the cattle prod she had gotten from the farm, You Will Obey me even if we have to do this all night long slaveI couldnt contomPlate why she would be willing to use a cattle prod on me I lost control and Passed out from the pain and fear of what was to become the most painful and humillateIng night of my life. To Be Continued.